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React JS Development Company

Create user-friendly, dynamic, and highly interactive ReactJS Web Apps that adapt to ever-changing business and user needs. Collaborate with an expert team of vetted developers.

Nimble AppGenie is a market-leading React JS Development Company and we are here to help you develop ReactJS websites and apps innovatively.

react js development company
partner with best reactjs Web development company

Partner With Best ReactJS Web Development Company

Do you want to develop ReactJS solutions like Netflix, WhatsApp, DropBox, or Instagram? With our ReactJS Development services, we are here to help you convert your idea into working web applications and websites that people love to use. We enable business growth with innovative solutions tailored to your user’s needs.

Nimble AppGenie is a renowned ReactJS development agency. Recognized by top platforms like DesignRush, and GoodFirms, we have what you need to give your digital dreams life in the form of ReactJS-based websites and web applications. So, if you want to create feature-rich solutions, we are here to help you with just that.

ReactJS Development Services

At Nimble AppGenie, we accommodate every changing need of businesses and their end-users with a range of ReactJS Development Services.

custom reactjs development

Custom ReactJS

Bring your idea to reality with custom ReactJS development despite the type of solution you want to develop or the absurdity of the idea itself. We are here to help.

reactjs web app development

ReactJS Web App

Want to create lightning-fast web apps like Netflix, WhatsApp, or Dropbox? As a leading ReactJS web app development agency, we can help you with just that.

react app development

React App

Collaborate and take advantage of our ReactJS app development services that are tailored to help you create a user-friendly app that offers an unmatched user experience.

reactjs uiux development


Nimble AppGenie’s vetted team of UI/UX designers delivers unmatched front-end development services. Create a design that leaves a lasting impression.

saas application building and migration

SaaS Application Building
and Migration

Whether you are a start-up or an established business, you can take it to the next level by offering Software-as-a-service. Create a SaaS application or migrate.

reactjs consulting services

ReactJS Consulting

Reply to the experience of our ReactJS developers and avail of in-demand ReactJS Consulting Services delivered at affordable prices for all across the globe.

reactjs plugins & widget development

ReactJS Plugin &
Widget Development

Being a custom React JS development company, we also help the clients by creating ReactJS-based plugins and widgets for their solution. If you want to do the same, contact us.

reactjs app maintenance and support

ReactJS App Maintenance
and Support

Nimble AppGenie delivers 360 ReactJS Solutions including post-deployment maintenance and support services to help keep the app afloat in the market.

reactjs migration & porting

ReactJS Migration
& Porting

Do you want to migrate to newer technology like ReactJS? Nimble AppGenie with ReactJS migration and porting services can help you with just that.

ReactJS + Premium Tech Stack We Use

Our expert ReactJS web developers combine ReactJS with some of the top technologies to deliver unmatched solutions. Whether you want to develop a dynamic web app, a website’s aesthetically appealing front-end, or enterprise-level apps, our React app solutions cover it all.

headless cms + react + next.js

Headless CMS + React + Next.js

We combine react with Next.JS and Headless CMS to deliver SEO-friendly, Lighting Fast Web application. This tech stack is perfect for content-heavy websites like eCommerce.

react + redux + immutable.js

React + Redux + Immutable.js

Combined with Redux + Immutable.JS, ReactJS development services open doors to large-scale, complex app development with predictable state management.Giving feature-rich solutions.

react + mobx + material ui

React + MobX + Material UI

This is the ReactJS tech stack we use at Nimble AppGenie to develop reactive and responsive user interface design with state management. This is perfect for real-time or SPA app development.

react + graphql + apollo client

React + GraphQL + Apollo Client

Using Apollo Client and GraphQL, ReactJS is made capable of flexible data fetching and manipulation, as a powerful data query language. It is a benefit for developing super complex web app solutions.

react + webassembly + webgpu

React + WebAssembly + WebGPU

Using WebAssemble + WebGPU, we push web development and deliver high-performance resource-intensive apps. It is perfect for creating 3D experiences &real-time simulations.

react + electron + tailwind css

React + Electron + Tailwind CSS

This ReactJS-driven tech stack is the perfect combination for developing desktop apps with a native-like feel and rapid prototyping capacities. It is a good option for creating cross-platform solutions.

develop versatile web apps with reactjs

Develop Versatile Web Apps With ReactJS

Collaborate with top ReactJS experts & developers for your next development project at take full advantage of this JavaScript framework.

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Bespoke ReactJS Web Application Development

ReactJS stands out as a popular technology for web as well as mobile app development. Developed by Meta, the technology gained immense popularity over a short period of time. With ReactJS Application development, you can create scalable and performant solutions that deliver results.

