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Fitness App Development Company

Nimble AppGenie is a renowned fitness app development company offering impressive and feature-filled fitness mobile app solutions that offer unmatched user experience and drive market growth.

Take Advantage of our fitness app development services and turn your concept for the perfect FitTech app into reality.

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disrupt fittech market with innovative fitness app development

Disrupt FitTech Market With Innovative Fitness App Development

The 21st century is the peak of civilization, with fitness being a trend across the globe. Health and fitness apps are changing how we approach physical health and driving people to do it smarter, better, and get fit quicker. And in the process, these apps have generated billions in profit. Create Your Fitness App and take the market by storm, helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Nimble AppGenie is a humane fitness app development agency, that helps people, entrepreneurs, and businesses from across the world create a fitness application. It’s easier than ever to collaborate with expert fitness app developers and designers who deliver unique value to the end-user, driving user engagement. It’s the right time to develop a FitTech app, contact us today.

Build Your Own Fitness App And Enter The Billion-Dollar Industry

In a time when fitness and wellness have become a trend due to an ever-so-stressful lifestyle, you can build a fitness application of your own and enter the lucrative fitness app market to earn millions.

  • 2.5 Daily Session

    2.5 Daily Session

    Average daily sessions for fitness apps are around 2.5, indicating strong user engagement.

  • $33 Billion By 2027

    $33 Billion By 2027

    The global fitness app market is projected to reach USD 33 billion by 2027.

  • 6.4 Billion Downloads

    6.4 Billion Downloads

    Downloads of fitness apps have surpassed 6.4 billion in the first three quarters of 2023 alone.

  • 21 Million Downloads

    21 Million Downloads

    Top mobile fitness app downloads in January 2023: Almost 21 million worldwide.

Fitness App Development Solutions

Enter the market of over 400 Million active users across the world with unique fitness app solutions. Take Advantage of Nimble AppGenie’s Custom Fitness App Development solutions.

personal trainer app

Personal Trainer App

Develop a personal trainer app and let users hire & connect with a personal trainer from across the world over their smartphone. And generate healthy revenue in the process.

fitness & workout app

Fitness & Workout App

Collaborate with our team of experts to build your own fitness and workout app, helping people hit their fitness goals quicker, stronger, and with more satisfaction.

diet and nutrition app

Diet and Nutrition App

Make it easier for users to eat healthy and get fit faster with diet and nutrition app development. Create an app like MyFitnessPal and grow your business.

yoga and meditation app

Yoga and Meditation App

Create a yoga and meditation app working with market-leading health and Fitness App Development team. Help people unify their mind and body with a stellar app.

online fitness supplement app

Online Fitness Supplement App

Integrate FitTech with eCommerce enabling users to buy fitness supplements online via a mobile application. Turn this idea into reality with custom fitness app development.

social media fitness apps

Social Media Fitness Apps

Add the sense of community with social integration in fitness app development, creating a social media fitness app where people can get fit and share it.

sleep cucle apps

Sleep Cycle Apps

Help users find the secret to sound sleep and track it with a sleep-tracking fitness application. Our health and fitness app developers can help you do just that.

mood tracking apps

Mood Tracking Apps

Leverage fitness tracker app development to create a mood-tracking app and gain meaningful insights into mental health trends. Deliver a robust mood-tracking app.

activity tracking app

Activity Tracking App

Do you want to develop an activity-tracking app? Build your own fitness app for activity tracking taking advantage of IoT technology and phone’s built-in sensors.

Enter the FitTech Market With Stellar Fitness Application

Nimble AppGenie is a market-leading Wellness & Fitness App Development Firm that is here to help you.

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enter the fittech market with stellar fitness application

Fitness App Clone Solutions We Provide

Do you want to create a successful app like MyFitnessPal or take over the market by storm as Headspace did? Nimble AppGenie is here to help you develop fitness app clone solutions and replicate their success.

google fit app clone

Google Fit App Clone

Create an app like Google Fit and help users track their every step, and sleep cycle, and hit fitness goals better. We can help you replicate their success.

headspace app clone

Headspace App Clone

Do you want to disrupt the mental health and fitness market just like Headspace did? Develop a headspace clone and deliver value to your user base.

noom app clone

Noom App Clone

As a leading fitness app development agency, we can help you make a Noom app clone and create that unique solution that people love and use, contact us.

fitbit app clone

Fitbit App Clone

Take advantage of the Internet of Things technology and develop a fitness app for wearable fitness devices. Create a FitBit app clone with expert developers.

myfitnesspal app clone

MyFitnessPal App Clone

Deliver the theory that “diet is the most important part of fitness” and help users get fit, calculating every calorie they take in with a clone app like MyFitnessPal.

nike training club clone

Nike Training Club Clone

Build Your fitness app like the Nike Training Club app and create a community of runners from across the world. Team up with leading developers and designers.

