There’s a popular meme circulating on the internet, that asserts there are more people in the world who own a mobile device than people who own a toothbrush! According to Pew Research center, 64% of adult Americans use a smartphone, and 90% of all-American adults own a mobile phone of some kind. With the successful adoption of smartphone usage throughout populations

across the globe, there’s a remarkable untapped capability for recruiters to reach out to this massive target audience of capable workers.

A large number of hiring managers and expert recruiters are using the new trend of mobile recruiting, and are exploring new ways to use the strength of mobile devices within the recruitment process.

Social media and mobile technology will cross hand-in-hand to transform the recruitment process in 2019 and beyond. The recruiters who are capable of adapting to this alteration may be able to get the maximum advantage out of it and attract talented applicants. The recruitment software companies that offer mobile recruiting solutions can also can be those with the intention to get more attention from recruiters.

On this infographic, we have mentioned this developing trend of mobile recruiting, how it is going to impact the hiring technique and what you, as a recruiter or hiring manager, need to do to make the high-quality use of mobile recruiting.

What’s Mobile Recruiting?

Mobile recruiting is the technique of looking for proficient candidates with the help of mobile descriptions, a mobile career website, and a specialised mobile recruitment program. With the assistance of mobile recruiting, hiring managers can undertake their recruitment activities on-the-go. Recruiters are able to use mobile devices to post inner feedback, speaking with the candidates and scheduling interviews.

5 App Start-ups Reinventing Recruitment

Recruitment apps are helping recruiters to identify the most eligible candidates for their companies, without needing to involve any middleman or third-party individual. These job searching tools allow job seekers to search for jobs on the go. According to the latest study by indeed, more than 77% of people use mobile applications to search for a job, and only 10% of companies offer mobile-friendly application processes. This is a gap that needs to be narrowed, meaning there is a great opportunity in this space.

Many new start-ups and well-settled organizations are targeting these new spaces created within the recruitment industry market. Some of the recruitment apps are mainly focusing on “passive” job seekers, people who are already employed but looking for a job change, or better opportunities.

The recruitment or job portal mobile applications help the user to search for the perfect job according to their knowledge and skills. This process also makes it easy for recruiters to search for eligible candidates. With performance-related hiring and peer-to-peer referrals, these applications are giving new tough competition to traditional hiring methods. From a simple feature of “swipe-to-apply” to job filtering, there are some high-performing innovative start-ups that are reinventing the recruitment industry.

hire mobile recruiting app development like Switch App
Driven by machine-learning algorithms, Switch is a job-hunting app that allows users to apply for suitable jobs with a “swipe-to-apply” feature. Candidates can easily manage and edit their profile, get details about daily job recommendations, and connect with employers directly with the in-app chat feature.

With an ambition of revolutionizing the job searching experience, YardenTadmor, Switch is a New-York based start-up founded in 2014. The app has over half a million downloads and big brands like Amazon, Facebook, and eBay have already signed up as recruiters on the app.

  • Founded: 2014
  • Total funding raised: $6.4 million
  • USP: ‘swipe-to-apply’ job matching app

The 38 Top Recruiting Software Tools Of 2019 | Ideal
The app focuses on improving the overall hiring process for both recruiters and candidates. For evaluating eligible candidates and testing their skills, the platform uses projects and challenges.

Founded in 2014 by Matthew Ang and CEO Crystal Huang, ProSky is a San Francisco based start-up. The app is challenging the traditional “CV and Interview” methods by a recruitment process in which companies can directly train, test, and hire new talent. In order to increase the flexibility of the hiring technology and marketing strategy, the company raised an amount of around $2.3 million in December 2015. Investment from Kapor Capital, 500 Start-ups and University Ventures is also included in it.

  • Founded: 2015
  • Total funding raised: $7 million
  • USP: performance-based hiring

Best Recruitment Software like Job Today
Job Today is a mobile recruitment app which allows the users to search and apply for suitable jobs. Candidates can also chat with employers if they have any queries or questions. The candidates are updated with results within 24 hours.

Founded in 2015 and launched by the Luxembourg-based start-up in Spain, the business has now expanded to also London and Paris. With contributions from Felix Capital and Mangrove Capital Partners, in 2016, the appraised $10 million Series A round led by Accel.

  • Founded: 2015
  • Total funding raised: $10 million
  • USP: helps people find jobs in 24 hours

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Syft
Syft allows employers to hire fully-vetted and temporary staff via the app. The app is mainly used by London’s hospitality and events industry. Syft helps job seekers to choose when and where they want to work.

Founded by Novo Abakare and Jack Beaman in 2015, the app is also described as ‘Uber of hospitality staffing’. Comparatively, the app is 65% cheaper than traditional recruitment agencies. With the help of Profounders Capital, angel investors Lord Young, and heavyweight boxer David Haye, the company raised a profit of around £2.65 million seed in 2018.
• Founded: 2015
• Total funding raised: $7 million
• USP: recruitment for the hospitality sector in London

Malaysia and Yemen Nepal and North Korea Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan Syria and Cambodia Jordan and Azerbaijan
The app helps job seekers to find jobs through peer-to-peer referrals. Jobs are posted by the employers and the candidates can apply or refer the job to a friend for getting a bonus.

