Key Features For a Football Betting App

The Key features, which you can implement into your football betting application to enhance user experience:

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Popular Types of Football Betting

In our betting app solutions, we are focused on bringing the traditional offline betting process to the online environment, using interactive, secure and effective features. We want users of betting apps to feel comfortable using the application, as it is so safe and easy to use. Some of the popular types of betting processes that we offer in the application are: 1x2 betting (Home/Draw/Away): This type of bet is extremely popular in the football (soccer) betting industry. 1 represents a Home win, xrepresents a draw and 2 represents an away win. In this type of bet, you can bet on the overall winner of the match, oryou can also bet on a match being a draw. To win this kind of bet, you have to predict the right result.

Double Chance Betting

This type of betting is similar to 1x2. With double chance betting, users can still bet on the match outcome, but the difference is that a user can bet that one of a variety of outcomes will occur. This appeals to users as their chance of winning the bet is increased, although the return will be lower. Either they can predict a home win and draw or they can bet on an away win and draw.

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Draw No Bet

In this betting type, the draw option for the match is not available as an outcome choice by the user for betting purposes. Therefore, the user can only bet on a Win or Loss scenario. If a match ends without a winner, then the bookmaker returns the betting stake to the user.

Handicap Betting

This is where an advantage of 1 or more is given to a specific match result. For example, this could be used where you are betting on a Manchester United and Arsenal match, and you are very sure about the Manchester United win, but the betting odds are not good. You could use Handicap betting to improve the odds. This would be done by selecting within the app for Manchester United to win with -1. If Manchester United won 2-0, the betting app would consider this result as 1-0, and the user would receive increased winnings.

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Advanced Features

We offer interactive and effective sports betting application solutions for the most popular sports around the world. Our solutions include a variety of attractive features and functionalities. Some of these are outlined below.

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    Promotions & Rewards

    There could be a promotion and rewards feature, which allow users to earn gifts and coins by using the app.

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    There would be a news section, which send timely news updates to users about upcoming events.

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    The application could have a betting community feature, which would be open to use for all of the active app users.

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    Push Notification

    There would be an integrated push notification system, which notifies users ofbet winnings and new app updates.

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    Betting Tips

    The App could have customised bet recommendations,which help users to find out the recommended teams to bet on,based on the other bets already undertaken by the user.

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    The application would be supported by multilingual features, so userscan select which language they wish to use the app in.

Sports Betting Applications

At Nimble AppGenie, we build attractive and innovative sports betting applications. We ensure our applications have an easy to use layout, and provide a great user experience.

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Football is the most popular sport around the world, and that is unlikely to change in the near future as the sport continues to grow.Therefore, having a football betting application that brings value to the market is worth it’s weight in gold. After all, this combines the most popular sport in the world with themulti-billion-poundbetting industry. If you are thinking about launching your own sports betting app,remember that there is always room for new industry players. Those who think a market cannot change from its current composition, are often the ones who get left behind.If you want to discuss your concept or just to get some advice, get in contact with one of our App consultants.

User Panel

  • Login/Registration
  • User Account
  • Live Sports Feed
  • Schedule Events
  • Live Scores
  • Betting Tips
  • In-App Purchase & Payments
  • Anti-Fraud System
  • Betting Community
  • Invite Friends

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard
  • Sport Management
  • Event Management
  • Live Feed Management
  • Users Account Management
  • Statics & Reports
  • Payment & Finance Management
  • Forum Management
  • Risk Management
  • Customer Support
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