Our Success Stories

Nimble AppGenie doesn’t just claim to be the best fitness app development company. Our work speaks for itself. Here are some of our top app solutions that we have worked on, showing your expertise.

Drive FitTech Trends With Custom Fitness Solutions

Nimble AppGenie has been helping clients from across the world take advantage of custom fitness app development and create FitTech solutions. We create solutions that deliver amazing user experience, drive business growth, and inspire innovation.

  • Reach a broader target audience
  • Easily enter the flourishing fitness and wellness apps market
  • Create new business channels
  • Save money, time, and resources with an app
  • Create new stable revenue streams
  • Boost visibility and grow a strong brand name
  • Discover business insights
  • Monetization
  • Enhanced User Engagement
  • Data-driven Personalization
  • Community Building
  • Wearable Device Integration
  • Remote Accessibility
  • Health Monitoring and Prevention
  • Gamification Elements
  • Cross-platform Compatibility
drive fittech trends with custom fitness solutions
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Delivering Feature-Filled Fitness Applications

Drive value for the audience, with a fitness application filled with user-centric features. In addition, we team them up with a versatile admin panel and trainer panel.

Profile creation

User can create a profile using their email address, phone number, or social accounts. This is a simple onboarding process in the fitness app.

Personalized Workout Plan

Driven by AI and high-end algorithm, fitness applications delivers personalized workout plans based on their needs and preferences.

Progress Tracking

One of the essential features, it lets the user track their fitness progress with detailed insights. It also provides insights into sleep and diet.

In-App Communication

In-app communication enables user features like in-app chatting, voice calling, or even video calling feature in some cases.

In-App Purchases

This is a popular monetization strategy that at the user’s end lets them buy fitness-related items on the app and revenue goes to business.

Subscription Plans

Users can subscribe to one of the plans the fitness application offers to gain access to premium features, workout plans, & more.

Diet Plans

Diet plays an important role in achieving the fitness goals. This feature of the user panel delivers custom diet plans to users.

Integration with Wearables

Using the Internet of Things technology user can integrate their fitness wearable device right into their health and fitness app.

Audio Instructions

A fitness application comes with built-in audio instructions. With this, users don’t have to look at the screen for instructions.

Profile Management

Much like users, trainer can create their profile on the fitness application using their phone number, email, or social account.

Create Workout Schedule

The trainer panel enables the coach to create and share a workout schedule with their respective trainee from the app itself.

Upload Diet Plan

Just like creating a workout plan, the trainer also gets a feature to create and share a detailed diet plan with the user base.

Manage Availability

The trainer panel comes with an amazing feature that lets them manage availability which is displayed to users across the app.

Trainees Workout Tracking

A core functionality, trainees' workout tracking allows the trainer to gain insight into their trainee's workout data via the app.

Payment Management

Payment management feature let trainer to manage fee payments from various trainees with easy-to-use tools built into the app.

Video Conferencing

There are communication-focused features that enable the trainer and trainee to connect over the app for discussion and workouts.

Reminders for Sessions

To make sure trainer don’t miss their video sessions, the app comes with a push notification-enabled reminder feature.

In-App Communication

Apart from online video conferencing, the trainer can also connect with their trainees via messages and audio calls.

Advanced Analytics

The admin panel of the Fitness application comes equipped with advanced analytical that lets business runners gain important insights.

Manage Trainers and Trainees

Admin team via this feature can manage the user base of trainers and trainees easily. It’s an essential feature of the admin panel.

Revenue Management

The user can easily join by registering on the Fitness app through their mobile number or e-mail ID. This is just a few-step process.

Subscription Management

The subscription management feature of the admin panel lets the team gain insight into user’s subscription plans. Making it an important feature.

Customer Support

Whenever a user or a trainer reaches out for help related to a technical issue or any other query, this feature lets the admin handle the issue.

Content Management

CMS integration in fitness mobile app development enables the admin to easily manage content on the platform and update it.

Marketing Tools

To enable the admin team to market the fitness application properly, this panel comes equipped with various marketing tools.

Discount and Offer Management

Discount and offer management lets the admin team drive user engagement by creating and managing discounts and offers.

Ratings and Reviews Management

User can leave their opinions about the trainer and app itself, this feature let admin team reply to these reviews and ratings.

Customized Diet Plan

A great advanced feature of the fitness app is a customized diet plan that delivers a completely personalized plan to the user.


Geolocation integration in iOS/Android fitness app development enables the platform to provide location-specific recommendations.

