Everyone wishes to have apps like Amazon, Zomato, Uber eats, Grub hub, and many more, but they don’t know if it is possible to make these types of apps. Well, now it is possible with white label app development.

Nowadays, it becomes very easy and convenient to develop an app with any popular app features and technology advancement. Building a white label app is similar to getting the app idea from an existing app and then recreating it, perhaps with some innovative and unique changes.

After completing white label app development, you can sell it to a buyer, who can use that app with their logo and rebrand the app as their own.

white label app development

For those businesses who want to own an app with the least possible investment, purchasing a white label app is most suitable. Technology always provided the generation with the best, proficient, and easiest way to get success.

White label is also one of the most advanced technologies, which is now offering great success. If you want a thorough knowledge about white label app development, read this blog further and start your own business today with white label software.

What is White-Label Mobile App Development?

A white-label mobile app development company develops a white-label app to sell to the other client for the business as per their branding needs. The primary idea of building White Label Mobile Apps is to have a product that can be utilized by infinite companies with a shallow level of customization flexibility.

The concept of white label app development is trending because it has emerged to assist the business owners in having their app with minimum finance and resources.

The main benefit of white-label mobile apps is that it requires less effort than custom mobile apps. This is because white label apps are pre-built for the business in an industry. White Label Software Solutions are famous among startups searching for a shortcut to enter the mobile domain with less money.

White-Label Mobile App Development

For example, you have an idea to launch an app similar to Amazon in a particular country where no similar kind of app is currently there. If you are looking to quickly enter the market, you should contact a white-label app development company for getting your own app. They will provide you with solutions in which all you have to do is change the brand name, coloring, and format according to your preference.  And, you will have your Amazon application ready to quickly hit the market and gain business success.

To understand this concept better, I’ve mentioned some benefits of White-Label Mobile App Development for your business. But before that, you should know the different types of white-label mobile apps. So let’s have a look at types first.

Types of White Label Mobile Apps

There are two ways by which a company can sell white-label apps to business clients.

  1. When you purchase a white-label mobile app from a mobile app development company, they sell you the app’s framework with the app’s back-end code, which provides you with the liberty to write the front-end code.Web development Company
    The primary reason for this type of white labeling app is that the client can have more control over designing and UI of the app. However, this can’t be considered an entirely white label solution. It is still considered as partial white labeling, as you will have to invest time and resources into building the app’s front-end.
  2. Secondly, When you purchase a white-label mobile app from a mobile app development company, they sell you the app’s framework with the accessibility of both front-end code and back-end code.mobile app development companyIn this second case, you get a little scope for making changes like replacing the branding elements on the front-end with your own brand identity. However, this approach will leave you with flexibility in terms of scalability and customization.


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Difference Between White Label Mobile Apps and Custom Mobile Apps

Custom mobile apps are designed right from scratch. Therefore, you need more time, money, and resources for developing an Android/iOS application while hiring a Custom iPhone/Android apps development company. Whereas, White label apps are designed by reusing the codes of existing applications, which makes the entire process very easy. As a result, it reduces time and effort.

Custom mobile apps

So, let’s dig into the market and watch out for the factors to consider and decide which one is best: custom mobile app development or white-label mobile app development.

1. Features and App Structures

As I’ve explained above, a white label app is a solution prebuilt for businesses in an industry. Therefore, you only have to rebrand it and position it in the market as if you have created it.

When you, as a business, move towards investing in White label app development, you come to realize that the application is not designed as per your exact business requirements. Therefore, you will have to compromise on different factors and features.

But, when you think about Custom mobile app development, you will be starting from scratch. That means you will have the opportunity to make a mobile app development plan accordingly.

Moreover, the app structure of a White label application is already tried and tested in the mobile market, whereas the model of the Custom app is new in the market. This brings the risk of app structure failure.

So, developing a Custom vs White label mobile app depends entirely on the requirements of your app and knowledge of the mobile industry.

2. User Experience and Design

User experience and design is another factor that can help you in determining whether to go for white-label app or a custom mobile app development option. Indeed, White label apps come with basic features and functionalities.

These apps are designed using a Hybrid or cross-platform app development approach. However, it cannot integrate all the native device features and functionalities into your app development plan.

Mobile App Development

Whereas, when it comes to turning your app idea into reality from scratch, you can do this via a Custom app development approach. This provides you with the freedom to follow the complete app design process – right from Wireframing to UI/UX design to Prototyping and many more. In addition, you can introduce advanced native device features and technologies into your entire process.

This indicates that Custom iOS or Android app development is the appropriate choice for your business app to design apps that engage users effectively.

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3. Maintenance and Sustainability

White label apps are designed by reusing the existing app code. Undoubtedly, there are fewer bugs and errors in the codes, and the code is already tested in the app industry, which again indicates that the app development code is sustainable.

But, when looking towards Custom mobile app development, there is a higher risk of bugs and flaws in the app code. In the custom mobile app development approach, service providers will have to test every element of the application whenever a new feature is added or an existing one is modified.

