What Makes an App Successful?

If you are someone who wants to launch a successful mobile app and you are stuck with this question. This blog is for you.

You have an amazing idea, for launching a successful mobile app. That can strike the market with great innovation and stand tough in competition. Don’t wait and launch your mobile app in the market.

But you know what !!

Few of them make up successfully to the app store.

Researchers say that in these competitive times only 0.01% of consumers become successful. According to the stats, there are 2.7 billion smartphone users across the globe.

Moreover, there are 2.7 million apps are on the Google play store and 2.2 million on the app store. So the problem is the market is flooded with soft wares and the user demand is unlimited.

To be successful in the mobile app industry you need to launch the latest technology-rich app in the market.

In this blog, we shall be discussing how to make your mobile app successful among people. So let’s start this blog with the mobile app success story.

How You can Make Your Mobile App Successful? Get Inspired By a Mobile App Success Story.

The world is taken over by mobile app success story and creating mobile apps are complex. In this competitive market, there are several mobile app development companies.

But not all are successful. Many businesses launch amazing websites in the market and 1% end up getting successful.

Here are five stories that are going to inspire you so that you can make your mobile app successful.

1. Sylo Smart Wallet

Sylo Smart Wallet

This social fintech app has crossed 100,000 downloads within two months. Globally It was launched in September in the Play Store. Dorian Johannink is the CO-founder and business director at Sylo.

Dorian’s success mantra

Let’s start this story with the success mantra. “Do what you do well, hire for the rest. And put trust in those you hire.”

So in their early development stages, Dorian, Co-founder, and his team. They have tried almost everything from product development to marketing. Which eventually make them in a stressful place as they grow their team and scope.

However, once they trusted the people they hire, this significantly helps them in focusing on the core value area.

And, surprisingly they can see growth in a short time.

Dorian’s suggestions to others developing an app.

  • Choose your stack right and decide what is essential that help you accelerate your development speed.
  • Focus more time on the core value rather than trying hands on several things.

Let’s see the next story.

2. Six Clouds Ignite

Six Clouds Ignite

This generation is the self-made entrepreneurs. Dip Dhingani is the CEO and co-founder of the Creole studio. He is ambitious and has a passion for creating the best software products.

Recently they developed an app that is Six clouds – ignite. This is a Singapore-based start-up. Six Clouds ignite app is like Netflix and help children to learn who is in their early schooling years.

Moreover, this app is developed especially for the children of Uzbekistan.

Dip Dhingani success mantra

Its success mantra is “If you want to build a successful app understand the context of the end-user and build your app”. They understand the user’s socio-economic surroundings, which influences the app features.

Dip Dhingani suggestions to others developing an app.

  • Focus on the growing economy and provide a solution that users can get when they access the internet.
  • Crack the efficiency and be the next big thing in the market of apps.

3. Zoom


This app is quite popular during the time of Covid. It is an American company that offers remote conferencing services. Its headquarter is situated in San Jose, California.

They provide services like online meetings, chat, and video conferencing that help businesses facilitate videos virtually.

Eric S. Yuan’s success mantra

The success mantra says,” Believe in developing people-centric cloud services that modify meeting experience that improve the quality of communication forever.

Eric S. Yuan’s suggestions to others developing an app.

  • Focused more on delivering hassle-free communication.
  • Provide the best solutions to the user that is not available in the market.

4. Uber


We all know how Uber has changed the entire game of the digital transportation industry. Its headquarters is situated in San Francisco, California, U.S. The founder is Garrett Camp, Kalanick.

The success story of Uber

Uber’s success increased majorly because they provide a ride-hailing experience hassle-free. Mr.Khosrowshahi chief executive of Uber stated “As we move from an era of growth at all costs to one of responsible growth, our culture needs to evolve.”

Mr.Khosrowshahi suggests to others developing an app.

  • If more people are opening our app more often, then there will be business down the road.

Hopefully, you get inspired by the success stories and make your mobile app successful.

What Makes an App Successful?

Building Successful Mobile Apps is not complex when you hire expert developers. We all know, some of the successful apps like WhatsApp, and Instagram and gaming apps like candy crush are quite successful in the market.

However, everyone is unique in their way, each one has a different success story but has one thing in common. They changed the user behavior and they fall into the daily routine of the user.

Here are a few points that influence and contribute to making an app successful.

  • Usefulness
  • Unique app concept
  • Performance
  • Usability
  • Engagement
  • Appearance

Now here we shall be discussing certain factors that prevent the apps from becoming successful.

Apps are expensive
  • When many people think to build the app, it cost them a lot of money to build and maintain it.
  • Moreover, it cost around $25,000 to start. This large sum makes entrepreneurs’ run out immediately.
  • And making out profit is harder.
Apps are plentiful
  • Many apps go live every day, that have innovative content and functionality.
  • Moreover, the high competition makes harder for good apps to make an impact.
Apps are often free
  • In most cases, users get the content and functionality for free.
  • That made apps easily not inclined by the user money which is hard for an owner to monetize apps and get profit.

