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11 Feb 2021
Madhukar Jangir

What is the Cost for Custom Logistics Software Development?

What is a Logistics Management Software?

  • Improve shipping efficiency
  • Make logistics process transparent
  • Reduce transportation cost
  • Enhance customer satisfaction

Market Overview for Logistics Management Softwares

Where Can Logistics Softwares Help Businesses?

1. Planning

2. Execution

3. Analysis

The 4 Types of Logistics Mobile Apps

Type of Logistics apps

1. Fleet Management Solutions

2. On-Demand Logistics Apps

3. Warehouse Management Softwares

4. The Extended Logistics Software

Cost of Developing Logistics Software

5 Advanced Features For Your Custom Logistics Software

1. Geofencing

2. Real-time location tracking

3. Smart Contracts

4. Sensor Integration

5. Role-based information access

Benefits of Having Custom Logistics Software

  • Process Automation. Manual process automation means that logistics businesses can execute work faster and more efficiently.
  • Eagle Eye View. The logistics software solution carries all the information, and hence, every participant in the logistics process is able to access the assigned information.
  • Cost Efficiency. Due to the automation of processes and human error elimination, businesses can achieve higher cost-efficiency.
  • Service Quality. The availability of real-time data analysis helps fleet managers make informed decisions based on the insights generated.

Off-the-Shelf vs. Custom Logistics Software Development


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