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The CUT wallet application allows the users totransfer funds at any place in China and Myanmar. The app supports RMB and MMK currencies and it offers quick and instant fund transfer service. Payments can be transferred to the receiver’swallet through QR Code, phone number, and account ID.


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Whether you are an iOS user or Android user, the app available for both of the platforms. Users can download the app free of cost from the app market of their device.


Stand-Out Feature

CUT offers a flexible and reliable platform to users for transferring funds instantly. Whether the transaction is international or local, the app allows the users to make within just a few taps. These screenshots show some of the core and beneficial features that are offered by CUT.



During the development process, various meetings and reviews were undertaken. This was to minimise the development turnaround time of each functionality. This includes both the frontend and the backend code throughout the application. We also diligently followed security procedures, which has helped to keep user accounts and data transmission between the server and frontend secure.

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Users can easily make payments to the merchants by simply scanning the QR codes through the in-app camera. This is one of the smoothest and simplified ways of making transactions as well as it is mostly used to make payments with the contacts that are not saved on the phone.


My QR Code

For faster transaction processing, every user is provided with a unique bar code. The personal QR ID is used to receive money in a more convenient and flexible way. QR codes are proven to bethe most flexible and useful for retailers and shop owners.


CUT Balance

A safe and secure wallet/passbook of the CUT app where users can add money to process fast transactions. Money in the wallet can be added directly through the bank account with just a few taps. Moreover, it can also be used to view details of past transactions.


Exchange Rate

CUT also allows users to make a cross-border or international transaction in fast ways. You can easily transfer money to your friends or relatives in other regionseasily by paying some currency exchange fees.


Money Transfer

For money transfer, various options like Wallet transfer or direct bank transfer are available for users.They can scan the bar code or enter the receiver’s registered mobile number to make payments.



With CUT, you can easily make payments at shops or with relatives just by holding the device over the payment terminal to verify the purchase. This saves time by transferring funds within just a few seconds.


During payment, users have to provide a UPI PIN every time they make a transaction, which makes the app secure. So if in any case your mobile is lost or stolen, the data stored in the wallet app cannot be accessed by the thief.


Payments made via CUT are completed instantly within just a few taps, which makes the app convenient and flexible to use. While purchasing anything, the payment can be easily completed directly through the app.

Authorized Transaction

CUT acts like an electronic debit card, which means you must enter the security PIN before process the transaction. Devices that have biometric security provides extra protection to the data from financial risks.

Easily Accessible

Users can easily download the CUT application from the app store of their mobile. To make a transaction, users just have to create an ID using a mobile number in the app. They can also save the debit card information for future use.

Reduced Frauds

Since the credit/debit card information that is stored in the CUT app is encrypted with high-security protocols, the data is always safe from fraudulent activities and hackers.

ewallet app development