With the number of mobile devices users increasing at an incredibly fast rate, mobile technology is a big opportunity for businesses. Whether you have a small, medium-sized or big business, it is essential to get a customized app developed for your business growth. Statistics show that60% of traffic was acquired through mobile devices in 2016, and that increased by 75% in 2018.

If your app is simple yet attractive and can help users with what they want, you certainly can see great benefits of having a mobile app for your business. Apps help users shop conveniently and comfortably, and this comfort is what makes people choose shopping via mobile devices.

Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

Your online presence helps your brand to reach a much greater number of customers than if you relied on only an offline presence. If you have got a great mobile app, you can beat the competition and stay ahead of the curve. Below are some benefits you can enjoy when having a mobile app for your business:

Improves Accessibility

Research reports say that people spend most of their awake time on mobile devices, so if you can reach your potential customer via mobile devices, the comfortable access apps provide for customers, increase the chances of conversion.

Boosts Customer Engagement

Mobile apps make it very easy for your consumers to reach you. In a few simple clicks, they can get in touch with you and shop what they want. This convenience helps enhance customer engagement, build trust and strengthen the connection between the business and the customer.

Improves brand recognition

Your brand can potentially reach millions through your mobile app, as once the app is downloaded, it remains with the user all the time. This gives you a great number of chances to install your brand in your audience’s mind. Due to the time people now spend using mobile devices, mobile apps are a very effective method to reach your potential customers. Also, you can share valuable information, assist your customers and provide offers and discount through your mobile devices.

Features of Walmart Mobile App

Research reports show that the number of mobile device users is increasing rapidly, which indicates that the future of eCommerce business is through mobile. App Annie reports show that people are spending 54 percent more time on shopping apps than they did in the previous year. Traditional retailer apps like Walmart also showed that the number of its users increased by 39 percent.

Cost to create a Retail Mobile App Like Walmart in USA

Now let’s understand why the numbers of app users are increasing so quickly for shopping. What it is that makes people shop via apps, and why have mobile apps become the first preference of shoppers?

Mobile apps make things simple. Users are able to save their time and effort getting the items they desire in just a few simple clicks and at the comfort of their home. Shoppers are more attracted to applications that have a great and simple interface. Retail mobile apps provide an amazing shopping experience, offer new and innovative ways to make payment and also allow users to view the product feedback from others who have already bought the product.

An example of a company that is using mobile apps to their advantage is Domino’s. They are a very old pizza brand, yet they have made significant changes to their business model on the basis of their customers’ feedback. Today, 60% of the orders that they get is via their mobile app. If you offer exactly what your customers want, you will turn them into your loyal customers.

Basic Features

Below, we have explained the essential features of a retail app that you must include to make it a hit.

1. Product Availability:

This feature tells users what items are available for purchase, what items are out of stock and when items will be available for order.

2. Price Checker:

It will allow users to check the price of an item and compare this price with their competitors.

3. Additional Product info:

This section provides information about what the product is made of, the usages of the product, and any other information that will be useful to the customer for making a buying decision.

What does it Cost to Build a Retail Mobile App like Walmart?

4. Integrated e-Commerce:

You can integrate your website link in your app, so if the user wants to know the information in detail, he/she can have access to it.

5. Product Preview:

Product preview helps to enhance the user experience, as it provides a clear picture of what the user is interested to purchase, which helps the customer make a purchase decision. Advanced technologies like Augmented Reality and 3D modeling help preview products more effectively than ever before.

6. Geo-Location:

This feature can help bring customers to your store when they walk nearby. It enables you to inform your app users about special deals, loyalty programs and more.

7. Social Share:

You can integrate a feature in your app that allows your consumers to connect with their friends via various social networking platforms. This increases your brand awareness.

8. Payment gateway:

You can integrate different payment gateways such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Braintree, Paypal, Stripe and more. Multiple payment options will help customers place orders in a manner that is convenient for them.

Retail Mobile App Development Cost and Key Features

Ultimately, taking into consideration all the above features, the actual Retail web and app development cost will range between $28000-40000, whereas with advanced features and more platforms, the cost will certainly reach $50000.

How to Choose the Right App Development Company?

Building a mobile app is not a simple task. You therefore really need an expert to get an innovative app developed if you want satisfied customers. If you have a team of experienced developers, then it can be straightforward. If you have not got an internal tech team, you can hire UK mobile app developers. Make sure to choose an experienced and reliable company to get the desired results. An experienced team may cost more initially, but they will save you money long term as the project will be run more professionally, and with fewer mistakes. There are many aspects that affect the cost of an app. These aspects include the size of the app, the features you want to be included in it, the tools required to build the app, and what platforms you want the application to be used on.

How Much Does It Cost To Create a Retail Mobile App Like Walmart

Retail Mobile App Development Cost(Hourly rate)

RegionPlatformHourly rate, avg.PlatformHourly rate, avg.
North AmericaiOS$150Android$170
United Kingdom, EUiOS$70Android$70
South AmericaiOS$50Android$40
Eastern EuropeiOS$35Android$35