Social Sharing

Social sharing integration enables the user base to share their fitness achievement, awards, and more directly to social media.


This is an advanced feature that makes using that health and fitness app that much more fun with game-like elements and animations.

Goals and Trackers

As the name suggests, this feature of the wellness and fitness application enables the user to set custom goals and track them.

Virtual Coaches

An Artificial Intelligence enabled feature, this creates a human-like coach in the app that gives users tips, advice, and the right direction.

Live Streaming

The user can easily join by registering on the fitness app through their mobile number or e-mail ID. This is just a few-step process.

Barcode Scanner

The built-in barcode scanner of the fitness mobile application lets users access food products and learn about their calorie intake.

Equipment Booking

Powered with fitness marketplace development, the user can book or even buy requirements online from the fitness app.

Delivering Future-Proof Fitness App Development Powered By Advance Technologies

Supercharging market growth with advanced technology-driven on-demand fitness app development and helping business reach their target audience. That’s what makes us the best health and fitness app developers in the market.

ai powered


At Nimble AppGenie, we use AI-powered solutions to deliver automation and “smart” features in our workout app development, delivering innovative solutions.

ar/vr simulations

AR/VR Simulations

One of the leading trends in fitness software development, we are including AR and VR technologies, delivering immersive experiences and taking them to the next level.

iot integration

IoT Integration

Develop a fitness app with IoT Integration and enable next-level activity tracking via smartwatches and fitness bands with insights like steps, calories, and more.

fig data analytics

Big Data Analytics

A leading industry 4.0 trend, Big Data Analysis integration in health and fitness software enables the business to gain important business insights driven by user data.



To ensure data privacy and impregnable security in online fitness apps, we use blockchain technology introducing features like tokenization in our platforms.



Nimble AppGenie enables Android/iOS fitness app development solutions with Metaverse, opening up an array of opportunities and making it future-proof.

hire fitness app developers

Hire Fitness App Developers

Want to take over the fitness and healthcare market with a solution that people love to use? Nimble AppGenie a leading fitness app development company is here to help. With an experienced team of health and fitness app developers, we have the technologies and tools required to bring your idea to reality.

Hire Fitness App Developers and build your own fitness app in the way that you like it. We offer a range of different hiring models. So, businesses can handpick their own team of developers and designers via scalable services. Therefore, if you have an idea that you want to bring to reality, contact us today, and we will assign a team of developers to you within 24 hours.

  • Tech savvy Experts
  • Creative Approach
  • Timely-Delivery
  • Quick-Learners
  • Smooth Communication
  • Coding Best Practices

Fitness App Development Cost

Fitness App Development Cost ranges from $15,000 to $75,000 depending on various factors like complexity, feature, set, type of app, and much more. As a general rule of thumb, the more complex an app is, the more expensive it will cost to develop.

fitness solution type

Fitness Solution Type

There are various types of fitness applications from health and fitness software to fitness apps for the disabled, each has its unique cost associated.



Complexity is the greatest factor that affects the total cost of developing a fitness app. The more complex an app is the more it is going to cost to develop.

basic/advanced features

Basic/Advanced Features

Every fitness mobile application requires a fix of basic and advanced features. While basic features are cheaper to develop, advanced ones add to the cost.

app tech stack

App Tech Stack

Tech stack refers to the technologies used for app development. Different tech stacks have different costs associated, thus affecting total fitness app development costs.

development platforms

Development Platform

The costs for fitness web app development, native app development, and software development are drastically different from one another.

fitness app design

Fitness App Design

Fitness app designing is one of the most important elements of the platform and depending on the type and level of UI/UX, the total cost can be affected.

size of the app

Size of the App

Following the general rule, the larger an application is, the more it will cost to develop, while smaller applications fall well within the average app development cost.

development team

Development Team

There are various ways to hire fitness app developers for instance outsourcing, in-house team, and staff augmentation, each as a unique cost profile.

find accurate cost

Find Accurate Cost

Consult fitness app designers and developers to get accurate cost estimations.

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Tech Stack for Fitness App Development

At Nimble AppGenie, we use the latest and industrial-approved technology stack in our fitness and workout app development solutions delivering unmatched results.

