Do you want to develop an app like Strava? Wondering how much does it cost to develop an app like Strava? You are in the right place.

Due to the pandemic, people now have become more cautious about their health & started prioritizing both physical & mental wellbeing. To address this, fitness apps like Strava help people to take back control of their life.

These apps allow people to track their activities, analyze their progress, and even share their achievements with others. Businesses seeing the growing trend of fitness are eager to develop an app like Strava.

Because of that, one of the primary concerns they have is:

“How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Strava?”

The cost to make an app like Strava can be somewhere between $30,000-$120,000. The cost can vary depending on various factors such as feature integration, development platform, and more.

To give you complete knowledge, this blog has all the necessary details including the cost to launch an app like Strava, factors affecting it, and more.

Overview of the Fitness App Market

Strava has a huge community of 120 million athletes; Gen-Z and Millennials are putting it to the best of use.

Get to know more about it through these fitness industry statistics:

Overview of the Fitness Social App

The Global Fitness App Market is likely to reach $10.5 bn by 2026 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 26.5% during the forecast period.

Undoubtedly, this presents businesses with a golden opportunity in this sector which is why they are looking forward to mobile app development. With a focus on feature-rich solutions, they can engage their customers and boost sales.

Let’s dig into some other stats about apps that are serving users with the right fitness they need:

  • 77% of Gen Z athletes say they feel more connected by looking at their friends & family activities.
  • More than 2 billion activities were completed on Strava.
  • 76% of Strava companions said exercising with their furious companions is more fun & that’s what takes them out of the house.
  • 40 million activities are recorded per week on Strava.

With that said, if you want to build an app like MyFitnessPal or Strava, this is then the best time to get started. For this, we highly suggest you take a look at the below section and get inspired.

Reasons to Develop an App like Strava

Reasons to Develop an App like Strava

If you are looking for a reason to develop an app like Strava, this section is of help.

We want to share all the best benefits that will blow your mind. Get to know them:

1. Increase Your Revenue

One of the best reasons you should develop a fitness app is because this sector is rising and will make you more money than you think.

You can provide a better experience to your users through an app; let them track their fitness journey, make changes, and share, this way they will stay engaged with your app. A well-designed fitness app is a perfect way for your business to earn good revenue.

2. Get a Competitive Edge

By analyzing the market and your competitors, you can get to know about the pain points of people and the challenges of the fitness market.

This will help you bring a unique USP to your app and draw more users through it as well as help you avoid any sloppy fitness app development mistakes. By demonstrating that your app has something different, you can gain a competitive advantage and dedicate yourself to a better experience.

3. Improved User Experience

Without a stellar user experience, even the most innovative app struggles.

By creating a fitness app tailored to your user’s needs, you can present the best fitness apps to your user that offers an exceptional experience.

The key to doing so is to keep the navigation simple and feature-rich that matches user needs, leading to increased engagement & satisfaction.

4. The Perfect Marketing Channel

A fitness app can help you target more users without having a hole in your pocket. If you have an app, you can easily target your users with marketing deals, promotions, launch new services, etc without spending a lot of money.

You can also send them personalized messages through push notification services that guide them to a new offering or help them find relevant content on the app.

5. Build Brand Awareness

A fitness app is a great way to build brand awareness.

With compelling visuals, you can attract new users to your fitness app and cultivate a user base, and position your brand as a leader in the health & wellness space.

A fitness app can go beyond a workout companion for users and can become a platform for brand awareness. By implementing amazing strategies, you can cultivate a loyal user base.

These are some of the best benefits that you will get from your fitness & workout app development.

After that, it’s time to add some of the best features that can help ensure your app’s success easily & quickly.

Essential Features to Include While Strava Like App Development

In this dynamic landscape, you need to have amazing features in your app to separate it from other successful apps.

Here are some of the must-have features to incorporate in your Strava-like app that are fun to use & essential for our valuable experience.

Essential Features to Include While Strava Like App Development


  • Incorporating Voice Command Capabilities

If you are in the middle of a workout and want to change a setting, reaching out to your phone can break your pace & interrupt your focus.

