When it comes to a robust and flexible OCR and mobile scanning app, it needs to have an automatic scanning function that focuses on the text and automatically detects the edges of the document. All the below mentioned apps have this feature and are mostly used for scanning. As soon as you put your mobile’s camera in front of the document, it automatically scans the document. In order to generate a sharper image, you just have to hold the camera stable. This makes the auto-scan a highly useable and flexible feature.

The next thing that matters is how you save the file after scanning it. The flexible OCR app, allow you to save your scanned documents in the form of a pdf, or many other formats. OCR apps also include additional features like printing, sharing and exporting your files. Some of the scanning apps also have a feature of copying text, which allows you to copy text and paste it onto other apps.

Apart from features, various other things also matter which makes your app flexible and robust for users. Other tools that allow you to perform various tasks like manually cropping the scanned document, adjusting brightness, choosing greyscale output instead of black and white can also be included in the OCR scanner app development. Moreover, an OCR app that can support multiple languages will be a plus point.

What is Optical Character Recognition?

The process of OCR actually refers to the scanning of a document, image or text of a specified alphabet. After the image is scanned through an OCR it can be used for the following purposes.

  • Saving it into internal storage
  • Editing or cropping the image
  • Translating it into another language

Advantages of Using OCR in Business

According to the latest reports by Transparency Market Research, it is expected that the global document imaging market will expand with a compound annual growth rate of 15%, i.e. up to 155 billion. As more and more businesses are developing apps for their business workflow, having scanning apps on mobile phones have become one of the important aspects. With the help of these scanner apps, a business niche can provide services to a large number of users.

As a scanner app eliminates the time consumed during manual processing of tasks, it will also offer a tool for your workforce to make it more organized. The OCR app helps in capturing information from various documents, presentations, receipts, business cards, and a lot more. The data stored in the form of a digital document also allows you to make it a part of an automated system. You can also access this information anytime from anywhere. With an OCR app, you can easily sign documents.

  1. Time-Saving

As compared to traditional methods, the OCR app helps in reducing the manual processing of tasks, from organizations and enterprises. Accessing a digital file instead of a physical document is much easier and time-saving.

  1. Cost-Effective

An OCR app helps in improving how your business operates with low-cost processing. The app allows business owners to manage their utility easily.

  1. Easy Access

Companies that use OCR apps for their business, enable their customers to easily access data. OCR apps can also be used to search for information or a particular document using various keywords like reference number, address, document name, etc.

  1. Enhanced Customer Service

OCR apps also provide improved customer service to users. To provide solutions to customers, customer supports agents can easily access the information using OCR technology.

  1. Improves Productivity

As an OCR is less paper-centric, it also often improves staff morale through greater efficiency and makes the work environment more flexible.

Need for OCR Technology?

“If your business basically deals with documents on a day-to-day routine, then an OCR scanning app is the right thing for you.”

The OCR app helps in transferring the text from a physical source to a digital document. Since the words are directly transferred into a digital document, the time required to write down those words is also reduced. There are numerous OCR mobile apps & programs are available for both iOS and Android which you can use for your business.

 OCR for Business Development

Regular updating of documents is the basic need of every business. This process becomes easier when you have a scanner app as an OCR app allows you to easily scan all the documents without much typing or any other risks. These apps also allow you to edit the document or copy the text from the document. OCR is one of the most affordable ways for converting physical documents into a digital document.

The cost of developing an OCR app differs according to the feature you want to include in the app. There are various benefits of developing an OCR application and it can be easily integrated with the tablets and laptops which results in a flexible workflow and reduced manual efforts. Apart from this, signing documents also becomes easier with these apps.

Cost of OCR App DevelopmentFeatures of an OCR Scanner Application

User Panel:


This is the segment with a purpose to be used by the app users to check-in into the app, using their social account credentials, or via registering via their electronic mail identity.


Once the consumer has registered into the app, they could then log-in to the app whenever they prefer. They can even live logged-in if they desire to.

Document Conversion

The document can be converted by the customers into various other layouts.

