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Cryptocurrency App Development Company

Realizing a decentralized world with most secure Cryptocurrency Development Services powered by blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency Security Standards.


We implement Cryptocurrency Security Standards to enhance Crypto Security.

According to Deloitte, the biggest challenge with cryptocurrencies is authentication, authorization, and confidentiality. The only solution to this is utilizing the standardized security techniques and methodologies such as PCI DSS for crypto systems.

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Cryptocurrency Wallet

We use best practices for cryptocurrency software development, which allow us to create easy, secure, and regulation-compliant crypto wallets, that include payment integrations and transaction capabilities.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange
Software Development

If you wish to have your own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, you need the best cryptocurrency development company to help you with it. We have experienced developers on-board that are excellent in cryptocurrency application development.

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Mobile Cryptocurrency
Exchange Development

The majority of cryptocurrency exchanges are web platforms, designed for only PC use. The world is becoming more mobile focused with each passing day. We enable the cryptocurrency world to keep up with this trend, by building mobile cryptocurrency exchange apps that are seamless and secure.

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Scalable and Robust Architecture

The cryptocurrency app that we’ll develop for you will utilize a very scalable and secure application architecture. Security is one of the biggest concerns for the crypto industry. Hence it is compulsory for cryptocurrency providers to ensure data and coin safety. The scalability of your cryptocurrency apps is also an important element that you should focus upon.

Cost-Effective Development Process

We’re not here to sell technologies, we aim to help our customers by building technology solutions that help them tap into an opportunity or eliminate specific problems. It means that our clients get the best cryptocurrency app development services, driving faster ROI, while helping them achieve the desired results.

Agility On The Go

Being a startup it is crucial for you to launch your cryptocurrency mobile app on time. However, another critical factor is that your app is bug free. For such projects, we make use of Agile development methodologies, which allow us to break-down the project into several sprints and deliver the project on-time with the greatest perfection. We’re among the few cryptocurrency development companies that can implement Agile into Blockchain and Cryptocurrency development. Here is what you can expect from our cryptocurrency app development service:

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Superior Quality Product

As testing is an integral part of every sprint in the Agile development process, you’ll certainly get the best quality cryptocurrency app. We keep you in tune with the development process, which allows you to ask for changes anytime.

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Transformation On the Go

FinTechs for end customer-facing businesses require applications to be taken to the market much faster. We use Agile methodologies that support lean requirements and deliver results to your crypto startup in less than six months.

Performance-Oriented Microservice Architecture

For cryptocurrency mobile app development, we highly recommend a microservice architecture that scales and versonizes itself. We have extensive experience integrating into most of the common cryptocurrency platforms, such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Altcoin, Monero, Litecoin, etc.

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SSL Chain Verification

Cryptocurrency transactions are the hotspot for cybercriminals. In June 2020, the FBI warned that FinTech cyber crimes may rise due to the rise of digital banking and crypto. To help crypto startups overcome the security challenges, we implement end-to-end data encryption in the cryptocurrency apps that we develop.

Our Work That Shines

The Digital Bank of Africa

The digital Bank of Africa, aka DafriBank is a borderless digital bank built specifically for entrepreneurs and merchants to act as an electronic payment gateway system. The bank caters to the banking needs of the growing digital entrepreneurial class in African region.

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mobile wallet app

CUT E-Wallet

CUT mobile wallet allows users to make payments and transfer money in Myanmar and China. The app supports MMK and RMB and allows instant fund transfer via QR code, phone number, or an account ID.

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Cryptocurrency App Features

Many cryptocurrency development companies will overwhelm you by offering dozens of features that might be unnecessary for your app. Worry not, Nimble AppGenie will suggest to you the right set of features that your cryptocurrency app should have. The following are the must-have features that we recommend for Cryptocurrency wallets and exchange apps.

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