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Education App Development Company

Deliver Innovation to students, educators, and schools with robust education app development and define the future of education with your idea.

As a market leading education app development company, Nimble AppGenie has delivered innovation to 700+ businesses and we are here to help you.

education app development company

Become Part Of Future With eLearning App Development

E-Learning market is booming with growth and it’s filled with lucrative opportunities. It’s the right time to create a learning solution of your own and enter the market.

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    The global eLearning Market Today is Worth $340 Billion. In Addition to This, The Market is Expected to Double By 2027, Reaching $605 Billion in Value.

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    Since 2020 E-learning Use In K-12 Schools Has Increased By 99%. Reaching From 703 Before Pandemic To 1403 Today.

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    The Global Revenue Generation From eLearning Mobile Application And Software Expected To Reach $11.6 Billion By 2025.

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    4 Out Of Every 5 (80%) College Students Says EdTech Has Helped Them Improve Grades. While 84% Says They Can Use EdTech Even More.

enhance learning experience, with education app development

Enhance Learning Experience, With Education App Development

eLearning apps are changing how students approach education and how educators deliver it. In just a matter of years, quality education has come from being a reserved privilege to accessible by anyone with a device and internet connection. Now, you can be part of this trend and join the ranks of Edx, Udemy, and Duolingo with educational app development.

Nimble AppGenie is an eLearning app development company driven by the mission of helping companies introduce innovation in the EdTech sector. We have helped millions of students and educators receive improved learning experiences. So, if you have an innovative idea to build an educational app, we are here to help you. Contact us today.

Education App Development Services

Every business has unique needs and every app idea deserves the right care. That’s why we offer a range of innovative education app development services targeted at your custom needs.

virtual classroom apps

Virtual Classroom Apps

Harness the power of Metaverse and develop a virtual classroom app that lets teachers and students connect, communicate, share learning materials, and a lot more, effortlessly.

self-learning apps

Self-Learning Apps

The best kind of learning is self-learning. Let students live this philosophy powered by high-quality educational software. Tap into EdTech app development solution.

corporate training apps

Corporate Training Apps

Help corporate employees train, upskill, and improve their skill sets with innovative corporate training and learning solutions with our top eLearning app developers.

on-demand e-learning apps

On-demand E-learning Apps

Tap into on-demand educational app development and develop your own eLearning apps that deliver a high-end learning experience to students on the course of their choice.

learning management systems

Learning Management Systems

LMSs or learning management systems are popular among educational institutes. Now, with the help of education software development, you can create your own custom LMS.

induction and orientation apps

Induction and Orientation Apps

Universities and Schools can deliver better first impressions on their students with induction and orientation apps, custom-made to represent their institution.

employee engagement apps

Employee Engagement Apps

Another corporate learning app, employee engagement solution has become a popular solution among enterprises helping them deliver a better working experience.

skill boosting apps

Skill Boosting Apps

Whether it is a student, an employee, or a teacher, everyone can improve their skills and grow in their career. Power this growth with the help of a skill-boosting app of your own.

tuition apps

Tuition Apps

Take advantage of education application development and develop a tuition app with the right feature set and appealing design to help tutors and students connect remotely.

Enter The EdTech Market, With A Custom Solution

As one of the best eLearning app development companies in the market, we are here to help you become the next best.

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Clone The eLearning Apps And Their Success

Are you inspired by the top eLearning apps like Duolingo, Coursera, and Udemy? Now, you can replicate them with the help of eLearning clone app development and disrupt the market.

udemy app clone

Udemy App Clone

Inspired by the success of the world-famous educational app, Udemy? Create Your own Udemy App Clone and set on a successful market run, generating millions.

duolingo app clone

Duolingo App Clone

There is no language learning app like Duolingo (yet)! Enter the market with your own version of the Language learning app and enable a smart learning experience.

edx app clone

edX App Clone

Develop an edX app clone that lets students choose from a range of courses from top universities, learning at their own pace, and only paying when required.

coursera app clone

Coursera App Clone

Become the next hero of students and professionals who want to learn an additional skill with your own Coursera App Clone, our developers are here to help.

byju app clone

BYJU’S App Clone

Enter the market with BYJU’S App Clone, the world’s largest EdTech of its kind, and tap into abillion-strong user base of students eager to learn new stuff.

classdojo app clone

ClassDojo App Clone

Leverage EdTech app development and build an app like ClassDojo for your user base. This clone eLearning app can help you generate millions.

Our Success Stories

We are the best education app development agency. Our work speaks for itself. Here are some of our top app solutions that we have worked on, showing your expertise.

