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Education App Development

We offer top-notch education app development services for edTech startups, universities, schools, and institutions. We’re an education app development company renowned for building innovative learning management systems and mobile apps.




Medu4 allows students to access best-fit online study material, personalized practice sets, video classes, forums and many more. We implemented smart search with advanced filters to make educational content easily accessible.

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Improve Student Engagement Using Modern-day Technologies

We help educational institutions and edTech startups by delivering custom e-learning solutions that help students get more from education. Our years of experience in education software development makes us a perfect pick for those who are looking for an education app development company with modern education technology expertise.

Learning Analytics & Student Management

We deploy data analytics in our education app development, to give you more accurate learning analytics about your students. We provide teachers with the ability to identify the weak points of their student’s knowledge, which enables the teacher to be significantly more effective.


Our education app development includes gamification and AR/VR implementation in edTech apps. These functionalities help learners to stay motivated. It also helps students to immerse themselves into learning, when dealing with difficult subjects such as history, physical science, medicine or language learning.

Enhanced Video & Rich Media Tech for Course Creation

We’re an education app development company that powers learning apps with advanced video authoring tools. We do this by integrating video plugins that allow learners to interact while learning. We make use of rich media technologies to make the digital content effective and intuitive for learners.

Apps For Educators

Education app development results in the teaching process being more convenient and effective. Educators use edTech apps to track students’ progress and share grades with the student’s parents or mentors. We also develop educational apps for educators to help them schedule classes, share study material with students, and conduct online tests.

Apps For Learners

EdTech apps are intended to make learning fun for the students. Thus in our educational app development, we can implement a separate set of features for every different type of student learning app. The edTech apps for students include but are not limited to language learning apps, apps for exam preparation, apps for online courses, apps for adult learning and apps for kids.

Let’s democratise education

Education is larger than the concrete-walled classrooms. With an increasing demand for e-learning, investors across the world are heavily investing in edTech solutions. During Jan to July 2020, the global edTech investment stood at $4.1 billion. Being one of the best educational app development companies, Nimble AppGenie will walk hand in hand with you to pursue your vision of improving the quality of education and access to education. We can help you with the development of:

Learning Management Systems

We deliver very resourceful, insightful, and highly intuitive LMS (Learning Management Systems) solutions as per your particular business case. We align your training needs to build a custom LMS software solution that is capable of helping you with administration, documentation, tracking and delivery of training programs, educational courses, and development programs. Our understanding of your company’s specific needs is what really sets us apart as an education software development service provider.

Self-learning Apps

Self-learning apps are a trending business model in current times. Apps like Duolingo help students learn by themselves. Building a self-learning app isn’t simple. It requires a lot of research on the user experience and user journey to ensure learners are kept motivated. To achieve this within self-learning apps, we often implement features such as competing with friends and other types of gamification.

School Information System

We are an education app development company that develops school information systems that comprise an administrative panel, apps for teachers, students, and parents/mentors. We know that the most crucial aspect of building a school management system is keeping the cost of development low, whilst integrating system data security, infrastructure availability and robustness.

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