Nimble AppGenie, as a leading React development company is here to help you. With our team of certified React developers, you can harness the power of ReactJS services and turn your ideas into solutions that become digital assets for your business. So, if you want to tap into the potential of ReactJS website development, now is the time.

  • Virtual DOM
  • Component-Based Architecture
  • Team of Vetted Developers
  • Unidirectional Data Flow
  • Reusable Components
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • Hooks for State and Side Effects
  • Virtual DOM Performance Optimization
bespoke reactjs web application development

ReactJS Frameworks Used By Our Developers

ReactJS has a lot of potential and versatility. We use the popular React framework to take advantage of that and comply with the client’s various needs.



Next.Js, a popular react framework is perfect for back-end rendering and static site generation. This makes it a popular choice for creating SEO-compatible React apps.



At Nimble AppGenie, we use Gatbsy - ReactJs Framework for static website development. Benefits include fast time-to-market and a large plugin ecosystem.

material ui

Material UI

A react framework focused on front-end development, we use it to implement material design guidelines, delivering an exceptional theme.

chakra ui

Chakra UI

Another UI-focused framework, Chakra UI lets our developers create highly customized platforms. With built-in components and utilities, that's super accessible.

react bootstrap

React Bootstrap

A popular Bootstrap CSS framework's port, React Bootstrap is the go-to choice if it fits the client's ReactJS development project requirements. It comes with a large library.



PrimeReact lets designers and developers build a complex user interface. This reactJs framework enabled fast development with Internationalized components.

react admin

React Admin

Semantic UI React is a React port of the popular Semantic UI CSS framework. It uses natural language naming conventions for its classes, easing up the work.

semantic ui react

Semantic UI React

This react framework is specifically for administrative interface development. React admin comes with amazing features like authentication & authorization.

ant design

Ant Design

This is a popular framework for reactJS that allows us to develop clean and modern design. With a range of components, it's easy to build complex UI with it.

Star-Studded Portfolio

Nimble AppGenie as a ReactJS web Development Company has worked on some of the big projects. Our work speaks for itself.

Benefits of ReactJS Development

Why do developers and clients love ReactJS? Being a JavaScript technology, it offers a range of benefits, creating a strong following of people who want to develop ReactJS web apps.



ReactJS offers unmatched development speed due to its reusable components. This makes the developer’s work that much easier and saves clients money.

declartive syntax

Declarative Syntax

One of the biggest benefits of ReactJS development is, it comes with declarative syntax. Meaning the syntax is much easier to read and understand.

component based architecture

Component-Based Architecture

Based on a modular & component-based architecture, ReactJS makes it easier for developers to write, test, and maintain code and provide reusability.

strong community support

Strong Community Support

One of the points that make ReactJS stand out from the rest is its strong community, meaning endless resources for developers. Plus, it’s backed by Meta.

one way data binding

One-Way Data Binding

React enforces one-way data flow, thus, making tracking and changes that much easier. It also helps developers avoid issues like extensive bugs and inconsistency.

seamless integration with other technologies

Seamless Integration with Other Technologies

Based on JavaScript, React is a super-compatible technology. This opens doors to so many opportunities for full-stack development, making it a big advantage.


JSX (JavaScript XML)

A syntax extension for JavaScript, JSX allows developers to code HTML components similar to how XML is written. However, it’s more readable and has better integration.

virtual dom

Virtual DOM

React comes with a virtual document object model. It greatly improves performance as no direct DOM manipulation is involved. This is a big advance.

rich user interface

Rich User Interface

There are various points that go behind giving ReactJS its rich user interface. Regardless, as seen with Netflix and Meta itself, react-based designs are amazing.

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Collaborate with Vetted NodeJS Developers

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hire reactjs developers

Hire ReactJS Developers

Do you want to develop a web application, website, or mobile app that stands out from the rest with ReactJS services? Our team of expert developers is here to help you. Nimble AppGenie is the ReactJS development solution provider you have been looking for with years worth of hands-on development experience.

Hire ReactJS Developers, and pick them from a pool of talented developers with Nimble AppGenie. As a leading software development company, we have the tools, talent, and technologies required to give you the ReactJS solution you are looking for. It’s high time to develop a ReactJS web app, contact us today.

ReactJS Development Tech Stack

At Nimble AppGenie, we use industrially approved and the latest ReactJS development tech stack to ensure quality and innovation in our solutions.