We Develop eLearning Apps, That Educators and Students Love

Nimble AppGenie is delivering innovation in the learning experience, and quality of education, and closing the gap between educators, students, and institutes with the help of education platform development that transcends traditional means.

  • Accessibility
  • Flexibility
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Time efficiency
  • Customization options
  • Scalability
  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Global reach
  • Self-paced learning
  • Interactive content
  • Multimedia integration
  • Consistent content delivery
  • Updated and relevant material
  • Collaborative learning opportunities
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Mobile compatibility
we develop elearning apps, that educators and students aove
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Basic and Advance Features For eLearning App Development

To drive a greater learning experience for students and teachers, we create feature-rich educational applications. That’s what is an outstanding education software development company.

User Profile

The eLearning app allows students to create and manage their profiles. This covers details like name, grade, subjects, and personal preferences.

Course Dashboard

The course dashboard will display a list of enrolled courses with relevant details while also providing access to ongoing, upcoming, and completed assignments.

Learning Resources

The learning resources feature provides centralized access to digital textbooks, videos, and other learning materials. Students can also download them for offline access.

Assignment Submission

The EdTech app allows students to submit assignments digitally via the assignment submission feature by uploading documents, photos, or multimedia content.

Progress Tracking

This functionality of the app will display grades, attendance, and overall performance metrics to the app by Graphical representations, driving better understanding.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools give us integrated features like chat or discussion forums, delivering the ability to connect with classmates for study groups or project work.


Push notification is a core feature of educational app development, as it delivers real-time updates on announcements, class schedules, and upcoming events.

Feedback and Ratings

With a rating system for courses and instructors, students can provide feedback on courses, instructors, and the overall learning experience.

Gamification Elements

To make the platform engage, we use gamification via Badges, points, or leader boards based on achievements and participation driving engagement.

Course Management

Course management gives teachers the ability to create, edit, and manage course content. They can also schedule class timings, topics, and assessments.

Attendance Tracking

An essential feature, attendance tracking enables seamlessly recording and managing student attendance with manual entry digital attendance integration.

Grading and Assessment

EdTech app’s teacher panel comes with tools for creating and grading assignments, quizzes, and exams.Thus, delivering detailed feedback to students.

Communication Tools

The integrated messaging system enables students and teachers to connect effortlessly, a medium of announcements and alerts for updates.

Analytics and Reporting

Teachers can gain access to data analytics on student performance and generate reports for individual and class-wide assessments.

Resource Sharing

To create a rich resource base, teachers can upload and share learning resources with students. This is enabled via external content repositories integration.

Calendar and Scheduling

With the help of the calendar and scheduling feature, planning and scheduling classes, office hours, and events is easier than ever. It is synced with the school calendar.

Collaboration Spaces

The teacher panel provides virtual spaces for collaboration with other teachers or departments, delivering shared resources and planning tools.

Professional Development

Another essential functionality is professional development, a platform for sharing best practices among educators.Giving them access to training modules.

User Management

With the user management feature, the admin team can manage student and teacher profiles while also controlling access levels and permissions.

Dashboard and Analytics

The dashboard is one of the most important features of the admin panel as it providesan overview of school-wide performance metrics and data-driven insights.

Content Management

Powered by CMS, this feature enables the admin to manage and update educational content and resources, an overall version control for curriculum changes.

Institutional Announcements

With this feature, it’s easy to broadcast important announcements to students, teachers, and parents. It connects to the app’s communication tools.

Attendance and Timetable Management

To enable seamless timetable creation, management, and monitoringof attendance data across classes and grades, attendance and timetable management are integrated.

Finance and Billing

This fintech integration enables the administrator team to manage financial transactions, fee collection, and generate financial reports.

Security and Access Control

To ensure the security of data and user information, the EdTech app’s admin team can manage access control for different panels and features.

Integration with Other Systems

To take education mobile app solutions to the next level, integration with other school systems, such as ERP or CRM is enabled, creating seamless data flow.

Customization and Settings

Admin panel allows customization of app settings based on school preferences. Providing control over configures parameters such as grading and notification.

