The 21st century has bought a turnaround and drastic change in almost all industries. You must have already heard about the e-Learning and digital education system. Classroom teaching has become more advanced and enhanced with the launch of e-Learning apps in the market. In current times, learning is not only limited to schools and universities’ classrooms, with the latest technologies, you can learn anytime and anywhere with the help of your mobile phones or tablets. All this is due to features and functionalities that edTech developers provide with their education mobile app development services.

The Market of E-Learning Mobile Apps

Investing in an e-Learning mobile app is not a bad idea for any business, as the demand for these m-Learning Mobile Apps is increasing day by day. This demand is unlikely to face a downfall in the future, with the world becoming more and more technology focused. Hence, now is the perfect time to invest in education mobile app development to tap your market share.

Market of Education App development in UK and Maldives Top E-Learning Mobile Apps

Various enterprises are already catering to the learning need of students. Below are the top 3 e-Learning Mobile apps that dominate the global market.

Amazon Kindle

The go-to app developed by Amazon for all the readers and bibliophiles. The app contains millions of books and magazines, which users can read directly from the app on their tablet or mobile. The inbuilt dictionary feature of the app allows users to maintain their reading flow by helping them to find out the meaning of tough words.

Periodic Table

Developed by the royal society of chemistry, the Periodic Table is an interesting app for learning information about all the periodic table elements. The app contains videos and podcasts to help users in learning the elements easily.


One of the most recognized and most-used apps in the e-Learning industry. With more than 1000 courses from various universities, the app is suitable for all kinds of age groups. The most interesting feature of the app is that the students get a recognized certificate after completing the course and passing the final course test.

Did you know that Coursera witnessed 10.3 million new registration during the first thirty days of the coronavirus outbreak? It was a 644% hike as compared to the same period previous year.

Advantages of E-Learning App

These days, students prefer not to visit libraries when searching for any information or data. The world is now at their fingertips, and the majority of student prefer to use a smartphone to search for any information a their time of choice. e-Learning apps are also emerging day by day, and more students are preferring these apps for learning and studying. Below are some of the advantages of choosing e-Learning apps as the channel for learning.

Enhanced Learning Environment

e-Learning apps create a more enhanced and interesting learning environment. This helps students to securing better grades and brushing their skills to execute assessments with a clearer approach.

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Time Utilization

The e-learning apps enable students to utilize their time by exploring beneficial things on the app. Games like Sudoku, number puzzles, quizzes create curiosity in kids to learn more.


Since the technology is emerging at a rapid pace, the number of smartphone users is also increasing day by day. These apps allow learners to pick up new and modern knowledge, with the latest technologies making the student tech-savvy.

Models for E-Learning App

There are various models available in the market from which you can choose to develop your app. Each model has some pros and cons. The following are three types of models that can be used for education mobile app development.

Subscription-Based Model

The subscription models usually fit into two types, free and premium. The free version contains very basic features such as limited online lectures and content. Most students prefer choosing the premium version, as it has various advantages and add-on features. With the premium version, students can access the full course & set of videos. Furthermore they may be able to talk directly with tutors and mentors to gain clarity on complex topics.

Adds Integrated Model

Integrating third-party adds in your model can help you earn some more income. You can integrate adds of third-party resources in your model to make extra profit from your app.


The e-Commerce functionality integration in your app will allow users to purchase books and study material. In this way, more revenue can be earned by the app owners.

Key Features of an E-learning Mobile App

Student Panel
Teacher Panel
Easy Registration Create Account
Browse Subscription Plans Edit and View Profile
Choose and Pay for Subscription Plans Browse Student Details
Choose and Pay for Subscription Plans Track Student Performance
View and Choose Subjects from List Connecting with Students Through
Students Can Browse and Select Tutor Answering Questions
Search Tutor Console Statics
Online Quizzes and Mock Tests Video and Text Chatting
Connection with Tutor by Chat or Video Call Detail Professional Profile
Posting Questions Forgot Password
Guardian Panel Admin Panel
Social Media Login Manage Users and Students
Connecting with Teacher Managing Courses and Subject
Monitor Student Performance Badge Management
Tracking Course Progress Track Earnings
Managing Course Subscription Monitoring Student Information
Track Student Record Managing Subscription Plans
Get Review from Teachers and Admin Offers and Discount Management
Check Assessments Managing Leader Board
Access Leaderboard Online Test Management

Some Advanced Features for Robust E-Learning Mobile App Development

Some Advanced Features for Robust E-Learning App Development

We have discussed the key features that you must include in your e-Learning app. To be at the top in the competitive market, you must develop an app with cutting-edge technologies. You can integrate the below-mentioned features to make your app more robust and interactive.

