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Mobile Banking App Development Company

Nimble AppGenie, a Renowned Mobile Banking App Development Company has been delivering innovation in the Banking Industry. We help banking and financial institutions digitalize banking services, automate processes, and offer more value to their end users.

If you want to build successful mobile banking applications that drive business success and generate millions in revenue, we are here for you. Dare To Be Great, We’ll Help The Process.

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Enter A Billion Dollar Industry With Unique Mobile Banking Solution

Collaborate with market-leading online banking app Development Company and conquer the lucrative industry of mobile banking.

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    7.1 Billion

    People use Mobile Banking Apps; The Number is expected to grow.

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    $1,824.7 million in 2026

    This is the expected market size. Revenue via banking apps will hit $3.47 billion by 2030.

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    71% US Inhabitant

    Use online banking services at least every month. 6/10 users choose apps over websites.

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    $447 Billion

    Is the amount banks save using Artificial Intelligence Enabled mobile banking apps.

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Bringing Innovation To Mobile Banking App Development

Fintech with all its different solutions has changed, digitalized, and improved a lot of industries. One good example is mobile banking app development. Whether you talk about dedicated apps like Bank of America App or a third-party solution like Revolut, mobile bank apps have become a household thing in the USA. If you are planning to build an app like Chime of your own, Nimble AppGenie is here to help you. As a market-leading Mobile banking Development Company, we have worked on some of the top banking apps that lead the market today.

What makes us stand out from the rest is our dedication, experience, and expertise in Online banking app development. From Start-Ups to Fortune 500 companies we have helped ambitious businesses create the perfect solution for their business challenges, offering value to the end-user. So, if you have an idea that you want to bring to reality, our team of banking app designers and developers are eager to help you.

Banking App Development Services

Nimble AppGenie offers versatile mobile banking app development services. Our solutions cater to businesses' unique needs with scalable solutions. Our team of expert banking app developers is here to help you with it.

custom mobile banking app

Custom Mobile Banking
App Development

We offer innovative custom mobile banking app development services to help businesses shape their unique ideas into working mobile applications.

cross platform moobile banking app

Cross-platform Mobile
Banking Development

You no longer have to choose between Android and iOS. Transcend the boundaries of platforms with, hybrid app development services.

ui/ux mobile banking app

Mobile Banking App
UI/UX Design

Leave a lasting impression on the user with an aesthetically appealing mobile banking app design. Work with expert banking app designers.

integration mobile banking app

Mobile Banking App

Integrating mobile banking applications into your existing solutions, and creating a streamlined banking solution, we are here to help.

maintenance mobile banking app

Mobile Banking Support
and Maintenance

Nimble AppGenie also offers mobile app support and maintenance services to complement our mobile banking app development services.

upgrading mobile banking app

Upgrading Mobile Banking

If you have a legacy mobile banking app, our app upgrade and migration services are the perfect fit for your business needs.

Are You Planning To Develop A Mobile Banking App Like Revolut?

Nimble AppGenie as a market leading Banking Software Development Company is here to help you. Collaborate with our expert banking app developers and create the perfect solution for your business.

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Our Success Stories

Nimble AppGenie’s expert banking app developers have worked on some of the popular solutions. Our work speaks for itself, establishing us as one of the best online banking app development companies in market.

DafriBank- Digital Bank of Africa

DafriBank, a prominent digital bank in Africa, offers diverse services including cryptocurrency trading, e-wallet functionalities, and varied account types like Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Developed by Nimble AppGenie with Crypto Wallet Integration, it supports BTC, ETH, and its proprietary DBA currency. The platform enables users to pay bills, trade cryptocurrencies, and make international transactions in multiple currencies like NGN, ZAR, EUR, GBP, and USD. DafriBank's admin panel facilitates comprehensive banking operations management.

  • Abode XD
  • Html 5
  • Laravel
  • My SQL
  • AWS Hosting
DafriBank- Digital Bank of Africa

Cut- Ewallet App

CUT, an e-wallet app available in China and Myanmar, supports RMB and MMK currencies and is accessible on iOS, Android, and web platforms. This free app streamlines transactions with QR code scanning for payments and personalized QR IDs for receiving money. Users can manage their finances easily with features like CUT Balance for tracking transactions and adding funds, and an exchange rate tool for efficient cross-border transactions.

