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angularjs development company

AngularJS Development Company

Unlock the potential of AngularJS and create web applications that are fast, scalable, and deliver unmatched user experience. Give your idea a digital life in the form of dynamic web and mobile apps.

Nimble AppGenie is a leading AngularJS development company with a team of vetted AngularJS developers. Collaborate with us and avail scalable services at affordable rates.

angularjs development company

Innovative AngularJS Development Solutions

In today’s market, the demand for single-page applications is all-time high. Nimble AppGenie is helping businesses tackle this demand with innovative AngularJS development services. Our team leverages this technology in both front-end development for web as well as mobile app development, delivering unmatched results. This is the technology used by top brands like Netflix, PayPal, Forbes, and Upwork.

Nimble AppGenie is a leading AngularJS development company. Our team of AngularJS developers can help you develop enterprise solutions that are high-quality and feature-rich. Attract your target audience and deliver value via mobile and web applications that are dynamic, aesthetically pleasing, and scalable. Dare To Be Great, We’ll Help The Process.

Our AngularJS Development Services

AngularJS is one of the most versatile development technologies, Nimble AppGenie takes full advantage of this quality to deliver unmatched AngularJS Services in both the web and mobile app domains.

angularjs web app development

AngularJS Web
App Development

Create web applications that are dynamic, and feature-rich, and deliver unmatched user experiences with our scalable AngularJS web development services.

angularjs mobile app development

AngularJS Mobile App

Collaborate with our developers and build cross-platform and native solutions that drive value and user retention. Take advantage of AngularJS app development services.

angularjs spa development

AngularJS SPA

Work with a team of experienced web developers to build dynamic, swift, and scalable single-page web apps. Avail of AngularJS SPA Development services.

custom angularjs development

Custom AngularJS

For all those out-of-the-box thinkers and entrepreneurs with unconventional ideas, our custom AngularJS Development services are the perfect solution for you.

angularjs api development

AngularJS API

Do you want to develop an API for your software? Our team of AngularJS developers can help you do just that. Collaborate with our team and develop APIs.

angularjs migration and Upgradation

AngularJS Migration
and Upgradation

If you are suffering from a legacy solution or want to migrate to AngularJS for more versatility and better UX, our migration and upgrade services are perfect for you.

custom widgets and plugins development

Custom Widgets and
Plugins Development

To ensure our client’s all needs are satisfied, we also offer custom widget and plugin development services. Collaborate with top developers to build custom solutions.

angularjs consulting


Nimble AppGenie with years of experience in Angular Development and related services, offers high-in-demand AngularJS Consulting Services for all to avail.

angularjs maintenance and support

AngularJS Maintenance
and Support

To help businesses maintain their AngularJS-based web and mobile applications, we offer versatile and scalable maintenance and support services.

AngularJS - Full Stack Development Solutions

We use AngularJS with a range of leading development technologies to deliver various in-demand solution ranging from enterprise level app development to cross-platform applications.

mean stack development

MEAN Stack Development

Leverage from one of most popular tech stack, MEAN Stack Development. Combine power to Angular, Node, Express, and MongoDB to build feature-rich and interactive web applications.

serverless architecture

Serverless Architecture

Angular + Firebase enables cloud-based appl development. Using these technologies developers can build app logic without infrastructure management, making rapid dev possible at affordable cost.

enterprise solution development

Enterprise Solution Development

We use these powerful tech for enterprise-level application development. Combination of these technologies makes it easier to build robust, secure, and critical solution that fulfil business needs.

development cross platform apps

Development Cross-Platform Apps

We combine AngularJS Development with Ionic to create cross-platform app. This tech stack enable developer to build native like solution for mobile as well as desktops with single codebase.

web app development

Web App Development

Nimble AppGenie takes AngularJS web app development to next level using Django & PostgreSQL Python & JS combination delivers dynamic and scalable web aplications, making it a popular choice.

single page application

Single-Page Applications (SPAs)

Popularity of single page application are increasing. Our SPA development services are driven by using react and NodeJS technologies. These SPA solutions are high-performance and interactive.

real time application

Real-Time Applications

Want to develop real-time solutions like chatting apps, online games, or collaboration tools? We level up AngularJS development via to introduce real-time communication & updates.

offline first application

Offline-first Applications

Create apps that run smoothly even without internet connection using AngularJS + PouchDB. With local data storage, this tech stack delivers seamless user experience in mobile and field service apps.

internet of things

Internet of Things (IoT) Applications

AngularJS along wih Node-RED are used to develop powerful Internet of Things App. So, whether you want to create fintech, fitness, or healthcare wearable solution, this tech stack is top choice

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Exploit the Full Potential of AngularJS with Versatile Development Services

Collaborate with top AngularJS experts & developers for your next development project at take full advantage of this JavaScript framework.

