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09 Oct 2020
Madhukar Jangir

Geofencing - A must-have feature for On-Demand Apps

What Is Geofencing?

How Geofences Work?

What are the different use cases of Geofencing?

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  • On-demand business applications: In on-demand delivery businesses, geofencing is used to automatically assign customer orders to nearby delivery agents and to also, to notify customers about their order pickup and delivery status. In the case of on-demand apps business, geofencing is used to assign the service providers dynamically depending on their location. 
  • Transportation Management: To track the flow of people that are using the public transportation system. Also, used to integrate the public transport system with autonomous vehicles or ride-sharing applications.
  • Real Estate: To know the amount of footfall walk by the specific real-estate location.
  • Brick and Mortar store: To guide the customers about specific products as soon as they are near to it.
  • Network Security: To improve the security of wireless local area networks they use geofencing to limit access to the designated users and devices.
  • Inventory Management: To keep the assets secure by restricting the movement of expensive assets into a certain boundary i.e. warehouse or factory boundary.
  • Human Resource Management: To monitor the employees, especially working outdoors, by tracking their activities to make sure that they are working in the allotted area.

Real-Time Geofencing Visualisation

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Let’s take an example

How Geofencing can benefit your business

Amazon Go is using Geofencing

Application of Geofencing in several domains

1. For On-demand Apps

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2. Geotargeting

3. IoT

4. Limiting Device Usage

5. GPS asset tracking

How do you want to use Geofencing?

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