Technology has advanced to a level that, now users can experience virtual world in real life, and this is due to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), The swift growth of AR and VR trends are changing the way oh human lives. The futuristic technology offers the environment to users which is virtual and augmented. With the help of VR, users can virtually feel various places, games, and movies like they are really in there. AR is changing the concept of how industries manufacture or repair a product. Along with AI and Automation, these two buzzwords have completely redefined the strategies that companies use for providing various services to customers

Being used by top brands such as Google, YouTube, and Facebook, both technologies will bring new changes in the digital transformation sector. In this world of escalating development, here are the top AR and VR Trends to watch out.

Future of Augmented-Reality Applications

Since the technology is advancing at a rapid pace and devices are becoming more and more powerful day by day, the future of Augmented Reality app development will become more refined. The future devices will be equipped with high-quality visuals and this is the main reason why the future of AR is bright. These AR applications allow users to interact with virtual environments easily. Prediction reports by experts show that the Augmented Reality app development global market will hit the figure of more than $198 billion, by 2025. Very soon, the screen-less display will become reality and by using AR, it will be easy to use any flat surface as a screen. The integration of AR with wearable devices will enable the seamless visualization of data. In the future, with the help of AR, body language will be used to control technology.

AR and VR Trends in 2020

Apart from gaming, various other industries are also being affected by the Augmented Reality technology and AR is creating an environment of adaptability, which will change the human feelings, thinking, and even the way humans heal. This new-age technology is accelerating and by 2022, the AR industry will be at the mark of $200 billion. The following are the industries that will be probably enhanced by Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality with AI

Developers have already started integration of Machine Learning in various AR and VR applications, and with Instagram’s basic function, i.e., filter function, this feature can be highlighted. Apart from this, AR is being integrated with Artificial Intelligence in various other industries also. Due to this, mobile devices can now easily view and understand the nearby items that are in the camera’s range. In the field of healthcare and medical, Google’s Machine Learning enabled microscope is becoming capable of analyzing cancer cells in tissue samples. The combination of AR with VR can help healthcare industries to get more accurate results for complex treatments and diagnostic tools.

Training and Teaching

The use of AR and VR in the education sector has been rapidly increased in the last few years. And according to facts and figures, AR/VR is the next new trend in the education sector and field of learning. Through VR technology, without the involvement of any risk, medical students will be able to practice virtual surgeries or constructions. On the other hand, the Augmented Reality Technology will be helping in sending real-time information to students for best practices.

User Entertainment With AR and VR Trends

According to the latest reports, one of the top VR headsets and equipment company Oculus has been partnered with the NBA to provide world-class VR entertainment to its users. Sitting on your couch, wearing the Oculus VR, you can enjoy the NBA game and feel like you are really in the game. VR technology is not only limited to games only, but users can also enjoy videos, movies and various other things with the help of VR.

Travel & Tourism

The popularity of Virtual Reality is increasing amongst the devices and no doubt, this is also affecting travel and tourism. Now from the comfort of their homes, people can experience any region or holiday place. Basically, with this technology potential customers can test or view a location without actually visiting it. This allows people to get higher information of a place earlier than they spend money on a ticket and hotel room, with travelers being able to enjoy everything definitely before committing. Alongside that is the truth that many VR apps allow customers to re-enjoy their holiday when they’ve returned home. This has been a good-sized improvement in traditional photographs, which makes it considered one of the bigger developments that could affect the industry inside the years to come.

 Augmented Reality in Vehicles

Unlike various other sectors, AR is also changing the face of the automobile industry. Augment Reality can improve safety while driving by preventing the driver from looking down at their phone or dash to gather information related to traffic or other circumstances while driving. With the integration of AR in vehicles, the information will be displayed on the windshield of the car or projected virtually on the road ahead, in the driver’s line of sight. Apart from helping the driver with navigation information, AR can also help drivers by making them aware of the hazards or other emergency situations on the road.

