If you are looking for best chatting apps for your smartphone, this blog is for you.

So, what’s up with all these chatting applications? Well, as per statista, there are over 5 billion smartphone users, which amounts to more than a 3rd of the world population. And every one of these people is using some kind of online chat app.

Communication is one of the main and basic functions of a mobile phone became a driving force behind the chatting trend.

All of this has led to the development of hundreds and hundreds of chatting apps. We can all agree on the fact that this is quite confusing. If you look to download some of these or want to try something new, this blog is for you.


Chatting Apps



1. WhatsAppAndroid  |  iOS2 billion
2. iMessageiOS1 Billion
3. Android MessagesAndroid1 billion
4. Signal – Private MessengerAndroid  |  iOS3 million
5. SkypeAndroid  |  iOS20 million
6. TelegramAndroid  |  iOS700 million
7.Viber – Safe Chats And CallsAndroid  |  iOS260 million
8.HangoutsAndroid  |  iOS1 million
9.WeChatAndroid  |  iOS1 billion
10.SnapchatAndroid  |  iOS225 million
11.LineAndroid  |  iOS203 million
12.Facebook MessengerAndroid  |  iOS1.3 billion
13.Kik — Messaging & Chat AppAndroid  |  iOS2.5 million
14.Mood MessengerAndroid2 million
15. Pulse SMSAndroid250,000 daily users
16. DiscordAndroid  |  iOS150 million
17. Handcent Next SMSAndroid30 million
18. Textra SMSAndroid1 million
19. Verizon MessagesAndroid  |  iOS1.5 million
20. GroupMeAndroid  |  iOS106.4 million


Top 20 Best Chatting Apps That You Should Look At

Here are the top 20 chatting apps free to download and use that you should definitely try in 2022.

1) WhatsApp


WhatsApp is one of THE most popular messaging apps that you can use. Title years after year as the best android messaging app, this platform is something different.

Originally, it launched as a stand-alone platform, but in recent years it was acquired by META.  Since then, it has only improved, delivering more than 100 billion messages in a day.

Whatsapp means business; there are no ads, no distractions, and no useless features. You open the app, and you message your friends, that is it. However, this doesn’t mean it is just a plain and boring one. It has the entire required feature needed for you to have a good time with friends and family over the phone.

Top Features of WhatsApp

  • No username or login required
  • Simple and easy to use for all age group
  • Send messages, photos, videos, documents, and even money
  • Free online calls
  • Create an account with your phone number


2) iMessage


iMessage is easily the best chatting apps for iOS. Being a built-in app, makes it even more remarkable.

As a system app, this application is developed and maintained by none other than Apple itself. And this offers you an unmatched experience that integrates quite well with the entire iOS thing.

In addition, it also seamlessly unifies SMS with online messaging. Now, there is one big downside. And that is, only people with iPhone can use iMessage to communicate with other people using iOS devices.

Apart from that, this is one of the best messaging app on the list. So much so that, there are a lot of people who just buy iPhone for iMessage.

Top Features of iMessage

  • Inline replies
  • Pin important conversation on top
  • Various message effects
  • Filter and categorize message
  • Tag people in group chat
  • Shake to undo
  • Send handwritten notes


3) Android Messages

Android Messages

The android counter part of iMessage is, well, android messages. While this may or may not be the best chatting app for android, it is quite definitely a strong contender with billions of users.

Developed by Google themselves, this app has something good to offer. However, it is not all that about online chatting but rather more about handling phone SMS.

Nevertheless, it has some amazing features that have helped it become popular among users.  Some of the popular features of this platform are, as mentioned below:

Top Features of Android Messages

  • Amazing SMS handling
  • Simple Interface
  • Easy To Use
  • Instant notification
  • Share images, stickers, emojis, video files, and GIFs
  • Cross-platform


4) Signal – Private Messenger

Signal - Private Messenger

The signal came to popularity when WhatsApp’s privacy controversy rose. And we have to say, this relatively new platform took the market by storm.

The twist is, that the main focus of this platform is privacy and it was developed by former owners and founders of WhatsApp.

Taking security seriously, there aren’t any logins or anything, rather it is registered with your mobile phone. So, if you are looking for best free chat apps that come with impregnable security, this is it.

