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GLU - E-learning App

Glu stands at the forefront of digital education, revolutionizing the way we learn with its cutting-edge e-learning platform. Designed for seamless navigation and comprehensive learning experiences, Glu makes education accessible to everyone, everywhere, in multiple languages. With its intuitive design and cross-platform availability, Glu is the bridge between knowledge and learners across the globe, setting new benchmarks in educational technology.

GLU - Education and E-learning Platform
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  • Industry

    Education and E-Learning

  • Platform

    Web and iOS

  • Glu overview
  • Glu overview
  • Glu overview
  • Glu overview
  • Glu overview
  • Overview

Project Overview

Glu is an innovative e-learning platform aimed at democratizing education by making it accessible to students, teachers, and institutions worldwide. With a focus on interactive and remote learning, Glu caters to a diverse audience across web and iOS platforms, enriching the educational landscape.

  • Project Idea

    Project Idea

    The inception of Glu was driven by the ambition to fill the void in accessible and interactive online education. Collaboratively developed by Nimble AppGenie and the client, Glu aspires to empower educators and engage students.

  • Project Challenges

    Project Challenges

    Throughout its development, Glu faced numerous challenges including crafting an engaging user experience, implementing a scalable architecture, and ensuring seamless functionality across devices. Meeting the diverse requirements of users.

  • Project Results

    Project Results

    The culmination of efforts resulted in Glu, a platform that significantly impacts the e-learning domain. With enhanced user engagement, comprehensive subject coverage, and interactive live classes, Glu has set new standards in educational excellence and accessibility.

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Behind the Screens

The creation of Glu was a testament to dedication and expertise, with a specialized team of developers and designers dedicating months to bring this vision to life. This collaborative effort underscored Nimble AppGenie's commitment to excellence and innovation.

  • Number of Resources
    Number of Resources

    05 Members

  • Time Frame
    Time Frame

    03 Months

Core Features

Glu is equipped with an array of features designed to offer a comprehensive and interactive learning experience. Its core capabilities include:

Crafting Excellence


  • ConceptualizationConceptualization
  • Idea Generation
  • Market Research
  • Client Collaboration
  • DesignDesign
  • User-Centric UI/UX
  • Prototyping
  • Accessibility Considerations


  • DevelopmentDevelopment
  • Agile Methodology
  • React JS & Node JS
  • CI and Testing
  • TestingTesting
  • Testing Phases
  • UX Optimization
  • Cross-Platform Checks


  • DeploymentDeployment
  • Scalability via AWS
  • Web/iOS Launch
  • Monitoring and Updates
  • Maintenance/UpdatesMaintenance/Updates
  • User Feedback
  • Performance Optimization
  • Feature Enhancements

Color Palette & Typography


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Transforming Education

Transforming Education

Glu offers a transformative solution to the challenges of modern education, making learning accessible, interactive, and personalized.

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Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning

With Glu, students can tailor their learning journey, choosing from a wide range of courses and subjects to fit their unique needs.

Interactive Live Classes

Interactive Live Classes

Glu's live classes bring the classroom experience to the digital realm, fostering real-time interaction and engagement.

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Empowering Educators

Empowering Educators

The platform provides educators with powerful tools to share their knowledge, reach a wider audience, and earn recognition and revenue.

Technology Stack

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Nimble AppGenie ensures that Glu stands at the pinnacle of e-learning platforms, offering unmatched reliability, scalability, and user experience.

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Adobe XD
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Swift 4

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