News Apps have completely transformed how we consume news. With the increasing social media consumption, people often fall prey to the wrong news & information.

As a result, news apps fill a critical need in today’s world by providing instant, personalized, and engaging access to information.

But, with the overwhelming number of news apps available in the market, it is hard to choose one. In this blog, we will help you out with the best news apps in the market.

Without any delay, let’s delve in:

News Apps Market Size

Before you get to know about the top news apps, first let’s check the news apps market:

News Apps Market Size

The above survey depicts that the global news & magazine app market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% from 2022 to 2028.

With the growing demand for real-time news updates, the rising adoption of customized news feeds, and audio-based magazine apps, consumers are fascinated & bolstering the market of news apps.

With more and more technological advancements, new mobile app ideas, and interactive content, the market will see a rise & drive more growth than ever.

If you want to be a part of this market, this is the right time to take steps forward.

List of the Best News Apps

There are several apps that claim to be the best, currently available in the market. With thorough testing, we have brought apps that are trusted by users & are used the most.

Whether you are searching for the best free news apps or news apps for your locality, this list is of help. So, without any delay, let’s get to know them-

1. NewsBreak

NewsBreak Local News & Alerts

Let’s start with the OG of the news app “NewsBreak”.

The News App has a huge fan following through which people like to receive news updates about what’s happening across the globe.

It is the best free news app that collects stories from different sources for current events, free live news, local weather alerts, and much more & delivers to users. They emphasized bringing neighborhoods together by sharing unique stories altogether, so you can stay updated about all things local.

All in all, it’s a great option for people looking for wide coverage of news from local, national to international.


  • Breaking News Alerts.
  • Timely Weather Alert.
  • Customized news feed.
  • Wide-ranging news coverage.
App launch 2016
Total Downloads50M+
Available Android & iOS

2. Google News

Google News App

You can’t expect anything less than perfection when it comes to Google.

Google News is a news aggregator app that organizes and brings news from around the globe.

You can get an overview of the news and if you want to read the complete story, click on Full Reach panels that show videos, tweets, and more details.

Moreover, you can subscribe to a particular news source or category and get real-time updates; you can also “like or dislike” different news stories as per your choice.

Overall, it is one of the best free news apps that provides news from different categories which you must use.


  • Discover current events.
  • Bookmark and share articles.
  • Subscribe to news providers & topics.
  • Check the full coverage of any article.


App Launch 2006
Total Downloads1B+
Available Android & iOS

3. Inkl

inkl News without paywalls

It is one of the best news apps why we said it, you will get to know it as you read more.

First of all, it has great UI and focuses more on customized news feeds where you get high-quality news that just feels like you are reading a newspaper.

They have a variety of RSS feeds, blogs, podcasts, social media searches, and more that any user can subscribe to.

Their unique selling price is, instead of any clickbait, they focus more on feeding you the right news to you. Plus, if you are tired of reading negative or bad news, don’t worry you can access the “Good News feed”, to start your day with just positive news.

Inkl is the result of the right mobile app development where you are the customer, not the product. Take a 7-day trial, and if you like, you can continue with a subscription.


  • Offers positive stories & ideas.
  • Paid ad-free interface.
  • Automatic renewal of your subscription.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.
App launch 2015
Total Downloads100K+
Available Android & iOS

4. The New York Times

The New York Times

The New York Times is one of the most-talked & best news apps.

It is one of the few apps which remain on people’s lips. There’s an increase of 42% in total subscriptions since 2019 which surely means the app has attracted users by providing better content.

You can’t miss this news app for free, which provides you with wide-ranging news through 160 countries with its original reporting & unlimited free articles.

Moreover, users find it interesting that they can customize their own feed as well as use augmented reality to enjoy an immersive reading. Overall, it’s a premier news app that you must try.


  • Integrated with different social media accounts.
  • Offers Podcasts and Audio series.
  • Wide range of sections.
  • Customized recommendations.
App Launch2008
Total Downloads10M+
Available Android & iOS

5. CNN News

CNN Breaking US & World News

CNN News is a renowned name, a platform where they provide exceptional news coverage to their audience.

Satiating the demand for news, CNN has become a household name that sees approximately 200 million visitors each month. They also provide various kinds of internships through which interns can write high-quality blogs & make money.

Besides a diverse range of content, it also offers live-streaming features to provide you with real-time coverage of news which is why for many people it is one of the best news apps.

With this feature-rich app, they ensure you stay updated on the latest news, get in-depth analysis on top stories, & much more. It is surely the best news app for Android & iOS.


  • Keep users updated with live streaming.
  • Variety of content.
  • Breaking News alert.
  • Read Articles & save them later.
App Launch2010
Total Downloads10M+
Available Android & iOS

6. Yahoo News

Yahoo News Breaking & Local

With vibrant UI design & aesthetics, Yahoo News surely sets itself apart from other best news applications.

