Developing a mobile app for your business is a not difficult task but how to do mobile app market research can take your time.

Mobile app development isn’t tricky. But if you are going direct in the process of development before researching your market competitors, it’s better to not execute your plan further. It will only go in vain.

Moreover, researching is an unending loop. You have to stop yourself from researching unnecessary topics you have to be clear about the thing you are researching it will save you time and money.

If you want to launch a competitive product in the market, your research game needs to be so strong. This is going to help you in building a strong foundation for your mobile app in the market.

Just do the market research in the most effective way possible.

Usually, when you start your research phase just ask these questions-

  • How liable your product in the market
  • Are your product and services are better than your competitors
  • Your product is bringing change in the user habits
  • Is there a need for your product in the market

According to the Harvard Business School, every year 30,000 products are launched and 95% get fail because of poor market research. The report states that the global market value of the mobile application is expected to grow at a CAGR of 19.3% and reach $311,249 million by 2023.

So now the question arises “how to do market research in the right way”. Relax we have some best strategies for you to perform before doing the mobile app market research.

Read the entire blog and learn the effective way of doing market research for your mobile app development.

Importance Of Mobile App Market Research

For launching a successful mobile app, start with good market app research.  The benefits of market research are numerous before the process of mobile app development. According to the research, 142.9 billion apps and games were downloaded in 2021. More than 4k+ apps are added to the Google Play store every day.

Moreover, If you have decided to launch your app in the USA market. Do the proper research and plan accordingly before launching your mobile app in the foreign market otherwise, it will fail.

We have listed the importance of mobile app market research.

  • It will help you in analysing the competition and obstacles in your path.
  • Your product and services value
  • It helps you in finding the core value of your product
  • You can understand your customers’ needs and wants better
  • You’ll get to know the right time to launch your app.
  • Does your app clearly execute USP?
  • You can explore new ideologies and marketing strategies for your app.

Now it’s easier when you break everything down into categories. The market research for mobile apps can be done in two phase’s primary and secondary phases.

Let’s discuss this below in detail


Primary research


Secondary research

The first thing to do is conduct market research in depth. Start with basic information like, dislikes, habits of the users etc.In secondary research conduct sales and marketing strategy research.
Research the latest technology trends and how current market trend works with your business models.It helps in strengthens the product’s core
This will help you to find the target audiences and you can find the wants and needs of certain users.You can plan an optimized social media strategy because it helps in developing a practical social media strategy.
Primary research will broaden your mind about the market and the need for your product in the marketDo a strength, weakness, opportunities and threat analysis.
With the help of primary research, you can easily decide the features that you want to include in the mobile appResearch the target audience, optimize social media accounts, know what is trending and use both organic and paid strategy



Why Mobile Apps Fail?

Why Mobile Apps Fail?

There are several reasons for mobile app failure. Mobile app market research report state that 80% of mobile app ends up in failure because of poor market research. There is numerous reason for a failed mobile app but we will talk about the important ones.

Let’s discuss in detail about the failure of mobile apps.

  • Poor market research

Launching an app based on assumptions is not a good idea. Before the development process, you need to research deeply about the market need. This will save you from losing thousands of bucks.

  • Not helpful for the target audience

The main reason for failing in the market is that your app is not serving its purpose for the target audience.

Moreover, this shows the lack of strong mobile app marketing research.

  • Feature imbalance

A poor UI is the biggest enemy of a good mobile app. If your app features are imbalanced, it will not attract users and they will abandon your app after the first use. A successful mobile app has creative and amazing UI/UX components.

  • Ignoring competition

There are thousands of apps that launched in the market. Chances are somebody will come up with a better idea or serve with better product services. Never ignore the competitors always keep an eye on its latest product and services. This will help you to survive the competition. Also, if you are unable to adapt to the competition you won’t be able to survive.

  • Ineffective marketing

Poor marketing strategies will eventually fail your app. You have to regularly update the app it will help in creating the market for your app.

In addition, a strong marketing strategy will help your mobile app be visible to the target audience.

  • Lack of customer support

Most users abandon the app after the first use because of insufficient customer support.

However, if you fail to resolve the user issues it will directly affect your brand and this is the main reason why mobile apps fail. If you want to learn more about better customer services you can contact with custom android app  development services.

In the next section, you are going to learn how to do mobile app market research in the right way.


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How To Do Mobile App Market Research?


