Educational app development services are growing popular. And the reason behind it is clear, “Business opportunity” when we are discussing over e-Learning App like Lynda. While the pandemic was an unfortunate event, it also become a boom for the e-learning industry as everyone was studying remotely on their phones and other devices.

The educational mobile app market was valued at $250 billion just two years ago. And in the next five years, it is expected to reach the $1 Trillion dollar mark. So, it goes without saying that there are a lot of people who want to develop an App like Lynda, Coursera, etc.

If you are one of these people, there might be a question in your mind about the cost of doing so. After all, you are going to pay for e-learning app development and you don’t have unlimited funds. So, how much does it cost to develop an e-learning mobile app? Well, that is the question we shall be answering in this blog. So, hand around till the end to find answers.


An E-learning app like Lynda: Education Application Development


In this blog, we shall be looking at everything about developing an app like Lynda. But some of you might wonder, why develop an app like Lynda? Well, the question is rational, and to answer it, let’s see what this e-learning platform is all about:

What is Lynda?

Lynda is one of the big players when it comes to educational app platforms. This is one of the reasons why it is the inspiration for many on-demand app development projects.

As we already know, this is an online e-learning platform that has thousands of courses. These courses are designed by none other than the experts in the same field. For ease of learning and understanding, the chapters are divided into different units.

Moreover, Lynda is entirely subscription-based. Thus, if you want to use this e-learning mobile app, you have to pay for a subscription.

Recently, this platform was bought by the tech giant, LinkedIn and rebranded as LinkedIn learning. This is all about Lynda. Now, let’s look at the first step of developing the same, which also affects the cost  


First Step: Hire Education App Developers

The very first thing you need to do when developing an educational app is to hire a developer. Now, there are various ways to hire e-learning app developers. For instance, you can outsource the work, hire an in-house team, or hire freelancers.

However, the real question is, which of these options should you choose? Well, let’s look at them turn by turn:

  • Freelancers

The very first thing that comes to mind when you talk about hiring developers is the term “Freelancer”. And there is a very good reason behind it. Firstly freelancers usually have a lot of experience. In addition to this, they work remotely from whatever is their location. Meaning you don’t have to provide them any of the employee benefits.

However, as good as freelancers can be, there are some downsides as well. The largest drawback is, that they are freelancers so they can leave the project whenever they want. There is no contract or anything binding them.

For those reasons, freelancers aren’t usually recommended for educational app development. As developing an app like Lynda takes both a lot of time and funds.

  • Outsource

Outsource is a fairly popular option when it comes to e-learning mobile app development. This option is highly regarded because outsourcing companies have a lot of experience, required resources, and technical prowess required to deliver top-notch e-learning apps like Lynda.

Furthermore, hiring an outsourcing company is also quite an economical option. This is what makes this option so attractive and popular among developers.

In fact, this is the best among the bunch due to the number of advantages and other overall better results. So, if you want to develop an e-learning app of your own, you should consider hiring an outsourcing company.

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  • In-house team

The third option is, assembling an in-house team. Now, this is the least common and the most expensive option on the list. Let’s look at it like this, first, you need to hire a recruiter, who will in turn hire a team of developers for you.

The problem is, you will have to pay them a salary and provide them with all the employee benefits. Now, if you don’t have enough work for them, an in-house team can be really expensive, especially in the case of educational app developers.

These are the few options you get when hiring e-learning app developers. Now that we are done with this, there are some things that you need to consider while hiring developers. We shall be looking at these things in the next section of the blog.


Things to Consider While Hiring E-learning App Developers


Hiring the right educational app development company can be a bit of a hassle. So, to avoid hiring the wrong development partner, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Here, we shall be discussing these things.

So, with this being said, let’s see what these are:


No matter what kind of relationship you talk about, communication is the key. And this remains true for the developer and the client. Since the entire app is built around the client’s requirements, it is important for the developer to understand what the client wants.

Moreover, a good communication channel allows the clients to see and know what is going on with their project. This is highly important for both sides. For this reason, communication is a value that should be confirmed before hiring the developers.

Developer’s Experience

Another important thing that you should look at while hiring the developer for e-learning mobile app development is their experience. As things go, the more experience a developer has, the better they are for you.


