Budgeting, personal finance has become a big issue that a lot of people need to work on.

Thankfully, we are surrounded by a number of amazing budgeting apps that takes care of all this and much more.

In this listicle, we shall be going through 18 best budgeting apps and everything related.

Therefore, with this being said, let’s get right into that:

What are Budgeting Apps?

Before you ask what best budgeting apps are, let’s learn what is a budgeting app.

If you have grown up to become an adult and face the reality of the world, you know how important money is.

But something even more important is how you handle money.

Not to anyone’s surprise, not everyone is that good with money. So, no matter how much you earn, if you can’t handle it well, it will all go down the drain we call “Spending”.

Another problem that may arise is, that you just don’t know how much you spent where during the month.

To all these problems, there is just one, simple solution. This solution is, a budgeting app.

These applications come with a range of tools, trackers, and features that help user record, track, and optimize their budgeting goals.

Exact features depend on platform.

In any case, let’s cut to the chase and look at list of best budget planner apps for 2024 in the section below.

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17 Budgeting Apps To Look Out for

There are a lot of budgeting solution coming in all shapes and sizes.

For instance, budgeting apps for kids, budgeting apps for retirees, budgeting apps for couples, and what not.

Choosing the right and the best budgeting app for you can be quite confusing.

Or if you are someone who want to start a fintech business with a budgeting app product, this blog also services as a good inspiration to become the next best.

In any case, we have got you covered.

AppsTotal downloadsPlatformRating
Goodbudget1 millioniOSAndroid4.3
YNAB2 millioniOSAndroid4.9
Fudget1.5 millioniOSAndroid4.0
PocketGuard1 millioniOSAndroid4.1
Wallet2 millioniOSAndroid4.6
Mint14 millioniOSAndroid4.5
AndroMoney4.5 millioniOSAndroid4.8
Honeydue1 millioniOSAndroid4.2
EveryDollar3 millioniOSAndroid4.5
Toshl Finance1 millioniOSAndroid4.3
Marcus (Clarity Money)1 millioniOSAndroid4.2
Spendee1 millioniOSAndroid4.3
Wally500,000 Android4.1
Albert2 millioniOSAndroid4.4
PRISM1 millioniOS4.5

1. Goodbudget

If you want to plan for a financially independent future, Goodbudget is something you should try.

One of the best free budgeting apps lets users divide their income into different categories. And as you go on spending, the app will be tracking & analyzing it all to give you an insight.

GoodbudgetGoodbudget will also help you reach your financial goal, sharing you spending in different categories.

Not to mention, GoodBudget’s success has inspired and attracted a lot of people from across the world.

One downside though is that despite being cross-platform the data doesn’t synchronize across the account.

Moreover, it follows a freemium mode that comes with the $8/month subscription fee, if you decide to buy the premium plan.


  • Envelope budgeting system where money is divided into categories for spending.
  • Sync across multiple devices to keep all family members on the same page.
  • Expense tracking to monitor and categorize every expense.
  • Income vs spending reports to visualize financial flow.
  • Debt tracking to manage and plan the reduction of debts.

2. YNAB (You Need A Budget)

YNAB stands for “You need a budget”. And as the name suggests, you do need this app. It is easily one of the best personal expense tracker app.

What it does is, it uses a zero-based budgeting system where at the end of the day, your total income when subtracted from the expenditure should be equal to zero.

YNABFor those of you who are thinking this app makes you spend all of your money every month, hold your horses. What it means is, it keeps track of everything from savings, debt payments, to shopping.

And at the end of each month, you get laid out, easy to read insight of all that has happened in the previous 30 days.


  • Envelope budgeting system where money is divided into categories for spending.
  • Sync across multiple devices to keep all family members on the same page.
  • Expense tracking to monitor and categorize every expense.
  • Income vs spending reports to visualize financial flow.
  • Debt tracking to manage and plan the reduction of debts.

3. Wallet

Not to be confused with digital wallets, bit what better name can you give a budgeting app than “Wallet”?

And let us tell you, this app offers performance as good as its name.

It goes without saying that this is one of the best budget apps for college students, elderly, as well as young ones.

WalletIt makes everything so easy that you will feel like it has AL integrated into it.

The wallet will track all of your transactions straight from your bank account as well as all of the other details. And the best part is, all of this is shown in easy-to-see graph format.

In addition to reports, it also gives you suggestions as to what you should do to improve your savings. It also tracks bills and let you know about due payments. It goes without saying that it has a number of good features that you will absolutely love.


