Learning a new language is a tough nut to crack. It makes sense to excel in it; you have to do a lot of practice.

What’s better than having regular chatty practice with native speakers, this will not only make you more confident but also help you with fluency. But, the main issue is to find opportunities to practice, which is why you need to look forward to language exchange apps and invest your time in them.

If you explore a little, you might find a lot of apps. When we say a lot we mean A LOT. However, we have brought to you the language exchange online apps by filtering the market with thorough research.

Regardless of your needs, these apps are well-suited for every requirement & have surely gained traction from users. Let’s get to know more about them.

Market Stats for Language Exchange Apps

The popularity of any market is known through its market statistics. So, let’s first get to know about it.

  • With new & more investors being optimistic about this market, it is expected that the market will likely rise to $1.24 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 12.3% from 2023 to 2030.
  • The most popular languages on these language exchange apps are Spanish, English, French, Japanese & Chinese.
  • The popularity of language exchange apps is growing all across the world, but the markets of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, etc. are seeing a rapid pace.

With that, we believe you got the idea that the market is driven by user demand, and to satiate the demand, language exchange apps are becoming more erudite with features like cultural tips.

Language learning has so many possibilities, one side where the best educational apps offer gamified experiences & content, People still like to connect to top language exchange apps to learn language with native speakers. As a result, this surely raises the demand for more such apps in the market.

Well, if this motivates you to create a language exchange app, you can consult a Mobile App Development Company.

Language Learning Apps VS Learning Exchange Apps

This has always been a topic of debate. Language learning apps vs language exchange apps. What is the difference between them? Aren’t they the same?
Well, honestly no they aren’t.

They both aim to help you learn a new language, but here is a difference:

  • Language Learning Apps provide Gamified learning, focus on exercising through structured lessons, and emphasize grammar. Whereas, these exchange apps help to connect with native speakers to improve your skills through real-time conversation.
  • One side where learning apps cater to different learning styles such as interactive lesson quizzes etc. On the other hand, language exchange apps place more focus on gaining knowledge through audio, texts, voice & calls.

Well, take a look at this table which provides a quick summary to clear your doubts:

Basis Language learning apps Language exchange apps
1. ContentLessons & exercises.Conversation with native speakers.
2. Emphasis onBuilding vocabulary & structured learning.Conversational speaking & listening.
3. CostFreemium ModelIt’s mostly free, but some apps charge for extra features.
4. Speaking PracticeVery lessKey focus
5. Cultural exchangeLimitedDirect
6. ExamplesLearning apps like Duolingo,Babbel, & BusuuLearning exchange apps like Tandem, HelloTalk, Speaky, etc.

Regarding the difference, we hope you understand. But, both types of apps are a huge part of the e-learning industry and are helping users to learn a new language in a fun & engaging way.

Now, while we are at apps, if you are curious to know about the top language exchange apps of 2024. Read in the next section about them.

Quick Glance at the Top Language Exchange Apps

Here is a list of language exchange apps/ websites that have made quite a name in the market. With this table, you will get a quick summary of the apps & websites.

Apps / WebsiteFamous for
1. TandemBest for easy practice.
2. HelloTalkBest for new tools.
3. SpeakyBest for simplicity.
4. HiNativeBest for language questions.
5. Hilokal Learning LanguagesBest for improving speaking/
6. MyLanguageExchangeBest for finding a long-term native partner.
7. IdyomaBest for finding native connections.
8. LingbeBest for quick conversations.
9. BusuuBest for developing overall language skills.
10. BillinguaBest for customized learning.

 Below, you will read about them one by one in detail. Without any delay, let’s get right into it.

List of Best Language Exchange Apps to Use in 2024

There is a plethora of exchange apps available in the market that cater to different needs & requirements of people. Among them, finding the best language exchange app is definitely a complex task.

To simplify, we have shortlisted & prepared a list of language exchange apps & websites along with their features, pricing, availability, etc. Get to know them:

1. Tandem

Well, let’s start with the top language exchange app in the list ‘Tandem’.

Tandem Language exchange

Based out of Berlin, Germany, Tandem is a user-friendly & easy-to-use app that has a huge user base & is used across 45 countries around the globe.

The app is a popular choice & is often referred to as the Tinder of language apps. But, no basically it is a chat program that allows you to send a quick message, add learners, and audio or video chat with them anywhere in the world. It has over 300+ languages to learn from, including sign language too.

Apart from that, it offers many amazing features, such as if you want to say something & you don’t know if the words you picked are right or wrong, you can take the help of the ‘Translate’ feature that can assist you in knowing what your line means.

