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Social networking apps like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc are one of the megatrends on this age. This is the new normal and quite fittingly, this industry is valued at $223.11 billion. Nothing screams business opportunity like social media application development.

If you want a piece of this cake, you can create a social media app of your own. Nimble AppGenie a Social Media App Development Company with an experienced team of social media app developers can help you do just that.

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Growth Driving Social Media App Development Solutions

With our team of the best social media app developers in the market, we offer a range of social media app development services through which you can build the app that you want. Our services are data-centric and growth-driving. These are:

Social Media

Feature-Filled Social Media App Development Solution

As a Social Media App Development Company, we understand how important features are. This is what makes our social media app development solutions stand out from the rest, attracting and growing the retention of clients.


Easy Signup

The user can easily join by registering on the social development app through their mobile number or e-mail ID. This is just a few step process.


Social Sharing

Social sharing allows users to create and share a post on social media mobile apps including photos, videos, and music. Being a leading social media app development company, we make sure to include this.


Privacy Management

With privacy management, the user can manage which data they want to be shared and which one is to be kept private in regard to social media.


In-App Chatting

In-app chatting or messaging feature is the basis of social media app and chat app. It allows you to connect with your network via messaging through chat.


Social Networking

Social app development also includes features that will allow you to add friends, manage your network, and send a request to join other’s networks.


Instant Notification

Instant notification sends alerts to the user about new posts, likes, comments, new network requests, and all the activities within the social media app.


User Base Management

User base management in the admin panel included in social media app development, enables effective supervision of the social network user base.


Activity Analytics

The app also enables the admin to supervise and analyze various activities on social media apps for valuable insight and proper functioning.


Shared Content Management

Sometimes people don’t follow the guideline and post something that goes against community values. This feature allows the admin to remove these posts.


Ad & Promotional Activities

Through the admin panel, one can also run ads and promotions or control the campaigns ran by adverting agencies on the platform.


Message broadcasting

The admin if need be can broadcast a message throughout the user base of the social networking app with this feature. Our Social developers include it.


Client Support

Social media app development’s admin panel also includes a client support feature that is quite useful for both clients and the user base of the social media app.


Business Account

Social media is home to many modern influences. Thus, our social media application developers also enable you to create a business account.


Post, Likes, Comments

You can like or comment on your friend’s posts and they can do the same using this feature of social media app development by Nimble AppGenie.


Live Streaming

As a leading social media app development company, we include the live streaming feature. Users can stream your video feed on social media, and users added to your network will be able to see this live stream.


In-App Voice & Video Calling

Along with the in-app chatting feature, you can also call or create video calls with your network of friends through the social media app itself.



Geolocation feature of the social networking mobile app, you tag location to your post or share it on the social media platform for your network to see.


Search Feature

The search feature allows the user to look for their friends who may be available on the social media app to connect. This is a core feature of social media app development.