  • Wealth management features including investment and retirement planning.
  • Net worth calculator to monitor assets and liabilities in real time.
  • Cash flow analysis to track income and spending.
  • Portfolio performance tracking against market benchmarks.
  • Retirement planner to ensure financial security in later years.

4. AndroMoney

AndroMoney as the name suggests is a budgeting application for android. While it is also available on iOS known, it has carried forward it’s the simple and intuitive interface.

With its amazing features and well-put-together design, it is safe to say that, it is a good example of what mobile app development can result in with an amazing budgeting app idea.

AndroMoneyThis doesn’t only help you track the expenses, it is also a good tool to maximize savings. Most importantly, it is fast and very simple to use.

As one of the best free budget app, it is for those who don’t want everything automatic and enjoy doing accounting stuff manually. Some of the top features of this application are, as mentioned below:


  • Multiple account support and cross-account transactions.
  • Detailed charts and reports for comprehensive financial analysis.
  • Cloud synchronization to use across multiple devices.
  • Budget and expense management to keep finances on track.
  • Customizable categories for personalized budgeting.

5. Honeydue

If you are looking for Best Budget App For Couples, this is it. Honeydue is a budgeting application specifically designed for sweethearts.

What makes this stand out of the rest is, that both of the accounts and their details can be seen from one app. And it also allows you to split expenses at per your convince.

HoneydueHowever, sometimes complete transparency even among couples can become what we call these days “Toxic”. Therefore, both of partners can choose what they want to share with their spouses.

Apart from all of this, it comes with an amazing feature for couples as well as good tools that you may expect from it.


  • Joint financial overview for couples to manage shared finances.
  • Bill reminder to notify both partners of upcoming payments.
  • Chat feature to discuss finances directly in the app.
  • Customizable categories and budgets tailored to couples’ needs.
  • Monthly spending limit to keep financial goals on track.

6. Mint

Is Mint still the best budgeting app? Yes, mint budgeting app is one of the best apps out there.

And what makes it one of the best budget planner apps is that it is an all-rounder. This makes it good for people who are new to this fintech niche.

MintIt comes with automatic bank account synchronization and if you want to do it manually, you have that option too. And it goes without saying that, it allows you to categorize expenses, send a notification, set limits, and so on.

It comes with a subscription manager and investment tracker among other things. In fact, this is so good that people are often comparing it to other apps like YNAB vs Mint, this vs that, and so on.

Not to mention, it is one of the best fintech apps in the market.


  • Automatic categorization of transactions to see where money goes.
  • Budget creation tools with customizable categories.
  • Credit score monitoring with tips to improve financial health.
  • Bill tracking and payment reminders to avoid late payments.
  • Subscription management to track and cancel unwanted subscriptions.

7. Fudget

This is a different one.

In this list of some of the best budgeting apps, fudget makes a place for itself with its more manual approach.


Therefore, there isn’t any automatic syncing, you have to do everything with your own hands. It may not sort out the expenses by itself but it does offer a simple and aesthetic interface.

This one is more like a spreadsheet but not exactly. Nevertheless, it is one of the best budget app. So, with this being said, let’s look at the feature that this app brings:


  • Simple list interface for easy budget management.
  • No categories or complications which simplifies budget creation and management.
  • One-tap adding and editing for speedy transaction entries.
  • Star marking for important expenses.
  • Budget sharing with friends and family.

8. PocketGuard

PocketGuard is one of the most sophisticated apps on the list. It takes quite a modern and high-tech approach to budgeting.

As a product of AI solution development, it monitors your spending habits, your bank accounts, and so on.


You can sync your account with PocketGuard in case you allow the platform with real-time access. It also comes with amazing features subscription manager, debt manager, and detailed analytics.

This is the best budget app free to use that also offers a premium version. Moving on, let’s look at the amazing features this application offers:


  • Simple list interface for easy budget management.
  • No categories or complications which simplifies budget creation and management.
  • One-tap adding and editing for speedy transaction entries.
  • Star marking for important expenses.
  • Budget sharing with friends and family.

9. EveryDollar

Have you ever heard of EveryDollar?

It is a user-friendly budgeting app designed to help users implement the zero-based budgeting method popularized by personal finance expert Dave Ramsey.

EveryDollarWhat makes it among top budgeting apps in 2024 is that, it let users allocate every dollar of their income toward expenses, savings, and debts, which facilitates meticulous financial management and control.

It’s especially useful for individuals who want a straightforward approach to managing their money with clear, direct budgeting principles.


  • Zero-based budgeting system ensures every dollar is accounted for in the budget.
  • Automatic transaction syncing with connected bank accounts to keep budget up to date.
  • Customizable budget templates to suit various financial goals and lifestyles.
  • Debt tracking and payoff tools to help users plan how to reduce debt efficiently.
  • Integration with Ramsey+ for access to premium financial education resources.