Top Features of Signal

  • Open-source and free to use
  • Free online calling
  • High security with Private messages
  • Allows you to create group chats
  • Share voice messages, GIFs, emojis, and more



5) Skype


Skype is one of those old chat apps that everyone has heard of. However, there is something that makes Skype stand out from other picks on the list. And that is, it is mainly used by professionals.

It is cross-platform, allows video calls, cross-platform synchronization, voice calls, and so on. Even today most of corporate spaces use Skype for communication. So, if that is something you are looking for, this is your best bet.

Top Features of Skype

  • Video calls
  • Message communication
  • Paid voice call to landlines and Mobile Phones
  • Group videos calls and chats
  • Share photos, videos, images, and document


6) Telegram


Well, well, who hasn’t heard of the infamous telegram. This is one of the most Popular Chatting apps by far. Being cross-platform it is avail on windows, web, iOS, and android.

Needless to say, this platform has attracted millions of users over the years with it’s amazing and unique features.

This platform is fast, it is secure, and it has no limits.  It doesn’t have any advertisements or irritating knick-knacks. The reason being that, it is managed by a company who’s aim isn’t to make a profit but create a safe space.

Top Features of Telegram

  • 100,000 members in a single group chat
  • Send custom stickers and GIF
  • No Size restriction on video and document sharing.
  • Amazing photo as well as video editing tools


7) Viber – Safe Chats And Calls


There are high chances that you have already come across Viber which is yet another popular chatting app. This platform isn’t used just in United States of America but across the world.

With the features like free video calls, audio calls, send messages, emojis, stickers, etc, it is safe to say, it an example of mobile app development done right.

Top Features of Viber

  • Group chat with 250 members
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Secret Chatting options
  • Smooth video calls, free to use.
  • Vast collection of emojis and stickers


8) Hangouts


Hangouts is yet another Google Chat App. You can download it on your android device and use your Google Account to log in.

Being cross-platform, it can also be used on desktops. It had its time of fame but now it remains a good chatting app with promises of what could have been.

Anyhow, some of the top features of this application are, as mentioned below:

Top Features of Hangouts

  • Group chat with upto 150 people
  • Cross-platform
  • Private messages
  • Secure messaging
  • Send files and images


9) WeChat


While WeChat is available across the world, it is mainly focused in China. And there, it is one of the best messaging apps online there. Consequently, it has over 700 million strong user base which is increasing day by day.

This chatting app is quite different from anything else on the list, with its amazing features which has their own way to keep you entertained. Enough said, let’s look at the feature of this platform.

Top Features of WeChat

  • Audio and Video Calls
  • Multimedia messaging
  • Hundreds of sticker collection
  • Share GIF, Emoji, Images, And more.
  • Meet new people with friend radar, people nearby, and shake



10) Snapchat


Snapchat is a chatting platform alright, but it is not like your conventional one. It is mainly focused on sharing photos and videos.

And as of today, this is one of the most popular platforms. It goes without saying that it is a good mix of chatting and social media app development.

Here, you communicate in form of “snaps”. In fact, this platform is particularly popular due to its filters. Some of the other popular features are, as mentioned below:

Top Features of Snapchat

  • Amazing and entertaining filters
  • High end photo editing tool
  • Free to use
  • Video calls and messaging


11) Line


Just like WeChat, Line is particularly popular in Asia with amazing among of users. While it comes with the entire amazing feature you expect from a messaging app, it also packs something special. And this is what makes it one of the top messaging apps for android and iOS.

Like much other social networking apps, it allows you to make posts and comment on others. In addition, you can also make albums and share them. All in all, the entire user interface is amazing and offers a good experience.

Top Features of Line

  • Group Video Calls
  • Group Chat with upto 200 people
  • Create Polls
  • Free Voice calls
  • Photo Sharing and vast sticker collection
  • Make post, comment, and update status.


12) Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

There is no need to introduce Facebook or shall we say, META Messenger to you. As the majority of you might already be using it.

This is probably one of the most popular social chat apps that you can come across. It seamlessly integrates Instagram and Facebook allows users to chat with each other.

Enough said, let’s look at some of the features of this platform.

Top Features of Facebook Messenger

  • As one of the best chatting apps, it has good user interface.
  • Audio calls and video calls
  • Protected Group Chat
  • Thousands of Stickers, Emojis, & GIFs
  • Unsend Messages


13) Kik — Messaging & Chat App


Kik is a rather well-designed top messaging apps that you would love to try. If you want something different from the conventional application, this is something that you should consider.

