Let’s See Why Everyone Company Wants To Develop A Makeup App.

Makeup and cosmetics industry is one of the largest in the world. And among all the markets in the world, USA has the biggest and fastest growing one.

Every year US market sales figure for makeup and cosmetics is around $50 billion. And the overall market for makeup and cosmetics worldwide is worth around. It is expected by the year 2027 the value will hit $463.5 billion.

However, we aren’t discussing the traditional makeup industry today. Rather we shall be getting into a new front of the make-up & cosmetic world.

With everything being digitized and the convenience the smartphones & apps offer, it wasn’t long before beauty companies developed virtual makeup try-on apps.

In fact, despite being a young concept, makeup apps have gained amazing popularity. They have attracted millions of users and the audience base is very strong. Some of the more popular makeup applications have also attracted a lot in funding and investments.

So, as one might expect, this sparked interest in a lot of business owners as well as entrepreneurs. If you are someone who is interested in the make-up app concept, this blog is for you.

Here, we shall discuss everything related to makeup apps and how to develop one. Therefore, with this being said, let’s get right into it:

Virtual Makeup App: All You Need to Know About MakeUp App Development

Everyone knows what makeup is. However, on the flip side, the concept of makeup app isn’t that popular or well-known.

So, what is makeup app development?

Well, this is a unique mobile app. Also known as Virtual Makeup Try-on App, this is mobile-based software that allows users to try making up on their face using the camera. This app shows results as if the user actually applied the makeup on their face.

This begs the question, what is the purpose of this app?

It serves multiple purposes. With custom make-ups features and AI solution integration, the user can also create makeup to try on, before doing so in reality.

Moreover, many salons and makeup studios also use this app as it allows customers to choose one that they would like. Apart from entire makeup, users can also try only one part like lipstick shades and so on.

This is the basic concept of application for makeup and how they work. And if you play close attention, it is also related to salon app development at some level.

Moving on, Today, the idea to develop makeup isn’t something that every business trusts at first glance, and rightfully so. But there is proof of makeup apps being successful and we shall be discussing just that in the next section.


Success Story of YouCam Makeup App & Other Popular Virtual Makeup Try-on Apps

Success Story of YouCam Makeup App & Other Popular Virtual Makeup Try-on Apps

Have you ever heard of an app called YouCam? If not, it is time you do.

YouCam Makeup App is a product from PerfectCorp- a market-leading beauty company based in Taiwan. This app is available on both iOS and android.

So, this isn’t just any makeup application but one based on powerful technologies like machine learning and computer vision.

As a top-notch cosmetics simulator app, it allows users to try, PerfectCorp’s beauty products via the app in real time.

The success of this makeup filter app is its funding round as it managed to secure $100M. Moreover, with over 1 billion downloads and generates 1.68 Billion Virtual Try-ons Per Month.

The top features of this platform that made it a market sensation are, as mentioned below:

  • Virtual makeup try-on
  • 1-on-1 makeup advisor
  • Virtual Accessories
  • Test different hair colors
  • AI Skin Diagnostic

Coming from an innovative company, YouCam has skyrocketing market success and it’s still going strong. With its growth and offering, it has gained the status of “SUPER APP”.

However, these are not the only makeup plus try-on app in the market. Let’s look at some of the other popular ones.


Popular Makeup App in Market – Top Makeup Apps

Well, the market has some amazing makeup editor apps. However, if you are looking for the best photo makeup, some of these are, as mentioned below:

  1. ‘Oréal Makeup Genius
  2. ModiFace
  3. Sephora To Go
  4. Perfect 365
  5. Beautylish
  6. Beautiful Me
  7. Visada
  8. The Glam App
  9. Pretty in my Pocket

These are some of the popular makeup app in the market. All of them are one above another with amazing offers and unique features.


Why Invest In Make Up App Like YouCam Make Up & Sephora Makeup

Why Invest In Make Up App Like YouCam Make Up & Sephora Makeup

It’s easy to develop an app for business. The difficult part is deciding whether or not to do it.

The first question any investor asks is, why build a makeup app? And you might be wondering about it too.

Well, there are more than enough reasons to invest in these apps. Here, we shall be discussing 3 of them.

  • Young Market

The market for makeup apps is still young. There are only a handful of applications that too from big brands.

Today, the barrier to entry is low and the benefits it offers are many. Therefore, by creating a market-leading makeup app for your business, you can get a strong foothold in the market and become an industry leader in the near future.

There are only a few markets in the world of business that offer this opportunity and fewer still with potential like this one.

  • Strong User base

Another big reason to invest in app for makeup is its strong user base.

Makeup apps like YouCam have already attracted 1 billion makeup app download. And this is just one app. With a few other apps, the total audience base for these apps is strong.

This means you won’t have a hard time finding an audience won’t be that hard and that’s a good thing. Therefore, this is a strong reason to invest in this platform.

  • Revenue Generation Potential

The main reason why a business invests in mobile app development is to generate revenue.