  • blueprint
  • grommet
  • onsen ui
    Onsen UI
  • reactantdesign
  • rebass
  • semantic ui
    Semantic UI
  • wordpress
  • drupal
  • sprinboot
  • next.js
  • gatsby
  • express.js
  • meteor.js
  • mongodb
  • postgresql
  • mysql
  • dynamodb
  • elastic search
    Elastic Search
  • rethinkdb
  • sqlite
  • couchdb
  • aws ec2
    AWS EC2
  • aws
  • docker
  • heroku
  • firebase
  • dapr
  • rackspace
  • kubernetes

ReactJS Development Process

Our team of developers follows a well-planned process for developing ReactJS. This helps us ensure fast time to market and quality of solution.

requirement analysis & planning

Requirement Analysis & Planning

The first thing we do is to understand the client’s requirements and create a detailed plan based on that.

front-end development

Front-End Development

Based on the plan and client preferences, we started creating a ReactJS-based UX design.

back-end development

Back-End Development

Once we are done with the frontend, our developers deal with source code, API, database, and others.

app testing


After the development the back-end, is tested for a final time for any errors or bugs before launch.

app deployment


Finally, the solution is launched in its respective platform. On any platform, it takes 2 weeks.

maintenance & support


After launch maintenance and support services are essential to keep a solution successful.

Why Choose Us As Your React JS Development Company?

Are you looking for the perfect React JS development company? While perfect doesn’t exist, Nimble AppGenie is the closest to it. Recognized by top platforms like, TopDevelopers, GoodFirms, and DesignRush, We have the right approach and mindset to deliver innovation in web solutions.

That’s what our 700+ cliental say about us. And the 95% satisfaction rate speaks for itself. So, if you are looking for ReactJS app development services, we are here to help you.

agile development methodology

Agile Development Methodology

Nimble AppGenie promises transparency and collaboration in React website development. To deliver these promises, we apply agile development.

highly experienced developers

Highly-Experienced Developers

Nimble AppGenie houses a team of expert developers who have years of experience. With different models, hiring ReactJS developers has never been easier.

on time delivery

On-time Delivery

Don’t wait for your solution for eternity. We are known for our fast time to market without compromising the quality, integrity, or user’s demands in solution.

transparency & integrity

Transparency & Integrity

We maintain an open communication channel throughout the development process and schedule periodic meetings with clients to maintain transparency.

nda signed for privacy

NDA Signed for Privacy

In today’s time of cybercrimes, privacy is a big issue. That’s why Nimble AppGenie always signs an NDA with clients before moving forward with the ReactJS project.

competitive prices

Competitive Prices

In a market full of inflammation, Nimble AppGenie offers competitive pricing and delivers ReactJS Development Solutions at affordable rates.

Develop An Innovative ReactJS App

Nimble AppGenie as a market-leading react development service provider is here to help you develop dynamic reactJS app that delivers innovation.

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Asked Questions?

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked about ReactJs development.

Nimble AppGenie doesn’t just claim to be the best ReactJS Development Company, our 95% client satisfaction rate backs it. In addition to 700+ projects completed, we are recognized by industry leaders like DesignRush, Clutch.Co, and many more. Our team of developers is here to help you, contact us now.

Some of the top benefits of ReactJS development for business are:

  • Virtual DOM
  • JSX (JavaScript XML)
  • One-Way Data Binding
  • Component-Based Architecture
  • Declarative Syntax

The cost to develop a ReactJS web app ranges from $15,000 to $50,000 based on complexity, size, other technologies involved, and feature set. To get a more accurate insight, consult ReactJs web development company.

Time taken for a react web app to develop ranges between 4 weeks to 12 weeks depending on the type, tech stack, size, complexity, and developer’s. To get an accurate cost estimation, consult web app developers.

ReactJS helps reduce app development costs by enabling code reusability, component-based architecture, and a virtual DOM for efficient updates. These features streamline development, enhance collaboration, and result in faster, cost-effective project completion.

ReactJS is versatile, thus, it allows the development of dynamic user interfaces for various applications, including:

  • single-page applications (SPAs)
  • e-commerce platforms
  • social media apps
  • real-time data-driven dashboards

Top apps using ReactJS include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Airbnb, Netflix, and Uber. These platforms leverage React's performance and scalability for seamless user experiences.

Yes, in addition to custom React JS development, we also offer post-deployment maintenance and support services after the project is delivered. This helps the client keep their app up and running in the market.

To ensure the uniqueness and data protection of your project, At Nimble AppGenie we sign an NDA before starting any process. This is a standard practice at Nimble AppGenie. Thus, it is only after completing all the documentation that we move forward.

The methodology used in ReactJS development projects is used by our team highly dependent on the scope of the project and client requirements. However, Agile development methodology is our go-to choice for ReactJS projects.

At Nimble AppGenie, we offer three flexible and scalable hiring models for hiring ReactJS developers. These are:

quote review big img

Client Testimonials

Nimble AppGenie is committed to delivering results that satisfy our client’s needs and their business objectives. Here are testimonials from our clients about their experiences of working with us.

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  • Create a proposal

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Niketan Sharma

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