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AI Development

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Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology and there is no denying that. So, if you want to be part of this bright feature, you need an AI software development service that helps you reach your market goals while also standing up to your expectations.

Nimble AppGenie can do all of this. Our team of AI App developers isn’t only experienced but also technically gifted. This allows us to deliver some of the best AI software development services. Get the best AI solutions and become part of a bright future.

AI Development

Empowering Growth and Efficiency with AI-Driven Solutions

As a leading artificial Intelligence development company, Nimble AppGenie is committed to delivering top-notch and best-in-class AI solutions that will cater to your business demands and requirements.

Our expert developers boost AI solution development with various types of AI technologies including Machine Learning solution development, Speech Recognition, NLP, and many more. This helps maximize the ROI of your business by automating the business operations.

Moreover, nimble develop extensible solutions that can be easily integrated with clients’ business models to fuel the growth of their business.Some of our popular, AI and Machine Learning development solutions are, as mentioned below:

AI Solutions development for Marketing Solutions

AI helps companies to make better marketing decisions by providing detailed insights into the business. With our AI-powered intelligent marketing solutions, you can understand your customers in real-time.


AI for Customer Services

With our AI Ml development services, you can easily enhance the personalization of customer services. Moreover, it can also help you to quickly analyze the customer data for providing better services.


AI mobile App Development

Nimble AppGenie is a leading AI app development company, well-versed with AI mobile App development and thus, our team of expert AI developers offers amazing AI app development services. With our AI mobile app solutions, you can take your business to next level.


AI Chatbot Development

As a renowned AI chatbot development company, we offer extraordinary AI chatbot development solutions. This can help your business automate different aspects of your business and improve overall productiveness.


Machine Learning Solutions Development

The machine learning solutions development helps business enterprises in searching the hidden insights into their business. Our AI solutions are integrated with seamless machine learning tools and automated engineering technologies for better and faster decision-making.


Natural Language Processing(NLP)

We provide AI solutions integrated with NLP technology for improved business insight extraction. NLP enhances the interaction and communications between humans and machines. Our AI solutions are integrated with NLP for the automatic extraction of critical business insights from a large amount of structured content.


Technology and Tools We Use

As a leading AI software development company, Nimble AppGenie uses the latest tools and technologies for AI Solutions development and testing. These technologies are, as mentioned below:

Data Science & Analytics

  • Apache
  • Hadoop
  • Flume
  • Spark

Data Visualization

  • Tableau
  • Periscope Data

Data Warehouse

  • MongoDB
  • Amazon Web Services
  • NoSQL

Backend Frontend API

  • Python
  • Java
  • Scala
  • Node JS
  • Angular JS
  • jQuery

Hire AI App Development Company

Nimble AppGenie is a leading AI and Machine Learning Development company in the USA.

Discover Now

AI Software Development Services And FinTech

The fintech industry is one of the earliest adopters of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP, and others. With the integration of AI in the financial sector, the companies have increased their revenues by around 40% on average.


KYC and AML Compilation

By combining the OCR and Computer Vision with the AI software development services can easily process the data from various sources in real-time. AI also helps in enhancing the Due Diligence framework within the organization.


Conversational AI

In the upcoming decades, conversational UI will be going to be the topmost priority by replacing the web and mobile interfaces. Moreover, it is going to evolve human and machine interactions. As a leading artificial intelligence development company, we can deliver that.


Fraud Prevention

Traditional fraud detection methods are not efficient enough, due to which several billion are lost per year. With AI algorithms and Big Data technologies, fraud detection can be effectively reduced.


Learn & Grow

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that feeds on data and grows with time. The older it is, the more smart, efficient, and useful to the fintech business it is going to be.


Data Management & Insight

Since Artificial Intelligence software can use data and help manage it better. In addition, AI software and apps also provide better data management in fintech.


Better Decision Making

With better data management using artificial intelligence and improved insight, you can use the information to make better decisions.

Our Solutions

Creating The Next Best

Being the best mobile app development agency, Nimble AppGenie offers a range of website and app development services. These are, as mentioned below:

Education & ELearning

Why Choose Nimble as Your AI Application Development Company?

