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Food Delivery App Development Company

Enter the market with a business-centric, robust, and innovation-driven solution, offering ultimate user experience while generating business growth backed, with food delivery app development.

Nimble AppGenie, as a leading food delivery app development company, is here to help you convert ideas into digital assets.

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Bite Into The Opportunity With Your Own Food Delivery App

Food delivery market is booming with growth and it’s filled with lucrative opportunities. It’s the right time to create a food delivery solution of your own and enter the market.

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    $165 billion 2029

    Global food delivery app market size is expected to hit $165 billion mark by 2029.

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    44% Use 3rd Party Apps

    Food delivery apps are a rising trend with more than 44% of people using third-party food delivery apps.

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    53 Million + Users in 2023

    Despite the shock to the market during covid outbreak, food delivery apps have a larger than-ever use base.

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    77% Consumer Order Delivery

    With food delivery becoming a trend, 77% ordering delivery, 76% order takeout, and 61% report dining in.

growth driving food delivery app development

Growth Driving, Food Delivery App Development

Food delivery apps are the flag bearer of the on-demand industry and over the past few years they have conquered the world. Popular food delivery apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash dominate the market and generate millions in revenue. Whether you have a food delivery app idea or an established food business that you want to digitalize, it’s the right time to invest in custom food delivery app development. With a dedicated food delivery website or app, you can deliver a seamless user experience and ultimate convenience to your consumer.

Nimble AppGenie is a market-leading Food Delivery App Development Company and we have helped more than 700 clients realize their tech dream. Whether you want to create a custom food delivery app or an on-demand delivery platform for a cloud platform, our team of food delivery app developers can do it all. Collaborate with our team of experts who will help you bring your concepts and ideas to reality in form of a working on-demand food delivery app. This is the right time to create your own food delivery app.

Food Delivery App Solutions We Provide

Nimble AppGenie offers food delivery app development solutions that satisfy your custom needs and let you exploit the 50 million strong user base of the food delivery market.

food delivery apps for startups

Food Delivery Apps
for Startups

If you think you are an entrepreneur who can deliver innovation, tap into our custom food app development services and become the next big name. Contact us today.

white label apps for restaurant chains

White-label Apps for
Restaurant Chains

For restaurant chains spread across different locations that want to take user experience and revenue to the next level, it’s the right time to invest in a white-label food delivery app.

custom food delivery app development

Custom Food Delivery
App Development

Our custom food delivery app development services are those who think they can disrupt the market with their unique idea. Turn your concept of the app into a digital product.

aggregator apps for cloud hkitchens

Aggregator Apps for
Cloud kitchens

Collaborate with our team of vetted on-demand app developers and enter the market with an aggregator app for cloud kitchens, harnessing the power of this industry trend.

food delivery app for cloud kitchen

Food Delivery App for
Cloud Kitchen

Connect cloud kitchens directly to the end-user powered by an innovative food delivery app like Uber Eats. Build A Food delivery app today and conquer the market.

on demand food delivery app

On-demand Food
Delivery App

Give platforms like DoorDash, Grubhub, and PostMates a run for their money with an innovative on-demand food ordering and delivery mobile application.

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Build Your Own Food Delivery App

It’s the right time to invest in a food delivery app of your own and become a market leader.

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build your own food delivery app

Build Food Delivery App Clone

Do you want to create a successful app like Zomato or take over the market by storm as Grubhub did? Nimble AppGenie is here to help you develop Food Delivery app clone solutions and replicate their success.

zomato app clone

Zomato App Clone

Take a big leap towards global market dominance with a Zomato app clone. Improve on their concept and build a food delivery solution that’s better.

doordash app clone

Doordash App Clone

Learn from the US food delivery market leader and build a clone DoorDash App that lets you deliver value to the end user and higher revenue to the restaurants.

talabat app clone

Talabat App Clone

It’s high time to build a Talabat app clone with the help of dedicated food delivery app developers. Contact us today and walk away with your own solution.

grubhub app clone

Grubhub App Clone

Inspired by Grubhub’s rise to success and millions in revenue generation? Collaborate with our team of app developers and create a Grubhub app clone today.

deliveroo app clone

Deliveroo App Clone

If you want to create a food delivery solution that stands out and delivers a competitive advantage to your business, it’s the right time to invest in a Deliveroo app clone.

postmates app clone

Postmates App Clone

Develop a Postmates app clone and join the race to hit the top stop in the food delivery market while delivering value to the end user. Invest in the opportunity.

Our Success Stories

Nimble AppGenie doesn’t just claim to be the best food delivery app development company. Our work speaks for itself. Here are some of our top app solutions that we have worked on, showing your expertise.

Why People & Businesses Love Food Delivery Apps

Food Ordering App Development opens doors to a world of benefits for both users and businesses. This is the reason the food delivery market is 50 million strong and investors, start-ups, and established enterprises are looking to invest and create a food delivery app.

