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Medu4 Medical
Education Platform

Learning App

Launch Date:
20 Jan 2020

Development Time
3 Months

Native for Android and iOS

The Medu4 medical education mobile app provides users (students) with educational videos and lectures related to the medical sector. The users have to buy video lectures to access them. The app also allows users to participate in practice exercises, which are personalized as per the user needs. The app was built for the Japanese market, and therefore the app language is only in Japanese.


Our client, Medu4, contacted us to build a medical education mobile app. The client already had a web platform for Medu4. However it didn’t have a user-friendly design or layout, and lacked many necessary features that their user base would find beneficial.

The biggest issue was that their target customer base preferred using a mobile app for learning, so there was no point in having a web-only platform. Our focus was to solve these business challenges that our client was facing. Rather than try to just sell technology services, we look to solve business issues that our clients face. Therefore, we decided to build them a medical education mobile app, which provides the students with easy-to-use UI/UX and the best online study material. This includes video classes, personalised exercises, forums and more. The key highlights of the app are listed in the later sections.

Adobe XD
Swift 4

The Technology

Business Challenge

Medu4 was facing the issue of low customer acquisition because they were offering a web-only education platform. Most of their potential customers preferred using a medical education platform on their smartphone. Also, their web platform wasn’t offering a user-friendly interface and learning experience. Another concern was that there were not any measures within their previous system to prevent fraudulent activities.

Having a high quality mobile app would therefore provide their business with significant additional value, but building one that was relevant for their specific business needs was not going to be straightforward. The optimum solution lay in building a mobile app that would drive a faster return on investment, whilst mitigating all the existing difficulties that Medu4 was facing.

THE Solution

  • Wireframe Designing

    The first step was to design wireframes and then to create a UI and UX that made using the Medu4 medical education app easy, simple and enjoyable. We utilised the existing website’s user journey with some necessary tweaks to maximise the user experience, whilst also keeping in mind the client’s budget.
  • Analytics

    The client wanted to implement data analytics for both practice exercises and video lessons. One of the insights that we delivered was to include a feature for the recording of how many times the student has made the same mistake. These insights help students tune-up their performance.
  • Implemented Advanced Features

    The client wanted to implement data analytics for both practice exercises and video lessons. One of the insights that we delivered was to include a feature for the recording of how many times the student has made the same mistake. These insights help students tune-up their performance.
  • Prevented Fraudulent Activities

    Our team found a way to prevent fraudulent activities, which many users could unethically leverage. We permitted a user (student) to switch their devices only three times a year. Whenever the user logs in to a different device, the app will notify them to make them aware of the amount of device switches that they have left in their switching allowance.
  • Optimised Video Bitrate

    Medu4’s USP is its video lectures, and it is crucial for the app to deliver a seamless video streaming experience to the students. But, not every user has access to 4G or 5G network speed. In the past, Medu4 had already faced the issue of video streaming with its web platform. To resolve this issue, we converted the video into three bitrates - 360, 720, and 1080. We used FFMPEG technology and uploaded these to the AWS S3 bucket. Also, to improve the content delivery speed, we implemented a CDN (content delivery network). In simpler terms, all of it made videos load faster even when the user has low-bandwidth internet.

Feature Set

Buy Video Lectures

The students can buy the video lectures right from the app using their payment card or Paypal. The downloaded videos are separately categorised in the app based on their characteristics, making it easy for the students to find lectures.


The Medu4 application also has a forum integrated for the students. Forums are free to use, and they allow students (users) to post their questions for getting answers from the Medu4 community. The students can also comment on other’s problems.

Smart Search with Filters

The Medu4 medical education mobile app has various similar videos based on the difficulty level and user historian. Thus, we have implemented a smart search that allows users to filter the results, which leads them to the desired content.

Chat With Admin

The app includes a feature which enables the students to message the admin, and for the admin to directly respond to those messages. However, to limit the burden on the admin, the app doesn’t support a continuous chat.

Personalised Exercises

In addition to the practice sets that the admin uploads to the app, the admin can also upload practice questions separately. The students can use those questions to create personalised practice exercises that are based on their level of expertise/knowledge. Every user would rate each specific question with a difficulty level, while attempting to complete the standard practice exercises. This will eventually create the user’s database, which will be used to create personalised practice sets.

Admin Panel

The app admin has its simplistic admin panel powered by a CMS (content management system). This is used to to efficiently manage the application’s content and manage the users without requiring technical expertise.


Increased User Acquisition
Prevented Fraudulent Activities
Improved User Satisfaction
Achieved Quick Return on Investment


Project Management Approach

For the project execution, we utilised the Agile project management approach, where changes during the development process are easier to integrate into a project. At the start of the project, the client didn’t have a clear understanding of what they wanted the specific requirements to be. This is one of the reasons why we opted for Agile.

The Agile development methodology helped us throughout the project, especially on occasions where the client introduced a new set of features or requirements. One such change was to include new types of questions in the practice sets. Questions that were related to each other, would now appear at the same time in the practice set.

From the beginning of the project, we divided the project requirements into several sprints, as per the Agile guidelines. Every sprint was for around a week. Thus, we had weekly meetings with the client. However, our project manager was in constant contact with the client, and was ready to accommodate the changes that the client suggested. Lastly, we're proud to be the Medu4 App developer.