10. Toshl Finance

Toshl Finance stands as one of the top personal budget app in the market.

This platform distinguishes itself with a whimsical interface and robust budgeting tools that make managing finances engaging and comprehensive.

Toshl FinanceIt supports an extensive range of currencies and offers deep customization options, making it ideal for travelers or anyone dealing with multiple currencies.

The app includes fun graphics and intuitive navigation to simplify the often daunting task of budgeting.


  • Supports over 200 currencies and various cryptocurrencies, making it perfect for international users.
  • Automatic bank syncing allows for real-time updates to your financial status.
  • Detailed spending trends and forecasts to help plan future spending.
  • Customizable tags for transactions to enhance tracking and sorting of expenses.
  • Budget reminders to ensure timely payments and savings contributions.

11. Marcus, Formerly Clarity Money

What we knew as “Clarity Money” is known Marcus by Goldman Sachs.

This platform leverages artificial intelligence in Fintech to analyze your financial transactions and offer insights and actionable advice to improve financial health.

Marcus (Clarity Money)It can help users identify and cancel subscriptions that are no longer useful, thus saving money.

In addition to this, being among the best budgeting app in the market, it provides a comprehensive view of your spending habits by categorizing transactions and tracking spending over time.

This app also offers the ability to set up savings accounts within the app, featuring competitive interest rates which help users’ savings grow.


  • Advanced AI for financial insights and suggestions.
  • Subscription management tools to reduce unnecessary expenses.
  • Financial dashboard with comprehensive spending categorization.
  • High-yield savings account setup within the app.
  • Bill negotiation services to lower recurring charges.

12. Copilot

Copilot is a budgeting app tailored for users who want detailed control over their finances with minimal manual input.

It connects directly with your financial accounts to provide real-time updates and insights into your financial status.

CopilotFurthermore, being a top app that it is, the platform allows for customization of budget categories and alerts, ensuring that users are well-informed about their financial behavior and can adjust their spending accordingly.

Moreover, it’s a true example of fintech app design done right, making navigating complex financial information simpler, and its predictive budgeting features help plan for future expenses.


  • Real-time transaction updates for immediate financial oversight.
  • Customizable alerts for high spending or low balances.
  • Predictive budgeting to forecast future spending and savings.
  • A visually appealing interface for easier navigation and usability.
  • Support for multiple accounts and currencies for comprehensive financial management.

13. Spendee

Named quite appropriately, Spendee is a visually appealing budgeting app that offers users an excellent overview of their finances with its bright, user-friendly interface.

It provides automatic transaction categorization, and the ability to connect multiple bank accounts for a consolidated view of your financial health.

SpendeeThis personal budgeting app is particularly effective for those who wish to track their cash expenses alongside their digital transactions.

Thus, goes hand in hand with most eWallet apps.

It also supports shared wallets, which is ideal for families and couples who want to manage their finances together.


  • Multi-bank connectivity for a comprehensive financial overview.
  • Automatic transaction categorization to simplify expense tracking.
  • Shared wallets for managing family or couple finances.
  • Budget goals to help users save for specific objectives.
  • Detailed financial insights and reports.

14. Wally

Wally is a personal finance app that excels in helping users achieve their financial goals through detailed income and expense tracking.

Needles to say, it’s an excellent example of expense manager app development done right.

WallyAs the app offers a unique receipt scanning feature, which is great for keeping track of paper receipts and ensuring they are accounted for in the budget.

Furthermore, being one of the best financial bupdget ap, Wally supports multiple currencies and provides insights into spending patterns, making it suitable for international users or travelers.


  • Receipt scanning to digitize and track paper receipts.
  • Support for multiple currencies, ideal for travelers.
  • Financial insights to help understand spending habits.
  • Simple interface for easy navigation and use.
  • Savings tools to set and achieve financial goals.

15. Albert

What do we have here? Well, we have Albert

This is a budgeting platform that combines budgeting support with automated savings and professional financial advice.

AlbertThis app uses smart technology to analyze your spending habits and make real-time recommendations for saving money.

This platform also offers a feature where users can text human experts for personalized financial advice, making it a hybrid between traditional budgeting apps and financial advisory services.


  • Automated savings feature to help effortlessly set aside money.
  • Text access to human financial experts for personalized advice.
  • Real-time alerts and recommendations to optimize spending.
  • Customizable budget categories to fit personal financial needs.
  • Integration of banking, savings, and investment in one platform.


Let us introduce you to not only one of the best, but also a powerful budgeting app, PRISM.