  • Increased Revenue for Restaurants
  • Expanded Customer Reach
  • Convenient Ordering Process
  • Diverse Menu Options
  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty
  • Efficient Order Management
  • Real-time Order Tracking
  • Time-saving for Users
  • Contactless Transactions
  • Customized Promotions and Discounts
  • Improved Customer Reviews and Ratings
  • Data Analytics for Business Insights
  • Streamlined Delivery Logistics
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility
  • Seamless Integration with Loyalty Programs
why people & businesses love food delivery apps
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Collaborate With Food Ordering App Developers

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Feature Rich Food Delivery App Solution

To help businesses deliver unmatched user experience and manage the platform easily, we deliver feature-filled on-demand food delivery apps. We use a combination of basic and advanced features.


This feature stream lines the onboarding process, ensuring a friendly registration to kick-start their food ordering experience. It’s done via email, number, or social accounts.

Search Nearby Restaurants

In food delivery apps, we provide a geolocation-based search feature as core functionality. This allows the app users to discover and explore nearby restaurants with ease through the app itself.

Restaurant Menu

Using the restaurant menu feature, the user can access detailed and visually appealing food menus, facilitating customers in making informed and enticing food choices.

Add to Cart

We implement a seamless cart management system. This enables customers to effortlessly add, modify, and finalize their food orders as they go on.

Coupon Management

The coupon system integration lets the food delivery app offer discounts and promotions to enhance customer loyalty and incentivize repeated app usage.

In-App Payments

To ensure secure and efficient in-app payment options, we provide customers with a variety of payment methods for a convenient checkout process.

Order Tracking

With this core feature customers stay informed in real-time about the status and location of their orders, enhancing transparency and satisfaction.

Rating & Reviews

Rating and review push a community feeling by allowing customers to rate and review restaurants, contributing to an informed decision-making process.

Live Chat

Users can directly communicate with restaurants and delivery partners through a live chat feature, addressing inquiries and customizing orders.

Driver/Rider Profile

This basic feature enables drivers to create and manage their profiles, which enables a personalized and professional representation.

Order Management

This feature provides drivers with a user-friendly interface for efficient order handling, optimizing delivery routes, and minimizing delivery times.

In-App Chat & Calling

We make communication between drivers and customers possible via in-app chat and calling functionalities, enhancing delivery coordination.

Real-time Order Request

Real-time order requests empower drivers with instant notifications for new order requests. Deliver quick response times and efficient order pickups.

In-App Maps

Another GeoFencing-powered feature, in-app maps assists the delivery partner or drivers in navigating to delivery destinations accurately.

Payment History

This fintech integration keeps delivery partner informed about their earnings and payment history within the app, promoting transparency in financial transactions.

Cancellation Control

The cancellation control feature enables the delivery partner to manage order cancellations, ensuring a fair and effective handling of cancellations.

Delivery Information

As the name suggests, this feature enable the delivery partner to receive all the related delivery information like location, pay, item, distance, and so on.

Performance Analytics

Performance analytics functionality provides drivers with the tools to analyze their earning, travel data, and other delivery related trends within the app.

Restaurant Profile

Our food delivery app allows restaurants to create and manage their profiles, showcasing their specialties, reviews, and promotions effectively.

Order Management

This feature of the restaurant panel streamlines order processing for restaurants, providing tools to manage incoming orders efficiently and ensure timely preparation.

Discount & Coupon Management

To enable restaurants to create and manage discounts and coupons, enhancing their promotional strategies and attracting more customers, this feature is embedded.

Finance Management

This integration delivers a detailed financial report. Thus, helping restaurants track earnings, expenses, and profits for informed business decisions.

Online Menu Management

Online menu management provides a user-friendly platform for restaurants to update and manage their online menus, ensuring accurate and up-to-date offerings.

Live Food Tracking

Driven by Geolocation, the live tracking feature allows restaurants to monitor the real-time status of orders and coordinate with delivery partners effectively.

Promotion Management

In this panel we equip restaurants with promotional tools that allow them to run and manage marketing campaigns, attracting a broader customer base.

Cancellation Fees

With a fair and transparent system for managing cancellation fees, it is ensured that restaurants are compensated appropriately for canceled orders.

Set Delivery Radius

In the food delivery app, restaurants can customize their delivery radius, optimizing their service coverage and ensuring timely deliveries.

Customized Dashboards

The main feature of the admin panel, it provides the administrator team with a comprehensive overview of key metrics and system performance.

Restaurant Management

The restaurant management feature allows the admin team to manage restaurant partnerships, ensuring a diverse and high-quality selection for customers.

Payment Management

Another core feature, it enables easy management of the payment management system. And ensure secure transactions between customers, restaurants, and drivers.

