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Node JS Development Company

Take advantage of our expertise in NodeJS Development to create high-performance, scalable solutions with quick back-end and smooth client-side.

Nimble AppGenie as a leading Node JS development company is here to help you. Whether you want to develop a web app or create user-friendly websites, our developers can turn your idea into reality.

node js development company
node js development company

Innovative-Driven NodeJS Development

Leverage our NodeJS development services to build real-time web applications that offer 10x performance and 5x scalability. Our team of expert NodeJS developers uses state-of-the-art technologies with NodeJS runtime environment and delivers a solution that is tailor-made for your business, driving digital growth. This is how NodeJS, a top JavaScript technology is driving growth in business sector, becoming a top-choice for clients.

Nimble AppGenie as market leading NodeJS application development company offers scalable hiring models at competitive prices. So, if you want to develop feature-rich Node JS websites and apps, we can cater to your business needs, accommodating your end-users. With experience of working on over 700 projects, we have what it takes to bring your idea to reality with power - NodeJS technology. Contact us and we will assign a team to you within 24 hours.

Our Node JS Development Services

With years of experience in developing the next best solutions, we offer a range of NodeJS App & NodeJS web development services targeted at your custom needs.

nodejs web development

NodeJS Web

Do you want to develop a dynamic robust website, powered by NodeJS? Nimble AppGenie as a market-leading Node web development company can help you do just that.

nodejs application development

NodeJS Application

Develop mobile applications like Netflix, Slack, and Trello with an expert team of NodeJS Developers. Avail of our renowned NodeJS app development services today.

nodejs consulting


Consult Expert NodeJS Developers with years' worth of experience for your development projects. Our NodeJS Consulting Services are well-known in today’s market.

custom nodejs development

Custom NodeJS

If you are an out-of-the-box thinker with the most unconventional ideas, our custom NodeJS development is for you. Now you can convert unique ideas into digital assets.

nodejs migration and upgrade services

NodeJS Migration and
Upgrade Services

Whether you are suffering from a legacy system or want to move to NodeJS, our migration and upgrade services are perfect for you. Contact us today.

nodejs api development


Do you want to develop NodeJS-powered APIs to establish secure and seamless communication between components? We can help you do just that at affordable prices.

nodejs plugin development

NodeJS Plugin

Collaborate with an expert NodeJS development agency and develop Plugins that are hand-crafted for your business needs. Our back-end & front-end developers are here to help.

node.js micro services development

Node.js micro services

Enter the new age with microservices architecture-based solutions. Develop robist microservices are integrate them into your solutions with our developer’s team.

ecommerce website solutions

eCommerce Website

Create eCommerce website solutions like Amazon powered by NodeJS Development solutions. Work with the best eCommerce app development company.

NodeJS Driven, Full Stack Development

At Nimble AppGenie, we combine NodeJS with some of the best technologies and tech stacks to introduce unmatched development services and robust solutions.

serverless architecture

Serverless Architecture

Use the potential of serverless architecture by combining NodeJS with Firebase. This opens doors to several opportunities like real-time functionality, secure authentication, and secure data storage.

apollo fraphql & node.js

Apollo GraphQL & Node.js

Impelement Apollo GraphQL in NodeJS App development with our team of experts. It enables seamless data fetching real-time updates and unmatched performance in apps.

mean stack development

MEAN Stack Development

Tap into the potential of popular MEAN Stack development with our expert JavaScript Developers.With this, we take NodeJS web application development to the next level, with feature-rich solutions.

develop cross platform with node.js

Develop Cross-Platform With Node.js

Go for cross-platform mobile app development with technologies by combining Docker and Kubernetes with NodeJS. A robust stack, it enables you to create interactive mobile applications.

real time applications with

Real-Time Applications with

Take the NodeJS app development solution to the next level by combining it with This framework enables real-time communication, enabling us to create chat apps, online games, & more.

microservices with nestjs

Microservices with NestJS

We lay the base of microservices with NodeJS, then structure and organize with NestJS to deliver independent, scalable, fault-tolerant microservices that can become complex large-scale apps.

blockchain development with ethereum

Blockchain Development with Ethereum

At Nimble AppGenie, we combine Node.JS Runtime environment with Web3.Js to develop complex digital ledger systems like blockchain. This helps us deliver higher security and crypto solutions.

maching learning apis with tensorflow.js

Machine Learning APIs with TensorFlow.js

Node + TensorFlow enables developers to build and deploy machine learning models into web and mobile apps. With this, we can add NLP, image recognition, and predictive analysis to the app.

web scraping with cheerjo

Web Scraping with Cheerio

Node.JS solutions can greatly benefit from Cherrio integration as it enables easy data extraction from websites. This delivers market research, data analysis, and lead generation capacities.

build a robust solution with nodejs

Build a Robust Solution With NodeJS Runtime Environment

Nimble AppGenie as a leading NodeJS web development company is here to help you build robust solutions for mobile apps and web apps.

