Live Streaming App Development is moving forward in the eCommerce industry . Qurate Retail Group, owner of brands like QVC, Zulily and HSN, has rebranded by introducing a “third-way to shop” concept.

Qurate is a great example of the future. Amazon launched Amazon Live in 2019 after Qurate was gone. Amazon Live allows sellers to post product-based videos. This can be a Live Streaming App Development. Customers can view the videos at and product detail pages. They also have access to a seller’s shop.

Amazon- Live Streaming App Development

Ecommerce mobile apps are the next big thing for the Ecommerce industry. We will discuss in detail what this live commerce is and how the Ecommerce industry can reap the benefits.

What is Live Commerce?

Live video streaming commerce, also known as live commerce, is a service you provide to your sellers in order to help them sell their products quicker using live video streaming. This can also be used to refer to marketplaces.


If you’re a retailer, Live video Ecommerce can be used to encourage your customers to buy. You can sell your products via live video streaming called Live commerce.

From Technical POV, it falls in the media and entertainment app development field. And with this being said, let’s look at the market for this solution.

Live Commerce Market Forecasting


What Industries Are Interested in Live Streaming App Development?

Do you wonder if Live commerce can be beneficial to your industry or business? Check out the following list to see if your industry is included.

1. Fashion and Beauty

Fashion includes clothing, accessories, eyewear, shoes, and footwear. Live commerce can help you convert more customers if your business falls within the fashion industry.

Fashion-&-Beauty- Live Streaming App Development

The beauty industry is no different. Live commerce should be on your next list, regardless of whether you are interested in cosmetic products for women or skin.

2. Electronics & Gadgets

The second-highest profit-earning segment of Ecommerce and the retail industry is electronic. To increase sales, you must bring Live commerce whether you are selling TV sets, PS3 gaming, smartphones, laptops or other electronic gadgets.


3. Home Decor & Furnishing

The home decor and furnishing industries need more creative ways to display their products and encourage customers to purchase them. Selling your products online or offline can be made easier by live commerce.


4. Essentials for Kids and Babies

Many brands offer products for babies and children. If you’re one of them, live video commerce may be a great option for your audience. It will allow them to instantly make purchase decisions and can even help them make informed purchases. Parents want to be sure that their children are safe before they buy any product.


5. Stationery Supplies

Live video streaming can be used to promote any stationery product. Live commerce is something you should use before your competitors.


6. Food Products

You can increase your revenues by showcasing how your products can be used to create delicious and mouth-watering dishes using Live commerce.


7. Healthcare Product

Live commerce can explain everything, from yoga and medication to all other healthcare necessities.


People are often confused about how and why they should use medication and other essential healthcare products. Live commerce is a great way to attract customers with such questions. Your chances of attracting loyal customers are higher if you help your customers find the solution.

8. Car Accessories and Products

You have a niche market for car accessories and products where Live video streaming commerce can help you convert more customers.


9. Pet Products

Pet lovers also have a niche market. They are constantly looking online for information on how to care for their pets. Live commerce is a great way to make your brand successful in the pet products market.


10. Grocery Products

Everyday items can now be purchased online by people. They don’t even need inspiration to do so. You can beat your competition by using Live commerce to inspire customers to choose your company over the others.


These are just a few of the industries that have been mentioned. Live commerce is essential for businesses that want to increase conversions, sales, revenue, and outperform their competition.

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Features of Live Ecommerce App Design:

What are the requirements for an app that integrates Live commerce? This question might arise if you are looking forward to creating a Live commerce app.

You need to be aware of the features that your app should have, whether you have an Ecommerce app already or are looking to create a new Live commerce app. Below are the key features that your Live Commerce app should have.

1. Basic Features That Ecommerce Apps Offer

An Ecommerce app should be identical to a live commerce app. All the features listed below should be present. Any feature relevant to your business and industry. Before you launch your Live commerce app, make sure you are familiar with the basic Ecommerce features.


2. Separate App Section to View Product-Based Videos

You will need a separate section for your Live commerce website or mobile app, just like


Your Live commerce app allows your customers to access this section to view different products that are featured during live video streaming.

The homepage is designed to allow customers to view the brand’s offerings. The Live commerce app section will be the same.

3. The Recommended Products to Buy Section is Featured in a Live Streaming Video

A horizontal scrolling feature should be available when a user views live streaming videos on your Ecommerce app. This will highlight the products highlighted in that video.


The video shows that users don’t have to visit any other site if they want to purchase a product. The product can be viewed right away and they can even purchase it without delay.