Customer Management

In custom management, the admin team gets tools for managing customer data and feedback, facilitating targeted marketing and service improvements.

Delivery Agent Management

With delivery partner management, the admin can streamline the onboarding and management of delivery partners to ensure a reliable and efficient delivery network.

Advanced Analytics

Much-required analytics tools provide the ability to gain insights and boost data-driven decision-making for business growth and optimization.

Revenue Management

Our developers implements this features to track and manage revenue streams. It helps ensure transparency and efficiency in financial operations.

Promotion Management

Another essential tool for the admin team, it lets them create and manage promotions at a platform level, enhancing marketing initiatives and user engagement.

Delivery Zone Management

With this feature, we provide the admin team with total controls to set and customize delivery zones, optimizing service coverage and resource allocation.

Advance Technologies We Implement into Food Delivery Apps

Nimble AppGenie promises high-quality, value-driving, and innovative food delivery app solutions. To deliver this, we use the latest, trending, and tested advanced technologies in food delivery website development and app development.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Being a top development firm, we use AI-powered solutions to introduce automation and “smart” features in food delivery apps, delivering innovative solutions.

cloud computing

Cloud Computing

We harness the power of cloud computing and embed it in online food delivery app development, delivering advanced security, faster development, and much more.



Blockchain, the popular digital ledger technology is our go-to choice for introducing next-level security in our food delivery app development solutions.



To deliver 360 user experience by connecting everything together to the food delivery app and sending smart push notifications to the user-powered by IoT technology.



To make the food delivery app truly on-demand, we leverage geolocation technology introducing real-time location tracking and navigation.

digital payment integration

Digital Payment Integration

With digital payment integration in the food delivery app development solution, we enable users to pay easily via the app, making revenue management easier for vendors.

Hire Food Delivery App Developers

Do you want to deliver a food delivery app that help you conquer the market and become the next big name? If you want to be the best, you need to work with the best. Collaborate with Nimble AppGenie’s team of expert food delivery app designers and developers who have years’ worth of experience.

Hire Food delivery app developers within 24 hours who are just a click away from you. Equipped with hands-on experience of more than 700 projects, advanced technological command, and a creative approach, we can help you turn your idea into reality. Contact us today.

  • Tech savvy Experts
  • Creative Approach
  • Timely-Delivery
  • Quick-Learners
  • Smooth Communication
  • Coding Best Practices
hire food delivery app developers

Food Delivery App Development Cost

Food Delivery App Development Cost ranges from $15,000 to $95,000. The cost highly depends on a range of factors including complexity, feature, set, type of app, and much more. Usually, the more complex an app is, the more expensive it will cost to develop.

app type

App Type

The first factor is type. As we discussed, there can be a plethora of food delivery app types. Each of them comes with a unique cost to build.



The more complex an app is the higher the app development cost will be and vice versa. This makes the food delivery app’s complexity the biggest factor in the bunch.

basic/advanced features

Basic/Advanced Features

Each Food Delivery mobile application comes with a mix of basic and advanced features. Basic features are cheaper but advanced ones add to the cost.

app tech stack

App Tech Stack

The tech stack is one of the most important aspects of food delivery website development and app development. Some Stacks are free to use while others cost a lot.

development platforms

Development Platform

Food Delivery platform development cost depends on the platform of choice i.e. hybrid app, native app, and software are drastically different from one another.

fitness app design

Food Delivery App Design

An on-demand app’s UI/UX is one of the most important elements and fittingly it also highly affects the cost depending on the type and level of UI/UX.

size of the app

Size of the App

Again, as the general rule of thumb goes a larger app costs more to develop, while smaller applications fall well within the average food delivery solution cost.

development team

Development Team

With different ways to hire Food Delivery app developers, for instance, outsourcing, in-house team, and staff augmentation, the cost for them is also different.

find accurate cost

Find Accurate Cost

Consult food delivery app designers and developers to get accurate cost estimations.

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Food Delivery Application Development Tech Stack

At Nimble AppGenie, we use only the best technologies in food ordering app development services, delivering quality and maintaining transparency throughout app development.

  • angular
  • next.js
  • react
  • vue.js
  • flutter
  • kotlin
  • swift
  • xamarin
  • node.js
  • python
  • ruby on rails
    Ruby On Rails
  • php
  • java
  • django
  • express.js
  • mongodb
  • mysql
  • firebase
  • postgresql
  • sqlite
  • oracle
  • Adobe XD
    adobe xd
  • figma
  • zeplin
  • invision
  • sketch
  • alipay
  • paypal
  • square
  • stripe
  • adyen

Food Delivery App Development Process

As a leading Food delivery mobile app development company, we follow a well-planned food delivery app development process ensuring quality and transparency.

requirement analysis & planning

Project Planning

Food Delivery app development starts with planning based on client requirements and creating a plan.

wireframing & designing

UI/UX Designing

Our Food Delivery app designers create a pleasing design that attracts and captures customers’ attention like nothing else.

app development

App Development

This is the part where mobile app developers write the source code and create the app’s final version.

app testing

App Testing

In this step of Food Delivery app development, the solution is tested one last time to make sure it is bug-free and errorless.

app deployment

App Deployment

The app deployment process differs based on the platform but takes at most 2 weeks for approval.

maintenance & support

Maintenance & Support

At Nimble AppGenie, we also offer post-deployment maintenance and support services to keep the app updated.

