Kotlin vs Java! Which one is better for android development?

Well, both of these programming languages are amazing in their own right. Both half of the development community favor Kotlin while other half takes liking to Java.

And this can be very confusing for clients new to the field. So, which one should you use for your future project?

This can be a difficult choice. That is why we will leave this up to.

In this blog, we shall be discussing everything you need to know about Kotlin and Java as well as Kotlin vs Java. Therefore, with this being said, let’s get right into it:

Kotlin vs Java: Everything You Need To Know

Kotlin vs Java: Everything You Need To Know

World of mobile app development is vast. There are a lot of technologies that  can be used for different things. But two mobile app development programming languages that stand out of rest are, Kotlin and Java.

Now, choice really depends on the app you are developing and your business preferences. But you have to know it yourself. Therefore, in this section of the blog, we shall be going through definitions, examples, as well as advantages and disadvantages of both of these programming langauges.

Therefore, let’s get right into it:


What are Java Development Services?

What are Java Development Services?

The Java indicator was previously known as Oak. It was named by founding father James Gosling after an oak tree that grew just outside his office.

It is best suited for Android as well as iOS app development since it is platform-independent, and as a result, Java apps work on any platform. Java is a runtime environment called the Java Runtime Environment and an API. Most Android apps are based on Java, one of the top-used languages available on GitHub.

Java is a primary powerful, robust, and durable object-oriented programming language suitable for various purposes, including creating and managing Android applications, web application servers, embedded systems, extensive data, and so on. Java was first released around 1995 in 1995 by Sun Microsystems, which is now owned by Oracle, and most of its functions are available as open source.




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  • Java is multiplatform and can be used on virtually any device, server, or operating system.
  • Its code is secure, and it is impossible to allow Java instruction to alter memory or harm information from other applications of OS X.
  • Java is an object-oriented language that makes it simple to build modular applications and reuse components that help to increase strength.
  • It’s ready to use, and utilizing Java has many third-party codes available.
  • If you compare Kotlin with Java performance, compared to different languages, Java can be a breeze to compile and makes debugging and deployment easy.


  • Java’s syntax can be somewhat complicated or difficult compared to other languages like C + or Python.
  • With Java, it is difficult to access certain types of content that are incompatible with the gadget or the equipment being used.
  • Getting access to the latest Java improvements in mobile development takes work.
  • There are occasions when Java creates problems for Android APIs.
  • Test-Driven Development in Java requires more code and increases the probability of programming mistakes and bugs.

This is everything you need to know about Java Programming languages, its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s move to Kotlin now.

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What are Kotlin Development Services?

What are Kotlin Development Services?

Kotlin is a statically typed programming system that can be converted into JavaScript and runs in both browsers and a Java virtual machine (JVM).

People often Hire Android App Developers who uses kotlin to create stellar android apps.

The original intention was to make programming in Java more efficient A team of JetBrains team created Kotlin in 2017.

In the year following, Kotlin became its own official programming language. With the help of Google, Kotlin was rolled out as a possible alternative to Java for developing mobile apps.

Tech giants such as Netflix, Trello, Uber, Twitter, and Pinterest utilize Kotlin to build their Android applications, and others are in the process of converting to Android.

Kotlin the Kotlin programming language is a blend of functional and object-oriented programming in a non-restricted way. Thanks to this feature, Kotlin is extremely powerful and suitable for Android and server-side applications.





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  • Kotlin’s Application Deployment is quicker to build and light and helps prevent applications from growing in size.
  • The software written with Kotlin is significantly smaller than Java because it is much less verbose, and less code is a sign of fewer bugs.
  • Kotlin makes the program into a bytecode executed by the JVM. All the frameworks and libraries created are written in Java and can be transferred to and run in the Kotlin project.
  • Kotlin script lets you configure projects within Android Studio for mechanical completion aids and helps minimize error detection at compile time.
  • It’s safe from NullPointer Exception.
  • Kotlin integrates coroutines and also interoperability with Javascript to allow web development.




  • Kotlin could be more well-known, which is why its developer communities could be more active compared to other well-known languages, such as Java.
  • Kotlin is a weak pattern that matches, and the initial code readability is more difficult to comprehend and read initially.
  • There is a small support group since Kotlin is less popular than Java. Additionally, it lacks blog posts, libraries and tutorials.
  • Kotlin has a long learning curve. Switching teams to Kotlin due to its concise syntax could be a significant problem.
  • There are a few Kotlin developers in the marketplace. Therefore, finding a seasoned instructor can take time and effort.

Kotlin Vs. Java Performance Analysis

Kotlin Vs. Java Performance


Now that you know what both of these programming languages are and their pros and cons. It’s time to going through the Kotlin vs Java Performance comparison.

To find out which one of them is better for android app development services,  we shall be comparing both of these head to head in various different areas. Therefore, with this being said, let’s get right into it:


Kotlin vs Java Coding Speed

Kotlin and Java both offer the same speed when it comes to coding.

