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Whether it is magazines, newspapers, or any other form of printed media, digital devices have replaced them all. Today, people love to consume content like news, stories, information, etc through their phones.

Nimble AppGenie as a vetted Magazine & Newspaper App Development Company can help you create an app that quenches users’ thirst for content and helps your business grow to the next level.

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Make a Newspaper and Magazine App With Right Features

Features are the driving force of mobile apps. Nimble AppGenie helps you make a newspaper and magazine app with the right features. Essential features are, as mentioned below:


Profile Creation

This feature of the Magazine & Newspaper App allows users to create their own profile via social media, email, phone number, Google, etc.


Profile Management

Profile management is a must-have feature as it allows the users to manage their preferences, saved content, subscriptions, and so on.



The user can explore the categories to find the content of their favorite genre and explore new content which they might like to read.


Advance Filter

The advanced filter option of the platform allows users to search for super-specific content via sorting and filtering.


Leave A Comment

Much like other forms of media, the app allows users to leave a comment behind giving their thoughts on the concerned content.


Push Notification

This is a must-have feature that allows users to receive alerts on a new content release or a reply to their comments.


Audio & Video Integration

People often prefer visual or audio-based content to consume on the go and Magazine & Newspaper App has features to accommodate the same.


Content of The Day

Content of the day provides users with top content of the concerned day from various categories, helping them find the best media.


Save Article Offline

In case the user wants to read the article later, they can save it offline. Allowing them to access it without the internet.


Social Media Sharing

It is essential to provide social media sharing features considering today’s trends.


Personalized Content

With AI & ML technologies, the Magazine & Newspaper App provides personalized content recommendations to the users.



Looking for news and stories from the local area? The localization feature of the Magazine & Newspaper App provides just that.


User Profile Management

This feature of the admin panel allows the admin to manage the user base effectively, removing or editing accounts as per requirements.


CMS Integration

Content management system or CMS integration is a must-have feature since the platform is purely content-based.


Reports & Analytics

There are several useful reporting and analytical features embedded into Magazine & Newspaper App’s admin panel.


Customer Support

In case the user is experiencing an issue, they can contact the customer support team and this feature allows the admin team to provide the right help.


Interactive Dashboard

Admin panel dashboard has all the required information of the platform in one place and in an easy-to-read format.


Campaign Management

Since the platform deals with ads and paid promotion, the campaign management feature allows the admin to effectively manage the same.

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Process of App

How Do Magazine & Newspaper App Work?

Build Magazine & Newspaper App that is easy to use with Nimble AppGenie. The working process of a typical app is, as mentioned below:

  • Login

    The first thing you have to do is register or log in to the Magazine & Newspaper App Development solution.

  • Get a Subscription Plan

    After logging in, it’s time to subscribe to a plan or accesses the free content of the platform.

  • Set Preferences

    When access to the platform is available, the user can set preferences on the content they want to consume.

  • Explore Content

    It’s time to start exploring content, the user can find ones they like and start consuming them via the app.

  • Save Offline

    This feature of the platform allows users to save the content offline for later consumption.


Growth-Inspiring Magazine & Newspaper App Development Services

Magazine & Newspaper App Development Services that delivers the solution to your business needs. Reasons to Choose our services are, as mentioned below:

Custom Solutions

Every business has its own unique requirements. We provide custom Magazine & Newspaper App Development Solutions that are tailored cut for your needs.


Hybrid Apps

Can’t choose between android app development and iOS app development? Nimble AppGenie provides hybrid app development that gives you the best of both worlds.


Robust Solutions

We deliver robust newspaper app development solutions that stand strong under pressure and deliver value to users while helping businesses grow.


Fast Development

Known for our quality, Magazine & Newspaper app development process is fast, delivering the solution within the deadline. So your business can start earning ASAP.


Expert Developers

We have a team of experienced mobile app developers who have the required know-how needed to deliver a stellar solution that fits your business needs.


Maintenance Services

To create a successful app, Magazine & Newspaper App Development Services aren’t enough. That’s why we also provide app maintenance & support services.


Custom Magazine & Newspaper App Development

As a leading Magazine & Newspaper App Development Company, our services span iOS, Android, and hybrid app development. Our basic solutions are, as mentioned below:

  • 01

    App for Users

  • 02

    Vendor Panel

  • 03

    Admin Panel

  • 01

    App for Users

  • It includes Profile Creation, Profile Management Categories, Advance Filter, Leave A Comment and Push Notification

  • 02

    Additional Features

  • It includes Audio & Video Integration, Content of The Day, Save Article Offline, Social Media Sharing, Personalized Content, and Localization.

  • 03

    Admin Panel

  • It includes User Profile Management, CMS Integration, Reports & Analytics, Customer Support, Interactive Dashboard, and Campaign Management.

    Mentioned above are the three core components when we develop a Newspaper and Magazine Mobile App. But the scope of our services also expands.


    Magazine & Newspaper App Development services


    On-demand news application


    Newspaper App Development


    Local Newspaper App Development


    Magazine Mobile App Development

    If you are looking for Custom Magazine & Newspaper App Development, you can reach out to us.

