Start-ups, businesses, everyone wants to develop app like Instagram. But the question is why?

Well, social media has been one of the biggest industries in recent times. As much as 45% of the world’s population use some kind of social networking platform. This means there are over 3.5 billion people using social media.

How can one speak of social media without mentioning, the industry giant, Instagram? This platform is arguably the most popular social media platform today. And this is clearly shown in its 1 billion strong user base, averaging at around 500 million daily users.

With its large user base and strong grip over the market, Instagram has generated billions of dollars in revenue. It goes without saying that this success story has inspired thousands of businesses and starts up to emerge, wanting to develop their own social media app like Instagram.

If you are one of these people, who want to develop a market leading social networking platform, but don’t know how to or just want to learn more about the entire process, this blog is for you.

Here, everything related to Instagram-like mobile app development will be discussed along with everything related to it. This means, features, reasons to develop, development process, costs, etc.

With this being said, let’s get right into it:

What is Instagram?

What is Instagram?

Before we learn how to make a social media app like Instagram, let’s learn what it is.

Instagram was first introduced to us by the co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Initially, it was introduced to us as a photo and video sharing platform. Now, this might not be the Instagram you know today.

Everything changed a decade ago in 2012, when META (than Facebook) acquired Instagram for $1 billion. Before Facebook came into the picture, it was totally no revenue platform. But after 2012, Instagram has become an absolute business with its annual revenue to cross $40 million by 2023.

We shall be discussing more about the monetization of this platform later down the line. As of now, this platform has net worth of more than $100 billion US.

Begs the question, how did a revenue-free platform become one of the most valued social media? And the answer is evolution.

You see, initially, the function of the platform was quite simple and restricted. But Facebook expanded the platform into an eCommerce and messaging platform.

We understand that this can get a little confusing, which is why we shall be looking at the different aspects of Instagram. And we will be starting with…

  • Instagram – Photo-Sharing App

The initial idea was for Instagram to be a photo-sharing application, which is it to this day. There are high chances that you are already familiar with Instagram and we don’t need to explain how it works.

But we will go on to say that it offers you a range of methods for you to share not just photos, but also videos, and music. It is safe to say, it is bringing new features every other day, making it the best photo-sharing platform there is.

  • Instagram – Social Media App

With over 1 billion active users and even more dormant one, Instagram is the most popular social media application there is.

What makes it a good social networking application are the features which allow you to add friends and communicate with them. So, it is clear that Instagram is a good example of growth-driven social media app development.

Since it is a photo-sharing platform, you can also share media videos with your friends. This really makes for some fun conversation if you ask us.

  • Instagram – eCommerce Platform

Last but not the least, this platform is also an eCommerce platform. Some of you might be confused but Instagram has become one of the hubs for companies and brands to sell their goods. This is mainly due to the large user base.

These are the different components of Instagram. Now, another important thing that you should know about before we learn how to make the Instagram clone, let’s look at how this platform generates revenue.


Instagram Monetization Strategy

One of the most common questions people ask about Instagram is, how it makes money. And in this section of the blog, we shall be learning about Instagram’s monetization strategy. Based on this, you can consult your app development company to include the same in your project.

Therefore, with this being said, let’s get right into it:


What is it?

Sponsored PostsJust like its parent company META, the main revenue source of Instagram has sponsored posts.


With the large user base of the Instagram application, people often run ad campaigns on the platform.


This feature of Instagram was actually inspired by Snapchat, and it is clearly one of the most engaging features.


Reasons to Develop Social Media App Like Instagram

Reasons to Develop Social Media App Like Instagram

Before we move any further and discusses how to create an app like Instagram, let’s look at some reasons to consider Instagram like app development.

These reasons are, as mentioned below:

  • Social Media – Mega Trend

There are new trends emerging and disappearing every day. But every once in a while there are big trends that make an impact. But even they dwarf in front of Mega Trends that are rare but when they appear they are here to stay.

Social Media is one such Mega Trend. So, when you are investing your money in something like this, you know that it is will pay off sooner or later. This is one of the biggest opportunities.




  • Ever Growing User Base

The user base for social media is ever-growing. As of now, almost half of the world population is using social media. And in a decade or so, with newer generations, these numbers are expected to double.

As well know, with the growing customer demand, the only thing waiting for you is endless growth. This is one of the reasons you should consider to hire dedicated developers and developing your own application.

  • Opportunity to Make Billions

Finally, something that everyone was waiting for, the opportunity to generate revenue. And as we already discussed, these platforms are generating billions of dollar.

With right idea and a good development partner you can do just that. But there is another thing you will need to appease customers. And these are the great features.

Therefore, let’s discuss the feature you should consider adding into your Instagram-like applications.


Features to Include in Clone Instagram App Development

Features to Include in Clone Instagram App Development

Have you ever heard the phrase “An App is only as good as it’s features”? Well, now you have. You see, features play an important part to make an app like Instagram sucessful. And if that is what you want to do, you need some good features.

For that reason, we shall be looking at some of the features that you should ask your custom mobile app development services to include in the app.

These are, as mentioned below:

1) Log-in

As with all social media applications, you need to provide a feature which allows the user to log in to the application and that too safely. Now, there are various ways through which you can enable account creating and logging in.

This includes logging in through phone number, e-mail, Google, Apple Account, and other methods.

2) Account Management

Account management is one of the important features of a social media of application. You see, to be socially relevant as they call it these days, you need to keep your profile up to date. And this is where this feature comes in handy.

3) Share Media

How can you create social media platform without media sharing options? This includes sharing photos, videos, and so on.