Document Sharing

Tutors can upload documents or test papers online on the app. When the documents, PDFs or spreadsheets are shared with the students and users, these individuals will be able to access them from anywhere, with the help of a mobile or tablet. Users can directly view the documents within the app, or they can download it onto the device memory to access it offline.

Leader Boards

To motivate students, integrating a competition platform is a great concept. Providing a leaderboard feature in the app is proven to motivate students and learners to study much harder.

Quizzes and Tests

Making online quizzes and assessments a part of your app is often a great idea. Creating new quizzes regularly can help to keep track of the performance of every student. These online tests can also be provided to students as practice or revision tests.

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Audio-Video Streaming

This function can easily increase user engagement on your app. Under this feature, users can stream the lecture or live classrooms directly from the app.

Push Notifications

This feature helps to keep your users updated with new study material, new lecture videos, upcoming classes, and more. An effective push notification feature can make your app more flexible and more useful for both students and educators.

Content Management System (CMS)

For an e-Learning app, the content posted on the platform is the most crucial part. The CMS or Content Management System helps easily manage the availability of the app.

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

To keep increased customer engagement on your app, you must maintain a good rapport with the students and learners. As the name suggests a Customer Management System or CRM helps you to maintain a long-lasting relationship with your customers.


The app will be more functional and flexible if it is integrated with a multi-language support feature. In this way, users from every corner of the world can use your app.

Multiple Payment Support

Integrating various payment gateways in your app will help the users to easily pay for the desired subscription. You can integrate Google Pay, PayPal, Braintree or a debit/credit card feature in your app.

Education App Development Technology Stack

Required Technology Stack

Some Advanced Features for Robust E-Learning App Development

Technology Feature
Media Streaming Nimble Streamer, Wowza Streamer
Real-Time Analytics Hadoop, Spark, Cisco IBM
Cloud AWS
Database Postgress, HBase, MongoDB
Mobile SDK iOS and Android
Push Notification, Twilio
SMS and Phone Nexmo, Twilio
Payment Google Pay, PayPal
Data Management Datastax
Emails Mandrill
Universal OS Debian

Team Structure for e-Learning App Development

To ensure you receive robust education mobile app development, you need expert and skilled developers who have immense knowledge in education technology development. The following professionals are a must if you want the best education app developer team.

  • Project Manager
  • Backend Developers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Frontend Developers
  • Android App Developers
  • iOS App Developers
  • Testers
  • QA Professionals

Education Mobile App Development Cost

There are various factors that affect the cost of education app development. Mainly, the cost depends on the complexity, platform, and region of development. If you are developing a basic app, then the cost of development may be low, but if you are integrating the app with some advanced features and complex functionalities, than the cost is likely to be significantly higher.

Similarly, the cost of developing an app for multiple platforms is higher than the app developed for a single platform. The hourly rate of app developers in the USA is $150-$250 per hour, in Europe, it is $100-$150 per hour. But in Malaysia, the development cost is only $50-$70– per hour. A lower cost doesn’t mean that you will save money with development. A lower cost comes with a risk of low quality development. Hence, always consider several factors while selecting the best development partner for your business. It is important that you work with a team that understands your vision, and is dedicated to delivering high quality. I’ve written a guide on how to find the right mobile app developer, and here is the link – Finding the best mobile app development partner.

Although the cost of education app development is different in Malaysia as compared to the USA and Europe, we will supply you with a reliable average cost for these regions. The average cost of developing an e-Learning app in terms of UI/UX designing, Back-end and Front-end Development with only basic and common features will be around $15,000- $30,000. However, if your education application includes complex features with various functionalities, which make your app robust and interactive, then the cost is likely to range between $50,000-$100,000.

Choose Right Development Company for App Development

Since the continuous growth of technology, e-Learning and educational apps are on the rise, it is important to choose the right e-Learning mobile app development company. Nimble Appgenie has a team of skilled and proficient developers that can help you to develop a robust and secure e-Learning mobile app for your business. We are experienced in the education application development industry, with us completing successful edTech applications, such as Medu4. Reach us to now to get a quote for your education mobile app development.

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