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Loan Lending Software Development

Helping Banks, Credit Unions, and P2P lenders with highly scalable and robust loan lending app development services.


We implement disruptive mobile technologies to enhance CX.

Statista reports that the transactional value of the marketplace for lending to the consumer segment will reach $24,914.6 million by 2024. Indeed, the demand is here. But how are you planning to secure your slice of this billion-dollar pie?

P2P Loan Lending
App Development

P2P lenders are the real disruptors in the industry. If you’re one of the companies that brings investors and borrowers together, Nimble AppGenie is the right choice for your P2P lending software development.

Bank Loan
App Development

In this tech savvy world, it is necessary for banks to provide a mobile lending app, as most loans are long-term arrangements, and are therefore harder to manually monitor. As loans are a main product for many banks, various loan features have been added into some mobile banking apps.

Credit Union
Loan App

Loan lending apps for credit unions are very similar to bank lending apps. Credit union lending apps also require forums and in-app chat features to allow union members to connect. We understand the right set of features that a credit union loan app will need.

Scalable and Robust Architecture

We’re among the best loan app developers in the USA. As security is among the foremost concerns for FinTech businesses, it is compulsory to build solutions that are end-to-end encrypted and follow the highest security standards. As your user-base grows, your app will have to accommodate all of these users, which requires the app to be developed with high-scalability constantly in consideration. Worry not, we’ll do this for you.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

Unlike many other software development companies, we aim to craft solutions that are powered by top-notch technologies. The technology doesn’t have to be expensive to suit your lending app, but it has to be safe enough to ensure compliance. We make sure that the solutions are built with the least possible effort (cost), while keeping the standards high, so that the app drives faster ROI.

Achieve Digital Transformation With Innovative Tech

Being a significant part of the FinTech revolution, loan lending app development is enabled by several technologies. However, the use of innovative technologies such as AI&ML, Blockchain, and Big Data is paving the way for a new future of lending, where the borrower can request and directly receive the loan amount through mobile devices.

Open Banking

Gone are the days when third-party lenders had to contact banks or credit institutions to access customer’s financial data and credit scores. By integrating the open banking APIs, we’ll empower your loan lending app to access an individual's financial data in seconds.


Big industries on which several other industries rely, face slow pace of transformation due to strict regulations. However, the end customer-facing applications can be taken to the market much faster. We use Agile methodologies that support lean requirements and deliver results to your banking business in less than six months.


By leveraging an intermediary messaging layer and abstracting away from a batch-oriented core platform model, banks can speed-up service delivery. We mostly recommend a microservice architecture that scales and versonizes itself. We have extensive experience in integrating into most of the common banking platforms, such as Finserv, FIS, etc.


Digital banking transactions are the hotspot for cybercriminals. In June 2020, the FBI warned that financial cyber crimes may rise due to the rise of digital banking. To help banks overcome the security challenges, we implement end-to-end data encryption in the banking softwares that we develop. We recommend SSL chain verification to ensure there is an encrypted connection between the Upload Filer and web server.

Our Work That Shines

The Digital Bank of Africa

The digital Bank of Africa, aka DafriBank is a borderless digital bank built specifically for entrepreneurs and merchants to act as an electronic payment gateway system. The bank caters to the banking needs of the growing digital entrepreneurial class in African region.

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CUT E-Wallet

CUT mobile wallet allows users to make payments and transfer money in Myanmar and China. The app supports MMK and RMB and allows instant fund transfer via QR code, phone number, or an account ID.

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Loan Lending App Features

Many loan lending app development companies will overwhelm you by suggesting dozens of app features that can be unnecessary for a loan lending platform. Worry not, we, at Nimble AppGenie, always suggest our clients the right and appropriate set of features for your P2P lending platform development.

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