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While even the developer with less experience can do a decent job, there are some things that only come with experience. That is why it is always recommended to hire an education application development team with highly relevant experience. So, this is something that you should keep in mind while hiring developers.

Team Size

Now, some of you might be wondering how does team size matters. But it does in fact matter a lot. Truth be told, no developers will be working only on your project. An e-learning mobile app development company will be handling more than one project at a time.

And this is when the things come to team size. Look at it like this, a small team will be struggling to handle different projects at once, so there are chances that they will cut corners. On the other hand, the larger team will have no problem handling multiple projects.

This is the reason why the team size of the e-learning mobile app matters so much and why you should look out for it.

Past work & Performance

The past work of the developer is quite a useful insight. The past work lets you know about the end product and the real-life performance of the same. And since we are talking about e-learning mobile app development, these factors become even more important.

When you are consulting a developer, you can ask them to share their past work. Here, you can also ask for past client contact and talk to them about the same. In case, the development agency doesn’t want to share any of this, take it as a red flag and explore other options.

Documentation & Legal Bits

Contrary to popular belief, there is a fair bit of documentation and legal bits involved in application development. This involves signing a confidentiality contract and also some other ones. For instance, they have to agree to hand over the source code.

You should pay special attention to this one, as there have been cases of a big problem arising because of contracts and documentation. This is also the reason why you should complete this work before anything else.

So, these are the things that you should look out for while hiring Educational learning mobile app Development Company. And now that we are done with this, let’s look at the average cost of developing an app like Lynda in the next section.


The Average Cost of Developing an App like Lynda


The average cost of developing an app like Lynda isn’t that easy to estimate. And there are various reasons behind it. You see, there are various factors that can affect the total development cost of developing an e-learning mobile app.

Now, if you are looking for a close estimate, it is recommended that you consult a mobile app development company. They will give you a better insight based on your requirement. With this being said, let’s look at the factors which affect mobile app development costs.


Factors that affect Educational app Development Cost


As we said, there are various factors that come into play when you are trying to figure out the total cost. But the real question is, what are these factors? Well, we shall be looking at the same in this section. These are, as mentioned below:


The very first factor that can affect the development cost is the platform. Android and iPhone app development services are two popular choices along with cross-platform mobile application development.

Depending on your choice of the platform, the cost of development can vary. Again, if you want to know more about the same, it is recommended that you consult a developer.

Developer’s Experience

Just like we talked about the things to look out for, the more experience they are, the better it is for you. Now, quality comes at a price. This is the reason why the developer’s experience can highly affect the total development cost.

For instance, the developer or development company with less experience will be charging less when compared to someone with more experience.


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Another factor that can affect the e-learning development cost is the complexity of the app itself. It’s quite simple, the more complex an app is the more expensive it is going to be to develop it. Again, there are various factors that add to the complexity of the mobile app.

E-learning apps as we know them are fairly complex depending on their type. In addition to this, the features, design, functionality, tech stack, and so on determine the complexity.


Design and feature are two of the most important component of e-learning apps like Lynda. But the question is how? Well, you see, everyone wants their mobile app to have useful yet unique features and have a never-before-seen design.

And this is something that comes at a cost. The more custom-made and complex features you move towards the more expensive it will get. And the opposite of the same is also equally true. This is how design and features affect the cost of a Lynda Like the app.

E-learning App Maintenance

The last factor that affects mobile app development costs is app maintenance. You see, app maintenance is just as important as the development process itself. It is through mobile app maintenance services that an app is able to compete in the market and keep up with the competition with changing market demands.

Since it is such an important part, it also incurs a cost on the client. And thus, it becomes a big factor affecting the total cost of building an app like Lynda.


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Conclusion: How Nimble AppGenie Can Help You?

This is everything you need to know about the development cost of the E-learning app. Now, all that’s left to do is hire a mobile app development firm. Wait! We can help you with that.

Nimble AppGenie is a leading iOS & Android app Development Company, specializing in e-learning app development. We have developed delivered many educational apps like Lynda of various scales to clients across the globe.

With our extensive experience, dedicated team, and resourcefulness, we deliver the e-learning app you are looking for. Our work is proven and our bespoke mobile application development prowess is popular among clients.

So, if you want to develop an educational mobile app that takes over the market with a storm, we can help you do that. Contact us today.