Augmented Reality(AR)

Augmented Reality is the technology to overlap information like sounds, images, or text into the real world that we see. According to research by Global Industry Analysts, by 2020 the market of Mobile Augmented Reality is expected to achieve US$3.9 billion.AR apps can be implemented in the Automobile Industry, Health Care, Interior Design, Tourism, etc. Some of the best examples of AR of game apps and business are Pokémon Go, IKEA Place, and Housecraft.

Virtual Reality(VR)

Virtual Reality is a computer technology used to develop a simulated environment. It is not limited to the entertainment industry only. Nowadays, VR is adopted by many industries like Healthcare, Marketing, Travel, Real, Trade, and Automotive. VR also helps people to overcome their fears of heights, crowds, etc. With the launch of Google Expeditions, people can take a virtual tour of Paris or the whole world.


Chatbots can be used to provide better service to customers. You can use Machine Learning for developing efficient and smart chatbots at a much lower price. Starbucks uses a chatbot to help customers for ordering a drink or a snack. The bot also updates you about the total cost of your order or whenever your drink is ready.


Telemedicine has completely changed the complete scenario of the health care market. Earlier, you have to schedule a visit to the doctor whenever you were sick. But with the latest innovations, the coin has flipped to the good side. Today you can easily talk to the doctor through a video call with the help of telemedicine apps. If your business is also related to healthcare, then you should also consider developing telemedicine apps for your business.


Blockchain is the latest blazing technology right now in the market. It was started with the payment integration industry, but now it is used by many industries all over the world. Government firms are also planning to invest in this technology. Statista forecasts that by 2023, the global blockchain industry will hit the market with a massive growth of over 23.3 billion U.S. dollars.

Artificial Intelligence

By 2020, AI will be leading the industry with integration in almost every new software product. Nowadays also many apps and services we are using are already integrated with Artificial Intelligence. Here is a list of a few applications that can help you.

  • ELASA is your English Language Speech Assistant that teaches you to speak English like an American.
  • FYLE helps you monitor your business expenses with the help of a mobile application.
  • CLARA is constructed for recruiters and it automates commercial enterprise schedules, accepts confirmations and reserves convention rooms.

On-Demand Applications

On-demand apps help in enhancing the value of your business. Imagine providing facilities to users in which they can book any service with their mobile with the help of just a few taps. On-demand apps work in this way and by this, you can make your business grow. According to some reports, 86.5 million Americans are already using on-demand apps. This is the best way to offer better services to users with improved user experience.

Internet of Things(IoT)

By the year 2020, it is expected that approx. 100 million devices will be connected with the Internet or private networks. IoT can be used to create advanced security solutions, smart cities, smart roads, healthcare systems, wireless sensor systems, etc. It can benefit industries or startups in many infinite ways.

Table Reservation App

Got a sudden party plan, then don’t miss a chance to dine at a great place. This app will help you in searching for nearby restaurants and pubs and also the user will be able to book a table in advance for a particular and time. By integrating AI in these types of apps, user’s preferences can be remembered for providing better service experience.

Health Controller

Making an appointment with Doctor and remembering the date for a regular health check-up is probably a tedious task. A health inspector app can be a great help in this situation. The app will automatically send an appointment request to the doctor and will notify the user whether the appointment is approved or not.

Truck Loader App

Sometimes it is difficult to find a truck loader service on time when you are shifting some stuff. Also sometimes the vehicles return empty after unloading stuff. This app can help you to know about the trucks that are available to provide services. In addition to this, you can also track the location of the vehicle which is carrying your goods.

Interior Designing

Decorating your house with some good items is quite a hard task. The app allows you to upload a picture of your room for visualizing it with different available options like wall paints, carpet, curtains, etc. AR can be integrated with the app for providing more enhanced usability of the app to the user.

Car Parking

Finding a space for parking your car in rush hour is difficult. This app will help you in finding available parking by scanning nearby places. In this way, users can quickly grab a car parking space easily. This can be a great idea for startups.

Master Social App

Switching between various tabs to use different social media accounts is sometimes annoying. Developing an app that contains all the major social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. on a single platform is an ultimate idea.

Emergency Alert

Visiting a new place for the very first time, this app will alert you in case of a natural disaster or emergency. In addition to this, the app will also give you suggestions to make yourself during these disasters.

Virtual Cook

When you have fewer ingredients, then this app can help you to cook something great with available items. Just like other cooking apps, this app also gives you instructions for cooking food. But the app doesn’t tell you the required ingredients. Instead, the app asks you about the available ingredients and provides a great dish with the available ingredients so that you don’t have to rush for extra additives.

Public Transport

Visiting a new corner of the city and don’t have an idea which bus you should take to reach the destination. This app will allow users to find the available transport option which can help them to reach the destination on time. You can kick start your business by developing an offline public transport app so that it can be used anywhere.

Song Finder

Sometimes we listen to a song or a tone and we like it. We want to know the title of that song so that we can listen or download it again. Song finder app analysis the particular song or tone and automatically displays the result with available downloading options.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

The DIY app helps the user to do things by themselves. The app is a collection of just everything and also contains videos of various innovative ideas that users can follow to make new things at home. Whether you are searching for DIY guides, clever interior design ideas, and inspiration, then this app can surely help you.

Calendar Scheduler App

The application can offer simple app thoughts for the time and date relying on your calendar for the assembly you need to create. The application will even be able to investigate the semantics in the emails you’ve got with your colleagues, formulate pointers for the date and time of the assembly and notify them that these are the hints for which you could have an assembly and let you keep time.

These top 20 best app ideas will surely help you to kick start your business venture. At Nimble AppGenie, we have expert mobile app developers that can provide you smart solutions to fuel your startup. For more information, get in touch with us.