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Bespoke NodeJS Web Application Development

NodeJS run time environment is a top JavaScript-based technology that is used to develop some of the most flexible, robust, and scalable platforms we know as used today. With an extensive range of applications like API development, web app development, website development, POS Systems, CRM development, and numerous NodeJS tools &, frameworks it is a top choice for many development projects.

Nimble AppGenie is a leading custom NodeJS development company that takes advantage of this JavaScript runtime environment and all its different frameworks to deliver unmatched user experience and value to the end-users, helping businesses grow. If you are looking for NodeJS services, our team of mobile app, web, and software developers is here to help you.

  • Asynchronous and Event-Driven
  • Fast Execution
  • Real-Time Capabilities
  • Cross-Platform
  • Large Ecosystem (npm)
  • Single-Threaded, Non-blocking
nodejs application development

NodeJS Frameworks, We Use

To unlock the full potential of this open-source runtime environment, with versatile NodeJS Frameworks, Libraries, and tools. Nimble AppGenie uses the latest Node.JS frameworks in development projects.



Express.JS is a minimalistic and flexible NodeJS framework. At Nimble AppGenie we use it to develop scalable APIs and also to leverage web app development.



A lightweight and super-expressive framework of node, Koa.JS is used by our team for its async/await support, making middleware management seamless.



Metor.JS is our go-to choice for full-stack development as it enables real-time application rapid development with a single code base for front & back end. is an innovative framework that enables real-time bidirectional event-based communication. Thus, making it easier to develop real-time features.



As a leading node js development company, we use a Modular, scalable, and extensible framework for enterprise app development leveraging its modular architecture.



Feature.JS introduces unmatched level of customization in NodeJS development. Thus, it is used to build simple & flexible real-time apps and microservices.



Sails.JS is the MVC framework we used in our API development services. We use it for its’ convention over configuration, and high-speed data-heavy app development.



Another modular & extensive framework, Total.JS is well-known for its simplicity. Our team uses this NodeJS framework to develop robust feature sets.



Hapi.JS is a Configuration-driven framework that is used in RESTful API development. With a focus on configuration-driven development and plugin support, it’s a top choice.

Our Projects

Nimble AppGenie has worked on various Node.JS website development, app development, and API development projects, delivering solutions that satisfy business needs.

Benefits of NodeJS Development

Whether we talk about Node UI/UX Development services or web application development, they are well-known throughout the market for the benefits this runtime environment offers. At Nimble AppGenie, we take full advantage of these.

non blocking i/o model

Non-Blocking I/O Model

NodeJS being a top development technology allows concurrent operation. This enables resources to be utilized to their full potential, delivering responsiveness.

dynamic npm

Dynamic NPM

Node Package Manager or NPM comes with an entire ecosystem of reusable modules. This allows rapid web app development and less code redundancy.

event driven architecture

Event-driven Architecture

NodeJS is the perfect fit for event-driven programming. Thus, our developers use it to build scalable and responsible web applications with unmatched handling.

asynchronous model

Asynchronous Model

When it comes to asynchronous operations, there are only a few technologies that match NodeJS. This makes it easy to handle multiple tasks, delivering top performance.

quick code execution

Quick Code Execution

One of the biggest benefit this technology offer is, quick code execution. This delivers an optimized server-side script with reduced response time.



This open-source technology is known for its scalability as it supports horizontal scaling. Making it a good choice for handling large concurrent connections.

vast community

Vast Community

Based on the JacvaScript programming language, NodeJS technology is backed by a vast community. This means robust support and extensive documentation.



There are a lot of NodeJS frameworks and libraries in the market, that enable flexibility in NodeJS web app development. This makes it a go-to choice for us.

quick data processing

Quick Data Processing

Lastly, NodeJS development is known for its effective data processes. This is what makes it suitable for real-time updates and handling large datasets rapidly.

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Collaborate with Vetted NodeJS Developers

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Hire NodeJS Developers

Do you want to develop robust web apps or websites that can handle heavy traffic and deliver unmatched user experience? Hiring Node.Js developers at a Nimble AppGenie lets you do all of that at an affordable cost. Our team isn’t only experienced, but they also test the limit with new and creative approaches.

Hire NodeJS Developers at a flexible and scalable hiring model that lets you speed up development projects at any step of the process, fitting your business needs. We assess your project requirements and deliver solutions that best fit your preferences and end-user demand. That’s what makes it a leading NodeJS website development service provider.

NodeJS Development Tech Stack

At Nimble AppGenie, we pair the NodeJS Runtime environment with the best technology stack to get the most out of this technology and deliver solutions that are feature-rich and user-friendly.

