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About Us

We’re devoted to creating outstanding web and mobile applications that lead their industries and provide superior value to their users.

Our Values

Client and End-User Perspective

Success for us is seeing our clients succeed. Before we start on any project, we make sure that we clearly understand the client’s vision, and the mindset of the end-user. These insights lead the selection of the app development strategy which we adopt for each project that we work on.

Culture of

Our mission is to cultivate excellence in everything that we do. We evidence this by providing our clients with outstanding results, and ensuring that our team members are given the tools that they need to become the best that they can be.


We consistently look for ways to innovate upon the status-quo, as we believe in our ability to shape the world for the better. Our commitment to delivering creative artistry for our clients, is what makes us one of the industry leaders.

Who Are Nimble AppGenie?

We are market leaders for app development in FinTech, EdTech and HealthTech. We use best development practices and the latest technologies to create stunning mobile applications, which are visually appealing, highly scalable, secure and robust.

Since our inception, Nimble AppGenie has been focused on transforming business ideas into amazing realities. Our core competency lies in Mobile App Development, as we have years of experience in developing native, hybrid, and cross-platform mobile applications for several industry verticals.

The Nimble AppGenie Promise

Nimble AppGenie was founded by tech-entrepreneurs and software industry experts who have been in your shoes. Our leadership team created this company to ensure that fellow entrepreneurs and enterprises could gain easy access to high quality tech expertise, which are trusted and reliable.

We give you our promise that we will always be dedicated to achieving your company’s vision, and delivering the utmost value to your end-users. We are a collaborative style team that will work alongside you in the pursuit of making your company vision become a reality.

Why Work With Us?

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Why Choose Nimble AppGenie?

  • 01We specialize at integrating mobile app development with innovative and intuitive mobile design thinking
  • 02Industry domain experts in FinTech, Education, and Healthcare, providing your business with valuable domain knowledge
  • 03Highly skilled in advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Augmented Reality
  • 04We don’t just focus on developing great software, we are devoted to achieving excellent results for your business
  • 05We use the best-fit mix of project management methodologies for each project.
  • 06We provide Quality Analysts to all projects, to ensure that any software developed is in-line with your project requirements
  • 07We work on both a fixed and flexible payment basis
  • 08We develop mobile apps on both native and hybrid platforms
  • 09We give you access to our project management systems, so you can track the progress of your project in real time.
  • 10All Intellectual Property Rights for software developed on your project will be owned by you