To record the consequences and thus, ensure better outcomes. So, in this case, White label mobile apps win over Custom apps.

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4. Time and Resources

As we know, Custom mobile apps are designed right from scratch. Because of this, you need more money, resources, and time to develop an Android/iOS application. Whereas, White label apps are designed by reusing the codes of existing applications.
As a result, the time and resources required for developing an app through white-labeling are comparatively lower. Hence, this signifies that if you desire to enter the mobile industry at the earliest opportunity, choosing White label app development is very beneficial for you.

5. Cost

Cost plays a massive role in determining whether to go for white-label app development or a custom mobile app development approach. There is no use in reinventing the wheel because, as I’ve explained above, white-label apps are created by reusing the existing app codes.

If you have a low budget, go for White label application development, pick a white-label app development approach because the cost to develop is usually significantly less than custom app development.

6. Security

In the case of White label app development, you modify a pre-built mobile app. Because of this, there is less scope for identifying flaws, bugs, and errors and modifying your app code accordingly. However, this is not in the case of Custom application development.

In a custom mobile app development approach, you develop a mobile app from scratch and fully control what code to write, test and modify, and more. Moreover, you have better chances to improve your app’s performance and security, which is why one should go for custom mobile application development.

Now, as we have looked into the Custom vs White label mobile apps comparison, it’s the right time to look into the pros and cons of getting a white label app or custom mobile app designed for your business needs. So, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of white-label app development.

Pros of White-Label Apps Over Custom Apps

Project Management Process

1. No Involvement in the Project Management Process

If you hire an app development company to develop your custom app. You will have to make efforts to understand how they work and manage projects. Someone from your in-house team will raise issues, communicate with the project management team, and consistently track the progress.

But when you purchase a pre-built white-label mobile app from a reliable seller, you don’t even have to bother about the project management process at all. This is because they have a verified solution readily available for your business.

2. Cost-Efficiency

The biggest point of success of white label apps is their cost-efficiency. In most cases, purchasing a pre-built app solution costs you much less than building a custom mobile app. If you are thinking of developing a custom mobile app.

In that case, you have to hire developers, designers, project managers, and many more in-house or outsource a software agency that will develop your app from scratch. The mobile app development process requires unique design, efficient development, extensive testing, and considerable research in both cases. Therefore, each phase of development, when carried out exclusively for an app, is very cost-intensive.

On the other hand, white-label app development companies sell their apps to big organizations and infinite businesses. They don’t charge any cost for the entire app development cost. Instead, they only charge for a small part of it.

3. Free from Maintenance Complications

The sellers usually host the apps on their own servers in white labeling, and the buyer gets a functioning app but doesn’t have full access to the back-end source code. These white-label app sellers usually have QA experts and a dedicated team of developers who track the app’s performance.

You don’t have to fret about the maintenance of an app, if there are any technical glitches in an app, you can just let the seller know, and their dedicated team will take care of the rest.

On the other hand, a custom app is yours, and you have to maintain it. After spending so much time and money while developing the app, you then have to spend more on maintaining the app.

Cons of White-Label Apps

 mobile app development companies i

1. Limited Scope for Customization

The most significant disadvantage of white-label apps is that there is no scope for customization. As I’ve mentioned earlier, white labeling companies develop these apps as generic solutions to businesses in the entire industry. This is why they add only standard features in the app that are relevant for every industry.

On the contrary, a custom app is built by keeping unique business needs in mind. So you can include all those advanced and innovative features that address the pain points of your target audience. Even smaller features also play a massive role.

2. Brand Identity Overlap

Indeed, a white-label app permits you to add your own brand logo, name, and identity elements to the user interface. But then, all the businesses that buy this app also have the same kind of placements of their brand elements and access to the same features. However, the user interface and app design fail to provide unique brands from other industry brands.

On the other hand, you can design the entire app interface in custom app development to match your existing brand tonality. So, for example, if you are a business with a quirky brand image, you can incorporate the same in your custom app.

Also, if your brand has positioned itself as a high-tech brand, you can reflect the same in your app UX and UI to distinguish it from other apps.

Top 2 White-Label App Development Companies

1. Nimble AppGenie

Nimble AppGenie is one of the fastest-growing mobile app development companies in the United Kingdom, founded in 2015. The company has been helping big companies and organizations in the mobile app development process. Whether it’s a custom mobile app development approach or a white-label development approach, they provide both types of solutions.

The company has 50+ developers with agility in their core to provide timely delivery of projects. As a result, it has been rated 5 out of 5 by its customers on the clutch.

2. GraffersID

Graffersid is an app development company that empowers big organizations towards digital transformation through unique solutions whether a custom mobile app or white-label development approach. They strive to be the single-point solution for startups and help them stay competitive while using the latest disruptive technologies. They also provide advanced technology with a Goal-Oriented development process to enhance business outputs.


Indeed, the concept of white-label app development has made things simple for those who want to develop their mobile app in less time with fewer resources. With this technology, one can start their business in no time. Therefore, if you are eager to launch your white label app and earn ample money, go for white label app development and contact us for more details.