It is a highly effective messaging application that has been around for a long time. And this scalable solution is easily one of the best chatting apps.

The best part is, it is also one of the secure apps.

Top Features of Kik

  • Simple and unique UI/UX Design
  • Push Notification
  • Private conversation
  • Share Videos, GIFs, Audio calls, and Picture


14) Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger

In this long list of messaging apps, Mood Messengers stands out. This app is relatively new and quite simple one of the best messages applications.

Now, this platform has too many features, but if that is your thing, you do you. But this doesn’t stop it from becoming one of the best applications.

Moving on, the features of this platform are, as mentioned below:

Top Features of Mood

  • Partly free to use
  • Supports dual sim
  • Group chats with upto 10 members
  • Custom Fonts, notifications, backgrounds, emojis, etc
  • Block spammers



15) Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS

This SMS Chat apps free to download is something that you should consider.  And let us tell you, this is more than average.

Pulse much like a signal, it is quite secure. Compatible with almost every platform, this platform has become quite a trend among users.

Moving on, these are a range of featuring this platform offer. These are, as mentioned below:

Top Features of

  • Unmatched UI/UX Design
  • Dual SIM support
  • Block unwanted user
  • Backup and restore account
  • Strong security


16) Discord


If you have ever thought, that someone should develop chatting app for gamers, Discord is for you.

All it takes it is to click on the link allowing you to connect with your friends on PUBG, League of Legends, or Apex Legends.

This platform provides a good environment that allows gaming communities to prosper. There are no ads, no in-app purchases and it is available on all platforms.

Top Features of Discord

  • Create invite-only spaces
  • Create channels for video sharing and meetings
  • Make groups for up to 500,000 members
  • Voice Channels
  • Share custom emojis


17) Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS

Google Messages apps easily take the top places as far as Android is concerned, but we have to say, Handcent Next SMS gives them a run for their money.

This platform is a rather “nifty” application that has loads of features that you will just love. Plus, this platform is easy to use despite being one of the oldest on this list.

As one of the best chatting apps, it packs some serious features, some of which are, as mentioned below:

Top Features of Handcent

  • Personalized Fonts, themes, ringtones, colors, and so on
  • Handcent Anywhere allows you to send SMS from PC
  • Block Spammers
  • More than 1500 emojis and sticker
  • Dual SIM support


18) Textra SMS

Textra SMS

Over the Short time it has been around, Textra has become quite popular and made a strong user base for itself.

What makes it stand out from other online chat apps, is the personalization it offers. This covers everything from background, and notifications, to emojis and fronts. And the best part is, it is free and safe for everyone to use.

Top Features of Textra

  • This app simply supports any dual sim device.
  • It is eventually compatible with MightyText, Pushbullet, and Android Wear.
  • There are more than 180 material design themes and plenty of GIFs.
  • Dark, light, and auto-night modes are available.
  • It indeed supports a quick reply popup.
  • A message blocking system against spammers is available too.


19) Verizon Messages

Verizon Messages

Verizon is popular enough that everyone across United States of America has heard of it. And this platform is the result of Verizon consumer group’s ambitious messaging app project.

Simple yet beautiful, this platform is something that you should give a go to. And it has some amazing features that attract more and more users to the platform.

Let’s look at some of them below:

Top Features of Verizon Messages

  • Driving Mode – reply without typing
  • Yelp Integration System, allows use map within app
  • HD video calling
  • Create group chats
  • Cross-platform support

20) GroupMe


Last on the list is best-chatting apps is GroupMe. Owned by none other than Microsoft, GroupMe has become one of the most popular messaging apps in recent times.

The app is really well-built and offers a range of amazing features. As the name itself suggests, the platform is all about creating groups with your friends.

While this is the main focus, it also allows one-on-one chat.

Top Features of GroupMe

  • Ease Login and Group Creation
  • Push Notification and Notification Management
  • Share and Save Media to Gallery
  • Wide range of Emojis
  • Voice and Video calls



So, these were the best chatting apps for android and iOS that the market has to offer. And you can download any of it for free and start chatting with your friend.

However, if you are business minded and want to be on providing side instead of receiving, you need to find messaging app development. You need a company that understands what you want and have the ability to convert it into a mobile app.

This is where we come. Nimble AppGenie is a market leading mobile app development company. You can Hire mobile app developers with the right experience and expertise required to deliver a chatting app for your business.

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