Passport bros movement.

This turns has popped up a lot recently. Passport bros this, passport bros that, passport bro Brazil, website, and whatnot.

But most people have a similar initial reaction “What Are Passport Bros!”

Well, this is the new buzzword in the dating world for men in the United States of America. And there’s a lot to discuss about passports bros.

This blog shall discuss all you need to know about passport bros.

What Are Passport Bros?

First things first, what are passport bros?

Passport bros mean – when men from a certain region seek out foreign women from other countries for relationships.

Let’s not confuse it with sex tourism as that’s totally a different concept.

Moving on, one of the most common questions people have when they first understand the concept of passport bros is, “Why?”

Why would a man look for women from another country and culture altogether? Well, as it turns out, men have a whole list of reasons.

Let’s discuss the entire passport bros movement in the next section.

The Passport Bros Movement Explained: Men’s Reply to Feminism

passport bros movement explained

Well, the term “passport bros movement” is quite self-explanatory.

But more important than “what is passport bro” is “why are passport bros”. In layman’s terms, people want to know why men are looking for love and potential partner in other countries.

Well, the answer (according to US men) is “Feminism”

Now, women empowerment is good & all, even quite necessary. However, today’s feminist movement has gone in the wrong direction.

And the new age feminism is changing females into something men aren’t finding attractive anymore.

You see, passport bros think that Western women in general are too influenced by cultural and societal pressures (feminism) to act or be a certain way.

Here, men can no longer get the “love”, warmth, and companionship they are looking for. Whereas, by looking for foreign women, they can find someone authentic and fulfilling, creating a harmonious relationship.

This relationship has the natural balance of masculine and feminine energy, contrasting with the Western concept of women.

This is what the passport bro movement is all about. And it has been skyrocketing in recent times.

You see, millions of men are joining the trend after being traumatized, abused, and treated harshly in the Western dating scene.

In fact, the number of marriages in the US is decreasing at a drastic rate. So much so that many wedding planners and management companies are going bankrupt.

Speaking of which, the “passport bro movement” is men’s answer to the feminist movement. And with this out of the way, let’s see how you can become a passport bro.

How To Become A Passport Bro?

how to become a passport bro

So, how to become a passport bro?

Well, the passport movement has attracted a lot of men to get “red-pilled” and join in on the trend with millions of others.

And they want to join how they can become one.

As such, it’s easy enough. The first thing you need is a “passport”. In fact, this movement is closely related to traveling since men have to actually go to a country to be with their partners.

The next thing you need is to find a partner.  And here are some of the common passport bros countries: Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand, and so on.

Well, you see, there are a lot of ways you can do it, for instance, passport bros website or passport bro app.

These apps are just like the dating apps we use but with some subtle differences. In other words, we are talking about dating apps for international dating.

Speaking of dating apps, let’s see how the passport bros movement actually affects the dating industry at large.

How Passport Bros Movement is Affecting Dating Scene In USA.

passport bros effect on dating

It goes without saying that the passport bros moment is affecting the entire dating scene and the dating solution industry at large.

The reason is that when men don’t even want to engage with Western women, they are no chance for them to use dating apps like Tinder which are based locally for the majority of the part.

This is just one example.

Other examples include:

  • Men Aren’t Looking To Marry Western Women
  • Passport Bros aren’t entertaining feminists
  • There has been a return to traditional style marriages
  • More and more Western women are finding it hard to find partners

These are just some of the examples of what the passport bros movement is all about.

Now, it goes without saying that the entire passport bros movement is purely a social or what we call dating thing.

But it’s much more than that.

You see, dating is a social thing but the dating industry is also one of the biggest arenas for businesses. In fact, companies like Tinder are generating millions even billions through their dating app solutions.

And this has made a lot of businesses think about the passport bros app opportunity. And that’s the thing we are going to discuss here.

Let’s go through everything you need to know about the dating app for passport bros.

Passport Bros App, New Opportunity in Dating Industry

Passport Bros app is a little different from your average dating mobile application. When done right, this can be the holy grail for your business, helping you grow the business the generate millions in revenue.

So, to introduce you to this opportunity we shall discuss all you need to know about passport bro dating app development.

What is Passport Bros App Exactly?

Passport bros apps are a type of dating app but way different from the typical ones.

Most of the dating apps we use are based on locality or finding people near you. Plus, a majority of these apps are focused on finding partners for a short-term relationship. Friends with benefit dating apps for instance.

