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DRT – Healthcare App

DRT is a pioneering healthcare mobile app designed to address the critical need for mental health services across the UK. Its unique value proposition lies in its commitment to accessibility, offering a user-friendly interface that ensures ease of use across various platforms, and multilingual support to cater to a diverse user base.

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    iOS, Web

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Project Overview

DRT is an innovative project aimed at bridging the gap in mental health services, specifically tailored for the UK market. Targeting individuals seeking reliable and comprehensive mental health support, the app is accessible on iOS platforms, promising a seamless user experience.

  • Project Idea

    The inception of DRT stemmed from the growing need for accessible mental health services in the UK. The app was conceived to fill this gap. Collaboration between the client and Nimble AppGenie was key in turning this vision into a reality, ensuring the app catered to the unique audience needs.

  • Project Challenges

    The development of DRT presented several challenges, including the integration of user-friendly features while ensuring the confidentiality and security of personal health data. The team also faced the task of creating an engaging user experience that would encourage regular use and retention.

  • Project Results

    The launch of DRT has had a significant impact on its users, providing them with easy access to mental health services. The app has received commendable performance metrics, including high user satisfaction rates, reduced bounce rates, and impressive user retention, supported by its UI/UX design.

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Building Blocks of Success

The creation of DRT was a journey of meticulous planning and execution, completed within the stipulated timeframe by a dedicated team of experts from Nimble AppGenie.

  • Number of Resources

    05 Members

  • Time Frame

    03 Months

Core Features

At the heart of DRT are its core features, designed to offer comprehensive mental health support. These features include:

Development Process


  • process-iconConceptualization
  • Identifying needs
  • Defining objectives
  • Client collaboration
  • process-iconPlanning
  • Detailed roadmap
  • Resource allocation
  • Risk management


  • process-iconDesign
  • Aesthetic UI/UX
  • Prototype creation
  • Feedback integration
  • process-iconDevelopment
  • Agile methodology
  • Continuous I/D
  • QA testing


  • process-iconLaunch
  • Readiness assessment
  • App submission
  • Deployment
  • process-iconMaintenance and Support
  • App monitoring
  • Feedback collection
  • improvement/updates

Color Palette & Typography


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Color Palette

#61D3EA #7599E6

#FC9778 #E4A43F






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The Solution

DRT revolutionizes mental health support with its intuitive solutions. Here’s how this mental health app is enabling success.

Personalized User Journey

Beginning with a personalized profile, the app guides users through a range of mental health services, ensuring a tailored experience.

Mindful Engagement

Featuring serene visuals of meditation, DRT encourages mindfulness and mental well-being among its users.

Insights and Progress

The app provides a comprehensive overview of user activity and progress, offering valuable insights and encouraging continued engagement.

Technology Stack

DRT was developed using a robust technology stack, showcasing Nimble AppGenie's commitment to cutting-edge solutions.

Adobe XD
Swift 3

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Client Testimonials

Nimble AppGenie is committed to delivering results that satisfy our client’s needs and their business objectives. Here are testimonials from our clients about their experiences of working with us.

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Niketan Sharma

Niketan Sharma

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