In today’s modern life smart phones and smart watches are an important element of our daily life. It was a huge revolutionary step made by IBM, when they introduced the first Symbian phone. After 15 years from launching the Symbian phone, Apple launched their first ever smart phone.

Have you ever thought about what makes smart phones so important for us? I think we can agree one of the most important factors are the mobile apps inbuilt or downloaded from the App Store. This is the reason thousands of app are submitted to the app store every month, and billions of app are already available which cover various different genres and categories.

It is a very basic need of a business to have a mobile responsive website and depending on your industry, also to have a mobile app that serves their online community of clients. A mobile app and website represents your business in the online world, so it is really important to be certain of its quality. If it is an app you are using for representing your business online, then it should be well designed, easy to navigate, and have a quick response time. If it is a website, then it should be mobile responsive, secure, designed in an attractive manner, and have a short loading time.

As per a survey conducted in UK, more than 45% of users won’t wait more than ten seconds for uploading a website or mobile application, and more than 12% of mobile users won’t wait for even 5 seconds. It is therefore imperative that in this competitive digital world, to not just have an “ordinary” website or app. A slow website or mobile app can make your potential customers stay clear from your business. Most people never return to a website or download a mobile app when they have previously had a negative experience using it. Therefore it is necessary that your website or mobile app oozes with quality.

Here at Nimble AppGenie, we understand the value of your money, time and the important needs of your business. We design and develop every single app idea and website from the customer’s prospective, whilst suggesting the best technical and marketing solution for our clients. Contact us if you have any needs or questions for your app idea and website.

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