On-demand industry is raging and if you own a house cleaning service business, it’s time to go for house cleaning app development. With your own House cleaning service app, you can reach the next level, generate more revenue, and grow. Nimble AppGenie as a top on-demand app development company can help you create the best house cleaning service app for your business.

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Growing Market For On-Demand House Cleaning Service Apps

On-demand market is exploding with growth and house-clearing apps are enjoying all the gains. Statistics show that the US is the largest market for on-demand house cleaning, accounting for 35% of the global market share.

Moreover, the average price for an on-demand house cleaning service in the US is $150 per hour. So, if you already have a house cleaning business, you can supercharge it with an on-demand app. After all, the growth of the on-demand house cleaning market is being driven by Increasing demand for convenience and time savings, a growing number of dual-income households, and increasing awareness of the benefits of professional cleaning

So, this is high time to get your business on the screen of every mobile phone user, offering on-demand services for house cleaning. Nimble AppGenie a leading app development company based in the USA, can help you create your own Uber for house cleaning.


Who Should Develop An On Demand
House Cleaning App?

Wondering whether or not, on demand house cleaning app development is a good investment? Here are the parties that can benefit can making it big with this app.

1.House Cleaning Businesses

Do you run a house cleaning business? Remove the boundaries of the physical world and reach out to more customers with your own home cleaning app.

2.Aggregator For Businesses

Create an Uber for home cleaning and generate millions as the aggregator. With our on-demand app development solutions, you can help businesses meet clients.

3.Tech-Driven Start-Up Idea

Do you want to be the next Jeff or Elon? Revolutionize the on-demand house cleaning industry with your unique idea. We can convert it to reality.

The Global On-Demand House Cleaning Market Size Is Expected To Reach $40.38 Billion By 2025, Growing At A CAGR Of 20% From 2020 To 2025.

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Essential Features For
On-Demand House Cleaning App

Want to create an app for house cleaning that users absolutely love, your employees find easy to use, and allows you to manage everything? We have got you covered! Here are some features that we include in the house cleaning application covering the needs of all the parties.


Register/Sign Up

Through this feature, your customers can create an account and provide their basic information. Such as their name, email address, and phone number.

One-tap booking

With one tap booking on the housekeeping app, one can easily book a cleaning service with just a few taps.

Search for cleaners

The app for house cleaning services lets users search for cleaners by location, availability, and price.

View and schedule bookings

This core feature of the user’s panel enables the customer to view their upcoming bookings and reschedule or cancel them as needed.

Reviews and ratings

For better house-clearing services, the users can leave reviews and ratings for cleaners they have used.


Equipped with eWallet integration, users can pay for their cleaning services using a variety of payment methods.

Register/Sign Up

The cleaners can create an account and provide their basic information.Such as their name, email address, phone number, and availability.

Manage profile

This feature of the cleaning services app, allows users to manage their profile information, such as their availability, rates, and skills.

View and accept bookings

This is a core feature of a household cleaning app through which cleaners can view and accept bookings from users.

View earnings

This is yet another important feature equipped in housekeeping app development. Here, cleaners can view their earnings and track their performance.

Message users

Cleaners can message users to communicate about their bookings.Thus, enabling smooth interaction with clients via the app for house cleaning jobs.

Leave feedback

This feature allows the cleaning staff to leave feedback for users they have cleaned with the cleaning service app.

Manage users

The admin panel enables one to manage user accounts, such as approving or rejecting new user registrations via the housekeeping services app.

Manage cleaners

Maid service app development includes this management feature, thus allowing admins to manage cleaner accounts, such as approving or rejecting new cleaner registrations.

Manage bookings

Another important feature helps admins in managing bookings, such as assigning cleaners to bookings or canceling bookings.

View reports

Admins can view reports on the app's usage, such as the number of bookings, the number of users, and the amount of revenue generated.

Manage payments

To accommodate digital payment for users, house cleaning app like Uber allows admins to manage payments, such as approving or rejecting payments from users.