  • Abode XD
  • Java
  • Swift 4
  • PHP
  • My SQL
Cut- E-wallet App

SatPay- Ewallet App

SatPay, a versatile eWallet platform, streamlines financial transactions by enabling users to effortlessly request, receive, and send payments. This user-friendly app and web service offer features like easy mobile recharge, where users can instantly top up their phones by selecting a plan. Additionally, SatPay supports seamless money transfers between users and provides a comprehensive transaction history for tracking all activities. Unique to SatPay is the online scratch card purchase option, adding flexibility for various uses like mobile recharges.

  • Abode XD
  • Java
  • Swift 4
  • PHP
  • My SQL
SatPay- Ewallet App

Pay By Check - Multi-Currency E-wallet

Pay by Check stands out as a leading multi-currency e-wallet app in the USA, accessible on the web, Android, and iOS. With a seamless onboarding process, users can quickly verify accounts. The app supports various funding methods, including ACH and EFT, allowing users to add multiple payment options. Unique features like inviting friends and customizable commission rates make it a versatile financial tool. The platform prioritizes security with amount limit management and robust verification processes.

  • Abode XD
  • Java
  • Swift 4
  • PHP
  • My SQL
Pay by Check - Multi-Currency E-wallet

Our Success Stories

Nimble AppGenie’s expert banking app developers have worked on some of the popular solutions. Our work speaks for itself, establishing us as one of the best online banking app development companies in market.

Banking App Features

Our mobile banking application development is filled with advanced features and essential features alike. Thus, creating a perfect blend that attracts and helps retain users.

Account Creation

One of the essential mobile banking features is Account creation. It lets users create an action via email, phone numbers, or social accounts.


Authorization or authentication is the first wall of defense in mobile banking applications, triggered via PIN, Password, or Biometrics.

Account Management

Following account creation, this management feature lets users update or edit profile information like documents, names, and so on.

Branch & ATM Locations

As the name suggests, branch and ATM locators help users find bank branches and transaction machines near their location.

Fund Transfer

This banking app functionality lets users send money to their friends, family, & another concerned persons via their phone.

Transaction History

The application keeps all the transaction-related data secure. This includes time, amount, bank account involved, & recipient.

Push Notifications

The push notification service of the app enables it to send alerts to the user’s mobile phone for new updates and important events.

Spending Analytics

Users can use the built-in analytical tool to gain insight into their spending trends and how they can save more.

Customer Support

Whenever a user runs into technical or any form of issue, they can directly contact the help desk or customer support.

Offline Access

Offline access enables users to use essential parts of mobile banking applications even when not in data or Wi-Fi coverage.

Scheduling Payments

Using this feature, one can automate monthly repeating payments. This is good for recurring bills and credit card payments.

Customized Alerts

Based on their preferences and priority users can customization notifications and alerts they want to receive.

Voice Payments

An advanced feature that can be a cherry on top in online banking app development in voice-activated payments.

Fraud Alerts

With cyber fraud rising, fraud alert has become a huge relief that helps users avoid fraudulent & high-risk transaction

Wearable Devices Integration

By integrating wearable device compatibility, we deliver a 360 experience to end-users. Adding a range of features to the app.

NFC Payments

Enter the new age of contactless payment with NFC payment-enabled mobile banking application solutions by Nimble AppGenie.

Biometric Verification

This feature enables users to login or approve a transaction via fingerprint, iris scanner, or facial scan i.e. biometric authentication.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing integration in banking finance app development adds many features like data synchronization, secure data, & more.

Blockchain Integration

Blockchain in mobile banking application development can be used to introduce additional security to banking applications.

QR-Code Scanning

QR code-based payment has become one of the key contactless payment technology. Thus we include this in mobile banking apps.

Cardless ATM Withdrawal

There’s no need for a debit card to make an ATM withdrawal. The banking app enables cardless ATM transactions via smart methods.

Map Integration

Map integration or geolocation feature integration in mobile banking applications offers real-time tracking for packages.

Credit Score

Want to know your credit score? Mobile banking application comes with credit score integration from CIBIL & others.

Virtual Assistance

As a leading mobile banking app development company, we include Artificial Intelligence-powered virtual assistance in our app.

Tap Into the Future of Banking With an Innovative Mobile Banking App

Nimble AppGenie is all about delivering the benefits of modern technology and trends in the form of a mobile banking app to the end user. Our philosophy translates well in our online banking app development services.

payment convenience

Convenient payments

From paying in-store to making an online payment on an eCommerce platform, our mobile banking apps can do it all.

security image


We understand the importance of security in today’s age. That’s why, we use technologies like Tokenization to ensure top-notch security.

seamless money transfers

Seamless money transfers

Sending money to your friends, family, and others is easier than ever with seamless money transfers in mobile banking apps.