  • objective-c
  • flutter
  • react
  • kotlin
  • swift
  • ar core
    AR Core
  • google fit sdk
    Google Fit SDK
  • ionic
  • react
  • google assistant sdk
    Google Assistant SDK
  • adobe xd
    Adobe XD
  • figma
  • photoshop
  • illustrator
  • sketch
  • NodeJS
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • .Net
  • amazon aws
    Amazon AWS
  • microsoft azure
    Microsoft Azure
  • google cloud
    Google Cloud
  • digital ocean
    Digital Ocean
  • firebase

Fitness App Development Process

As a leading fitness website development and app development company, we follow a well-planned development process ensuring quality and transparency.

requirement analysis & planning

Project Planning

Fitness app development starts with planning based on client requirements and creating a plan.

wireframing & designing

UI/UX Designing

Our fitness app designers create a pleasing design that attracts and captures customers’ attention like nothing else.

app development

App Development

This is the part where mobile app developers write the source code and create the app’s final version.

app testing

App Testing

In this step of fitness app development, the solution is tested one last time to make sure it is bug-free and errorless.

app deployment

App Deployment

The app deployment process differs based on the platform but takes at most 2 weeks for approval.

maintenance & support

Maintenance & Support

At Nimble AppGenie, we also offer post-deployment maintenance and support services to keep the app updated.

Collaborate With The Best Fitness App Development Company

Looking for a fitness app development partner? Collaborate With Nimble AppGenie, an innovativeFitness App Development Firm. Named as one of the top fitness app developers, our work is recognized on top platforms like, DesignRush, and GoodFirms.

With over 700+ projects and a record 95% client satisfaction, we have helped start-upsas well as Fortune 500 companies. So, if you have an idea to create a fitness app, we have the capacity to deliver your project within the deadline and perform beyond expectations.

security & compliance

Security & Compliance

At Nimble AppGenie, we understand the importance of security and regulation compliance in fitness apps. That’s why we collaborate with RegTech experts to deliver the best results.

agile development methodologies

Agile Development Methodologies

In order to maintain transparency and a clear communication channel in our fitness solution development, agile development methodology is applied in our projects.

robust and scalable solutions

Robust and Scalable Solutions

When you are working with Nimble AppGenie, you can expect scalable fitness mobile app development services that deliver robust results. You are working with the best.

performance enhancing integrations

Performance-enhancing integrations

Our team of vetted app developers have an array of integration option that does well to take fitness app’s performance to the next level in all of our development projects.

continuous innovation

Continuous innovation

To help our clients create a fitness application or software that disrupts the market, we deliver constant innovation in our solution using the latest market trends and technologies.

dedicated support team

Dedicated Support Team

Our post-deployment support and maintenance services are renowned. Whether it is the middle of the night or afternoon, our dedicated support team is always here to help you.

Disrupt the FitTech Market With An Innovative Fitness App

Collaborate with the best fitness and wellness app development company and bring your idea to reality in the form of a market-leading fitness mobile application.

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Asked Questions?

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about fitness app development solutions.

Nimble AppGenie has a renowned health and fitness app development company that has year’s worth of experience as well as the right tools and technologies to deliver your idea to digital life. Our work has been recognized by top platforms like, DesignRush, And GoodFirms. Contact us today and we will assign a team within 24 hours.

The cost to build a fitness app ranges from $15,000 to $75,000 depending on various factors like complexity, feature, set, type of app, and much more. Consult Mobile App Development Company for more details on the same.

The average time to develop a fitness app ranges from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. It depends on complexity, features, type of app, and a lot of other factors. If you want to get more details on the same, it’s highly recommended that you consult developers.

Yes, with the IoT technology integration in our fitness app development market, we enable solutions to connect to fitness devices like Smartwatches and fitness bands effortlessly, enabling next-level activity tracking.

The process of developing a fitness app goes, as follows:

  • Project Planning
  • UI/UX Designing
  • App Development
  • App Testing
  • App Deployment
  • Maintenance & Support

At Nimble AppGenie, we use an array of modern technologies like Encryption, dual-step authentication, biometric integration, blockchain integration, and many more to ensure the security of fitness applications.

Yes, Nimble AppGenie always makes sure to follow up with proper documentation and sign an NDA with the client before moving forward with development. This is a standard procedure at Nimble AppGenie.

Yes, we do. In addition to custom fitness app development, we also provide readymade fitness applications that can be customized as per user’s need on the most basic level, available at flexible prices.

These are the types of fitness apps, we can develop:

  • Personal Trainer App
  • Fitness & Workout App
  • Diet and Nutrition App
  • Yoga and Meditation App
  • Online Fitness Supplement App
  • Social Media Fitness Apps
  • Sleep Cycle Apps
  • Mood Tracking Apps
  • Activity Tracking App

We use the agile development approach in our app development process to maintain transparency. Apart from this, our project managers are always in contact with you and schedule periodic meetings to brief clients about all progress.

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Client Testimonials

Nimble AppGenie is committed to delivering results that satisfy our client’s needs and their business objectives. Here are testimonials from our clients about their experiences of working with us.

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  • Create a proposal

    Based on your requirements, we create a proposal.

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