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DafriBank -
Digital Bank of Africa

Banking Portal

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Crypto Wallet Integration

We Implemented Crypto into the DafriBank service by integrating a trading functionality in the DafriBank portal. This allows users to buy/sell crypto currencies (BTC, ETH, and DBA), and use them to top up the DafriBank e-wallet.

Executive Summary

Our client, DafriBank, connected with us to get their online banking portal built. The bank is intended to operate via online means only, which made having a robust digital infrastructure essential for them. A superior user experience on both mobile and web interfaces was also crucial, as these are the only direct customer touchpoints for DafriBank customers.

We crafted the most secure and resilient architecture for the DafriBank online banking portal. This made sure that the bank is always available to serve their customers. Due to DafriBank’s digital-only banking infrastructure, the customers have to verify their identity online. This was one of the most challenging functionalities to integrate. However, we had no issue with implementing this as we have in-house FinTech experts at Nimble AppGenie.

Adobe XD

The Technology

Business Challenge

The biggest challenge with this project was to build the most-secure and resilient banking app portal within the limited budget and timeframe. It is impossible for the vast majority of FinTech development companies to build such quality solutions within the allocated budget and timeline we were provided with. However, we managed to do so whilst developing a compelling user experience for the onboarding process.

THE Solution

  • Wireframe Designing

    The first step is to create low and mid fidelity designs, and then you can start to bring them to life. Our designers make use of Adobe XD to create astonishing prototypes for the app. As we used the Agile development process, we made use of a constant feedback loop between DafriBank and our development team.
  • Seamless Onboarding

    To soothe out the KYC process, we allowed users to either opt-in or to skip the process until they want to avail the banking services. This enabled users to easily access information related to the services that DafriBank offers. Also, if users have registered their mobile number or email, they are then allowed to make transactions of upto $250.
  • Implemented Intra-currecy T/F

    As the DafriBank portal supports multiple currencies, we had to allow users to make intra-currency payments. Hence, we implemented a currency exchange screen, which pops up automatically if the user tries to make a transfer to other currencies.
  • Cryptocurrency Management

    We implemented the cryptocurrency trade and use functionality in the DafriBank portal. The users are allowed to manage three cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, and DBA. Users can also use these cryptocurrencies to top up their DafriBank wallet.

Feature Set

Third-Party Bill Payment

The DafriBank portal allows users to pay different kinds of bills via their online portal. The bank is continuously partnering with several third party companies, hence, the portal will support even more in the future.

Several Types of Accounts

From personal banking to enterprise-level, DafriBank caters to everyone that is in need for digital banking. The portal boasts functionalities like various account types (Silver, Gold, Platinum), which users can avail based on their transaction values.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

In addition to supporting BTC and ETH, DafriBank has its own crypto currency named DBA. The bank portal allows users to buy/sell and store crypto currencies.

Intra-Currency Money T/F

Users are able to make payments in every currency that the portal supports. Currently DafriBank allows payments in NGN, ZAR, EUR, GBP, and USD.

Admin Panel

We empowered the DafriBank admin portal with the ability to manage the entire banking operations online. Role based information access, user account approval, cryptocurrency management and customer support are among the key features of Admin panel.

Business Benefits

  • Became the Pioneer of Digital Banking in Africa
  • Gained rapid User Acquisition
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Prevented Fraudulent Activities
  • Launched a New Line of Services such as Cryptocurrency
  • Achieved Quick Return on Investment


Project Management Approach

At the time of project initiation, DafriBank didn’t have their requirements clearly specified. Hence we made use of Agile product engineering and Careful product requirement creation to make sure that DafriBank gets the product that they were intending to receive. The sprint-based development approach allowed us to welcome the changes that DafriBank has asked us to make since the project was initiated.

Agile helped us throughout the project, especially on the occasions when DafriBank wanted to introduce a new set of features. We divided the entire project into several sprints, where every sprint lasted for around a week. We used to conduct weekly meetings with DafriBank to keep them up-to-date with the development process. To ensure the whole project was carried out in a manner that is cohesive with the DafriBank vision, our PM (project manager) was in continuous touch with the concerned people from DafriBank.