To deliver a tailored user experience in mobile banking apps, we use Artificial intelligence-driven personalization in our solutions.

Cost efficiency


Our solutions aren’t only filled with advanced features, but they are also cost-effective. Thus, making it perfect for users.

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Technologies Driving Innovation In Mobile Banking App Development

To deliver high-quality, future-proof banking and finance app development solutions, we use the latest technological trends. Our expert banking app developers use their experience and creativity to deliver seamless solutions.

custom dating app development

Artificial Intelligence

At Nimble AppGenie, we use artificial intelligence to enable a range of features in mobile banking apps. This includes smart automation, virtual assistant, chatbot, and more.

custom dating app development

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing an industry 4.0 trend is one of the key technologies used in banking apps to enable data synchronization and secure data storage among other features.

custom dating app development


We use blockchain in banking finance app development to introduce tokenization, adding a whole new level of important app security.

custom dating app development

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things enabled by wearable application integration adds a whole new level of possibility to mobile banking applications, improving user experience greatly.

custom dating app development

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is yet another trending technology that can give much-required data-based insight to the stakeholder. An essential tech for mobile banking solutions.

custom dating app development

Biometrics and Digital Identity Verification

Driving by a fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, & facial scanner; biometric, and digital identity verification takes fintech security to a whole new level.

Hire Banking App Developers

Do you want to hire banking app developers? If you want to be the next best in the market or streamline your business, you need developers who are dedicated, experts, and experienced. That’s exactly what our team of mobile banking app developers are known for. With hands-on experience working on some of the best fintech solutions including Africa’s largest digital bank, the DafriBank, we know what it takes to deliver innovation in the shape of application.

As a market-leading company, our online banking app development services are well-known for transparency, quality, and timely delivery. When you work with Nimble AppGenie, you don’t have to worry about anything as our mobile banking app consultant works with you from ideation to deployment and post-launch maintenance. So, if you want to hire banking software developers, we are here to help.

mobile banking app developers

Work on your business idea with experts who understands your vision.

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    Retention Rate


  • Years
    of Experience


  • Customers
    Collaborated with


  • Completed


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Mobile Banking App Development Cost

Mobile Banking App Development Cost can range from $15,000 to $65,000 based on the complexity, feature set, and various other factors. Generally, a complex app with advanced features is more expensive compared to a simple app with basic features.

app requirements

App Requirements

The requirements of each project are unique. Therefore, based on that banking software development costs are equally unique.

interactive ui/ux

Interactive UI/UX

Design is one of the most important parts of any app. A simple design puts less strain on cost, while a more complex one is expensive.

tech stack

Tech Stack

Depending on the choice of the technological stack used in banking app development, total cost can highly differ.

platform type

Platform Type

The choice between Android app development, iOS app development, and hybrid app development is yet another big factor.

app features

App Features

While the basic features are cheaper and faster to develop, if you go with more advanced features, they will add more to the cost.

developer location

Developer’s Location

The location of the development team you are working with is one of the most important factors affecting the total cost.

app maintenance

App Maintenance

After the app is deployed, maintenance and support services are a must. These services incur an additional cost to the total development.

time required

Time Required

The total time required to develop mobile banking software affects costs as the greater the time required the more it costs.


Get Cost Estimation

Are you looking for accurate Mobile Banking app development cost estimation?

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Tech Stack for Banking App

As a leading online banking app development company, we use the latest and industry-approved technologies to deliver solutions that perform. Here’s our mobile banking app development tech stack.

  • html
  • css
  • angular js
    Angular JS
  • react js
    React JS
  • vue js
    Vue JS
  • next js
  • meteor
  • net
  • java
  • python
  • php
  • node js
    Node JS
  • go
  • ios
  • android
  • ionic
  • flutter
  • xamarin
  • react native
    React Native
  • cordova
  • docker
  • kubernet
  • puppet
  • saltstack
  • sql server
    SQL Server
  • terraform
  • ansible
  • alipay
  • paypal
  • square
  • stripe
  • adyen
  • google cloud
    Google Cloud
  • aws
  • azure
  • digital scran
    Digital Ocean

Banking App Development Process

At Nimble, we follow a well-planned mobile banking app development process to ensure quality and performance.

requirement analysis & planning

Requirement Analysis & Planning

Our first step is to understand the client’s requirements and create a detailed plan based on that.

wireframing & designing

App Designing

Based on the plan and client preferences, we started creating the UI/UX design of the banking app.

app development

App Development

With designing done, it is time to deal with source code, API, database, and other technical aspects.

app testing


Following app development, the app is tested for a final time for any errors or bugs before launch.

app deployment


Finally, the app is launched in its respective app store. Regardless of platform, it takes 2 weeks.

maintenance & support


After launch maintenance and support services are essential to keep an app successful.