With Tandem, you get a huge community of people who want to learn something new just like you. You can easily get to know about their joys and challenges & take guidance to learn. And, with ‘correct this message’, you can make changes too.

If you are looking for the most efficient & best language exchange apps for 2024, give Tandem a chance & you won’t regret it.


  • Ensure safety measures.
  • Community-driven.
  • Get several translation tools.


  • A lot of educational features are missing out.
  • Pop-Up Ads for Free Version.
Downloads Rating Platform Available
Over 10 million4.6 stars (iOS), 4.3 stars (Android)AndroidiOS

2. HelloTalk

When it comes to HelloTalk, the app surely has a prominent name among the top language exchange apps list.

HelloTalk Language Learning

It is a popular app that has its user base across 200 countries and has over 40 million users connected to the platform, which is just double the population of New York City.

On HelloTalk, once you register your profile, you can connect with other people to practice through recommendations. One of the elements that make it among the best apps for language exchange is that it offers translation tools & instant captions to remove your awkwardness while talking to native speakers.

Whether you want to improve your English or learn a new language, you get to choose from 150 languages that include Japanese, French, Mandarin, Chinese, Portuguese, German & others.


  • You can share moments through language & culture.
  • Get one-on-one language lessons.
  • Join the voice room to practice language.
  • Free options available.


  • Language limit.
  • Not beginner-friendly.
Downloads Rating Platform Available
Over 10 million4.6 stars (iOS), 3.3 stars (Android)Android & iOS

3. Speaky

Well, well, we know you must be looking for Speaky- the perfect language exchange online app for you.

Speaky Language Exchange

Why did we say perfect? It allows you to connect with native speakers & practice your language for FREE. The app offers a wide-ranging community of learners through which you can quickly choose your language partner and start learning from today.

The app covers more than 180 countries & 110 languages such as Dutch, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, German, etc. and with that, you will not only find a partner but meet new people & find new friends at your fingertips. With that, if you want to search for free language exchange apps, we will ask you to consider Speaky.


  • It’s a huge community of people.
  • Filter your search.
  • It’s easy to use & simple interface.
  • You can hide it from users.


  • Video chat option not available.
Downloads Rating Platform Available
Over 5 million4.0 stars (iOS), 2.8 stars (Android)Android & iOS

4. HiNative

“How will you say this in your language”- we have probably asked our foreign friends something like this.

HiNative Language Learning

Looks like, you do the same on HiNative app. The app offers a Q&A platform through which you get your questions answered by an expert native speaker.

Also, once you learn something, you can record yourself speaking a new language & ask your native speaker to provide feedback on your sounds & pronunciation.

The app was also Google Play’s Best in 2019. It supports more than 110 languages & has over 6.3 million users registered on the app. HiNative is user-friendly and has a great community waiting to help you which is why we consider it among the list of top language exchange apps.


  • Upload your audio & receive feedback.
  • Native speakers can correct your writing.
  • Place pictures & cultural queries.
  • Free language exchange app.


  • Messy homepage.
  • Has limited use.
Downloads Rating Platform Available
Over 5 million4.4 stars (iOS), 4.5 stars (Android)Android & iOS

5. Hilokal Learn Languages

Hilokal is still emerging; it doesn’t have many users like other best language-exchanging apps in this list, but surely worth a try.

Hilokal Language Exchange App

You can browse through different language partners, make real-life conversations, or connect with them through audio chat rooms. The reason we consider it one of the best language exchange apps is that it allows you to connect with 400,000+ native speakers to ease learning a new language.

The app surely focuses on making you more confident by improving your pronunciation & ordinary phrases. With this, you can easily get rid of your foreign accent and sound more like a native.

Whether you want to do business in a foreign country or live there, you will have to learn their language. Instead of taking the help of any educational apps, you should consider giving a try to the best free language exchange app – Hilokal.


  • Practice your language through games & themed chats.
  • Interact through audio-chat rooms.
  • You can also use subtitles.
  • Unlock free language lessons.


  • Lacks more language options.
Downloads Rating Platform Available
Over 500k4.5 stars (iOS), 4.3 stars (Android)Android & iOS

6. MyLanguageExchange

MyLanguageExchange website was launched in 2000 and it’s still going strong as a language exchange program.


One of the main reasons behind its popularity is that they have updated the features of the learning website timely and made its site more fun & engaging for users.

What else? It features more than 169 languages including Spanish, English, German, Japanese, and many others. With over 4 million members, from 178 countries, the app is worth a try if you are looking for learning exchange websites.

