Today, wise is the name of the game when it comes to sending money internally. But are there any other apps like Transferwise that you can use to send money cross-border?

Well, there are plenty.

In fact, the market is filled with Transferwise competitors and alternatives. This can be pretty confusing at times.

Even more so for someone looking to use these services. But there’s another kind of audience looking for apps like transfer, the one who looks at it like a business opportunity.

So, if you are someone who is looking for Transferwise-like apps for any given reason, this blog is for you. Here, we shall be discussing all you need to know about wise app and its alternative.

Wise, Formerly Transferwise

transferwise formerly

We have all got a habit of calling this brand “transfer” But that’s no longer its name.

Rather, the company now calls itself “wise” formerly Transferwise.

In any case, wise is a UK-based Fintech company, founded by Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus, more than a decade ago in 2011. And it is a supreme example of fintech app development done right.

Being one of the best fintech apps, it enables users to spend money internationally, effortlessly. The platform services 170 countries and allows the command of over 50 currencies.

Some of the major services offered are:

  • Funds Management
  • Wise Card
  • International Money Transfer
  • Large Amount Money Transfer

The wise app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Now, you might be thinking, what is the big deal about sending money internationally? But it is. So much so that, to make cross-border payments happen, Singapore and India have collaborated with UPI and the PayNow merger.

While this app makes it possible, single-handedly.

Speaking of which, let’s see how Transferwise works in the section below.

How Does Transferwise Work?

If you want the full details of how Transferwise works, you can check their own blog “here”.

However, if you are looking for a brief on the platform’s working, we have got you covered. Read below:

  • Check the platform’s pricing structure, fees, and other important things.
  • Create your own free wise account “here
  • Enter the receiver’s detail
  • Pay by transfer via eWallet app, net banking, or credit card
  • Wise will take care of the rest.

Quite simple, right?

Well, this is the reason so many people use apps like Transferwise and want more.

But there are other alternatives to wisdom, and in the next section of the blog, we shall be exploring just that.

Best International Payment Apps Like Wise

Wise is one of the best apps when it comes to sending money internationally. However, that’s not the only option you have.

If you are someone looking for a Transferwise alternative, asking questions like “Is there another app likewise?” the answer is: yes, there are plenty.

And to save you the trouble of ravaging through 100s of apps and finding reliable ones, we have compiled a list of the best apps for international payment.

So let’s look at some of the best fintech apps:

1. PayPal – Best Transferwise Alternative

Well, who hasn’t heard of this one?

PayPal is the most popular P2P App in the market by far.

This multinational company was established back in the year 1998. It started as a small fintech company.

Today, it is available in the majority of the world’s countries.

As such, it is a popular online payment platform that can be used to send and receive money, make online purchases, and withdraw cash from ATMs.

It is one of the best apps like Transferwise that you can get your hands on today. So, you should definitely try this one.

2. Revolut – Neobank

We have all heard of this neo banking app!


It is a global financial super app with over 15 million customers.

It offers a wide range of features, including international money transfers, currency exchange, peer-to-peer payments, and more.

With digital financial solutions growing more and more common, this platform has gained immense popularity among frequent travelers, digital nomads, and individuals seeking enhanced control over their finances.

This makes it one of the best apps like Transferwise on the list. Or shall we say, wise is one of the best apps like Revolut, following the popularity of this platform?

3. Payoneer – Cross-Border Payment Solution

Payoneer, better known as Payoneer Global, is a market-leading financial services company based in America.

Founded back in 2005, the company is worth billions today. Coming as part of the service, it offers:

  • Money Transfer
  • Digital Payment Services
  • Provide working capital

Being a Transferwise alternative and competitor, the platform enables simple and quick international money transfers.

But what makes it stand out from the other apps on the list is that the platform integrates with businesses who want to enable international transfer.

It covers online marketplace solutions, travel platforms, freelancing marketplaces, and so on.

4. Stripe – Payment Processing Payment For The Internet

Stripe is a pretty popular platform based around fintech services.

It was founded as recently as 2010 and has been generating revenue surpassing billions. Hailing from Ireland, the platform has state-of-the-art payment processing technologies.