Work With The Best Food Delivery App Development Company

If you are looking for a food-ordering app Development Company, you have come to the right place. Recognized by top platforms like, TopDevelopers, DesignRush, and GoodFirms, we are one of the best around. Driving 95% client satisfaction rate, we have the right tools and technologies required to make the next best thing. As an on-demand food delivery app development company, Nimble AppGenie is here to help you.

agile methodologies

Agile Methodologies

To achieve seamless collaboration and transparency in the food delivery app development process we utilize agile development methodology, a tested concept.

expert developers

Expert Developers

Hire food delivery app developers with Nimble AppGenie who have the experience, expertise, and tools required to bring a food delivery app idea to reality.

highly secured solutions

Highly Secured Solutions

At Nimble AppGenie, we understand the importance of security in Food Delivery apps. That’s why, we use the latest technologies to secure our food ordering solutions.

100% quality assurance

100% Quality Assurance

When you are working with us, you don’t have to worry about quality. We take the app through various rounds of QA and testing to ensure a satisfactory level.

on time delivery

On-time Delivery

Nimble AppGenie drives fast time to market driven by top technology and expert developers. Meaning you will get your food delivery app delivered on time.

scalability opportunities

Scalability Opportunities

We provide scalable food delivery app development services, meaning you can scale up or slow down the development as per your changing business needs.

Enter The Billion Dollar Market With A Robust Food Delivery App

Collaborate with the best food delivery app developers and bring your idea to reality in the form of a market-leading solution.

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Asked Questions?

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Food Delivery app development solutions.

Nimble AppGenie is one of the best food delivery app development companies in the market with over 700 projects and 95% client satisfaction. If you have an idea, we have the tools to develop a food delivery app, let’s collaborate.

The cost to develop a food delivery app ranges from $15,000 to $95,000 depending on a range of factors including complexity, feature, set, type of app, and much more. Contact an on-demand app development company for more details.

The average time for food delivery app development ranges from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. It depends on complexity, features, type of app, and a lot of other factors. If you want to get more details on the same, it’s highly recommended that you consult app developers.

Yes, Nimble AppGenie always makes sure to follow up with proper documentation and sign an NDA with the client before moving forward with a food delivery app development solution. This is a standard procedure at Nimble AppGenie.

It’s simple, at Nimble AppGenie, we use the agile development approach in the food delivery app development process to maintain transparency. Apart from this, our project managers are always in contact with you and schedule periodic meetings to brief clients about all progress.

Some of the features that every food delivery should have are:

  • User Panel – Registration, Search Nearby Restaurants, Restaurant Menu, Add to Cart
  • Driver Panel – Driver/Rider Profile, Order Management, In-App Chat & Calling, Real-time Order Request
  • Restaurant Panel – Restaurant Profile, Order Management, Discount & Coupon Management, Finance Management
  • Admin Panel - Customized Dashboards, Restaurant Management, Payment Management, Customer Management

The food delivery app development process goes as follows:

  • Project Planning
  • UI/UX Designing
  • App Development
  • App Testing
  • App Deployment
  • Maintenance & Support

As a leading food delivery app development firm, we use an array of modern technologies like Encryption, dual-step authentication, biometric integration, blockchain integration, and many more to ensure the security of food delivery applications.

Yes, we do. In addition to custom food app development, we also provide readymade food orderingmobile apps that can be customized as per user’s need on the most basic level, available at flexible costs.

To make sure your food delivery application is ahead of other platforms in the market, we use advanced technologies and continuous innovation via the latest market trends to deliver a social media solution that is future-proof.

We develop food delivery apps of the following types:

  • On-demand Food Delivery App
  • Food Delivery App for Cloud Kitchen
  • Custom Food Delivery App Development
  • White-label apps for restaurant chains
  • Food Delivery Clone App Development
  • Food Delivery Apps for Startups

Some of the benchmark technologies that we use in food delivery app development are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Computing
  • Blockchain
  • IoT
  • Geolocation
  • Digital Payment Integration
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Client Testimonials

Nimble AppGenie is committed to delivering results that satisfy our client’s needs and their business objectives. Here are testimonials from our clients about their experiences of working with us.

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