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Logistics App Development

Logistics app development services for delivery and warehousing companies. Whether you are a start-up, or an enterprise level organisation, we accompany you in your logistics digital transformation journey.



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Effective Last-Mile Solutions to achieve operational transparency and efficiency

We develop software solutions that help you streamline your transportation and logistics operations. Our logistics software development services are designed to help you manage and optimize your transportation and logistics business. By enhancing both the staff and customer experience, you are maximising the potential profitability of your company.

Warehouse Management

We develop software for companies who want to mitigate the inventory handling issues commonly faced by logistics service providers. We can equip warehouse management apps with barcode scanning, RFID tags, and IoT sensors.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management Applications are designed to streamline the tracking and deployment of your company vehicles. These mobile apps allow drivers to quickly identify available fleets, and for companies to ensure that appropriate fleets are used for delivery assignments.

Transportation App

We craft solutions that are equipped with precise geo-locating tracking, so that you can leverage a transparent delivery system. An integrated Driver App enables your team to view the order details, update the delivery status and use GPS location and Geofencing features.

Scalable and Robust Architecture

The custom transportation and logistics management applications that we create are built on a highly resilient and scalable architecture. This enables us to develop applications, which your transportation and logistics business can reliably depend on. We are aware that the system may have additional features implemented as your business grows. Therefore we will build your logistics app with future further development in mind.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Rather than sell software, we are a logistics app development company that instead crafts business solutions, which solve the specific pain points that your business faces. Our focus is to identify and then develop the transportation and logistics management software that will drive a faster ROI for your company.

We Bring You Transparency and Efficiency

We are a renowned logistics software development company with an aim to assist you in growing your business at an exponential rate. Our logistics mobile app development can help your transportation and logistics business to achieve transparency and operational efficiency. We can help you with:

Automated Warehouses

Our logistics app development will help you automate your warehouse operations, including inventory handling and staff management. We are the top logistic software development company for providing solutions that will cut down your operational costs, as well as increasing the transparency and efficiency of your warehousing operations. Our logistics software development supports API integrations. This allows for a seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure, and therefore minimising disruption to your existing business.

Demand Forecasting

We understand the importance of managing the inventory levels to ensure there is an uninterrupted supply chain. We can develop goods transport apps that utilize Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. These technologies help transport and logistics companies understand seasonal trends, plan their monthly orders, and save time and money on stock re-orders. These tools lead to you always having goods to supply and therefore you will have more satisfied customers, better cash flow and increased profits.

Supply Chain Management

To optimize business efficiency, it is essential for companies producing or delivering goods to carefully manage the supply chain. We develop bespoke software that enables businesses to keep track of material purchases, identify what has been produced, what has been delivered and what has been returned. We can also include reporting dashboards so you can identify how your business can improve.

Delivery Route Optimization

Having the adequate stock in hand is vital, but delivering the goods in time, whilst minimizing the delivery cost is a challenge for transportation and logistics companies. To help shippers with this, we build logistics delivery management software to leverage historical trip sheets and real-time traffic data. Using this data, your logistics app can provide shippers and drivers with optimum delivery routes. AI algorithms and advanced GPS can also help to provide drivers with alternative routes in real-time.

Track Your Shipments

We can enable your transportation app to include shipment tracking software that lets you and your customers easily identify the delivery status of goods. Your customers will be able to receive the order details and current location of the goods by inputting the tracking number into the logistic delivery application.

Enhance Security

GPS tracking and monitoring software empowers you to protect your vehicle and goods security. This is an especially useful feature for those companies transporting valuable goods. If an unexpected event occurs, the real-time vehicle location tracking functionality will help you identify the whereabouts of the vehicle.

Gain Control Over the Assets

Whilst shipments are on the go, it is crucial for a transporter to know the exact status of the goods carriers. Custom-built GPS tracking software will give you command over your assets from production, all the way to delivery to your customers. This increased control over your supply management will provide you with a competitor advantage.


Shipment Tracking Software Features

We are one of the best logistics software development companies in the UK, and have been helping logistic companies to optimize their costs, whilst enhancing their customer satisfaction and asset security. So far, we’ve deployed shipment tracking software apps with the following features:

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