Why Choose Us for Banking App Development

To create an application that helps your business grow, finding the right mobile banking application development partner is important. This is where Nimble AppGenie comes in. As a fintech app development company with years of experience, 700+ projects, and 95% client retention, we are experts in mobile banking software creation. Our work is recognized by top platforms like, DesignRush, GoodFirms, and many more.

expert team of ewallet app developers

Expert Banking App Developers

if you are looking for banking app developers for hire, Nimble AppGenie is the right place for you. Our developers are experienced, tech-savvy, and out-of-the-box thinkers.

agile methodology

Agile Methodology

We use agile development methodology when building a banking app to ensure utmost transparency, seamless collaboration with clients, and quality.

future proff banking

Future-Proof Banking Solutions

Our development team uses state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology to deliver future-proof and customized software for clients who want to disrupt the market.

clients retention ration

100% Client Retention Ratio

At Nimble AppGenie, our clients are our pole stars. This is shown in our impeccable 100% client satisfaction and 95% client retention ratio. We are the best.

highly scalable

Highly Scalable

We offer the most scalable and flexible mobile banking app development services, making it easier for clients to bring their ideas to reality in the form of an app.

robust security

Robust Security

When we talk about fintech, security takes a priority role, and we understand it. Nimble AppGenie uses top technologies to ensure impregnable security.

Rule The Mobile Banking Market, Streamline Business Operations

As a renowned banking application development company we offer customized solutions that help businesses disrupt the market and streamline their operations, bringing in revenue while improving productivity.

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Asked Questions?

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about banking finance app development.

Nimble AppGenie as a leading online banking app development company offers a range of benefits to our clients. Some of these are:

  • Robust Security
  • Highly Scalable
  • 100% Client Retention Ratio
  • Future-Proof Banking Solutions
  • Agile Methodology
  • Expert Banking App Developers

Mobile Banking App Development Costs range from $15,000 to $65,000 based on the complexity, feature set, and various other factors. For more details contact a mobile banking app development company and they will give you an accurate cost quote.

The time taken to develop a banking app depends on complexity, platform, feature, as well as development team itself. On average, it can range between 4 weeks and 16 weeks. Consult a development team for more details on the same.

Encryption is one of the top technologies that we use at Nimble AppGenie to secure fintech data in our mobile banking solutions. Apart from this, we also use tokenization and biometric authentication to protect important data.

Nimble AppGenie offers a range of mobile banking development services. These are, as mentioned below:

  • Custom Mobile Banking App Development
  • Cross-platform Mobile Banking Development
  • Mobile Banking Clone App Development
  • Mobile Banking Support and Maintenance
  • Mobile Banking App Integration
  • Mobile Banking App UI/UX Design

Yes, to ensure security and preserve the originality of an idea, we always sign an NDA before moving forward with a project. This is one of our basic practices.

Some of the top technologies we use to create a mobile banking app are, as mentioned below:

  • Digital Ocean
  • Adyen
  • MongoDB
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • AngularJS
  • Ruby

Nimble AppGenie uses the latest security compliances as well as top technologies to ensure impregnable security in mobile banking applications. These include:

  • Adheres to top fintech security compliance
  • Encryption technology to protect data
  • Cloud Computing and Storage Integration
  • Tokenization and blockchain technology

Nimble AppGenie follows an agile methodology to maintain transparency, drive collaboration with clients, and provide fast time to market. Apart from this, we have periodic meetings with clients and stakeholders can ask for a detailed project progress report on any part of the process.

quote review big img

Client Testimonials

Nimble AppGenie is committed to delivering results that satisfy our client’s needs and their business objectives. Here are testimonials from our clients about their experiences of working with us.

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Let’s Discuss Your Next

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  • Requirement Analysis

    Discuss your project requirements with experts.

  • Create a proposal

    Based on your requirements, we create a proposal.

Niketan Sharma

Project Manager at Nimble AppGenie


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