Node.Js is a popular name for a JavaScript runtime environment that both business owners and developers prefer. All thanks to its event-driven architecture & non-blocking I/O model that has made it a compelling choice for developing real-time applications.

But still, if you are confused about whether you should use Node.js for your product or not, this blog will surely refine your thoughts.

Whether you’re exploring your possibilities or just want to improve your skills as a developer, you’ve reached the right blog post that will guide you through many vital details about Node.js.

A Brief History of Node.js

Let’s get into its captivating history:

Node JS Milestone

Ryan Dehl who is the creator of Node.js initially launched another runtime environment that was LiveWire Pro web, but it wasn’t satisfactory and received a lot of backlash.

The desire for an efficient way to build real-time web applications has made him launch Node.js as a prototype written in C++.

With that, Node.js was launched in 2009 with single-threaded but promising event-driven architecture.

With updates & new releases, it gathered attention from developers & grew into a vast community that increased its modules, libraries & gave more space for Node.js to flourish.

As of now, it is used for front-end & back-end programs to generate dynamic applications & perfect for data-intensive applications.

Fast forward to today, it’s the most-used framework among developers & has been downloaded over a billion times. With amalgamation with AI/ML frameworks, it will surely prosper more in the upcoming time.

Node.Js Market Stats

To understand Node.js better, it is important to delve into stats:

Node.Js Market Stats

As per Statista, Node.js is now one of the most-used web frameworks leaving React.js behind.

On one side where React.js is used by 40.6% of respondents, on the other side, Node.js is used by 42.7% of respondents. No wonder why businesses are turning to hire Nodejs developer for their projects.

There are several Advantages of NodeJS for businesses from scalability to boosting performance & many more, that we will disclose in the below section.

Once you understand their benefits, you will grasp the reason why it can be a perfect choice for your business needs.

Top Advantages of Nodejs for Businesses

As you know, the popularity of Node.js is skyrocketing.

It has proven to be lightweight, fast & reduces time to market. Let’s get to know about how businesses can benefit from NodeJS in detail. And, understand why it is a popular choice.

Advantages of Nodejs

1. Full-stack Development

Node.js is a renowned tool for full-stack development that has helped developers to create highly scalable & performing server-side applications.

It provides access to some amazing features such as Asynchronous & non-blocking I/O operations, which means no more waiting for data from an API.

Also, it is open-source & has a large community of developers who are constantly working towards its betterment. So, surely it is one of the Node.js benefits for businesses that make it worth the money & time.

2. Plenty of Libraries & Frameworks

Yes, you read that right.

Node. Js has a plethora of libraries and some of the best Node.js libraries are Lodash, Mocha, Meteor, Mocha, & many others.

Whereas talking about Node.js frameworks, some of the best are Jest, Express.js, NestJS, Angular & many others.

With such an extensive variety of libraries & frameworks available, you can always find your perfect tool to build scalable & secure Node.js applications adding more reasons to use Node.js in Your Business.

3. Fast Development Time

Time is precious; you can ask a product owner who is desperately waiting to launch their product in the market.

With broad as well as best Node.js library & tools, it can boost the productivity of developers, streamline workflows, and reduce the time to develop your product by removing the need to start everything from scratch.

Moreover, among other Advantages of NodeJS for businesses, one of the main ones is event-driven architecture & asynchronous I/O that helps to handle various requests efficiently while averting any logjams.

4. Scalable

Scalability is the property through which a system handles loads of work. And, Node.js is actually designed keeping that in mind. it can handle huge traffic without compromising quality.

Even developers can use its feature to grow the application vertically for adding resources & horizontally for expanding the program.

This is actually a great reason to use Node.js In your Business as it ensures your applications can be available to their customers and as the traffic grows on the application, it will not face any downtime.

5. Efficient Caching

Caching is one of the major NodeJS advantages. It provides several tools & Node.js libraries through which developers can implement it.

The work of caching is to store data that has been frequently visited; this helps to load web pages quickly, improve the response times, and reduces server load which is surely a major benefit of NodeJS for businesses. Just remember to keep the data fresh and remove the invalid one.

6. Mobile-friendly

We are living in a digital era, where smartphone is glued to our hands.

In such time, applications need to be mobile-efficient. Node.js empowers developers to build applications to handle the load, making it more adaptable & efficient.

Node.js developers can leverage the libraries & pre-built modules to boost mobile app friendliness which is why it plays a crucial role in web & app development.