    Our Portfolio

    Nimble AppGenie has developed and delivered hundreds of successful projects. Here are some of our success stories.

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    Newspaper & Magazine Mobile App Development Cost Estimation

    Wondering How Much It Cost to Build Magazine & Newspaper App? Let’s look at the factors which affect Magazine Mobile App Development Costs below:


    Technology stack

    Tech stack refers to the set of technologies used for app development. Based on your choice of the tech stack, the total cost can differ.


    UI/UX Design

    Front-end design is an essential component, depending on the complexity the same, the cost of the total process can vary.



    Based on whether you choose Android or iOS app development services, the final cost of the project may vary.



    If you are looking for unique features that take time to develop, it will add to the total cost, while basic features are usually cheaper.



    This is one of the most effective factors, as the more complex a platform grows, the more costly it is to develop.


    Third-Party Integration

    Based on API and third-party integration as well as their respective cost, the total cost of Magazine & Newspaper App Development can differ.


    Type of App

    The cost also depends on which type of Custom Magazine & Newspaper App Development you are opting for.


    App Testing

    Some testing tools are paid while others are free. Based on the ones used in your app, the total cost can differ.

    Our Solutions

    Creating The Next Best

    Being the best mobile app development agency, Nimble AppGenie offers a range of website and app development services. These are, as mentioned below:

    Our Values

    What Makes Us, Nimble AppGenie

    Nimble AppGenie is a mobile app development company driven by a mission and working towards a vision. We have built ourselves around the values which enable us to deliver unremarkable results.



    Nimble aims to improve the financial sector with innovative fintech apps, faster transactions, and better security.



    Our Vision is to contribute to the digital economy while delivering outstanding mobile app/website solutions.



    Our goal in the year 2022 is to deliver better than ever innovative digital solutions to over clients.



    For Nimble, Success means client satisfaction and growth driving solutions that help you reach your goal.

    Live Streaming App Development Process

    As a leading Magazine & Newspaper App Development Company, Nimble AppGenie follows a well-planned agile development process. This helps us ensure the quality of our solution.

    • 1


      Analysis & Planning

      The first thing we do as a leading Mobile App Development Company analyzes and plan.

    • 2


      UI/UX Design

      We understand the importance of good UI/UX design in driving user engagement and retention; this is why we pay special attention to this step.

    • 3


      Development Process

      After the design is done, we get down to developing the idea into actual working magazine & newspaper app that fits your needs.

    • 4



      Nimble AppGenie as a leading Magazine & Newspaper App Development Company USA always tests the app before deploying them.

    • 5


      Maintenance & Support

      In addition to development, Nimble AppGenie also provides leading software maintenance & Support services.


    Our Success Stories

    Nimble AppGenie has worked with many amazing clients and delivered successful mobile applications. Check out some of our success stories.


    DafriBank Digital Bank Of Africa

    • South Africa
    • Nigeria

    DafriBank Digital Bank Of Africa

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    Pay By Check Multi-Currency E-wallet Mobile App

    • USA
    • Canada

    Pay By Check Multi-Currency E-wallet Mobile App

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    Local LITLocal Lit Restaurant App

    Allows establishments to display themselves, take & manage orders, & interact with customers while helping users find favorite establishment & share it with friends.

    Case Study
    • USA

    medu4 Medu4 Medical Educational Platform

    Case Study

    Our Innovative and Foremost Services

    We provide custom software development services via our professional developers with vast industry-specific experience. Create, curate, and teach. That’s the way we code.

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    What is it Like to Work With Us?

    We at Nimble AppGenie are committed to delivering results that satisfy our client’s needs and delivering their business objectives. Here are stories from our clients about their experiences working with us.

    Nimble AppGenie’s Reviews

    Deemed The Best App Developers

    Nimble AppGenie has been deemed the top mobile app development company by well-known critics and tech reviewers.


    Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Magazine & Newspaper App Development solutions.

    Nimble AppGenie is a market-leading Magazine & Newspaper App Development Company with years’ worth of experience and a team of experienced & vetted developers. We have helped more than 700 clients grow their businesses. As a leading company, we have what it takes to deliver market-leading solutions.

    In recent years, digital media has almost replaced printed media to a large extent. In the coming years, it is expected that people will be subscribing to magazine and newspaper apps instead of buying magazines and newspapers.

    The cost to build a magazine and newspaper app highly depends on various factors such as:
    • App Testing
    • Type of App
    • Third-Party Integration
    • Complexity
    • Features
    • Platform
    • UI/UX Design
    • Technology stack

    For more insight on the same, you can contact a Mobile App Development Company.

    There are various business models a Magazine and Newspaper app can follow. These are, as mentioned below:
    • Premium model
    • Commission based model
    • Freemium model
    • Advertisement based

    When done right, a news app can lead to high traffic follow and unparalleled revenue generation for a business. This is a big reason to build news apps.

    Nimble AppGenie always signs an NDA before starting the development work to protect the privacy of clients and the originality of their idea.
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