It has a robust collection of different news that you can choose from easily as they group related articles in your feed. This helps users to find what they are looking for and enhance their reading experience.

Initially, they started collecting articles from CNN, Reuters & BBC, but now they also focus on the original content which made them even more popular among the best apps for news.

Truly, the way Yahoo News has expanded is amazing, and now known for breaking news too such as the Tokyo Olympics was covered by them. This led to getting traction from all over the world. Also, it motivated other businesses to invest in mobile app development & get a perfect news app for users.


  • Big Breakings around the world.
  • Share the news.
  • Engaging community.
  • Multimedia Experience.
App Launch 2010
Total Downloads10M+
Available Android & iOS

7. Reuters

Reuters News

Reuters is one of the best news applications.

It is one of the largest news organizations with 2,500 reporters in 200 locations which ensures you can’t miss out on what’s happening around the world.

With their extensive global coverage, they bring stories from around the globe on various topics including political, social, economic & cultural developments.

If you are looking for news apps for free? We suggest you Reuters. In their free version, you get a lot of amazing content. However, they work on a mixed model, as a free & subscription-based app.

The platform ensures to provide news through different channels including text, videos & pictures, and general as well as business news to keep you engaged.


  • It offers a global reach.
  • Multimedia content.
  • Covers different topics.
  • Real-time news feeds.
App launch2010
Total Downloads1M+
Available Android & iOS

8. BBC News

BBC News App

It’s a news app that has a trusted history of standing on top among the best apps for unbiased news.

BBC News is one of those news agencies that provides the latest news, big breaking & local that too in different forms including articles, videos, podcasts, and documentaries, satisfying the needs of different styles & preferences.

With 426 million people accessing BBC News each week across the globe, it has surely attracted users from different parts of the world by serving them trusted content.

Overall, it’s a great app trusted by many that you should try.


  • Reputed source.
  • Local & international reach.
  • Multimedia experience.
  • Interactive features such as Q&As.
App launch2010
Total Downloads10M+
Available Android & iOS

9. Digg

Digg News App

Whenever you want to read something spicy, go to Digg. With the slogan “What’s the internet talking about right now?” they serve users with amazing news content.

Digg delivers short summaries for professionals to get a quick peek at what’s happening around making it one of the cool news apps. Although you can ‘dig’ deeper in the news if you want to.

The platform stands as a general interest news site; their professionals go around the internet to bring the best news which is edited by their team.

Overall, their unique approach to providing news hasn’t only attracted users but investors too. No wonder investors want to hire mobile app developers and bring more apps like Digg.

Certainly, with thorough analysis and in-depth reporting, they deliver eye-captivating content which makes them compete and make a place among other best news apps.


  • Emphasizes on community.
  • Discover the latest content.
  • Share the news with others.
  • Recommended top pieces.
App launch2004
Total Downloads10K+
AvailableAndroid & iOS

10. Apple News

Apple News App

Apple never disappoints, no matter what they launch.

Unlike other good apps for news, Apple News especially focuses on Apple devices & uses AI technology to customize your news feed depending on your reading history, so that whatever you use the app, the content stays relevant to your interests. Amazing? Right.

The app generally comes installed on your Apple device through which you can explore stories from 400+ leading publications, solve puzzles, and even listen to news audio while doing other chores.

In general, it’s a perfect news app for iOS that gives you the freedom to grasp your choice of news however you want.


  • Access top stories.
  • Share your subscription.
  • Listen to the week’s best article.
  • Get the latest local, national & international coverage.
App launch2015
Total DownloadsN/A
Available iOS

11. Flipboard

Flipboard The Social Magazine

Flipboard is one of the best news apps for free that brings news, stories & conversations around any passion which is why It is read by millions of people.

True to its word, it provides everything in one place as a social magazine. Once you choose your interests, Flipboard creates the perfect magazine for you.

Besides that, you can customize this magazine as per your interests; collect stories, images & videos which can be set to public or private as per your choice.

As you discover more people on the app, you can follow them, and give a like or comment to share interests, this will help you socialize on the app. So, ditch your regular news and try something fun & different with Flipboard.


  • Read, like & share stories.
  • Collect the stories as per your themes & save them.
  • Engage with fellow Flipboard communities with similar interests.
  • Keep us updated with the latest news.
App launch2010
Total Downloads500M+
Available Android & iOS

12. Feedly

Feedly Smart News Reader

Every day millions of professionals connect with Feedly on their phones & tablets for blogs, magazines & sources that matter to them.