Online Education App Development, Advanced Technologies

To take education mobile app development to the next level, we use the latest and industrial-approved technological trends in our solution, delivering unprecedented results and experience to end-users.

ai for smart education

AI for Smart Education

AI integration in education app development solutions delivers personalized learning experiences, adaptive assessments, and intelligent tutoring systems to enhance overall student comprehension and engagement.

blockchain in education

Blockchain in Education

Blockchain secures student records, certifications, and transactions, ensuring tamper-proof, transparent, and verifiable credentials. Thus, making it a top technology choice in educational app development solutions.

big data in education

Big Data in Education

Big Data enables user to analyse vast educational datasets, offering insights into student performance, learning patterns, and trends. Educators leverage this information to make informed decisions and enhance teaching strategies.

virtual education assistant

Virtual Education Assistant

Virtual assistants provide instant support, answering queries, guiding learners, and facilitating interactive learning experiences. They enhance accessibility and convenience, making education more dynamic and responsive.

ar/vr in education

AR/VR in Education

Augmented and virtual reality create immersive learning environments, enabling students to explore concepts through simulations, virtual field trips, and interactive 3D models, fostering deeper understanding and retention.

gamification in education

Gamification in Education

By gamifying online eLearning app development, we introduce game elements into the learning process, promoting engagement, competition, and rewards. Transforming eLearning into an enjoyable experience, motivating students to actively participate and progress.

hire dating app developers

Hire eLearning App Developers

Do you want to enter the billion-dollar-worth EdTech market and deliver innovation to teachers, students, and schools? If you have an idea, our on-demand eLearning app development services are perfect for you.

Hire eLearning app developers in 24 hours with just a click. Nimble AppGenie allocates a hand-picked team of vetted app developers and designers to your project.

So, if you are looking for education app developers for hire, we offer a range of scalable hiring models. Choose the one that fits your business needs the best. The best part is, that all our services are scalable, making them perfect for your ever-changing business needs.

  • Tech savvy Experts
  • Creative Approach
  • Timely-Delivery
  • Quick-Learners
  • Smooth Communication
  • Coding Best Practices

eLearning App Development Cost

The cost to build an eLearning app ranges from $20,000 to $85,000 based on different factors like the app’s complexity, EdTech app type, platform, and so on. While a simple app with basic features is cheaper to develop, complex apps with advanced features are more expensive.

app type

App Type

There are various types of eLearning app development solutions. Each of them comes with a unique cost to build. So, depending on the one you choose, the cost will be different.



As a general rule of thumb, the more complex an educational application is, the higher the educational app development cost will be due to more required time, resources, and expertise.

basic/advanced features

Basic/Advanced Features

The basic feature of eLearning apps isn’t hard to develop, thus not adding to the cost. On the other hand, unique factors are just the opposite, adding to the total education app development cost.

app tech stack

App Tech Stack

The educational app tech stack is one of the most important aspects of estimating app development. While some of them are free others may cost a lot.

development platforms

Development Platform

The cost of the web app, iOS, android education app development, and education website development is drastically different due to their platform.

education app design

Education App Design

The front-end design of the educational app is one of the most important elements. Thus, it also highly affects the cost based on the level of design and elements involved.

size of the app

Size of the App

eLearning app sizes differ based on their type complexity, and feature. The size in turn affects the cost of educational app development services as a whole.

development team

Development Team

There are various ways to hire eLearning app developers i.e. outsourcing or in-house development. Each of the methods has very unique development cost.

find accurate cost

Find Accurate Cost

Consult eLearning app designers and developers to get accurate cost estimations.

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eLearning Mobile App Development Tech Stack

To deliver a promise of high quality, robust, and performant eLearning solutions, we utilize only the best online education app development technologies.

  • swift
  • python
  • objective-c
    Objective C
  • c++
  • c#
  • java
  • kotlin
  • android studio
    Android Studio
  • android sdk
    Android SDK
  • xml
  • kotlin
  • java
  • html/css
  • mean
  • vue.js
  • angular.js
  • react.js
    React. Js
  • node.js
  • laravel
  • codelgniter
  • firestore
  • aws amplify
    AWS Amplify
  • room db
    Room DB
  • mongo db
    Mongo DB
  • microsoft sql
    Microsoft SQL
  • postgre sql
    Postgre SQL
  • apple pay
    Apple Pay
  • google pay
    Google Pay
  • stripe
  • paypal
  • oracle
  • postgresql
  • mongodb
  • mysql
  • cassandra

Education App Development Process

Nimble AppGenie ensures consistency and transparency in our eLearning app development services, we follow a well-planned development process.

project planning

Project Planning

Educational application development starts with planning based on client requirements and creating a plan.

ui/ux designing

UI/UX Designing

Our eLearning app designers create a pleasing design that attracts and captures customers’ attention like nothing else.

app development

App Development

This is the part where mobile app developers write the source code and create the app’s final version.

app testing

App Testing

In this step of E-Learning app development, the solution is tested one last time to make sure it is bug-free and errorless.

app deployment

App Deployment

The app deployment process differs based on the platform but takes at most 2 weeks for approval.

maintenance & support

Maintenance & Support

At Nimble AppGenie, we also offer post-deployment maintenance and support services to keep the app updated.

