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Fintech app development companies

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Nimble AppGenie provides first-class feature-rich fintech applications for industry newcomers as well as well settled enterprises.


Fintech App

The term “fintech” is used to describe a financial industry that offers various kinds of financial services for businesses and consumers. The fintech soft wares are designed to provide financial services to users in easier and simple ways.

top fintech software development company

Custom Reporting

In order to keep the productivity of the business, companies need to manage the data in real-time. We provide bespoke reporting of the development status to simplify the development process.

Top fintech app development companies Houston and London

Data Analytics

Our expertise developers have rich knowledge of developing analytics solutions for fintech enterprises that can help the companies in financial planning and forecasting by providing real-time information.

Why Fintech Apps for Your Business?

Fintech has vastly reduced middleman commissions as well as reducing transaction costs for users. The fintech apps are hugely popular with consumers. They also enhance financial services by making their businesses more operationality efficient. Now consumers are using online transaction methods over traditional methods for loans, insurance, crowdfunding, and money transfers.

In order to make your fintech app appeal to your target market, ensure that it solves a significant problem of your users. It is not always essential to launch a product with completely new features into the market. You can also provide services that are already in the market, but in an enhanced, cheaper and better packaged manner.

Improved Customer Experience


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Types of Fintech Applications

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Investment Apps

Highly scalable and quality-driven fintech investment applications that will help the users to monitor their daily expenses, portfolio values, as well as they can also invest in mutual funds.

+Financial App Development Company Bulgaria and Denmark

Insurance Apps

Fintech insurance applications integrated with the latest functionalities that will provide more adequate ways for users to connect with insurance companies easily.

+top fintech apps Serbia and Switzerland

Forex Apps

Top-Notch Fintech Apps for the forex sector will enable the forex industries to provide all the trading features on a single fully-fledged trading platform, to the app users.

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Cryptocurrency Apps

Get a feature-rich cryptocurrency app and currency exchange app developed by our experts to provide the feature of seamless and secure transfer of multiple currencies from mobile devices.

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Digital Wallet

Our expertise extends the use of fintech application by developing a digital wallet application that will enable the users to transfer money using credit/debit cards, NFC, or mobile number.


Fintech App Features

Fintech applications are revolutionizing financial sectors at a rapid pace, with users able to access many financial services directly from their smartphone. The features and functionalities these applications hold, make lives more convenient in a variety of ways.


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Nimble AppGenie now incorporates these industry-leading designs within fast and fully secure eWallet application development.

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FinTech and Blockchain

FinTech and Blockchain

Nimble AppGenie provides first-class feature-rich Financial app solutions, for established companies and newcomers within the FinTech industry.

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Healthcare App Development

Healthcare App Development

Realise the power of mobility in healthcare with our HIPAA and PHI compliant healthcare mobile app development services.

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On Demand Services

On Demand Solution

Furnish the on-demand requirements of your clients with our top-notch on-demand solutions, perfectly curated by our expert developers.

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Education App Development

Education App Development

We offer top-notch education app development services for edTech startups, universities, schools, and institutions.

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Enterprise-level transportation and logistics delivery management software at scale. We accompany you in your digital transformation journey.

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