In fact, this is a core feature that you should ask your native or react native app development company to include in the solution.

4) Add friends

Since we are talking about a “social” media app development, you have to allow your users to be “social”. To allow them to create a network, this is a must-have feature.

Some might call it friend request, others may call it to follow request or any other name, but it is the same exact thing.



5) Video Calls

Video calling and audio calling has become almost a standard feature in the majority of social media platforms like Instagram.

So, whether you have hired android or iOS app development services, this is a feature that is a must-have.

6) Messages

This is yet another must-have feature that should be included in your mobile application like Instagram.

Plus, this is also a way that makes the platform that much more engaging. As it allows the users to communicate with each other.

7) New Feature – Reels

Reels are quite a new feature. And the inspiration for this comes from Tiktok. While several companies developed apps like tiktok, the already established platform adopted the reels feature.

Among these apps were Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and so on. Therefore, it will be a good idea to include it when you develop an app like Instagram.

Now that we are done with the feature, it’s time to look at the development process in the next section of the blog.


How to Develop App Like Instagram?

Want to know how to make an app like Instagram?

Finally, it is time to develop an app like Instagram. Now, there are different methods in which you can hire mobile app development services and create your Instagram app. Here, we shall be discussing all of these in detail.

Therefore, with this being said, let’s get right into it:

White Label Social Media Apps like Instagram

The first method is that you by buy a white label application. This application is already built by a company and you just have to buy it and re-label it for your brand.

This is one of the easiest, cheapest, and fasted processes of creating a social media application like Instagram. Plus, White Label App development is quite growing quite popular among clients. It is available for native as well as instagram hybrid app.

Therefore, you should give it consideration.


No Code Instagram Clone App Development

No code app development is yet another popular method to develop an adalo instagram clone. In this type of mobile app development, there is no involvement in coding, as suggested by the name.

Instead, you can create an app with drag and drop interface to create a mobile app. While the chances for personalization are quite low here, it gets the work done at a considerably low cost.

Custom Instagram-like App Development

This is the most popular instagram app development method. Custom app development provides you with an app that is developed as per your needs and preferences.

To better understand this same, let’s look at the entire process, briefly.

  • Idea

The part of the process is coming up with an idea for Instagram Clone. And you need to make sure the idea you are working within monetizable as well as marketable. This gives you the base to create an app like Instagram.

  • Platform & Tech Stack

Once you have a concept to work on, you need to choose whether you want to hire android app developers or iOS app, developers.

In addition to this, you also need to confirm which tech stack you will be using. For those who don’t know, tech stack refers to technologies used in mobile app development. This includes instagram front-end language, frameworks, toolkits, etc.

  • Hire Mobile App Developers

Now, it is time to hire mobile app developer who will be doing all of the technical work for you. There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind here, such as their experience, expertise, and so on.

  • Front-end Development

Front end development process is where the design of the app is included along with the user experience. This is quite important in the process to develop an app like Instagram.




  • Back-end Development

It is during the back-end development that custom mobile app development services will be doing all the heavy lifting.

Here, they will combine all the different components and write the source code. Maintaining good communication with the development team is a good idea here.

  • Deployment

With all said and done, it is time to deploy the Instagram application clone into the market.

The deployment process highly depends on your choice between custom iPhone app development or an android platform.


This is the custom mobile app development process to build an app like Instagram. With this said, let’s look at what all of this would cost you.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Instagram?

Some of you might be wondering what it would cost you to develop an app like Instagram app. However, determining mobile app development cost isn’t that easy. For there are various factors involved in this process that may affect the cost.

Some of these factors are, as mentioned below:


App PlatformTech stackSecuritySize of App
ComplexityDeveloper’s LocationFeaturesAPI integration


These are some of the features that may affect the development cost. While we may not be able to give you an exact cost, what we can give you is a range. Therefore, you can expect the cost to develop an app like Instagram to range from $ 20,000 to $ 60,000.

If you are looking for a closer estimate, it is highly recommended that you consult an app development company that can help you with the same.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in the market. Its 100 billion dollar success story has inspired many others. With the right idea and development partner, you can develop a similar app to generate record-breaking revenue.

For that, it is recommended that you should consider consulting a globally – renowned mobile app development company that can help you with the same.


Yes, you can develop a similar photo-sharing app with features like user profiles, photo and video uploads, a news feed, likes and comments, direct messaging, explore sections, and social interactions.

Essential features include user registration and profiles, photo and video uploads with filters and editing options, a news feed to display content, social interactions like likes and comments, direct messaging, and content discovery features.

Building an app like Instagram involves technologies such as mobile app development frameworks, cloud storage for media uploads, image and video processing libraries, social media APIs, and a scalable backend infrastructure.

The development timeline varies based on factors like app complexity, features, team size, and development approach. Typically, it can take several months to develop an app like Instagram, from initial planning to launch.

Yes, a professional app development team can customize the app to align with your brand identity, incorporate additional features, and tailor it to meet the unique requirements of your target audience.

The cost depends on factors like app complexity, features, platform (iOS, Android, or both), development team rates, and location. Generally, it can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The size of the development team depends on the scope and timeline of the project. While having a larger team can expedite the development process, a skilled and experienced team can efficiently handle the project.

Implement a scalable backend architecture, leverage cloud services for storage and data processing, optimize code for performance, conduct rigorous testing, and monitor user feedback to address any performance issues.

Yes, you can monetize your app through various channels, including advertisements, sponsored posts, in-app purchases, premium subscriptions, and collaborations with brands and influencers.