Congratulations, you made up till here. Now you know that every successful mobile app journey starts with the best mobile app market research.

We are providing you with the best methods that help you in the foundation of your mobile app. Let’s start with getting to know your target audience.

1) Know your target audience

We often heard things like my app is for everyone or it is for every woman out there. Don’t do this mistake. It’s important to decide who your target audience is and the group of people sharing a common interest.

However, data plays a vital role that helps you to relate with your targeted audience. Narrowing down your app target market help you to focus on market research.

You also need to see the target audience that prefers certain mobile devices. Like if 80% of the target user use iPhones, so you don’t have to invest in creating an app for android users. You can focus on apple users and create iOS apps. iOS app development is easy when you have team of expert developers.

You have to research  characteristics like:

Marital statusBackgroundIncomeValues
EducationPersonality traitsHobbiesBehaviour


Overall, when you do market research on your target audience don’t forget about the people who are interested in your product and services.

2) Use research methods

Some methods are relevant and help you in your research like primary and secondary which we have discussed above.

Now we will focus on other research methods which are proven to be the most useful in the market research of mobile apps.

  • Survey

A survey is the best way to do market research. Now the question is how to conduct a survey.

Start with giving a series of questions to a defined group of people to gain valuable information. This method is highly effective and easy to know the minds of potential users.

Moreover, when you receive feedback, use it to find out the poor and good critiques of the app. If you get negative feedback don’t get demotivated by it. This is the part of the process it will help you in moving further. Just make sure your survey length is around 10 minutes.

  • Social media listening

Another method is using social media listening. All around the world, people are using social media. There is so much free information on social media you don’t even realize.

But how to find relevant data from the sea of information? This is the question.

You can monitor social media apps and only focus on finding things that are relevant to your brand. This will help you in gaining insight into user behaviour with the products like yours and you’ll identify the pain points related to that products.

All in all social media listening is perfect to analyse customer needs and identify the mistakes of your competitors. You can hire dedicated developers and build successful mobile app.

3) Collect relevant data

In current times, the world is moving at a fast pace. When you conduct research, the information should be fresh, trustworthy and relevant. Now for doing mobile research you can collect relevant data with the help of online tools like Statista,, google trends and many more.

Moreover, they provide app-related data. You can find any data related to the app download, competitive growth analysis and top apps by revenue. This will help you narrow down your research access to little information is free but most of them are accessible with a paid plan.

One last tool Goggle trends tool is free and simple to use. This tool is amazing for searching trends around the world. So if you are planning to launch your mobile app in other countries, there is nothing best than this tool.


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4) Check your competitors

When you research the market you get to know about the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors. Also, this gives you a clear picture of consumer behaviour, the latest trends and things that you have to avoid in the development process.

When you do a competitor analysis focus on the product as well as the company. This will help you in determining your competitors and as finding them is easy they are already working in the industry same as your niche. So finding them is not a hard task to do.

In addition when you gather information just ask these questions.

  • What is their business model?
  • Is their app solve the user’s problems
  • Best and worst features of their app
  • What is their marketing strategy?
  • Identify the gaps in their business model
  • How much profit and revenue did they make last year?

Some tools like Mediatoolkit or Apptopia can help you in collecting data much easier. In the end, it is better for you in the process of developing a mobile app.

5) SWOT analysis

We have already discussed the SWOT analysis. As it is the best method among all for doing market research. This will help you in clearing all the doubts related to the competition.

SWOT refers to “Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats”. Just focus on this term widen your horizons and do the analysis of several companies. Doesn’t matter if it is big or small.

Moreover, make use of the SWOT analysis method we assure your success when you finish your market research with this method.

6) Apply research to the mobile app

Lastly, the research work doesn’t end here.

Jot down all the work in one place and compare them all. Start with the starting point and include it in your app. If you feel that it is not adding any value to your mobile app don’t feel hopeless. As it is part of the process.

We are sure that with the help of all the methods you’ll find gaps between things you find out in the research. It’s better to find mistakes in the starting process rather than find them in the end.

Therefore, in the research process, everything can be changeable as it’s just the starting point of mobile app development. If you are satisfied with the data results. You are on the way to launching a successful mobile app.



Wrapping up

Never forget mobile app market research before the development of the mobile app. It will help you launching successful mobile app.

We hope that our blog is helpful in your mobile app development journey. If you want to know more you can contact to mobile app Development Company. Thank you