  • css 3
    CSS 3
  • bootstrap
  • html 5
    HTML 5
  • angular.js
  • vue.js
  • fastify
  • jquery
  • react.js
  • babel
  • webpack
  • hapi.js
  • express.js
  • koa.js
  • nest.js
  • axios
  • nodejs
  • typescript
  • ecma
  • javascript
  • micro services
    Micro services
  • serverless
  • event loop
    Event Loop
  • monolithic
  • ava
  • mocha
  • mocha
  • sinon
  • selenium
  • karma
  • supertest
  • protractor
  • chai
  • git
  • c3.js
  • react router
  • redux
  • redux

NodeJS Development Process

To maintain transparency and open communication channel in our node.js development services, we follow a well-planned development process.

requirement analysis & planning

Requirement Analysis & Planning

NodeJS Solution development starts with requirement analysis and creating a plan.

front-end development

Front-End Development

After planning, it’s time to deal with Node front-end development with experienced designers

back-end development

Back-End Development

Following the designing process, developers deal with source code, API, database, and others.

app testing


After the NodeJS application development, it is tested for a final time for any errors or bugs before launch.

app deployment


Finally, the solution is launched in its respective platform. Regardless of the platform, it requires 2 weeks.

maintenance & support


Post-launch maintenance and support services are essential to keep a NodeJS solution winning.

Why Choose Us As Your NodeJS Development Company?

Planning to build platforms like Netflix, Uber, Groupon, PayPal, or Trello, with NodeJS? Nimble AppGenie with unmatched expertise in NodeJS web and mobile app development is the perfect fit. Our work in the domain is recognized by top platforms like GoodFirms, DesignRush, and Clutch.Co, and many others. As a leading brand in the United States as well as the United Kingdom, we have more than 700 projects under our name with a 95% client satisfaction rate. This is what makes you as top choice for your next NodeJS development project.

agile methodology

Agile Methodology

At Nimble AppGenie, we use agile methodology in our NodeJS development solution, enabling us to maintain transparency and clear communication.

quick resource accessibility

Quick Resource Accessibility

With our team of developers, you get a clear communication channel. Whether it is midnight or day, connect with an assigned team with just a few clicks.

nda signed

NDA Signed

Don’t worry about the uniqueness of your idea or project data getting leaked. Nimble AppGenie only starts the development process after the NDA is signed.

large technical pool

Large Technical Pool

With a vast team of talented NodeJS developers and designers, we enable clients to interview, test, and hand-pick their own team of developers and managers.

robust security measures

Robust Security Measures

In the age of technology, security holds supreme importance. We understand it and use the latest trends & compliances to ensure seamless security.



High-quality web or app solutions don’t have to leave a burning hole in your pocket. Nimble AppGenie offers affordable Node JS development services to clients.

Develop Scalable Application with NodeJS Technology

Nimble AppGenie as a top NodeJS development company, offer you innovative NodeJS development services at affordable prices.

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Asked Questions?

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about NodeJS development.

Nimble AppGenie is a leading Node JS development company, offering a range of affordable and in-demand services. With recognition from top platforms like DesignRush to the experience of having worked on 700+ projects, we have what it takes to deliver the NodeJS solution you are looking for.

Some of the top benefits of NodeJS development are, as mentioned below:

  • Quick Data Processing
  • Flexibility
  • Vast Community
  • Quick Code Execution
  • Scalability
  • Asynchronous Model
  • Event-driven Architecture
  • Dynamic NPM
  • Non-Blocking I/O Model

The cost to develop a NodeJS Web App may range from $15,000 to $100,000 depending on the technologies involved, the nature of the web app, its complexity, and several other factors. For a more accurate estimation, contact a software development company.

Much like development cost, development time depends on a range of factors. However, on average, the time taken to develop a NodeJS web app ranges from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. Consult NodeJS developers to get accurate time quotes based on your project requirements.

Our team of developers can use a range of NodeJS frameworks in web app and mobile app development. These are, as mentioned below:

  • Hapi.js
  • Total.js
  • Sails.js
  • Feather.js
  • Nest.js

Node.js excels in seamless integration with existing technologies due to its asynchronous, event-driven nature. This makes it easy to connect and communicate with databases, APIs, and other components, enhancing interoperability and overall efficiency in your tech stack.

Some of the top platforms that are built on NodeJs include:

  • LinkedIn
  • Netflix
  • PayPal
  • Uber
  • Walmart

Yes, In addition to custom Node JS development services for web apps, mobile apps, APIs, Plugins, and websites, we also deliver after-deployment platform maintenance and support services to help clients manage their solutions effectively.

Yes, Nimble AppGenie always makes sure to follow up with proper documentation and sign an NDA with the client before moving forward with development. This is a standard procedure at Nimble AppGenie.

While there is an array of methodologies that are at our disposal, the choice highly depends on NodeJS project requirements and client needs. However, Agile Development Methodology is our go-to choice.

At Nimble AppGenie, we offer three flexible and scalable hiring models for hiring NodeJS developers. These are:

  • Hire Developers At a Fixed Cost
  • Hire Developers on an Hourly Basis
  • Hire Dedicated Developers

While Node.js can be secure when configured correctly, its security ultimately hinges on the implementation of best coding practices. Regular updates, thorough testing, and adherence to security guidelines contribute to fortifying your application and mitigating potential vulnerabilities.

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Client Testimonials

Nimble AppGenie is committed to delivering results that satisfy our client’s needs and their business objectives. Here are testimonials from our clients about their experiences of working with us.

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Let’s Discuss Your Next

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