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Bespoke AngularJS Web Application Development

AngularJS is one of the most remarkable JavaScript frameworks that is widely used in web and mobile app development projects across the world. Coming from tech giant Google, this technology can deliver scalable, high-quality, and feature-rich solutions. Offering amazing qualities like data binding, deep linking, MVC, and so on, AngularJS has become the go-to choice for SPA development.

Nimble AppGenie a leading AngularJS-based mobile and web app development company, offers a range of AngularJS development services. We have the team, technology, and know-how required to deliver AngularJS websites and apps solution that helps business deliver value to their clients along with unmatched user experience. If you have an idea, take advantage of our Bespoke AngularJS web application development and bring your idea to reality.

  • Data Binding
  • Built-in Scope
  • Deep Linking
  • Dependency Injection
angularjs application development

Star-Studded Portfolio

Nimble AppGenie as an AngularJS web development company has worked on some of the big projects. Our work speaks for itself.

Benefits of AngularJS Development

Why use AngularJS Development Solution over other technologies? Being a top JS framework, Angular delivers a range of amazing benefits in web and mobile app development. That’s what makes it a developer’s favorite.

code splitting

Code Splitting

Code Splitting support, an in-built feature of AngularJS, greatly improves the application’s performance by optimizing the load process, as only required code chunks are delivered.

two way data binding

Two-Way Data Binding

Another amazing benefit of this framework is two-way data binding. This enables automatic model and view synchronizing, reducing boilerplate code greatly.



It is very easy to implement localization in AngularJS development solutions. This lets business change their platform according to local language and region.

reusable components

Reusable Components

One of the best benefits that comes with Angular JavaScript Framework is reusable components. This highly speeds up software development and reduces load.



Our AngularJS Developers leverage the power of NgRX for state management, enabling predictable data flow and better control over complex applications through a reactive approach.

dom manipulation

DOM Manipulation

AngularJS makes it that much easier when it comes to DOM manipulation, as it streamlines the application & DOM interaction delivering easy updates & amazing UX.

faster application prototyping

Faster Application Prototyping

AngularJS accelerates the prototyping process, enabling developers to quickly create functional prototypes for efficient development and stakeholder feedback.

ample community support

Ample Community Support

One of the big reasons why web and app developers go for AngularJS Framework is its amazing community support, providing resources, and tutorials.

easy testing

Easy Testing

AngularJS facilitates testing with built-in support for unit testing, making it simpler to ensure code reliability and maintainability. Helping Deliver high-quality solutions.

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Connect with AngularJS Experts

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Hire AngularJS Developers

Do you want to use AngularJS Framework in your mobile app or web app development project? Collaborate with an experienced team of top AngularJS developers for your next development project. Recognized by top platforms Like TopDevelopers, DesignRush,, and GoodFirms, we have what it takes to give your idea a digital life, using the widely used AngularJS framework.

Hire AngularJS Developers with Nimble AppGenie through flexible models that accommodate businesses every ever-changing needs. Our AngularJS Web Development Solutions are scalable and delivered at affordable prices. So, if you are looking for an experienced AngularJS website development or app development partner, your search is over. Work with us and become the next best.

AngularJS Development Tech Stack

To bring out the best of the AngularJS framework and deliver high-quality, feature-rich solutions, we pair it with an industrially approved technology stack.