4. Videos On Product-Detail Page

What happens if the user clicks directly to the product page? Live videos are a must-have for conversions.


This is why you should have a section on your product-detail page that lists all videos that are associated with a product.

5. Videos on Seller’s Shop Page

Live commerce apps can have multiple sellers. Each seller should have their own section that contains all videos.


When customers are looking to build their trust in your brand, they visit the seller’s shop. This is where you will find all videos about a seller, which can help build trust and generate business.

6. A section on the homepage that showcases most popular videos

Did you know that Ecommerce websites and apps get more visits when their brands are used? This is why people are more likely to land on your homepage than the product pages.


You should consider including a section on the homepage with all the most viewed videos when planning Live video e-commerce app development.

The Advantages of Live Commerce App


1. Increased brand awareness

Live video streaming commerce apps allow you to reach millions of people who may not be aware of your business. You can increase the number of people who learn about your brand via videos and share it with others. A Live video streaming commerce app is a must-have for anyone new to the Ecommerce business.

2. Increased conversions

Statista shows that 96% of buyers consider videos to be helpful in making purchasing decisions. A Live commerce app is a great way to increase conversions online.

3. Build Trust

Statista also reports that 58% believe content companies are trustworthy. A Live commerce app makes it easy to build trust with your customers.

4. Outperform competition

Live commerce apps are an innovative concept that your competition has not yet explored. You need a Live commerce app to beat your competitors as quickly as possible.

5. Strengthen ROI

You are more likely to increase your online business’s ROI if you have more conversions and sales. A Live video streaming platform can help you increase your ROI YoY.

Top Live Commerce Apps

1. Alibaba

Alibaba- Live Streaming App Development

Alibaba, China’s largest marketplace, has launched its first broadcast of a fashion show called “See Now, Buy Now” on their Tmall platform. Alibaba’s Singles Day sales totaled US$ 17.7 Billion, 32% more than last.

2. Taobao

This is another C2C marketplace in China, and it is owned by Alibaba. Taobao has more than 10,000 celebrity reviews via Live video streaming.

Taobao- Live Streaming App Development

 Taobao has more than 10,000 celebrity reviews via Live video streaming.


TMON, Asia’s largest Ecommerce company, launched TV ON Live, a live commerce platform. The company achieved a 21% conversion rate and 130 times more revenue through Live commerce shopping.

TMON- Live Streaming App Development

4. QVC

We discussed the launch of a live commerce app by Qurate’s QVC brand in 2018.

QVC- Live Streaming App Development

5. Kohl

A Live commerce app was launched by LC Lauren Conrad and Kohl. It showcases behind-the scenes footage from New York Fashion Week. The brand wants their customers to feel as though they are sitting in the front row of the show.


This app connects marketing and sales to increase sales.

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Live Stream Shopping: Benefits

Live Streaming App Development is a cost-effective way to boost your sales, increase brand awareness and attract new customers. It is a fun way for people to learn about your products and business and get involved in what you do.

 We know how popular that trend was back in the 1990s.

Now, the core audience for Ecommerce live-selling is the younger generation. Gen Z are well-known for their large pockets and a tendency to break the bank at any opportunity. Other generations, however, are susceptible to this temptation.

These are the top benefits of livestream shopping

1. Offers a digitalized brick-and-mortar experience

Ecommerce is missing one thing: the brick-and mortar feel of shopping. A visit to a shop is more than just making a purchase. It’s a human interaction that allows you to touch another world. When you enter a store, you’re surrounded with interesting and new products. You look around, ask the assistant questions about the products you like, feel the products in action, and even touch them. This is something that you can’t do online. It used to be.

Live streaming Ecommerce Application Development are the new things. Although Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality seem to be the future of Ecommerce. Live Ecommerce is the current. If you are able to provide the product experience using Live Streaming App Development e-commerce, then there is no need for expensive technology.

Nimble appGenie can help you through the entire process, whether you’re looking to update your Ecommerce app with Live Commerce or create a new Live commerce app.

Get in touch to discuss your business needs and start planning your Live video streaming mobile application development.


Live streaming apps are growing more and more popular among users. This is the reason why people are looking for better apps. And if a company developers one, they will have a strong user base as well as big revenue generation opportunities.

Just like any other form of mobile app development, the cost to build an live streaming app isn’t fixed. It differs from project to project. To find the accurate cost estimation, you need to contact a development team.

Nimble AppGenie is the best live streaming app development company in USA. Based in north Carolina, we have years’ worth of experience and a team of dedicated developers who knows how to convert idea to reality.