There are a lot of Artificial intelligence development firms in the market, but there are none like Nimble AppGenie. We have been deemed the best AI & ML development company; we offer unmatched AI app and AI software development services.

Some benefits of AI appliances for business are, as mentioned below:

  • Reduced Errors

    Decisions taken by Artificial Intelligence are based on the information that is gathered using various algorithms, and due to this the chances of errors are reduced and accuracy is improved.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Our machine learning solutions will enable the machines to work 24x7 without any breaks. This will help your business to grow faster with improved productivity of solutions.

  • Digital Assistance

    Most organizations use digital assistants to interact with their clients for providing them with real-time solutions to their problems. Chatbots integrated with Artificial Intelligence help the customer in more enhanced ways.

  • Future Ready

    Nimble AppGenie as a leading Artificial Intelligence application development company uses the latest technology and tools to deliver solutions that are future-ready and future-proof.

  • Customer-Centric Services

    As a leading app and software development company, all of our AI development services are based on the needs of the customer, helping them achieve their goal.

Our Values

What Makes Us, Nimble AppGenie

Nimble AppGenie is a mobile app development company driven by a mission and working towards a vision. We have built ourselves around the values which enable us to deliver unremarkable results.



Nimble aims to improve the financial sector with innovative fintech apps, faster transactions, and better security.



Our Vision is to contribute to the digital economy while delivering outstanding mobile app/website solutions.



Our goal in the year 2022 is to deliver better than ever innovative digital solutions to over clients.



For Nimble, Success means client satisfaction and growth driving solutions that help you reach your goal.


Our Artificial Intelligence development Process

As a leading AI development company, Nimble AppGenie follows a process that enables flexible development and fast delivery. Our development process for AI software development services is, as mentioned below:


Analysis & Planning

The first step in developing ground-breaking solutions is planning and analysis.


UI/UX Design

Our team of designers creates an interactive and aesthetically pleasing UI/UX design.


Development Process

Our team of developers uses the latest technologies, and technical know-how to create your idea into reality.



Once the app is developed, it is tested by our QA team to make sure it is up to the mark.


Maintenance & Support

Nimble AppGenie along with AI development services also provides maintenance and support services.


Our Success Stories

Nimble AppGenie has worked with many amazing clients and delivered successful mobile applications. Check out some of our success stories.


DafriBank Digital Bank Of Africa

  • South Africa
  • Nigeria

DafriBank Digital Bank Of Africa

Case Study

Pay By Check Multi-Currency E-wallet Mobile App

  • USA
  • Canada

Pay By Check Multi-Currency E-wallet Mobile App

Case Study

AI software development services

Nimble AppGenie offers unmatched machine learning product development services that help your business reach its target and generate profit.

Let’s Have a Glance

What is it Like to Work With Us?

We at Nimble AppGenie are committed to delivering results that satisfy our client’s needs and delivering their business objectives. Here are stories from our clients about their experiences working with us.

Nimble AppGenie’s Reviews

Deemed The Best App Developers

Nimble AppGenie has been deemed the top mobile app development company by well-known critics and tech reviewers.


These are answers to some frequently asked questions:

As a leading AI Development company, our AI and ML solutions carries several benefits. Some of these are, as mentioned below:
  • Improved Decision Making
  • Reduced Human Error
  • Streamed Line Business Operations
  • Better Data management and Monitoring
  • Customized Solutions
  • Operation Automation

Being the best AI Chatbot development company, Nimble AppGenie uses the best tools and technologies to make sure our solutions are up to mark and market standard. Some of the tools we use in AI application development are, as mentioned below:
  • Hadoop
  • Flume
  • Spark
  • Tableau
  • Periscope Data
  • MongoDB
  • Amazon Web Services

The time taken to scope, plan, and execute an Artificial Intelligence development project highly depends on various factors. So, if you want to know the estimated time and cost of AI software development services, it is recommended that you consult an artificial intelligence development company.

Yes, Nimble AppGenie always makes sure to sign an NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) with the client in order to provide privacy and security.

An artificial Intelligence consultant will look after the positioning, designing, architecture, development, as well as Deployment of the enterprise solutions. This is what enables them to provide highly innovative and success-driving AI software development services.
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