Various Input Formats

An OCR app needs to be supported with pdf, picture, textual content & word file format. This way, the user can input any of the codecs required to convert the document.

OCR of Document into Text

This option permits customers to convert any format record into text. After conversion, the user can control (read/edit/delete) the text.

Real-time Document Detection

This is a very beneficial function, as whilst a consumer scans a document, the app could be able to locate it in real-time, performing in sync with the consumer’s activity.

Filter Usage

As soon as the document is scanned or uploaded, the user can be able to use filters and observe the result. The filters will include colors and/or brightness.

Push Notification

Customers constantly get hold of alerts & notifications concerning admin activities.

Manage Profile

Once a consumer is registered, he will become a member of the app, and he would be able to manage his/her profile. This includes the management of account data and passwords.

Various Output Formats

After the user has finished the upload, editing, and selected a language, he then picks out the output layout in which he wishes the record to be transformed into. The user can choose layouts such as text, word document and excel.

Document Management

The consumer can shop scanned/converted files in the app, and he is allowed to apply the view/edit/download/delete options on the stored files.

Multipage Document Assist

In this phase, the consumer can scan a couple of pages of a file at one-time, and can also convert them.

Admin Panel:


This lets the admin get entry into the app using the log-in credentials.


From this phase, the admin can be capable of monitoring all users, document, most-used formats, and prominent languages along with the document conversion.

Filter Category Control

Admin manages the types of filter that is used for document editing. There are numerous filters in each class.

Managing Filters

Here the admin manages all of the filters related to its category.

Reports and Analytics

This segment offers real-time reports about users, record conversion, most-used layout & filters.


Admin gets the notifications concerning the consumer hobby.

Sharing Management

The sharing of document records is saved on this segment. From this section, the admin can view all of the users in conjunction with the sharing info and might manage all of them.

Managing File Format

From here, the admin manages the whole of the report format being used inside the app. He can upload a new language & delete the existing one.

Customer Management

From here, the admin could be capable of manipulating all of the customers associated with the app.

Manage File Conversion

This movement gives the admin access to view & manage the document conversion. Every file gives facts of transformed files alongside the customers.

Progressive App Development Tips from Nimble AppGenie For Enterprises

If you are the owner of a big firm and want to save money for other important work, then automating the company processes is a great idea. It is likely that your employees perform repetitive and hectic tasks, which also includes typing. Developing an OCR app will also help your employees scan a document directly from their smartphone, and then the text from the document can be copied.

For Office

As a virtual commercial enterprise, you want to be up to date with modern answers and technology. If you want to be at ahead of your competitors, then you definitely want to be one leap forward by using an OCR app.will take your business at a top degree because the app is applicable in various industries.

For Brands

A famous agency may have a sturdy product and outstanding logo, however, they may not have the ability to communicate their message worldwide.  Offer your customers an OCR scanner mobile app so that they can use your products in various different countries.

OCR App Development Company in USA and UKTop 4 OCR mobile scanner applications

PDF OCR Scanner:

With these types of scanner applications, text files can be easily converted into pdf files. This application is available for free of cost for android devices and also it supports multiple page documents.

Omnipage Standard 18:

The application is not available free of cost but it can easily scan and print documents of multiple formats. Reputed as a Gold award winner, the Omnipage Standard 18 is one of the top scanner applications. It can print the document with the same size, color, and font as the original document.

Online OCR:

The easy to use scanner app supports French, Chinese, and Spanish language. Documents with size up to 5Mb can be uploaded for free. For documents with a larger size, you have to pay. The documents can be saved in the form of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

Google Docs:

You can scan documents on the phone or tablet and later upload them on Google Drive. With this app, you can also individually process images and documents. The scanned documents will be downloaded in the form of png, jpg or gif format with similar specifications as the original. Moreover, the app also supports multiple languages like Yiddish and Zulu.

Cost of Developing an OCR Scanner Mobile Application

Building a simple OCR app for a single-platform (iOS or Android) with basic functions, appealing UX design & neat navigation will cost approximately $5000. However, if various other features are also desired, this could take the cost up to $25,000.