For shopping sprees, BNPL apps such as Klarna have proven to be a magic wand and have assisted them in making purchases quickly without worrying about paying the full amount at once.

Klarna has been a go-to option for many people and is surely an excellent choice. But, If you are not exploring other apps like Klarna, you are missing out a lot.

In this blog, we will assist you with the best Klarna alternatives that will help you save big on your purchases, & make your purchase quickly.

Check out some of the apps that you might want to consider.

BNPL Application Market Size

Knowing what’s going on in this market is necessary where Fintech statistics play a vital role. With that in mind, let’s go through the stats on how BNPL applications are making a difference.

BNPL Application Market Size

By the end of 2024, BNPL users will exceed 94 million users. In line with any other country, US & European shoppers make up the largest market share.

  • What’s surprising is women use these services more than men.
  • Overall, the frequency of users using these services has increased, with 32% of shoppers using the BNPL Application at least once a month.
  • While you might have expected that BNPL loans are used the most to buy clothing items.
  • Apart from this, it has also the largest impact on electronic sales.

Knowing about these stats will be surely helpful for you to understand better about these BNPL apps & how their market popularity is making them the best Fintech app idea for startups & businesses.

Speaking of apps, let’s explore our options for Klarna Alternatives.

Top 10 BNPL Apps like Klarna

As promised, we are here with the top-notch apps that let you shop without paying all at once. Get to know about them in the section below.

AppsAvailable onTotal Downloads
AffirmAndroid & iOS5M+
PayPal PayAndroid & iOS100m+
AfterPayAndroid & iOS5M+
SezzleAndroid & iOS1M+
Apple Pay’s LateriOSN/A
Future PayAPKN/A
PerpayAndroid & iOS1M+
SunbitAndroid & iOS100K+
hummAndroid & iOS500K+
TabbyAndroid & iOS1M+
LaybuyAndroid & iOS1M+

Now, let’s get to know them in detail:

1. Affirm

Affirm BNPL Apps like Klarna

One of the most famous Buy Now, Pay Later apps that is famous across the globe. They have 6 million customers and help users make purchases effortlessly.

Affirm doesn’t have any hidden fees; once you take their service you can split payments and pay the cost in installments every two weeks or make a larger payment at the end of the month.

In case, if you opt for a monthly one, they can charge you an APR of around 0% to 36%.

Moreover, they also offer a “Shop with points’’ feature that allows customers to redeem their rewards through their accounts. Consequently, this feature helps to make their purchase economical which is why users love this app & consider it as the best alternative to Klarna.


  • No hidden fees.
  • No interest.
  • No effect on your credit score.
  • Easy setup
  • Automatic payments.

2. PayPal Pay

PayPal BNPL Apps like Klarna

PayPal is a top online payment system & perfect eWallet app development that has revolutionized global commerce.

With PayPal Pay, you can safely buy from numerous retailers from different categories without worrying about advance fees. You can easily make interest-free purchases of $30-$1500.

Unlike other top apps like Klarna, they also offer easy pay in four plans, which is a good option for small and mid-sized purchases. Or, you can even opt for monthly payment, but before that, you have to go through a soft credit check. This option includes interest from 9.99% to 29.99%.

We have shared details that have your best interests; we can all agree that apps like PayPal surely strive to deliver the best experiences. And, you can take their services for an efficient purchasing experience.


  • variety of services at competitive prices.
  • Different repayment methods.
  • Autopay facility is available.
  • No later fees.
  • Use it with different brands or retailers.

3. Afterpay

Afterpay BNPL App like Klarna

Afterpay is among the top alternative apps to Klarna.

You might wonder how? Based in Melbourne, Australia, it is an amazing BNPL application that allows users to purchase online items or in-store, & split the cost into interest-free installments.

If you are someone who is budget-conscious, you should surely opt for AfterPay and instead of paying all at once, you can pay in four payments over six weeks.

With the increasing craze of BNPL, Afterpay is a great app to take inspiration for businesses and opt for FinTech app development.


  • Safe & secure.
  • Amazing customer support.
  • Shop from millions of stores.
  • Enjoy exclusive deals.
  • Split the payments.

4. Sezzle

Sezzle BNPL App like Klarna

With 2.5+ billion users and 30,000 merchants, it becomes necessary to add Sezzle to apps like Klarna for BNPL.

What makes it so different is that it lets you shop from thousands of merchants as well as compare prices too, to grab a good deal for yourself.

And, to make a payment, you can opt for the “Pay in 2, Pay in 4, and Pay Monthly’’ between 3-48 months options.