Founded in 2014 by CEO Robyn McGirl, the app targets mainly targets the tech start-up communities like London’s ‘tech city’. In 2015, the company received funds from Tom Fleming, co-founder of Vertex.
• Founded: 2014
• Total funding raised: undisclosed
• USP: a peer-recommended talent for start-ups

Mobile recruitment trends for 2019

 #1Providing an enriching Mobile Recruitment Experience is the Key to Attracting the Candidates

Within the contemporary year, recruiters will look to engage applicants in a significant way through imparting enriching mobile recruitment experience. Anticipate agencies to deliver the right content material to the right audience through mobile gadgets to make the applicants interact and form a positive view of the recruiter’s brand.

 # 2 Mobile Task Search Is Going to Be the Primary Supply of Recruiting Applicants

Multiplied use of mobile devices has given a new size to job search. These days, massive numbers of USA and UK citizens and people throughout the globe are looking for jobs on the go from their mobile devices and tablets. Expect this fashion to increase, as more and more candidates will resort to mobile activity to look for their ideal vacancies.

# 3 The Rising Synergy of Social Media and Mobile Recruitment Paves the Way for Impactful Candidate Enjoyment.

In the course of the current year, this partnership will achieve new heights. Social media and mobile will become interdependent with each other. Specifically, with the emergence of millennials in the worldwide group of workers, social sharing could be considered as a full-size part of the recruitment lifestyle.

Recruiting Software development company in USA and UK# 4 Making the Career Website of The Business Enterprise as Responsive as the Corporate Internet Site

Optimizing programs for mobile –inclusive of the career website, could be a key draw candidate to those who already have jobs. Anticipate organizations to make their professional web sites as responsive as their company internet site.

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# 5 The Destiny of Recruitment Lies in Mobile Apps

The mobile is the future of hiring. Increasingly more candidates inside the year 2019 will be using their mobile devices to apply for desired positions. This will make it critical for recruiters to come up with an action plan to recruit candidates using mobile devices. But for now, many employers and hiring vendors haven’t begun to use mobile recruitment wholeheartedly.

Leveraging Mobile Technology in A candidate-driven Recruitment Technique

In this candidate-pushed recruitment market, mobile recruiting can have a progressive impact. With millennials, the mobile era has emerged as an important cog inside the destiny recruitment technique. It’s been envisioned that 47% of millennials are currently making use of their mobile devices for activity searches. This makes it even more critical for businesses to have candidate-centric recruitment tactics that remove barriers to reach proficient candidates.

Here are some approaches mobile recruitment can apply to become a first-rate service.

# 1 Developing Video Process Descriptions

Recruiters have already started to spend money on mobile-friendly company videos that give useful insights about the company’s subculture, the company’s history, and its vision. In2018, recruiters had started to create exciting company films that may be published on every task search platform.

# 2 Developing On-Line Resumes

Because of the development within the mobile generation, paper-primarily based and laptop-based application channels have become much less widespread than they were inside the pre-mobile technology. Resumes are now not circulated amongst task consultancies via hard copies. As a substitute, some groups are encouraging candidates to send their resumes in a video layout.

# 3 Delivering Speedy Screening Manner

Mobile recruiting has converted from being a one-manner process to an effortless, fast and tasty method(SMS, text advertising, job search apps, and so forth).

  • Mobile utility solutions like are assisting candidates to crack the interview process by using out of an activity applicable assessment of themselves via their mobile gadgets.
  • With the help of actionable insights through real-time analytics, recruiters are capable of diverting their interest to the shortlisted applicants, allowing recruiters to optimize the recruitment method.

Harnessing the power of mobile and social media to transform your recruitment manner

A robust organization brand is the need of the hour to attract top talent for this intense recruitment market. Methods borne from technology like expertise groups, mobile recruiting and social media are playing a key role in growing a strong organization brand, allowing the company to attract top talent.

# 1 Use Revolutionary Strategies to Attract Proficient Applicants

new applications like Transfer and jobs have applied the mobile recruiting trend to their benefit via the use of the left-swipe feature. These apps are just like tinder, but for recruitment. They allow the candidates to express their hobby within the activity, go through available opportunities, and then swipe left on the opportunities that they want to find out more about by connecting with the relevant recruiters.

# 2 Personalization Is the Key

The excellent way to utilize social for recruiting is to post special forms of content on social media networks that may assist you in attaining desired candidates. The key is to make the content engaging and relevant to your audience.

# 3 Use the Sources That Exist Already

Use your existing employees and corporation emblem as a part of your video content material. Make it mobile optimized and based on social media networks. This way you can reach out to potential applicants, and lead them to to the picture of the subculture you want to paint before they eventually join your company.


Our relationship with technology has changed rapidly over time and now mobile customers spend 90% of their time on mobile apps, in preference to browsers. Recruitment apps are making extremely good strides – the benefit of process searching at the pass in addition to smart notifications are helping to make the recruitment procedure quicker and less complicated. The destiny of mobile recruiting lies in the development of apps with seamless integration, properly consumer experience, and information analytics that assist recruiters to find out passive candidates who’re probably to be open to new possibilities.

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