However, with voice commands, you can control and manage your settings. These are especially best while working out when using hands might be inconvenient.

These are some of the best features you should integrate to develop an app like Strava.

With this out of the way, let’s talk about the cost to launch an app like Strava.

  • Compatible with Different Devices

Multiple device compatibility is one of the most important features to help your app reach a much larger audience.

Simply put, people like when their workout data can get transferred to any device from time to time, making fitness accessible to them from any time and anywhere.

  • Integration with Wearable Fitness

Integration with wearable fitness is helpful for your users. You can level up the fitness journey of the user through this addition. Sometimes it isn’t easy to manually enter your workout data and this is where wearable’s can be helpful to save user time & eliminate any errors.

This wearable data can be helpful in understanding their body metrics and areas demanding improvement.

  • Training Plans & Workouts

Offer pre-designed plans and workouts, this way they can explore as per their needs.

Suppose they need a breathwork app to focus on breathing, your app can fulfill it by offering them pre-designed routines and sessions catering to their needs.

Overall, this allows users to explore and customize their routines as per their fitness goals.

  • Customized Plans with AI

AI has slowly gotten into all kinds of industries. You can also leverage its power by using it in your app like Strava to provide customized workouts.

Integrating AI might seem like an addition to your cost of making a fitness app, but it can be a game changer that will unlock significant value for your fitness app.

  • Third-Party Integrations

If you have used apps like Strava, you know it can be linked with third-party apps including PureGym, Digme, and others, and can track all activities be it cycling, running, or else.

You can also leverage this feature to sync user data at a centralized location to help them gain insights whenever they want.

  • Detailed Dashboards

Offer your users a comprehensive dashboard where they can see their progress including trends and personal bests.

This will give them an idea about their fitness journey and help them track their progress towards their goal keeping them motivated.

  • Social Challenges

The challenge adds fun to your fitness journey without making your users bored.

Taking the example of Strava, you can host regular challenges for your users to take them towards weekly or monthly goals.

This will not only motivate your users to spend more time on your app but also engage their sense of competition and reach their progress goal easily.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Strava?

The question is so “How much does it cost to build an app like Strava”?

As per our earlier discussion, it will cost you around $30,000-$120,000. This cost can vary due to various factors such as development platform, features & more.

For a better understanding, here is a small breakdown of the cost to develop an app:

Basis Cost
Basic Functionality (GPS tracking, recording, workout data)$30,000-$50,000
Social Features (Following, Groups & Challenges)$50,000-$70,000
Data & Performance Analysis (Dashboards, Goal Setting, etc.)$70,000-$100,000
Advanced Features (Training plans, wearable integration, and voice commands)$100,000-$120,000

These are just estimates. Just like that, the cost to make an app like Strava can be affected by a lot of elements.

Get to know more about them in the section below:

Factors Affecting the Cost to Develop an App like Strava

Factors Affecting the Cost to Develop an App like Strava

To launch an app like Strava, you need to know about the factors affecting the Strava clone app development cost.

Let’s explore all the key factors that can shape your cost to develop a fitness app like Strava.

1. Development Team Location

We need to find an app developer to bring your idea to reality.

Now, it goes without saying that the location of the developer can affect the overall cost to make an app like Strava. Such as, suppose you hire mobile app developers from the USA, the charges will not be the same as for developers from other countries.

Here’s a small breakdown of the hourly rates of different countries’ developers to help you understand better:

BasisHourly rate
Eastern Europe$50-$80

Now there is another factor affecting the cost to make an app like Strava and that is:

2. Developer’s Expertise

Another key factor is the experience of your developer. If your developer is an expert and has ample years of experience, their charges won’t be nominal.

To see how a developer’s expertise changes the cost to make an app like Strava, you should check out this table:

Developer Expertise DescriptionHourly rates
Junior team of developersBasic skills and also needs a senior to manage$15-$35
Mid-level developerExpert in basic skills, somewhere independent, etc.$35-$75
Senior DeveloperBetter expertise, guide projects and advise others.$75-$150+

3. Features

More features can lead to more complexity of the fitness app.

What we are saying is if your app has basic features it will take less time for development and reduce the overall cost.