It’s a powerful content news aggregator with a superb UI design that helps you organize, categorize & discover content that matches your best interests & enhances your reading experience.

The best part? You can also customize your journey by creating different categories of different topics, filtering content based on keywords, and saving any article to read for later.

It’s among the great apps for news that cares about fostering engagement instead of passively providing information. With different exceptional features such as highlighting, note-taking & sharing, you can stay engaged with the app without getting bored.

If you haven’t tried it, make sure to add it to your list.


  • Easy to organize.
  • Allow you to customize your feed.
  • Share with other social apps like LinkedIn & Zapier.
  • Power Search.
App launch2008
Total Downloads5M+
Available Android & iOS

13. SmartNews

SmartNews Local Breaking News

Whether you are a picky reader or an avid content consumer, SmartNews empowers you to cut through extra information and get the best piece of content that suits your needs.

Moreover, you can get straight to your favorite topic by following the subject matter you like to read about.

Trusted by millions of users, they do thorough research before bringing any piece of news which is why only 0.01% stories get to you that matters.

The popularity of this amazing news app stems from trustworthy news. As a result, they have won reputed awards & recognitions such as ‘Best local news app for 2022’. This is why we picked it as one of the top news apps for our list. We hope you like it as much as we do.


  • Follow your choice of topics.
  • Offer a news slide.
  • Share & discuss articles with your friends.
  • Offline reading feature available.
App launch2012
Total Downloads50M+
Available Android & iOS

14. Microsoft Start

Microsoft Start News App

Microsoft is quite a reputed name, so whatever they bring has to be high quality.

Their news portal is also impressive which improves your experience with news content. How?

Firstly, you can choose from different categories that captivate your mind & fit well with your requirements. Secondly, you can customize your news feed where you get to choose what you like to see from the wide-ranging content including entertainment, sports, tech & science.

Besides being the best app for unbiased news, they also offer games, wallpapers & also fulfill the role of a shopping app by providing amazing shopping deals.

It’s surely one of the great news apps that deserves your attention.


  • Custom updates on followed topics.
  • Earn multiple rewards.
  • Get access to 1000 premium publishers.
  • Read, write & send messages directly through the app.
App launch2012
Total Downloads10 M+
Available Android & iOS

15. NewsBytes

NewsBytes Short News

NewsBytes is one such news app that draws attention for serving news of diverse sorts, such as sports, politics, & more.

Similar to dating apps, it also has a swiping feature through which you can swipe in different directions (left & right) to find other news articles. And, if something captivates your mind, swipe up to read the article.

From business, tech, sports, lifestyle and tech to entertainment news, they offer exclusive coverage so that you don’t miss out on important aspects.


  • You can use dark mode for better reading.
  • Bookmark the article to read later.
  • Calendar UI feature available.
  • Contextual timeline.
App launch2013
Total Downloads100K+
Available Android

16. Fox News

Fox News US & World Headlines

Fox News is a popular name, especially for its coverage of the news election season. People just stay hooked to the app to see polls & breaking news from the campaign trails.

This news agency is quite famous for its conservative-leaning editorial position, although they cover various topics, but mainly focus on USA politics.

However, they don’t only deliver news but also stay in the news for facing criticism. Whether you like their approach or not, undeniably they are playing a strong role in shaping the American media landscape.

If you want to check out some best free news apps, we highly suggest that you check out “Fox News”.

  • Customized news feed.
  • Offline Access.
  • You can easily share & save articles.
  • A huge library of live & on-demand clips.
App launch 2009
Total Downloads10M+
Available Android & iOS

Overall, we believe now you have an idea about the best news apps that are ruling the current media market with their unbiased news and huge coverage.

If they inspire you to launch your own news app, then the next section is of help.

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In essence, with so many sources of misinformation that break every day, you can save yourself with the right news app by your side.

We have shared the 15 top news apps for 2024 that are famous among users and tried & tested by our experts too. These apps will be your companion to get access to local and international news that can be adjusted as per your needs.

If you want to talk to experts to build such apps, Nimble AppGenie is here to help. Enjoy this lucrative market with tailored solutions that not only make you money & enhance user experiences too.


There are several best free news apps available in the market such as BBC News, Google News, CNN News, Feebly & many others. Some of them may have a premium version, but you will get great content from the free version.

Yes, Microsoft News, & Apple News can be great alternatives to Google News that are trusted and used by many users.

Flipboard, Yahoo News, New York Times, Google News, etc. are some apps to listen to news.

Although there are many news apps that are widely used & famous for different reasons, we can’t pick one. For example, NewsBreak is famous for local news, SmartNews for local breaking news, Google News for daily headlines, etc.

Reuters, Microsoft News, Flipboard, Google News, and BBC News are some of the famous & reliable news apps.