Java is more efficient in coding than Kotlin Therefore, developers can take less time thinking about the best solution. Yet, Kotlin has more laconic structures, which allows the developer to type more minor code.

Finding a solution to a complex problem in Kotlin takes longer than it does with Java and Java, which means that Kotlin is more cognitively demanding. If you are an abstract thinker, Kotlin is the ideal option.

Since the differences in code speed between these languages aren’t substantial, the result of Kotlin vs Java on coding speed is an even draw.

Kotlin vs Java Performance

Each of Kotlin and Java is compiled to ByteCode which is run by JVM, which makes it challenging to evaluate the two in terms of the amount of memory used. So, determining or tracking their performance takes a lot of work.

With its additional options, Kotlin is more functional than Java. Furthermore, because of the Kotlin Coroutines tool and Coroutines tool, it is also more efficient to work with multi-threaded applications. However, Kotlin compiles and executes slightly slower than Java and Java, primarily due to its many options.

However, Java is simple and offers fewer features than Kotlin and thus can be compiled faster. Since the difference is tiny, the fight of Kotlin is against it. Java-based performance is also an issue.



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Kotlin Vs. Java Stability

Concerning stability, we observe a marked contrast between Java and Kotlin.

Java has been in the development stage for quite some time. Long-term support is available for Java versions such as Java 8 and Java 11 and 11. Developers can resolve the issue with patches if something is wrong with the versions in question. Developers can download different versions of Java by obtaining a free license.

While Kotlin is also a well-established language, it’s more recent than Java and has yet to have any versions that have long-term support at the moment of writing. While the two languages, Java and Kotlin, are considered stable, Java is more stable.


Kotlin vs Java Extension function

One of the significant advantages of Kotlin as compared to Java is the inclusion of the extension feature that allows programmers to add extra functions to the class. This is accomplished by prefixing the name, the class and the function.

This is one of the main reason why it is such a good choice for custom android app development.

Kotlin vs Java Data type

In Kotlin, variables are specified with a data type that isn’t required, but in Java, it is mandatory. Declaring variables as data types has several advantages, including identifying certain kinds of errors, optimizing memory, and speeding up the arithmetic process.

So, Java wins the battle of data types.Thus, this is yet another big factor that you should consider.

Kotlin vs Java Coding convention

In Kotlin, the line breaks are used to structure the code construct. In contrast, Java uses the semicolon to conclude a sentence or declaration. This means the Kotlin syntax is more straightforward to follow than Java’s. Java convention.


Kotlin vs Java: Implementation

The ease of deployment ensures customer satisfaction, as it facilitates creating and testing new updates, code and modules. Since Kotlin has fewer code lines and is simpler to deploy and maintain a Kotlin application compared to Java.


Kotlin vs Java: Static members

Java is a Java programming language that is a static member for its classes, and Kotlin doesn’t use its static keywords.

So, it is impossible to make static methods and static variables using the programming language Kotlin.

Kotlin vs Java Documentation

While Kotlin and Java have a lot of information, finding a guide for Java is simpler because it’s been around for longer. Java is generally thought of as the most straightforward programming language to master, and it is available in the official documentation at Oracle.

However, even though it’s a relatively new language for me, Kotlin’s official documentation is enough for anyone to be able to use it. So this results in the drawing.

Kotlin vs Java: Popularity

According to the data from Google Trends, Java has the attention of designers more so than Kotlin. While Java has seen various changes and a few downs, its popularity is still higher than Kotlin by a considerable distance.

The main reasons behind this include the longevity of Java and the ease and resources available to start using Java.

But, Google’s efforts have also contributed to Kotlin’s acceptance and use, for instance, launching Kotlin into the fourth place for the fourth most popular programming language within the Stack Overflow 2020 developer survey.


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Kotlin vs Java: Community

Kotlin was developed in Russia, and, as such, an impressive percentage of Russian developers have decided to go with Kotlin, which is the basis for the Kotlin community.

Yet, Kotlin’s Kotlin community is twenty times less than Java’s, which is why more developers are attracted to Java.

A large portion of the community of developers that uses Java comes from the USA.

The United States of America has a massive population of young developers. Java is relatively easy to learn, and students often begin their education using Java.

Kotlin vs Java: Learning curve

Although Java and Kotlin both have a wealth of documents, Kotlin has a smoother learning curve. Java needs much more codes than Kotlin to solve a problem.

However, it has also been in the development stage for an extended period. It has a more active community, meaning a novice will find the required documents and support more efficiently.

Kotlin, on the other hand, requires higher cognitive investment in learning than Java. It also requires less code, which makes it suitable for experienced developers and visual learners. Thus, the top choice for learning the curve would be Kotlin.


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Kotlin vs Java is a debate that has been going for a long time now. But if you are someone who’s wants an answer to the same, it is highly recommended that you consult an android app development company.