With other apps already making millions in profit for their respective companies, there is no reason you can’t do the same.

In fact, with the right makeup app development idea and mobile app development services you can make millions in the market. So, all you need to do is create best free makeup app.

Speaking of which, let’s look at some of the tops makeup app ideas in the next section.


Top MakeUp App Ideas

Top MakeUp App Ideas

So, considering that you want to develop a makeup app, it’s time to look for ideas. Therefore, to help you with the same, we shall be looking at some top ideas for makeup application development.

  • Makeup App For Salons & Make-Up Studios

Salons make-up artists and makeup studios can highly benefit from this application.

The app can allow their customers to try makeup products virtually before getting it done in real life. This won’t only improve customer satisfaction but also save their time.

Overall, with millions of apps in the market and billions of app users, this can also help them attract more people from across the area.

This is something that we often see with on demand app development solutions. As they help food and grocery delivery business attract higher footfall.

  • Makeup App for Cosmetic Companies

Well, the cosmetics and beauty industry is one of the world’s largest. There are beauty companies like Lakme, LOreal, and so on have been developing their own virtual makeup apps.

This allows their customers to try on their products to see how they would look in real life. This way they can try lipsticks, Sephora, hair colors, shades, and so on.

It’s a proven way of boosting sales and revenue overall. So, if you are a cosmetic firm that wants to develop a makeup app, add this makeup app to the list of projects.

  • Online marketplace + Virtual Makeup Try On App

Online marketplaces like amazon are very popular among people as they can get all they want in one place.

Now, there are apps for almost every cosmetic company’s eCommerce store. However, there’s an even better idea.

Imagine an online marketplace for top cosmetic and makeup items. To compliant it, a makeup virtual try-on app integration allows customers to try the products.

While this might sometime develop, this makeup has the potential to generate millions.

Let’s see how you can convert these ideas into reality below.


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Build A Makeup App Like YouCam: Step-by-Step Process

Build A Makeup App Like YouCam: Step-by-Step Process

Want to develop a makeup app?

It’s easy; all you need to do is follow a development process. And in this section of the blog, we shall be going through this exact process.

The process is, as mentioned below:

1) An Idea

The first thing you need is an mobile app dea.

In last section, we discussed some of the popular makeup app ideas. You can choose one of them or come up with your own unique idea.

But you know what’s better than one idea? It’s two or more ideas.

Let us explain: there are chances that your idea might not be right for app development or not something people want. Therefore, it’s better to move forward with more than one idea. This will give you backup plans.

2) Market Research

It’s important to conduct research on your market.

Mobile app market research allows you to collect valuable information and gain insight into competitors & more.

Once you have all you want from the market audit, it’s time to move to idea validation.

3) Validate Idea

Again, you don’t want to move forward with a concept that may not be fit. That’s why you need to cross-check it.

Here, you have to make sure the idea can generate money, attract an audience, there’s a need for it, and so on.

After this, it’s time to choose a business model.

4) Choose A Business Model

It’s important to choose the right business model.

There are a lot of things that go into starting a mobile app like youcam makeup app. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you choose a model that best fits your business or create one.

Once this is done, it’s time to hire developers.

5) Hire Dedicated Developers

This is the time to hire dedicated developers.

Well, there are various ways to hire developers in this modern age. And these are, as mentioned below:

There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind. However, once you find an app developer, it’s time to choose a platform and tech stack.

6) Platform & Tech Stack

Since we are talking about developing the best photo makeup app, it’s more than important to choose the right platform.

So, mobile apps run on the operating system. Therefore, when developing one, you have to choose one or all of them.

You can either hire dedicated android app developers, Hybrid App developers, or create apple makeup app depending on your business needs.

With this done, we can start with the actual development process where the final version of makeup editor app will be created.

7) Mobile App Development

This is the part where a team of app developers builds the final version of the app. The process is divided into two parts:

  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development

All in all, the design and source code is created here. Due to the amount of coding work it involves, the process can take a long time.

For that reason, it is recommended to maintain good communication with the development side. Anyhow, when development is done, it’s time to test the app.

8) Testing

QA team goes through the make up app to check it for its issues, errors, and bugs. If there are none, it’s good. If there are any, the app is sent for changes.

After all the necessary changes are done and the client approves the makeup app, it is sent for deployment.

9) Deployment

The deployment process takes up to 2 weeks at most. After this is done, you can start maintenance & support services.

This is the process used to develop a makeup app. Now, let’s see how will all of this cost.


Cost To Develop A Makeup App

So, how much does it cost to build a makeup app?

Mobile app development cost isn’t all that easy to predict. The reason is that there are a number of factors that can affect it.

The average cost to develop a makeup app ranges from $15,000 to $175,000. For more details on the same contact an IT Consulting Firm.


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You can develop a makeup app and generate millions in revenue. If you are someone who wants to create one for your business or want to learn more about the process, contact a mobile app development company.