On-Demand Cleaning App Solution,
User Flow

We create an on-demand cleaning service app that is easy to use, providing a smooth user flow in our on-demand cleaning app development solutions. Here’s how it works:

  • image

    1. Download & Register

    The first step is to download the housekeeping mobile app and register with basic information.

  • image

    2. Set location

    Once registered set the location where services are to be delivered.

  • image

    3. Look Up Services

    With all set, the user can now explore all the services at their disposal.

  • image

    4. Choose Service

    After looking through the services, users can select the ones that think will be the best.

  • image

    5. One-Tap Booking

    With our app for housekeeping service, all it takes to book a service is one tap.

  • image

    6. Online Payment Enabled

    The user can pay for the service with just one click via online payment integration.

  • image

    7. Track in Real Time & Communicate

    Once booked, the user gets to track their services via real-time geolocation built into the app.

  • image

    8. Leave Reviews/Rating

    After the master cleaners have done their job, the user can leave a rating or review.

Technology Stack For AR Development Services

Nimble AppGenie uses the best-augmented reality technology in the market for developing augmented reality solutions that stand out. Here is a look at our tech stack.

  • image Python
  • image PHP
  • image jQuery
  • image .Net
  • image Codelgnitor
  • image Node.js
  • image Laravel
  • image Angular
  • image Vue Js
  • image HTML
  • image CSS 3
  • image React.js
  • image Swift
  • image Swift UI
  • image Kotlin
  • image Java
  • image Flutter
  • image Mixed Reality
  • image Google VR
  • image Unity
  • image Android AR
  • image Arkit
  • image Objective-C
  • image Photoshop
  • image Illustrator
  • image Adobe XD
  • image Figma
  • image MySQL
  • image MongoDB
  • image PostgreSQL
  • image Amazon AWS
  • image Linode
  • image Google Cloud
  • image iCloud
  • image DigitalOcean
  • image Firebase

Make Money With On-Demand
House Cleaning App

Worried about making money with your House Cleaning App Development Solution? Here are some monetization strategies that you can use to generate happy profit with your own house cleaning app. These are, as mentioned below:


Service fee is one of the most common and rewarding monetization strategy for on-demand house-cleaning apps. Here, the business will charge a service fee for every service delivered. It maybe fixed or a percentage of total cost.



Your app can offer a premium subscription to the on-demand services. To subscribe to the plan, user have to pay a set amount, which becomes a revenue stream for business.



Mobile apps are bill-board of today, and you can monetize on that. All you need to do is promote the vendors or show adds on the platform.



Did you know referral programs have helped companies grow by many folds? Well, you can do that too. This is one of the greatest monetization strategy.



Lastly, being business runner with your own on-demand house cleaning apps, you can upsell users on additional services. This includes laundry or window cleaning.


Want To Know House Cleaning
App Development Cost?

So, how much does it cost to build a professional cleaning services app? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when discussing house cleaning app development. But it is easier asked then answered. Reason is that there are a range of factors in play when it comes to creating a housekeeping mobile app.

On an average, the cost is around $15,000 to $30,000. However, it’s not that simple. If you are looking for more accurate cost estimation, it’s highly recommended that you contact our team who will help you with the same.

Nimble AppGenie, Why Choose Us?

When you want to create the best on-demand house cleaning app solution, you need to hire the best app developers. And that’s where, Nimble AppGenie comes in. Here’s why, you should choose us for your next project.

Experienced Team

Nimble AppGenie has a team of experienced mobile app developers who have delivered market-leading solutions. Throw your most absurd and complex idea at us and we will convert it into a working mobile app with our tech mantra.

Proven Work

Clutch.Co, TopDevelopers, and GoodFirms are just a few platforms that sing praises of our work. With over 700 clients across the globe and a 95% client retention rate, Nimble AppGenie serves as the flagship of quality and success in the tech world.


Needs are always changing and at Nimble AppGenie, we understand that. That’s why we offer scalable on-demand home cleaning app development service to fit your every need and changing requirements. Reach out today.


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