However, all of this is totally opposite of what the passport bro movement stands for.

You see, fellow passport bros are looking for women from other countries who have high traditional values. So not in countries like England, France, or Germany but rather in Vietnam, Thailand, or Chile culture is still quite traditional.

In addition to this and contrary to popular belief, passport bros aren’t looking for hoke-ups. Rather they are looking long term relationships and possible marriages with feminine women.

So, a passport bro app is a dating app that helps Western men help find potential partners from other sides of the world.

Because the truth is told, not all men are rich enough to go to other countries looking for a good partner. But they deserve one nonetheless.

Should You Create A Dating App For Passport Bro?

create passport bro apps

At every investment opportunity, there’s always one recurring question,  is it worth it?

So, let’s ask, it is worth it to invest in passport bros dating app development? Well, it is and there are several reasons why.

Let’s see what these are:

Strong User Base

The first reason is the strong and ever-growing user base. Much like ordering gender-specific events, the passport bros movement is only going to grow with time.

Moreover, there are already millions of men who are “passport bros”.  Therefore, you never have to worry about finding an audience base for your app.

Growth Opportunities

Well, there are a lot of things going in your way when it comes to creating a passport bros app.

You see, the passport bro movement is huge and quite a specific niche. And this is very good for any business. Therefore, it’s a big reason to invest in this app.

Benefit Of The Head Start

It goes without saying that if you start first, you have a better chance of winning. And the same goes for the passport bro app.

You see, at the time of right this blog, there are no mobile apps specifically targeted at the passport bro movement. You can develop one and generate a lot of revenue with it. That’s the whole gist of this opportunity.


These were some of the top reasons to invest in this opportunity. Considering that you do want to invest in it, let’s see how you create a passport bro app in the section below:

How Can You Create A Passport Bro Dating App?

So, how do you create such a dating app? well, the process is simple enough. Here are the steps that you need to follow”

  1. Brainstorming for concept
  2. Market research
  3. Planning
  4. Hire dating app developers
  5. Create an MVP
  6. Outline development process
  7. List out features
  8. Create UI/UX Design For the Passport Bros app
  9. Back-end development process
  10. App testing
  11. Deployment
  12. Maintenance

Things To Keep In Mind When Building Dating App For Passport Bro Movement

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when developing a dating app for passport bros. The things are, as mentioned below:

  • Hire right development partner
  • Create an implement a marketing plan for your app
  • Pay special attention on the features
  • Choose the right tech stack and development platform
  • Maintain good communication with developers
  • Don’t forget to discuss ownership of code and NDA.

These are some crucial things that you need to keep in mind.

Cost to Build a Dating App

So, it’s time to answer the big question.

How much does it cost to build a passport bros app?

The average cost ranges from $15,000 to $100,000 depending on the app’s complexity, feature list, platform, tech stack, and so on.

For more details on the same, we recommend that you consult a mobile app development company.

Can You Make Money With Passport Bro Dating App?

dating app monetization

Yes, you can make money with a passport bros app.

At the end of the day, it’s just a mobile app. And there are N number of ways to make money with a dating mobile app.

Some of these app monetization methods are, as mentioned below:

  • Premium services
  • Subscription mode
  • Paid promotion
  • Advertisement
  • Partnership

These are some of the common app monetization strategies. And with this, you know all the surface

Knowledge you need for creating a passport bros app.


Passport Bros movement is a fascinating development in the dating industry, sparked by a response to the changing landscape of western society and feminism. While controversial, the movement has gained significant traction, with many men seeking companionship and love outside of their home countries. The rise of this movement has also led to the emergence of a new opportunity in the dating industry – Passport Bros dating apps. While still in its early stages, this niche is ripe for development and investment. With the right team and approach, creating a successful Passport Bros app can be a lucrative venture. As the world continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how this movement and its impact on the dating industry will continue to grow and change.


The Passport Bros Movement is a trend among men who travel the world to find love with foreign women.

The Passport Bros Movement has created a new market for dating services that cater to men who are looking to date women from other countries.

Critics argue that it is a form of exploitation and that there are concerns about cultural differences and the challenges that can arise in cross-cultural relationships.

Promote cultural understanding and education, encourage men to learn about the countries and cultures they are interested in, as well as supporting programs that promote cross-cultural exchange and understanding.

Passport Bro Movement involves seeking adventure and cultural exchange, while Sexual Tourism involves traveling with the intention of engaging in sexual activities with locals and is often associated with exploitation and abuse.