Software development failures

Cost issues
  • This is hard to estimate if you are not sure about the challenges associated with your app.
  • Moreover, if you are setting a limited budget and finishing the market version of your product, you might end up with issues related to the cost.
Timeline issues
  • The timeline to build an app depends on the complexity of the app. It takes a long time to build an app.
  • And if you are running on funds to operate you might be forced to accelerate the development prematurely.
Bad tech
  • Not all development firms offer talent and expertise.
  • You have to take care of tech before hiring, otherwise, you’ll end up in abandon the operation.
QA hell
  • This is a time-consuming process; you don’t know how much time QA will take to test the project.
  • Moreover, it is more time-consuming and a waste of money. Or if you skip this step you will launch your app with critical bugs and eventually fail your product.
User unfriendliness
  • If your app is not user-friendly, it will never be successful. So make sure that you solve the UI problem related to the app.
Pivot failure
  • When a business owner isn’t going to work out due to some complexity.
  • They often attempt a pivot that changes the direction of the company.
  • If this step is rushed or poorly executed, it will ruin every effort and make moving forward impossible.

Marketing and support-level failures

  How to Make Your Mobile App Successful Among PeopleHow to Make Your Mobile App Successful Among People1. Know Your AudienceDecide the audience and know who you are bringing value to make your app successful. This will help you in checking the business value of your app in the market.Moreover, search for trends, ask a question on forums, conduct a poll, or build an MVP of your app and collect user feedback.2. Serve ValueIf you want your app to be successful make sure that it serves value to the user. And solve specific market problems that are targeted by a group of potential users.Moreover, this will motivate the user to download and use it. The perfect app combines business objectives, and consumer needs and provide technological solutions. 3. Simplify Your Business ModelYou can simplify your business model by comparing it with your competitors.This will help your user to connect with you more and increase the download rate and your success is guaranteed.4. Define the Scope of FeaturesAfter deciding on the features come up with clarity. So, that your user could easily understand your app.Always stick to this rule. Less is more.5. Choose the Right StackIf you want to build a successful mobile app you have to choose the right set of the stack.You can choose from the below options.

  • Platform-specific Native app
  • Cross-platform native app
  • Hybrid app

6. Design a Simple UI/UXDesign is the most crucial part of an app. A better UI will lead your app to higher download numbers.Moreover, if your app is loved by the user they will recommend it to new users. This eventually increases the downloading rate and the conversion rate will skyrocket.All you have to do is hire dedicated developers. 7. Choose Your Design and Development TeamThe quality of your app will reflect the hard work of the design and development team. If you want to make your mobile app successful.Make sure that you hire an expert development team that has good communication and easily understands the value of the project.8. Allow Third-Party IntegrationsWhen you allow third-party integrations of your app it enriches your app and increases user retention and overall experience.Otherwise, it’s a waste of resources and money. You can hire custom android app development.9. Maintain High PerformanceIf your app has high performance. This is a good enough reason to get your app successful.Usually, if your app will have bugs and errors it will affect the performance and will degrade the rating and brand identity of your app.10. Ensure SafetyYou have to make sure that your app is safe to use. It’s a threat to the entire system and is prone to hacking. If you want that your app will become popular make sure about its safety.Moreover, there are several ways to ensure the safety of your app which is not a complex process. You can properly encrypt sensitive personal data and API communication.ConclusionBy reading this blog you can make your mobile app successful. Don’t worry about the technology while planning your app.If you don’t have idea or development skills you can easily find an expert mobile app development company that help you in achieving your goals.

No initial audience
  • If your app is solving the issues related to the users, it automatically grows.
  • Moreover, there are so many users not everybody is going to like the services. Always make a game plan and offer free versions for new signups.
Placement and description problems
  • The right description is most important for marketing and supporting your app.
  • Usually, It’s the description that provides your identity and helps in breaking your download figure.
  • If you write a bad description and don’t post apps to the markets and stores. You end up in getting failure.
Unclear branding
  • If you want success the brand identity should be clear. It’s the core part of the brand.
  • Make sure that you polish it from time to time.
Minimal Customer Support
  • Your user is the lifeline of your app, if you don’t take care of their needs, your app will fail.
  • Hence, always take care of tools for user support, which includes the option to report bugs and 24/7 customer support.
No marketing or advertising strategies
  • If you want your app to be successful you need some support from a marketing and advertising agency.
No review or rating optimization
  • Users check out ratings and reviews before downloading an app.
  • If there are bad reviews about your apps user will move to another app.
  • However, some apps fail due to rating games, for success pile up your rating game faster.