Choose Nimble AppGenie, Choose The Best eLearning App Development Company

Nimble AppGenie is a vetted educational app development company offering unmatched education software development services that fit your business needs. With experience working on more than 700 projects behind our back, we have the right tools and mindset to make you the next best thing in the market. Being recognized by top platforms like DesignRush,, and GoodFirms, Nimble AppGenie is among the best.

expert education app developers

Expert Education App Developers

Leverage the proficiency of our seasoned education mobile app developers, ensuring a deep understanding of educational nuances to craft impactful and user-centric learning experiences.

agile development methodologies

Agile Development Methodologies

Embrace adaptability and responsiveness with our agile approach, fostering seamless collaboration, rapid iterations, and efficient problem-solving throughout the eLearning app development lifecycle.

highest scalability

Highest Scalability

Scale your education or eLearning app effortlessly to accommodate growing user bases and evolving needs, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction under any circumstance.

technology expertise

Technology Expertise

Benefit from our comprehensive technological prowess, incorporating cutting-edge tools and frameworks to deliver feature-rich, high-performance education apps tailored to your unique requirements.

continuous innovation

Continuous Innovation

Stay at the forefront of educational technology trends with our commitment to continuous innovation. We integrate the latest advancements to keep your app relevant and ahead in the rapidly evolving edtech landscape.

on-time delivery

On-Time Delivery

Rely on our disciplined project management and efficient workflows to meet your project deadlines. We prioritize timely delivery without compromising on the quality of your education or eLearning app.

Turn Idea to Reality With Vetted Educational App Developers

Hire experienced educational app developers and convert your business needs into digital assets.

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Asked Questions?

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about edtech app development solutions.

Choose Nimble AppGenie for our unparalleled expertise in eLearning app development, agile methodologies ensuring swift adaptability, highest scalability, cutting-edge technology integration, continuous innovation, and a steadfast commitment to on-time delivery, guaranteeing a comprehensive and exceptional educational app tailored to your unique needs.

The cost to build an eLearning app ranges from $20,000 to $85,000 based on different factors like the app’s complexity, Edtech app type, platform, and so on. Contact an app development company for more details.

The average time for eLearning app development ranges from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. It depends on complexity, features, type of app, and a lot of other factors. If you want to get more details on the same, it’s highly recommended that you consult app developers.

Some of the top features we cover are:

  • Admin Panel - User Management, Dashboard and Analytics, Content Management, Institutional Announcements
  • Teachers Panel - Course Management, Attendance Tracking, Grading and Assessment, Communication Tools
  • Student Panel - User Profile, Course Dashboard, Learning Resources, Assignment Submission

The eLearning app development process goes as follows:

  • Project Planning
  • UI/UX Designing
  • App Development
  • App Testing
  • App Deployment
  • Maintenance & Support

As a leading eLearning app development firm, we use an array of modern technologies like Encryption, dual-step authentication, biometric integration, blockchain integration, and many more to ensure the security of e-learning applications.

Yes, Nimble AppGenie always makes sure to follow up with proper documentation and sign an NDA with the client before moving forward with an education app development. This is a standard procedure at Nimble AppGenie.

Yes, Nimble AppGenie, provides readymade educational apps in addition to custom Edtech app development. Whitelabel apps can be customized as per user’s need on the most basic level, available at flexible costs.

To ensure your educational app stays ahead of competitors, we employ a holistic approach: leveraging cutting-edge technologies, embracing user-centric design, staying abreast of industry trends, prioritizing scalability, and fostering continuous innovation. This proactive strategy ensures sustained relevance, superior functionality, and a distinctive edge in the competitive landscape.

We cover the following types of educational app development:

  • Virtual Classroom Apps
  • Self-Learning Apps
  • Corporate Training Apps
  • On-demand E-learning Apps
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Induction and Orientation Apps
  • Employee Engagement Apps
  • Skill Boosting Apps

Being a leading EdTech development company, Nimble AppGenie uses the agile development approach in the eLearning app development process to maintain transparency. Apart from this, our project managers are always in contact with you and schedule periodic meetings to brief clients about all progress.

Some of the top technologies used to build educational apps are:

  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • Big Data
  • Virtual
  • Assistant
  • AR/VR
  • Gamification
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Client Testimonials

Nimble AppGenie is committed to delivering results that satisfy our client’s needs and their business objectives. Here are testimonials from our clients about their experiences of working with us.

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