Both Pay in 2 & 4 don’t charge any interest, and the monthly interest varies between 5.99% & 34.99%. Also, if you make a one-time payment, you might improve your credit score.


  • Shop from Millions of online & in-store retailers.
  • Earn exclusive deals & rewards.
  • Subscription-based app.
  • You can set up budget alerts.
  • No hard credit checks.

5. Zip

Zip BNPL App like Klarna

Formerly known as QuadPay, Zip is among similar apps to Klarna.

It has tie-ups with different merchants that give you the freedom to buy from a variety of categories including grocery shopping, fashion, travel & much more.

What’s more? It allows you to compare prices of similar products from different merchants & choose the product at an affordable price.

You can make use of up to $1000 interest-free, before that they do a soft credit check to take a quick look at your profile. Once it’s done, you can split the payment up to 4 schedules over 6 weeks.

A seamless result of mobile app development that is designed with privacy & security in mind, make sure to check this app out.


  • No interest.
  • Millions of retailers.
  • Exclusive offers & discounts.
  • Friendly reminders.
  • Shop from your favorite brands.

6. Apple Pay’s Later

Apple Pay BNPL Apps like Klarna

Anything launched by Apple is nothing less than perfection.

As a result, we had to bring this app to our list of alternative apps to Klarna that is specifically dedicated to Apple fans.

Through Apple Pay Later, you can leverage to make purchases from $75 to $1,000 and pay-in-four plan which assists in dividing your payment and makes it easy for you to release the payment.

Similar to many other Klarna-like apps, they don’t charge interest or fees, but make sure to do a credit check as part of their procedure. It’s a surely go-to BNPL app for Apple users.


  • Split your payment.
  • No interest or hidden fees.
  • Two-factor authentication is needed.
  • Instant verification.
  • Multiple card support.

7. Future Pay

Future Pay BNPL App

As the fintech sector is evolving, from banks going digital through mobile banking app development to getting incorporated in BNPL apps, a dramatic change has been detected.

And Future Pay has surely its fair share of contributions in this shift; the app is based in the USA, Lehi, Utah. The platform takes an innovative approach to the subject. It allows the merchants to sell items on credit.

With Future Pay, you can make a purchase at 1500+ brands and stores & then pay using mobile banking apps, credit, or debit card & pay flexibly interest-free. As you use it, you will know why we consider it among the best BNPL apps like Klarna.


  • Ease the checkout process.
  • Virtual store card.
  • Rewards program.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Make multiple purchases & manage them.

8. Splitit


Well, well, we have Splitit here with a unique approach that you might like.

Compared to other buy now pay later apps like Klarna, Splitit doesn’t burden you with unnecessary fees or credit checks. They allow you to purchase items through credit or debit cards & pay for them in multiple installments of up to 12 months.

What’s amazing is they are spread across 200 different countries so if it’s available in your region, you can use it via your Visa or MasterCard.

It is one of the best Klarna Alternatives that you must try and enjoy rewards.


  • No hidden fees.
  • No debts.
  • Enjoy rewards & deals.
  • Leverage the benefits of a credit card.
  • Transparent & secure.

9. Perpay

Perpay BNPL App like Klarna

Perpay is one of the pay apps like Klarna that allows anyone to access their BNPL services, even if they have a bad credit score.

You can unlock up to $1000 to shop from different brands & several categories including electronics, home goods, apparel & more, what else do shoppers need? But, adding more to their benefits they also provide an easy repayment option through ‘split in-4 payments’.

The app links to the best digital apps like Apple Pay & Google Pay to provide easy, offline, & convenient purchases which is why many users consider it to be among the best apps like Klarna.


  • Automatic deductions.
  • Different educational resources.
  • Helps you improve your credit score.
  • No interest or hidden fees.
  • Convenient & flexible payment options.

10. GoCardless

GoCardless App like Kalran

GoCardless is based in the United Kingdom and, as you can guess, it is among apps similar to Klarna & its biggest threat.

They have partnered with 55,000+ merchant partners, including many eCommerce platforms & have a simple goal to make payment faster & cheaper. And, make your data more accessible via open banking.

This platform is known for its transparency & simple UI/UX design which makes it one of the Top Klarna alternatives. It has amazing security features that you can check out by using the app.


  • Allows International Payments.
  • Keep track of your payments.
  • Secure payment link.
  • Allows one-off payments.
  • You can customize it.

11. Uplift

Uplift BNPL App like Klarna

Uplift is a name we highly suggest you add to your list of the best apps like Klarna.

Why do you need to do that?

Well, Uplift is a top Buy Now Pay Later application that focuses on travel & shopping. You can make purchases without paying all at once and split the cost into monthly installments which seems easy.