Retail Shop

The issue with purchasing clothes online is that you cannot try them before buying them, which results in buying the same outfit of two different sizes or hoping that the stuff you ordered fir you well. But soon with AR/VR technology, you will be able to you would be able to try clothes virtually before buying them. Various clothing brands are working for the improvement of their customer’s shopping experience by integrating AR/VR technologies in their stores. European retailer company ASOS also invested in the software development company, Trillenium to enhance the customer shopping experience with AR/VR.

Journalism and News

The New York Times has already set its foot in the AR/VR technology, and in upcoming years, various other media outlets will be joining this trend. Now you can watch news stories and documentaries with VR technology for a better experience. With the NYT VR app, instead of just listening to the news, you can watch it VR and feel it like you are standing just near to the reporter. Sleeping and eating is the only thing that we cannot replace with VR, but the possibilities of VR are endless.


The way that we watch sports activities is already converting, with numerous VR groups specializing in looking stay sports events. Next, you may watch the NBA, NFL, and other events and Live Like VR enables broadcasters and sports teams to deliver stay sports viewing reviews on mobile VR. That is an extraordinary way of establishing up live sports occasions to people who can’t tour to the venue or can’t come up with the money for tickets to look at the sports activities in individual. BT game broadcasted the UEFA champions league very last. In 360-degree VR via YouTube and the BT VR app, all totally free. You can watch the sport from numerous places within the stadium as if you had been truly there. Initiatives like this could help change the manner sports are watched.


VR is steadily converting the manner that architects layout and test with their paintings. VR makes it possible to look now not just what a building or area will appear like however how it’s going to experience. For home-owners, they are able to revel in the space earlier than it is bodily constructed and make actual-time modifications, which saves the customer and the architect money and time (in addition to growing pleasure on the final touch of the mission). Architects were the use of 3-d models for years but the use of immersive equipment inclusive of Revit Live lets in them to understand and discover the distance at the private level feasible.

Real Estate

You can find new residences from the comfort of your home without involvement property agent or sacrificing your weekend needed. This lets in people to explore homes online and then handiest view the ones you’re most probable to love in man or woman. Matterport is leading the manner and feature already scanned lots of homes the use of their scanning hardware.

The Bright Future of Virtual Reality

According to experts, VR technology is basically based on location, but it does not have any connection with GPS technology. The term location-based means, providing VR services to users regardless of their current location. In upcoming years, users will be able to experience things virtually by sitting at their homes. In the last few years, the use of VR in gaming industries has been increased and developers are focusing more on developing VR games. In 2018, the market size of Virtual reality was $7.9 billion, but it is expected that by 2024, the VR market will hit it to $44.7 billion. With the continuous advancement in technology, the entertainment and gaming sectors are investing hugely in the VR market. The Head-Mounted Displays(HMD) or VR Goggles allows users to feel the virtual environment in a realistic way.

Statistics About AR and VR

  • The market of AR and VR has already sold approximately 9 million units in 2018, it is expected to grow up to 65.9 million by the end of the year 2022.

  • The AR and VR headset sales will reach a milestone of $9.8 billion by 2020.

  • Around 54% of consumers believe that they would love to do shopping from the stores that are utilized with AR and VR.

  • On a count, around 48% of Apple’s AR Kits are used for gaming.

  • The AR technology is on hype, and there are more users of AR than VR, i.e. 13% and 8% respectively.

  • At the end of 2019, the market size was purported to be worth $3.5 billion.

  • By the end of 2020, there will be approximately one million users of AR.

  • The majority of Augmented Reality users fall in age between 15 to 30 years.


Virtual and augmented reality technologies shouldn’t be going away each time soon; because of the above information highlight, they appeared to hold growing over the coming years. Not most effective does this imply that we’ll see a multiplied variety of agencies running within the niche, it approaches that groups outside of it’s going to have to start adapting. That is specifically authentic in regions along with advertising and retail so that you can need to begin enforcing the technology into strategies over the coming years. With the number of ability clients that the era ought to entice, groups will leave out if it’s now not nicely taken gain of.