7. Cost-effective

As an entrepreneur, when you think of any mobile app idea, you often think of cost-effective options to make it a reality.

And, this is what one of the best Node.js advantages as developers can use one language for front-end & back-end to develop solutions without breaking the bank. As a result, it is a top pick among software development tools.

Apart from that, as it is open-source, there are no licensing fees associated with it. And, for the same reason, extensive support & resources are available that reduce additional costs, which is why it’s cost-saving for businesses.

8.Larger & Active Use Community

If you’re choosing Node.js as your go-to option, one of the major benefits of NodeJS for businesses is that you will get the support of a large community.

Millions of developers with different skill levels are in this community who are always ready to extend their support for any kind of complexity.

And, as it is associated with JavaScript, it surely leverages its popularity & increases its reach to developers.

Also, It has a JavaScript package Management tool ‘’NPM’’ that has reusable components which makes it easy for developers to free a lot of time and focus on important tasks.

9. Easy to Learn

With the heading we believe you got an idea, among other Nodejs benefits for businesses, this one is especially for developers.

Any developer, who has JavasScript experience, can easily learn Node.js & have command of it.

With the growing popularity of Node.js not only developers but businesses also look forward to hiring experienced developers, as a result, businesses search for cost to hire Node.js developers. Mind it, the better the experience, the more they will charge.

10. Build Cross-Platform Applications

Yes, you read that right.

Node.js is a powerful runtime environment that can be used to develop front-end & back-end applications for any platform & provides immense advantages. Such as, It benefits developers as they don’t have to switch to another language saving their efforts & resources and reducing the development time as it eradicates the need to write different programs for different versions.

Overall, Node.js is ideal for cross-platform/hybrid app development that is used to create highly functional apps that can run on tablets, smartphones, & different operating systems.

11. Microservice Architecture

Node.js is a suitable platform for building Microservice Architecture.

Basically, how it works is it splits the application into smaller parts where each part is working independently and responsible for particular tasks such as product management, payment processing & others.

These microservices can be scaled as needed; this modularity helps in handling big applications that can be flexible as per shifting environments.

With that, we believe you have an idea about the advantages of Node.js, now it is time to understand in recent scenarios why businesses are shifting towards Node.js more.

Node.JS vs Other Technologies

As the market has a plethora of technologies, so why choose Node.js? Let’s compare it with some other technologies to understand it better. Without any delay, let’s dive in.

1] Node.js vs PHP

node vs PHP

You know it’s always been a hot topic which backend technology is right for your project PhP vs Node.js.

There is no denying that PHP & Node.js cater to web development. On one side where PHP development requires less code and has a vast ecosystem, another side Node.js technology provides an event-driven architecture and better efficiency of code execution.

PHP offers huge support from the community & variety of frameworks such as Laravel & symphony. And, it is accessible & easy to adapt for beginners due to its ease of use. Whereas, Node.js has a more active ecosystem and outshines in i/O intensive tasks.

2] Node.js vs Java

NodeJS vs Java

Java has maintained its position among the best programming languages in the world which is why it is compared with different technologies such as Java vs python & Kotline vs Java as well as Node.js vs Java.

Overall, we are just here to talk about Nodejs vs Java.

Java is quite popular & also better for large-scale enterprise development whereas node.js is efficient for building real-time applications & microservices. Secondly, Due to Javascript’s popularity, Node.js is easy to learn & compared to Java.

3] Nodejs vs Python

NodeJS vs Python

Next is Nodejs vs Python.

Python is a popular backend technology that is talked about a lot. There are several applications developed using Python such as Instagram, Google & others which is why we decided to compare Node.js with Python.

Coming to the point, Python is usually preferred for large projects & complicated web app development, all thanks to Python frameworks such as Flask & Django. On the other hand, NodeJS is considered to be best for building real-time applications.

There are several benefits of NodeJS for businesses such as handling traffic without reducing the quality. Due to simple syntax, Python may not be performant for high-traffic applications.

Understand it better with this table:

Features Node.js PythonPHP
Language typeJavaScriptInterpreted & Object-orientedScripting
ApplicationsWeb Apps, APIs, & I/O Intensive.Web Apps, ML & Data Science.Web Apps & Content Management Sytems
ConcurrencyFaster for I/O Tasks.GIL limits concurrency.Perfect for simple tasks.
Learning CurveEasy for beginnersModerateGentle.
LibrariesHas extensive libraries and is ideal for real-time apps.Need additional librariesLibraries not as competent as Node.js
CommunityLarge communityLarge communityLarge community

With that, we believe we have cleared some air about Node.js with other technologies; they all have unique advantages & disadvantages. It is worth noting that choosing Node.js also depends on your project requirements.