  • hapi.js
  • express.js
  • sails.js
  • nest.js
  • meteor.js
  • koa.js
  • angular kickstart
    Angular Kickstart
  • generator angular
    Generator Angular
  • angular seed
    Angular Seed
  • djangular
  • postgresql
  • rethinkdb
  • mongodb
  • firebase
  • couchdb
  • mysql
  • rxjs
  • ng bootstrap
  • prime ng
    Prime NG
  • angular meterial
    Angular Material
  • ngx bootstrap
  • angular google maps
    Angular Google Maps
  • ajax
  • html5
  • xhtml
  • css

AngularJS Development Process

Nimble AppGenie follows a well-planned AngularJS development process to ensure quality and transpareny in our projects.

requirement analysis & planning

Requirement Analysis & Planning

The first thing we do is to understand the client’s requirements and create a detailed plan based on that.

front-end development

Front-End Development

Based on the plan and client preferences, we started creating AngularJS-based UX design.

back-end development

Back-End Development

Once we are done with the front-end development, developers deal with source code, API, database, and others.

app testing


After the back-end development, it is tested for a final time for any errors or bugs before launch.

app deployment


Finally, the solution is launched in its respective platform. On any platform, it takes 2 weeks.

maintenance & support


After launch maintenance and support services are essential to keep a solution successful.

Why Choose Us As Your AngularJS Development Company?

If you want to join the ranks of top platforms like Netflix, PayPal, Forbes, and Upwork with your own dynamic AngularJS-based solution, then we are the right choice for you. With over 700 projects completed and 95% client satisfaction, we have what it takes to develop and deliver market-leading AngularJS development services. Our AngularJS Development Services are available at affordable rates, take advantage now.

agile development methodology

Agile Development Methodology

We use Agile development methodology in our project to maintain transparency, collaboration, and streamlined processes, delivering high-quality solutions.

highly experienced developers

Highly-Experienced Developers

Nimble AppGenie has a team of experienced AngularJS developers who have worked on top-performing platforms. You can hire top talent via scalable models.

on time delivery

On-time Delivery

With us, you don’t have to worry about deadlines, as we are known for our fast time-to-market and on-time delivery. Nimble AppGenie delivers projects within time.

transparency & integrity

Transparency & Integrity

To deliver client satisfaction and maintain seamless collaboration, we follow a transparent development process. Plus, we also maintain all required documentation.

cost efficient


Our AngularJS Development Solutions don’t burn a hole in your pocket. With flexible models, you can choose the services that best fit your budget and go ahead.

competitive prices

Competitive Prices

Nimble AppGenie in the mobile and web app development market is known for competitive pricing. With us, you always get the benefit of affordable services.

Develop An AngularJS Platform With Expert Developers

Work with a renowned AngularJS Development Company – Nimble AppGenie and bring your idea to reality with superior technology.

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Asked Questions?

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about AngularJS development.

Nimble AppGenie is a market-leading AngularJS application development company, offering a range of in-demand services. Our achievements have been recognized by top platforms like DesignRush, GoodFirms,, and more. With Nimble AppGenie, you get the best services at the most affordable costs.

Some of the main benefits of using AngularJS for mobile and web app development are, as mentioned below:

  • Code Splitting
  • Two-Way Data Binding
  • Localization
  • Reusable Components
  • NgRX
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Faster Application Prototyping
  • Ample Community Support
  • Easy Testing

The cost to develop an AngularJS app ranges from $15,000 to $50,000 depending on the other technologies involved and the complexity of the solution. For more details and accurate cost estimation, consult an Angularjs development agency.

While the average time to develop an AngularJS solution ranges from 4 weeks to 15 weeks, there are various factors that affect the time. That’s why if you are looking for accurate time estimation, consult an app or web development company that works on this technology.

Some of the top mobile/web apps or software built with AngularJS Framework are:

  • Gmail
  • YouTube TV
  • Udacity
  • Santander Banking Application
  • PayPal
  • iStock

Yes, in addition to the custom angular website development, we also provide post-deployment maintenance and support services to help clients keep their platforms functioning right. These are some of our most in-demand services that are delivered at affordable cost.

To ensure the uniqueness and data protection of your project, At Nimble AppGenie we sign an NDA before starting any process. This is a standard practice at Nimble AppGenie. Thus, it is only after completing all the documentation that we move forward.

While there is a set of methodologies at our disposal, Nimble AppGenie mainly resides in Agile development methodology in our AngularJS development project. This allows us to introduce fast-time-to-market and transparency in the development process.

At Nimble AppGenie, we offer three flexible and scalable hiring models for hiring AngularJS developers. These are:

  • Hire Developers At a Fixed Cost
  • Hire Developers on an Hourly Basis
  • Hire Dedicated Developers
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Client Testimonials

Nimble AppGenie is committed to delivering results that satisfy our client’s needs and their business objectives. Here are testimonials from our clients about their experiences of working with us.

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