You will find great tutors, lesson plans, and more importantly a community of friendly people.


  • Affordable as compared to other language apps.
  • Community-driven.
  • Millions of native speakers can connect.
  • Excellent for long-term companionship.


  • Less anonymous.
  • Outmoded website
Downloads Rating Platform Available

7. Idyoma

If you think this word is something familiar yet so different that’s because it’s a spelling typo of Idioma which is a Spanish word that means language.

Idyoma Language Exchange

This app is popular across the globe and assists you in learning different languages by connecting you with native speakers of that region.

Be it German, Japanese, or French, whatever you’re into, idyoma takes care of your requirements & assists you in finding a partner through its vibrant community.

Once you register on the app, you can swipe different profiles just like dating apps, interact with the profile you’re interested in, expand your circle, engage in group chats, & do much more.


  • Through the ‘people’ option, you can browse local people.
  • Organize a meetup.
  • Verified users.
  • Avoid interaction with Chabot’s.


  • Limited free chats.
  • Asking for unnecessary access.
Downloads Rating Platform Available
Over 50k4.1 stars (iOS), 3.7 stars (Android)Android & iOS

8. Lingbe

Lingbe is surely an ultimate app among the best language exchange apps that helps you to learn & improve a language by practicing it, which is why it becomes necessary to connect with native speakers.

Lingbe Language Exchange

With this app, you get assistance from speakers through free voice conversations; all you have to do is press the call button and the app will find someone for you to learn & practice the language of your choice.

What’s more? The app also motivates you to connect with others as collaborators for your native language, and in return, you earn exciting rewards and credit known as lingos to level up faster.


  • Receive real-time ratings.
  • Easy collaboration.
  • Meet interesting people from other cultures.
  • Press the button & get an instant response.


  • Can’t remove your native language.
  • Bugs can crash apps.
Downloads Rating Platform Available
Over 1M4.8 stars (iOS), 4.2 stars (Android)Android & iOS

9. Busuu

Busuu is a familiar app for many & a prominent name among top language exchange apps. Whether you are starting or have little knowledge, this app will help to take you from a beginner to pro real-quick.

Busuu Language Learning

Quite similar to education app business models, they have also used graphical & gamified approaches to engage users with fun learning. As a beginner, you get to learn through flashcards & improve your learning. Whereas, advanced learners can hone their experience in writing through videos.

Whatever may be the reason to learn a new language, you get to enjoy amazing features & learn language with ease. The app doesn’t provide free lessons, but you can take a trial & if you don’t like you can cancel your subscription.


  • Record & receive feedback.
  • Speech recognition tool.
  • User-friendly.
  • Description of vocabulary, & grammar.


  • You may have made incorrect improvements.
  • Limited language.
Downloads Rating Platform Available
Over 10 million4.7 stars (iOS), 4.7 stars (Android)Android & iOS

10. Billingua

To create an online learning portal & make it successful in the market, one needs to add elements that make the user journey fun & engaging. This is why Billingua is a perfect companion for you providing you with proper guidance & gamification to learn a new language.

Billingua Language Excgange Website

With more than 110+ languages and covering 240+ countries, it’s among the best language exchange websites that have assisted many users in learning a new language quickly & efficiently.

Learn and engage with different foreign languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish & more languages with the help of native speakers sharing similar interests as you.

What makes it among the best language exchange websites is that the site uses AI to match different users based on their journey levels, & interests.


  • It’s free to use.
  • Offer algorithm matching.
  • Interactive games.


  • Limited support for languages.
  • Narrow features.
Downloads Rating Platform Available

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In essence, we have shared with you 10 top language exchange apps & websites that can cater to any type of requirement. To grow your understanding & skills, these apps have proven their worth.

We’ll make sure to do a thorough investigation to pick the right one for you. By talking to native speakers, you can be more confident & fluent with your new language.

This is an underrated niche; the present online language exchange apps might not provide access to all languages. But, you can tap into unused opportunities & lead the market with the best.


Language exchange apps are those platforms that help you to learn a new language by connecting you with native speakers. Some examples of language exchange apps such as HelloTalk, Tandem, Speaky & more.

The big difference between the both is language learning apps provide interactive lessons, gamified learning, structured exercises & much more. Whereas, Language exchange apps are platforms that connect with native speakers to help you learn a language.

Some of the most used language exchange apps are HellpTalk, Tandem, Busuu, Idyoma, & others.

Most of the language exchange apps are free. However, some can ask for money to enjoy advanced features.

Yes, language exchange apps can be of great help. They can be very effective tools to help you learn a new language & make you fluent in it.