The platform is designed to help users manage their bills and budgets in one centralized location.

PRISMIt allows users to see all their bills and financial accounts together, ensuring they never miss a payment.

Prism automatically tracks bills and sends reminders about due dates, which can be paid directly from the app, saving time and avoiding late fees.


  • Consolidated view of all bills and financial accounts.
  • Automatic bill tracking and due date reminders.
  • Direct bill payment from the app.
  • Budgeting tools integrated with bill management.
  • Supports synchronization with thousands of billers and financial institutions.

17. Zeta

Zeta is a budgeting app specifically designed for couples, making it an ideal choice for managing shared finances.

It helps partners collaborate on budgeting, bill management, and savings goals without compromising personal account privacy.

ZetaZeta offers a mix of joint and individual views on finances, allowing each person to contribute to the financial discussion and decision-making process.

This doesn’t only make it one of the best budgeting platforms but also top apps for couples.


  • Joint account management while maintaining individual account privacy.
  • Shared expense tracking and categorization to streamline couple’s finances.
  • Customized financial goals for couples, helping plan for future expenses like vacations or home buying.
  • Bill reminders and management to ensure timely payments.
  • Communication tools integrated within the app to discuss finances with your partner directly.

Do You Have a Unique Idea? Develop a Budgeting App of Your Own!

Do you have a unique app idea?

With the rise of fintech market, there are a lot of businesses who want to create their own budgeting app and enter this vast market.

And if you want to create a fintech solution, here’s why you do it:

► Tailored Solutions

Fintech statistics shows the growing demand for these solutions.

With tailored solutions you can capture this market, here’s how: Every individual has unique financial situations and goals.

A custom app can be perfectly tailored to fit your specific requirements, whether it’s managing irregular income streams, handling multi-currency transactions, or integrating personal investments and savings goals in one place.

► Innovative Approach

With your own app, you have the freedom to innovate beyond traditional budgeting methods.

This might include incorporating cutting-edge technologies like AI to offer predictive budgeting, or creating more interactive and gamified experiences to make managing finances fun and engaging.

This is a lesson for fintech startup who wants to take market by storm.

► Potential Revenue Stream

It is no secret, you can make money with fintech apps, a lot of money!

If your app solves a problem effectively, it could also serve as a potential revenue stream.

Once you’ve built and tested your app, you could offer it to other users with similar needs, turning your personal solution into a profitable business.

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As the financial landscape continues to evolve, choosing the right budgeting app can make a significant difference in managing your finances effectively. From apps designed for couples like Zeta and Honeydue to comprehensive platforms like Personal Capital and Mint, there is a tool to suit every need. Whether you’re looking for simplicity in Fudget or detailed financial insights with Clarity Money, these apps are crafted to help you achieve financial clarity and control.


A budgeting app is a software application designed to help individuals manage their finances more effectively. It allows users to track their income, expenses, and savings, often providing tools for setting financial goals, monitoring spending habits, and planning for future financial needs.

Budgeting apps help by providing tools to track and categorize expenses, set budget limits, and view financial summaries. They can help pinpoint areas where you might be overspending and offer insights into managing money more efficiently, which is crucial for achieving financial stability and goals.

Yes, there are budgeting apps designed for various users, including singles, couples, families, retirees, and even businesses. These apps come with different features tailored to specific needs, such as managing joint accounts, tracking business expenses, or planning for retirement.

Many budgeting apps provide features to track investments and savings. They can help set savings goals, monitor progress, and sometimes integrate with investment accounts to give a comprehensive view of financial health.

Key features to consider include expense tracking, budget alerts, financial goal setting, real-time syncing with bank accounts, customizable categories, and intuitive reporting. Security features are also crucial to protect your financial data.

Yes, many effective budgeting apps offer free versions that include basic budgeting tools and expense tracking. Premium versions often add enhanced features like automatic transaction syncing, financial advice, and advanced analytics.

Reputable budgeting apps use strong encryption and security measures to protect user data. Always check the app’s security features, such as two-factor authentication and data encryption, before using it to ensure your financial information is secure.

Some budgeting apps support multiple currencies, which is beneficial for users who travel frequently or have financial obligations in more than one country. These apps can provide currency conversion and track expenses across different countries.

Budgeting apps offer more convenience and accuracy compared to traditional methods like spreadsheets or paper. They automate much of the process, provide real-time financial insights, and can sync directly with your bank accounts to track every transaction accurately.

For specific financial planning needs, look for apps that offer customizable features or consider premium versions that cater to detailed financial strategies and advice. Some apps also connect you with financial advisors for personalized planning.