But, if your app has advanced features, it will add more complexity, increasing development time & effort leading to growing costs to develop an app like Strava.

4. App’s UI/UX Design

Workout streaming apps like Peloton and Strava have one thing in common which is amazing UI/UX design.

A visually appealing user interface can assist your user to connect with your app easily & will be easy on your budget. Whereas, adding interactive elements and graphic animation might increase their effort and the cost to develop an app like Strava.

5. Platform

The next factor we should consider is “Platform”.

To create an app, you need to choose the right platform be it Android or iOS app development or hybrid app development. This can also affect your cost to develop an app like Strava.

Here is a table breakdown of the platform that will help you understand how it affects your overall budget:

Platform TypeCost Range Estimated Development Time Description
Android App Development$20,000-$80,0002-6 monthsDeveloped for Android.
iOS App Development$30,000-$70,0003-6 monthsEstablished for iOS.
Hybrid App Development$20,000- $50,0003-6 monthsSingle Codebase for multiple platforms.

6. Maintenance

To keep your platform error and bug-free, you need to take the help of ongoing app maintenance & support services.

Feature updates, regular revamping, and maintaining server infrastructure are necessary to keep your app functional in the long run.

By promptly addressing bugs and security vulnerabilities, you can prevent app crashes and protect user data, this helps mitigate any damage to your reputation and saves you from budget overruns in the future.

CTA_Do you want to turn your fitness app idea into reality

How Long Does it Take to Develop an App Like Strava?

After understanding the cost to develop an app like Strava, it’s time you get knowledge about your app development time.

See, there is no accurate time that we can tell you. There are a lot of factors that come into play while deciding the time.

Get to know about it:

Features Time Estimation (In weeks)Description
1. Core functionality4 to 8 weeksGPS tracking, Activity recording, Basic Data Analysis, etc.
2. Social Features4 to 12 weeksThird-party integrations, detailed dashboards, social challenges, customized plans with AI, etc.
3. Route planning4 to 16 weeksAbility to search for routes, share routes, etc.
4. Advanced Analytics8 to 20 weeksDetailed performance metrics, training plans & goals, etc.
5. User Interface4 to 12 weeksPrototyping & wireframes, design iterations, etc.
6. Back-end development8 to 20 weeksServer-side logic, data storage, security, and scalability.
7. Testing & bug fixing4 to 8 weeksThorough testing on various devices, fixing bugs, etc.
8. App store submission2 weeksApp store guidelines compliance, etc.

Overall, it’s around 20-32 weeks; this is just a rough estimate that we shared. Now know that the time can change as per your project requirements. There are also several factors that are involved that impact your time & cost to develop an app like Strava.

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Wrapping it up!!

When it comes to developing a fitness app like Strava, it can be an exciting venture, through this you can empower your user to track their fitness journey and push their limits to build a better life.

This blog is perfect for taking steps towards building as it answers the most important factors such as the cost to develop a Strava-like app.

Also, if you made up your mind to take steps ahead, let Nimble AppGenie help you in the development process of bringing a high-performing app to reality.


  • What Are The Key Factors That Can Change Your Cost To Develop A Fitness App Like Strava?

Several elements can change the cost to develop a fitness app like Strava such as the development platform, the complexity of your project, the features you want to integrate, the development team’s expertise & experience & more.

  • What is the Strava-like app development cost?

The cost to build a fitness app like Strava can be somewhere between $30,000-$120,000 which can vary depending on the project’s requirements and complexity.

  • How Long Does It Take To Build A Fitness App Like Strava?

The time taken by a fitness app like Strava can be between 20-32 weeks and can increase or decrease as per your project needs & requirements.

  • Can Outsourcing Lower The Cost Of Building A Fitness App Like Strava?

Yes, outsourcing can lower your cost to develop a fitness app like Strava as you can take the help of companies from those countries that have low labor costs. Ensure to connect with them throughout your project for better output.

  • What Ongoing Investments Can Help Ensure The Long-Term Success Of My App?

Some of the ongoing investments that can help ensure long-term success are maintenance & bug fixes, feature updates, server costs and scalability, marketing, and more.