And, if you want to know about the big players of the market that are leveraging Nodejs benefits for businesses & making their name, then get to know about it in the next section of the blog.

Popular Companies Using NodeJS

Well, if you want more reasons to know why use Node JS for your enterprise, we are here for it.

There are many well-known companies in the market that harness the power of Node.js. Let’s study some use cases:

Popular companies Using NodeJS

1. Netflix

There are some apps that have surely gained the top spot in the best video streaming apps like Hulu and Netflix.

When it comes to Netflix, Up until they used JAVA as their backend & JavaScript as their front end, but due to ineffective communication between the two. Netflix UI is now powered by Node. As a result, it handles traffic easily and enhances the user viewing experience.

2. Uber

There are several best taxi booking apps present in the market, but none of them is anywhere near to Uber. If you take a closer look at Uber’s statistics, you will find it has grown exponentially within a few years.

Also, Uber was among the first adopters of Node.js to streamline ride-booking & payment gateways in their app. Since, it has to handle huge concurrent requests; Node.js was the right option for their backend to handle requests, track location & more.

3. Walmart

One of the popular e-commerce giant ‘Walmart’ also uses Node.js.

Through e-commerce app development, they have connected to millions of people, which calls for a better system that gives users a better experience.

Initially, they were seeing a lot of performance issues, but as soon as they moved to Node.js it helped to faster loading, & system optimization which resulted in a seamless user experience.

4. Twitter

Twitter is a social media Giant.

Despite a try by Meta to give competition to Twitter with their Threads app launch, but the popularity of Twitter remains the same.

Twitter chose to use Node.js to improve the performance of its mobile website. The team after delivering this app on Node.js, surely saw a reduction in operational issues, as well as helped in mobile data savings.

5. PayPal

While writing about big players, we can’t forget apps like PayPal.

PayPal is a huge online payment system. A system that holds 20.52% of global market share payment. Well, they have also adopted Node.js but have quite an interesting story behind the adoption of Node.js.

They assigned two groups to develop prototypes with 5 developers for Java development & 2 for Node.js.

As a result, the Node.js team made the same progress as the other team. This is how they chose Node.js and it contributed to scalability, improving development efficiency & improved performance.

These are some of the best advantages of NodeJS that have been used by the top companies. You can also get your hands on this technology and enjoy several Nodejs advantages for your business.

But, the question is as a startup or business how can you decide whether Node.js is the right choice for you which brings us to the next section.

Where is it best to use NodeJS?

In the current scenario, there are several programming languages that are being prioritized, and among them, Node.js is a top choice for building real-time applications & web application development.

Moreover, it also works well for apps that have to process a huge number of requests.

When it was launched in 2009, it was initially adopted by the fans of JavaScript, but, as it shows amazing Node.js benefits for businesses, & developers, the platform became adopted by many.

But, it still isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. So, for whom it should be considerable, here are some ideas:

  • For creating real-time applications.
  • RTAs
  • For developing web applications.
  • For Browser games.
  • Social media Applications.
  • Complex SPAs.
  • Streaming Software.
  • Collaboration tools.
  • Chatroom’s

With that, now if you plan to leverage Node.js advantages, you need to take the help of the top company in the market which is where our next section will help.

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With that, we believe you understand there are several NodeJS benefits for businesses that are already leveraged by some top players in the market to improve their user experience.

Overall, it serves as a powerful tool to build IoT applications, single-page & real-time applications. But, you should understand its pros & cons to know whether it will serve your business objectives. And, if you look ahead to harness the power of Node.js., then you should surely take the help of Nimble AppGenie to secure a prime spot in this dynamic landscape.


Businesses use NodeJS to develop server-side applications as it’s fast & scalable. Although, there are several Nodejs benefits for businesses such as it can target different platforms, is lightweight, and offers stability in the long-term which is why it is a compelling choice.

Node.js supports the cross-platform development of different applications including IoT, microservices, APIs, and more which is why use Node JS for your enterprise.

There are many businesses that use Nodejs such as PayPal, Netflix, Uber, Walmart, Twitter, Slack, and more. However, these are just some of the names that use Nodejs otherwise the list is really long.