However, it’s not just a simple platform that lets you create an account and send money. Rather, the brand offers two solutions

  • Stripe software
  • Stripe API

If you are a business that wants to enable international money transfer, you can integrate their fintech API in your solution.

Moving on, let’s look at the next app like Transferwise.

5. Skrill – Virtual Wallet For Money Transfer

There are many cash apps like Transferwise. But only a few of them come close to Skrill.

Branding itself as “the virtual wallet for money transfer & online payments”, the platform offers its services in over 131 countries, covering 40 currencies.

This is one of the best eWallet platforms out there.

Check out this one, you won’t be disappointed.

6. OFX – International Money Transfer & Currency Exchange

If you are someone looking for apps like Transferwise, there are high chances you have already heard of OFX.

Previously known as OzForex, This is an online foreign exchange and international payment company based in Sydney.

If you have used Wise, you will find it very similar and very easy to use. Nonetheless, it offers competitive pricing as well as exciting packages to its users.

In fact, they call their exchange rate “bank-beating”. How promising is that now?

Well, if you want to know why it is called one of the best apps like TransferWise, you have to use it for yourself.

7. Azimo – Online Global Money Transfer

With HQ in Amsterdam, this is one of the top Transferwise app alternatives.

The company was one of the leading global money transfer services that offered fast and affordable transfers to over 190 countries.

Now you might be wondering why are we talking about the company in the past tense, well, it’s because the company is stopping its function on August 31, 2023, following the acquisition by Papaya Global.

Therefore, Azimo or Azimo business platforms will no longer be available to customers. But it was one of the best while it was active.

8. CurrencyFair – Peer-to-Peer Money Transfer

Let us introduce you to one of the best peer-to-peer money transfer services out there! CurrencyFair.

While the company itself is based in Ireland, the offers services across the world with its offices located in top locations like the UK, Australia, Greece, Hong Kong, Poland, and Singapore.

As such, this Transferwise-like platform allows you to save money on international transfers by connecting you with other people who are sending money in the same direction.

What makes it different and worthy of being on this list is the fact that the platform is straightforward, fast, and most importantly secure for all of its users.

Therefore, if you are someone who wants to use another app like Transferwise, these are your best picks.

Now, with this out of the way, let’s look at some FAQs related to the same.


With globalization, more and more people are making an international money transfer and that’s why they are looking for apps like Transferwise. Well, if this blog,we discussed all you need to know about the topic. And with this, we conclude our blog.


Wise is a financial technology company that offers an online money transfer service. It allows individuals and businesses to send and receive money internationally at a lower cost compared to traditional banks.

Yes, there are several apps similar to Wise, including Revolut, PayPal, Remitly, Xoom, and WorldRemit. These apps also offer international money transfers with competitive exchange rates and low fees.

Wise uses a peer-to-peer model to transfer money across borders. When you send money, Wise matches your transfer with someone sending money in the opposite direction, eliminating the need for it to actually cross borders. This reduces the costs and speeds up the transfer.

Yes, Wise is available in many countries around the world. It supports various currencies and allows users to send money to and receive money from multiple countries. However, availability may vary depending on specific country regulations.

Yes, Wise offers services for both personal and business transfers. It provides solutions for freelancers, sole traders, and companies to manage their international payments efficiently and cost-effectively.

Yes, Wise has a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. The app allows users to access their accounts, make transfers, track transactions, and manage their currencies on the go.

Wise takes security seriously and employs measures to protect user data and transactions. It is authorized and regulated by various financial authorities and uses encryption technology to safeguard sensitive information.

Wise charges a transparent and competitive fee structure. The fees vary depending on the transfer amount, currency, and the payment method used. Wise always shows the fees upfront, ensuring no hidden charges.

The transfer time with Wise can vary depending on several factors, including the currencies involved and the payment method used. In many cases, transfers are completed within one to two business days.

Yes, Wise allows users to convert currencies at the real exchange rate, which is often much lower than what traditional banks offer. This feature is useful for individuals and businesses dealing with multiple currencies.