Due to the continuous growth of on-demand technology in the market, car rental apps have become as common as social media apps on mobile. The increase in demand for car rental has shifted the app into the category of a necessary one. A car rental solution not only emerged as a source of convenience for users but also as a business for earning money.

With the launch of car rental apps in the industry, they are growing like a wildfire in the market. The main reason behind the success of a car rental solution is the convenience it provides to users.

Read the article till the end if you want to know about the features you must include in your app to make it a must-have application. In this blog, we will cover every aspect you need to know about car rental app development.

Market of Car Rental App

Market of Car Rental App

According to some reports by Statista, by the year 2022, the market of the car rental and leasing services in the USA will be on the hype with approximately USD $43 billion. The business of car rental is not constant which means that it is growing very fast and rapidly. So this is the best time to invest in the pool of sustainable car app development.

Famous Car Rental App Development Models

Since the market of on-demand apps is booming in the industry, many large scale industries and are planning to develop a car rental mobile application. As the competition is large, developers have discovered various models to stay ahead in the competitive market. Below are some famous models from which you can choose anyone for your business.

  1. Corporate Car Rental Services
  2. Long Term Car Rental Services
  3. P2P Car Rental Services
  4. Out Station Car Rental Services
  5. Local Car Rental Services

The Architecture of Robust Car Rental Application Development


Car Rental Mobile App Development in ukEasy Login

The very first section of the app that popups when the user opens the app. The user can sign-in with email or social media credentials.

Car Type

Here users can select the desired car they want according to their requirements.

Scheduling Ride

Users can select the cars according to their needs and they can schedule the booking for a later time.

Instant Booking

This feature is useful in case of urgency when users want to rent a car instantly without any delay.

Booking Management

Users can easily monitor all past booking and upcoming rides from this section just with a single tap.

Push Notifications

Users are alerted with booking status, latest discounts, updates, and offers by SMS, email notifications.

Fare Estimation

Providing a feature of cost estimation in-app will be helpful for the user in calculating the approx. ride cost even before booking it.

Payment Options

Integrating multiple payment options in your app will allow users to pay for the fare charges along with complete fare ride receipts.

Booking Cancellation

Under this feature, users can easily cancel the upcoming bookings by paying legal cancellation charges.

Referrals and Rewards

Users can share or refer the app with family and friends to earn rewards and promo offers for booking rides.


Car Rental App Development in DallasInteractive Dashboards

From this section, admin can manage and monitor all the details about vehicles, drivers, users. This panel also shows all the data and analytics to admin.

Customer Management

All the details and information of users, drivers/hosts, and sub-admins are managed under this feature.

Car Management

Under this feature, the admin can add new cars in the app along with the detailed information of the car.

Fare Management

All the fare structure for renting a car according to distance, car category, location, or the navigation route is managed by admin.

Income and App Analytics

All the incoming funds and profits are monitored by the admin. Under this section, the admin monitors the data and reviews about the app to enhance the business.

Content Management System

A CMS is a convenient tool for admins to manage all the content of the car rental app.

Category Management

Admin manages all the cars according to their categories and updates the status of the car available for rent.

Security Comes First when Talking About eWallet Mobile App Development in UKSome Advanced Feature for Car Rental App Development

Above mentioned are some basic features for developing a car rental app. But if you want your app to be at the top in the market, then you must add something extra in your app. The following are some features you can use to make your app more interactive and functional than others.

In-App Camera

Capturing an image of the document you want to upload and then later searching it in the gallery is a tedious task. Providing feature of in-app camera will help users in capturing the image of the document directly from the app for uploading.

Uploading Documents

Before renting a car to any user, the app must ask the user to upload verification documents like license. Document uploading is a must-have feature for the Peer-to-Peer car rental service.

Appointing Drivers

Sometimes users want drivers also when the book car for rent. This feature allows them to book drivers also along with the car when they are going for a long ride or on a family vacation. You can also add the option of setting a preference for booking drivers.

Custom Relation Management(CRM)

In order to keep the loyalty of your customers, you must have a long-lasting relationship with your users. CRM allows you to send email newsletters, offers, and discounts to users on a regular basis.

Real-Time Tracking

In case if you are assigning drivers while renting cars, then integrating GPS for your app is very important. With GPS, users, as well as admin, can track the live location of the car on the map. For security purposes, users can update or share their live location with admin and their relatives.

Technology Stack of Car Rental App Development

Development Cost of Car Rental App in USA and UKIf you want to develop a robust and refined app, then you must choose the right technologies which fulfill the requirements of users and drivers. An app with excellent services and quality will stand alone and ahead in the competition.

Technology Feature
Real-time Analytics Flurry, Google Analytics
Database MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgres, MySQL
Phone Verification Facebook SDK, Google sign in
Cloud Amazon Data Servers and the Google Cloud serves
Location Tracking Google Maps and Apple Maps

Steps to Develop Car Rental Application

As now all the features and functionalities of the app have been decided, now you must begin with the development process. For swift app development, you must follow an agile development process. Following the below steps will help you in developing a swift car rental application.

Team Structure for Car Rental App Development

Developing an app is easy if you have a team of proficient and skilled developers who know about developing on-demand apps. If you want to convert your ideas into reality, then you need to work with a pool of expert developers, designers, testers, and skilled managers. If you want to deliver your app to a wider audience, then you must make it available for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Project Manager
Backend Developers
UX/UI Designers
Frontend Developers
Android App Developers
iOS App Developers
QA Professionals

Development Cost of Car Rental App

Figuring out the development cost is not an easy task. There are various factors like features and functionalities which affect the cost of development. The platform of development and regions are also major factors that affect the development cost. The cost of developing an app per hour depends on the economy of the country. In the USA the cost of development is $150-$250, whereas in Europe it is $120-$200 per hour. But in Malaysia, the app development cost is only $40-$80 per hour. You must note that low-cost doesn’t mean low quality. The rate of development in any country is decided by the economy of that country.

Feature Time
Design 40-75 hours
User panel 300-450 hours
API development 100-130 hours
Admin Panel 120-150 hours

For an average estimate, the cost of developing an app with an MVP version is around $20,000-$25,000. The cost may go high if you want to include some most advanced features in your app. Our team of expert and proficient developers can develop a car rental app with all required and advanced features at a budget price. Contact us and get your car rental app solution now.