To get a loan, all you have to do is pass a credit check and then you can opt for interest-free options. Well, some plans charge you money but that depends on your credits & purchase.

Overall, it’s surely one of the leading BNPL apps that takes away your financial stress and frees you from debt-free traps.


  • Virtual Card Available.
  • You can opt for different payment plan options.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Simple payment plans.
  • No late fees or pre-payment penalties.

12. Sunbit

Sunbit BNPL App like Klarna

Again, we have another one in the top BNPL app “Sunbit” that has made its name for itself.

Sunbit has emerged as a great app that has surely reduced the stress of people making purchases through shoppers. The app is available in more than 12,000 locations across in-store & online.

But unlike other names in this BNPL app list, Sunbit may require a down payment for purchases; APR rates can be different depending on your purchase starting from 0% to 35.99%.

But it is surely worth the use, give it a try yourself.


  • No late fees are charged.
  • You can choose from different payment options.
  • AutoPay Option.
  • Virtual Card.
  • Shows you transparent cost.

13. humm

humm BNPL App like Klarna

We have already brought in many names that are good for small & mid payments similar to cash advance apps. But, here we have another name ‘humm’ that you should include in your list of BNPL apps.

humm is to make big payments, with big limits. You can purchase from different categories such as Home renos, dental treatments, solar installation, jewellery & more. You can apply up to $5k to $30k for next purchase. Also, get to make repayments between 3 to 60 months which is surely helpful.

it is surely something that has won over 2.7 million customers throughout different countries including Australia, New Zealand, UK & Ireland, and has completely transformed the way users pay.

Overall, it is surely among the best finance apps like Klarna that make bigger purchases easy & convenient.


  • Choose from different categories.
  • Flexible repayment option.
  • Integrated with different brands.
  • Enjoy rewards programs.
  • Secure & reliable platform.

14. Tabby

Tabby BNPL App like Klarna

Tabby is one of the household names among the best apps like Klarna where you can track thousands of items & grab the best deals.

The platform makes sure to offer many deals to grab customer attention & updates from exclusives

With the success of apps like Tabby, BNPL apps have become a popular fintech app idea to make money for businesses too.

Once you make a purchase, you can make interest-free payments and split your payment in 4, they have recently launched their virtual card which can be used for shopping anywhere VISA is acknowledged.

Shop with Tabby from different categories without any price barrier.


  • No interest or hidden fees.
  • Track your payments.
  • Get amazing discounts & cash back.
  • Offers virtual card.
  • 24/7 Customer support.

15. Laybuy

Laybuy BNPL App like Klarna

Here, we have added one more name that is driving users crazy with its user-friendly interface & access to thousands of retailers from across the world.

You can use Laybuy to purchase without paying the full amount at checkout. And, just pay 1/6 today & remaining over 5 weeks remaining. Also, if you decide to pay on time, you can free yourself from any interest.

Using their “Boost’’ facility you can spend more than your Laybuy Limit. With that, people love to use it by ditching other top BNPL apps like Klarna and shopping from their favorite brands.

Trusted by millions, it is the go-to BNPL app which has inspired many companies to hire mobile app developers & bring more such apps to the market.


  • Split into budget-friendly payments.
  • 100% interest-free.
  • Works across many brands.
  • See your upcoming Payment.
  • You can pay off your installments early.

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As technology grows in the market, more & more forms of financing options will grow. We have researched hundreds of BNPL services to shortlist the 20 best apps like Klarna that are user-tested & can be helpful for you.

We have compared their interest rates, features, and other relevant factors to keep you well aware. Check them out & find the best one for you.

For businesses who want to keep up with the trends, you can build a BNPL app that is tailored to your user needs with the help of Nimble AppGenie.


BNPL Apps are software that help users to buy goods & services without having to pay complete payment. Many BNPL apps are currently available in the market such as Affirm, Tabby, Afterpay, Klarna, & more.

Every BNPL app comes with its own set of terms & conditions make sure to read about them. Also, ensure to understand the interest charges, & installments. So, you don’t fall prey to anything.

Several BNPL apps have proven their worth and are used by millions of people such as Affirm, Sezzle, Perpay, Zip, Laybuy, humm, Tabby & more.

BNPL apps don’t allow Instant loans. Their work is to split the cost of purchases into small payments. So, if you want an instant loan, then BNPL might not be the right solution for you.

First of all, they split your payments, these apps don’t provide a loan. Many BNPL apps first do a credit check and then reject or accept your application. Make sure to check their services, and interest rates before applying for anything.